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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dita Von Teese Classics Art Deco Cosmetics Collection

Do you like a red lippy? I've always been a fan of red lipstick, but choosing the right one can definitely be challenging. I never knew there were so many shades of red! HaHaHa

Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque, has put together a cosmetic line that features her signature red lipstick among other things. The official name of the line is Dita Von Teese Classics Art Deco Cosmetics Collection. Dita believes "beauty is art"! She made an interesting comment on her cosmetic webpage,

"The truth is that I'm quite an ordinary looking girl. When I was a little girl, I remember watching classic Hollywood films from the 40s and noticing that these glorious women were painted that way. Glamour is about creation, and any woman who desires it can learn to create it for herself as I have. I believe that makeup has the power to transform an ordinary woman into an extraordinary one." 
Dita Von Teese 

So do you agree with her statement? I added the video below which features her collection. The photographer makes an interesting comment, that "the only ugly woman is a lazy woman". Hmmm. Dita's collection looks quite exquisite. The lipsticks in this collection are all shades of RED. This gives new meaning to majoring in something you're good at. She always wears red lipstick, so I think it's safe to call her an expert in this color. HaHaHa This collection is only available in Germany right now (do I have any German readers? HaHaHa), but the Art Deco website states it will be released in other countries in the coming months and to check back.



The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love this stuff, I've been following the release of it for so long now. Am a big Dita fan too. Red lippie to be honest has been a trial to find for my skin tone. A lot of them don't always look right on me, so I'm interested in seeing if I can find one from her that's right, as she does always wear it so much. And the cases the products come in are so gorgeous, Art Deco inspired, I would buy it just for that even :)) Let's hope they get them out to different countries as soon as ;) Have a great day flower :)

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

Hi Kim,

of course you've got German readers, at least one - ME :-).

The Dita collection is great and I love the products, too.

Here you can find my haul of the collection:

and an eye make up:

Have a great day,


Katherine said...

i get her statement, i guess. i do believe there are girls who really create a look with their makeup, like her. i have friends who when i see them without makeup, i dont totally recognize them. i am the opposite though, and i rarely rare more than some blush stuff and a bit of mascara and concealer! i'm also kind of lazy though, but when i was a kid, my sister taught me a lot about makeup and i learned it all from her. and she never wears black eyeliner!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Unknown said...

I have this collection and I adore it - the eyeshadows are silky soft and the lipsticks are as amazing as you would hope. Bon Bon, the orange one, is my fave xo

Sam said...

Hi Kim, how are you, hope you've had a good weekend! You're right, its so difficult finding the perfect shade of red lipstick. I am nit the hugest Dita fan but I must admit that she does a killer red lip.

Megan said...

She looks great with red lips - I on the other hand feel like a clown wearing it! :D

Sarah Hartley said...

She always looks amazing. I've also been on the hunt for a great red lipstick- like since the beginning of time. Some girls have all the luck.

Outside Looking In said...

I love her! Her Old Hollywood glamour style is my fav! I do love her red lips and bought MAC Ruby Woo b/c it's a shade she said she wore! I will be anxiously awaiting the collection here in the US!

Nelah said...

I adore her look. Years after years she continues to amaze me how incredible and sexy this lady is. I can never guess her age. Wish i can age like fine wine as Dita. I havent experimented with bright colored lipsticks enough in my life particularly red shade cuz one can easily looks horrible with wrong red shade that make them look much older. I always play safe and look boring with pale lips.

xix said...

Hello Kim! I just found your blog, and I love it. :)
This was a really interesting read, and I have to say...I'm a fan of her statement. Not as much the other line from the photographer ( the lazy woman one ), but I definitely like what she said: so many women strive for beauty and think it's unattainable, but really, so many of those women who's beauty we idolize had to work hard to craft it and create it. It's a great thing to keep in mind, and helps to humanize them.
♥ xixia |

Unknown said...

Dita is gorgeous! She is definitely not an "ordinary" looking person, I bet she'd be beautiful with or without makeup! I do agree with her though, glamour is about creation - creating a style for yourself. She has created a really gorgeous, retro glamour thats absolutely stunning <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

TheTinyHeart said...

I completely agree that makeup can really transform a woman's look! Red lipstick scares me though :)Have a great Monday, Kim!

The Tiny Heart
Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

Thrifted Shift said...

