GUAM Beauty Mud: Let's Talk Cellulite!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well guys! I've been rollin' in the mud! HaHa We're blog buddies right? So you don't mind if I ask you a question? I'll just come right out and ask! Do you have cellulite? HaHaHa

I learned years ago, that cellulite can affect any size woman. Prior to that I had this preconceived notion that it only happened to larger women, but that's not the case! Well, I looked in the mirror and I have a little bit of cellulite on my upper front thighs. I guess that's why I don't wear short shorts! HaHa Other than that, I'm ok.

I was contacted by a representative for GUAM Beauty Mud, who asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products and if I would do a product review. Of course I said YESSSS!

So Here's My SWEET or NOT Product Review!

I received ONE sample packet of the following products: 
GUAM fangocrema notte and GUAM Beauty Seaweed Mud (fanghi d'alga).

A Little Background About Guam

GUAM's line of anti-cellulite products from Italy have been around for over 25 years, and are the #1 go-to brand for help with cellulite issues in Europe.

The product line is seaweed and plant-based, utilizing ingredients found in nature to tighten, detoxify and re-mineralize the skin.

It is proven effective in a scientific study conducted by the University of Pavia in Italy resulting in noticeably tighter and smoother skin after the first treatment.

 GUAM Fangocrema Notte - SWEET

What does it do? With the aid of nutrient-dense powdered sea salt, it helps with elimination of excess water in the body for a slimmer figure (reducing the overall size of the areas treated), while significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Directions: Gives you a warm glow and a pleasant active tingling sensation. It's bedtime application, when the body is resting and skin is at its most receptive, reduces imperfections caused by swelling and water retention and reshapes your body. Apply a generous amount to the affected parts, every night before bed, for 2 weeks. Massage with wide circular movement until fully absorbed.

My review: It's a light mint cream (see my pic -->), that smells good and applies similar to a really rich lotion. It takes a little while to completely rub into the skin. Once it's completely rubbed in, THAT is when you will feel a tingly sensation (but trust me, it's nothing alarming at all). The cream then dries and flakes off. When I showered the next morning, my legs felt very soft and smooth. I thought I saw a little improvement from the night before. 

GUAM Beauty Seaweed Mud (fanghi d'alga) - SWEET

What does it do? Detoxifies the skin and makes it stronger by adding back many missing nutrients. It is a convenient and highly effective way to pamper yourself at home and combat the appearance of cellulite by tightening, firming and removing excess water trapped in the fatty deposits of the skin.

Directions: GUAM Seaweed Mud is an effective aid in defeating cellulite. Due to its natural properties, it provides immediate visible results just after the first few applications. Apply a proper quantity of product onto the affected areas with light circular massage. Wrap the areas with cling-film and leave it for 45 minutes. Rinse with water.

My review: I applied this the day after the night cream. This is definitely a rich and creamy mud (see my pic -->)! It's very smooth and has a distinctive scent. Again, nothing alarming, but it's how you would expect seaweed and mud to smell. It felt great to my skin. I applied clear cling-film (saran wrap - see model above) and left it on for 45 minutes as the directions stated. Took a shower and it washed off effortlessly. My skin had a nice glow. Again, I thought I saw a little improvement.

My Final Word: I did see some improvement after just ONE application of these products (take a look at my BEFORE and AFTER pic below). You can see that one lumpy cellulite dimple in the before and how it diminished a little in the after. So that was pretty impressive to me. My skin definitely felt smoother and from the two pics below looked a little tighter. I received only ONE sample of each, and the program actually asks you to do this for TWO WEEKS. So judging by my one-time results, I'm sure you'll see better results by using more of it. This process can get messy, so I suggest you purchase clear protective pants and protect your bedding when sleeping with the night cream (GUAM fangocrema notte). You will also need to purchase clear saran wrap to wrap around your thighs. All GUAM products vary in price. Have you heard of GUAM Beauty Mud or any of their other products (ex: tummy and waist fat burning mud treatment, stretch mark cream etc)? Tell me your thoughts! This is my first time trying their products.

*This is a sponsored post. I received 2 samples from GUAM Beauty Mud. 
All opinions are 100% mine.

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The Dainty Dolls House said...

That is great, I can see the difference!! And yes, everyone has cellulite, even me!! We can only do what we can...this product looks great...loved the review. Have a sweet day doll xx

Yuki said...

haha, actually, yes i do have cellulite :S And it's scary since I'm not even overweight. (I also had this idea it only affects overweight people)

And I haven't treated it so far >w<; These treatments are quite expensive so it's hardly and impulsive buy to make also I haven't given them much thought before either.

Outside Looking In said...

Great review! I've never heard of this product before but now that I have......might just have to try!

Heather said...

Wow you can totally see the difference! Stupid cellulite.. yes I have it too :)


Mica said...

Oh you're so brave to try this! I can't imagine trying to sit still with my legs covered in mud and wrapped in cling wrap! hehe!

Great review though, hadn't heard of this company before!