Shopping for red lipstick is so intimidating and time consuming! I just gave up the last time I tried! I don't know about that quote about ugly women- I think ignorance, cruelty, and hatred are far uglier than laziness! Very glamorous photos though, and I'm sure glad she's talking about how much work it is to look that good!

Jen ♥ said...

Ooh I just love her! I kinda like her quote..not so sure about the photog's though. :o) And I love a good red lip! I think I'm still looking for my perfect shade.

Unknown said...

I heard about this Kim!! I remember when I tried red lipstick and it was okay I am more of a lip gloss kinda girl.

I love that quote only ugly woman is a lazy ... that is so true!!

Hugs happy Monday pretty girl.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Makeup definitely turns ordinary into extraordinary when done correctly. She wears a good red lip.

Unknown said...

How interesting that it's only available in Germany! I like to experiment with reds--I was dedicated this past winter to NARS Jungle Red, although am taking a break for summer. What red do you prefer Kim?

xo Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

I love that classic and glamourous style of hair, makeup, and dress...but it makes me sad that Dita thinks we have to paint on beauty over our ordinariness. I think people can be naturally beautiful without makeup--and perhaps more true to who they are, which is in itself beautiful. It just seems like the wrong message to send to women...but I do love that style for special occasions or days you just wanna be dressed up :)

<3 Cambria

Unknown said...

Love that you featured this beautifl Femme Fatale Kim! Dita's statement is true. I feel that makeup can transform our mood, our look and make us more glamourous. I'm a HUGE red lip fan. :)


MOSAMUSE said...

i agree with her...glamour is about creation
happy monday!!

Anonymous said...

I love her style!!!^^


JustPatience said...

Am so jealous of her. She has flawless skin and hair.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

There is something so glamourous about a red lippy. I've never been able to find a shade that works for me though. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough lol. I do agree with Dita that makeup has the power to transform.

Rowena @ rolala loves

ftashion said...

Dita Von Teese is just perfect for the 1940s winged liner plus red lips look. She looks like she's right out of those classic 1940s films! I hope her collection will come to SG one day!

Fang Ting

Juneli said...

Well, I'm not so much of a red lipstick girl! I've always stayed away from bright red lips and I'll let out a secret that it is only this weekend that I bought my first ever red lipstick!!!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I would love to see Dita au naturale with no makeup or done hair. I bet she still is quite a looker!

The Hipster Owl's Bookshelf said...

Funny you should mention it! :)

I just wrote a blog post about red lipstick just last week! :)

It IS sooo hard to find the right shade! :)

Test said...

I love this woman!!! I wish I could take lessons from her on sexy dance... Hmmm!!!

my thrifty closet said...

she looks so perfect. I love her make up and her outfits. She is truly iconic.


Unknown said...

i totally agree with her statment... anyone can be beautiful.... and love that she is humble and beautiful at the same time. it's a great message to all the women out there. :)

i used to love red lipsticks in my 20s... but now i feel so awkward wearing it!

Jessica said...

she looks gorgeous but not sure i like that either?so if a womans to lazy or doesnt have time to put on makeup shes ugly?

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

wow, I didn't know about this!!! Thanks for sharing. But you surely can't get it here in Italy... :( would you like following each other?

Amy Aguilera said...

Red lip rocks!
Love it so much but I know not everyone can handle it!
Amy x

A BRIT GREEK said...

She looks incredible and yes i'm a huge fan of red lippy!

I love how Dita has transformed herself into this Old Hollywood glamour Icon...

Can't believe the photographer said that... I guess we all have our own perceptions of what ugly/beautiful is... I get what's being said/connotation but I think make up is there to enhance our features or cover up a multitude of sins! ;)


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I love red lips both on me and not. And Dita looks like a goddess everytime. so perfect!

Inside and Outside Blog

Heather said...

I wish I felt comfortable in bright lipstick - I love it on everyone else except for me


Mica said...

Sounds like it will be a great collection!

I like how Dita always looks so made up and perfect, but never overdone. :)

Coco said...

I love red lipstick but I don't manage to apply it without looking grotesque. However, I wholeheartedly agree with Dita statement. I think that a woman - beautiful or not - must show herself at her very best. It is called femininity. Lol

Lorena said...

I do wear red lipstick, usually at night time - not for day events. It makes my teeth look soooooo white.

Mary Ann said...

I love the video Kim - Dita is one of my favorites. I'd definitely check out the matchin lips and nails when it comes stateside!

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