Style Journey said...

That is so cool! I always thought these types of products were a bunch of jibberish. THe before and after pic is amazing. After 2 kids, I definitely have a little cellulite, ha ha :) Heather

Coco said...

Hi sweetie, in Italy Guam products are very popular and appreciated. I tried Guam mud for a while and it worked: as all anti-cellulite products it requires constant application. I haven't used it again just because it's not exactly mum-friendly. Based on your review I might try the night cream, as soon as this crazy heat wave subsides. In conclusion, I think that Guam products haven't the best smell or appearance, but they are effective, which is what we expect from anti-cellulite weapons.Thanks for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, and I hope you are doing great too. A big big hug

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Intrigued... I wish it was a permanent fix... Sigh... =)

Cara said...

Wow, you can see the difference after one treatment. I need some of this product. Can you only buy it online?

Samantha said...

Great review! I also have a problem with cellulite and would love to buy this. I can definitely see the results! Thanks for sharing :)

Would love you to visit me too xx

Sarah Stright said...

Hmm, interesting. Might be something to look into! Thanks for giving it a shot first :)

Veronica Yudina said...

Your blog is so amazing! Love it so much!
You have a new follower, dear!) Hope you'll do the same!))
Thank you!

Sam said...

Aw nooo the dreaded 'C' word all us women fear for our legs and thighs! This beauty mud sounds like a great idea and improvement after one application? Sounds perfect!

TheTinyHeart said...

So interesting! I'd be curious to see results after the full 2 weeks! I wonder if it's a permanent fix or if the results are just temporary.

The Tiny Heart
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Real College Student of Atlanta said...

thanks for the recommendation, seems legit! <3

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

This sounds really great! I don't think anyone could complain about smoother legs =D I totally wanna try it hahaha! I don't really have any dreaded "C" but I worry about it! I run everyday but I hear it can come even if you're quite a healthy, active person - how much does that suck?

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Although adding the saran wrap sounds like more effort than I'd like, I still think I'd be interested in trying the seaweed mud. Hopefully you see good results after a few weeks.

Juneli said...

That's a great review. Well, I have a tiny bit of cellulite which is visible only if I wear a bikini. Luckily summer is over now, but will save it for later for sure!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Rheannia Harris said...

This is a great product and it looks like it works!


Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I loved how you tried this and showed your results Kim! Amazing that you got a result so quickly. It seems like the perfect solution before a beach vacation! Hope you're having a great week Kim!

xo Mary Jo

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow, I need a gallon of this stuff. Sigh.

Nelah said...

I too have cellulite Kim, it sure doesnt matter what your body size is. Hate ...hate the look of cellulite and boy glad you mentioned this product. What a fabulous part of getting older...wrinkles, freckles, dark spots and now cellulite...woo hooo!

Anya adores ☆ said...

I used to be completely cellulite free - but 2 kids later, I have me some too ha ha :)) This stuff looks like it does the job, maybe they deliver to Denmark,
Happy day sweet Kim,

xoxo Kellz* said...

niceeeeeeeeeeeee Love

Anne said...

Great review Kim! Definitely see a difference!

Laura Collins said...

This looks great! Definitely worth a try before your going to go to the beach or something xx

20 York Street said...

Oh I am totally intrigued!

I do want to try this… are they expensive?

I think you did a fabulous review!

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Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Thanks for the review and for telling us about this, I'm adding it to the list of products I want to try. I'm loving all the beauty posts. I confess I'm a beauty junkie and your blog is feeding my addiction lol.

steph said...

i'm intrigued by the fact you can do this at home. i think one of my favourite indulgences at the spa is to get a full body mud-wrap, i usually go for detoxing ones but i can see how this is beneficial too.. :)

Thrifted Shift said...

That's cool that you can see results after only one use! Wow! I've had cellulite since I was a kid! It happens to all of us because women's skin is built in lines that fat gets deposited into while men's skin is built in grids that distributes fat more evenly. Or something like that.

Cee said...

Wow, Kim! The fact that we can all see some visible improvement after just one use of these treatments is such a great testament to the quality of the products. I am one of those smaller women who still has cellulite, so I'm going to have to give these a try!

Head to Toe Chic said...

I haven't heard of this before but it sounds amazing! That's awesome that there was improvement after just one application!


MOSAMUSE said...

love that they are both sweet!!
have a sweet day!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Have not heard of this line but the before and after pics are pretty uh-mazing!

fluff and fripperies said...

That's pretty impressive Kim! I normally figure that cellulite treatments don't work at all but this sounds like its definitely worth trying

Emma xo

Kumiko Mae said...

what an intriguing product and it seems so effective!

Little Rus said...

Oh, I've used those, full size and all! :) Basically, I think the concept is brilliant - I do believe in mud (sounds soooooooooo weird :D ) However, I've used a jar of mud and the cream thingie and, apart from making my husband die of laughter as I emerged from the bathroom walking like a zombie, i didn't noticed any positive effects and particular reductions. Strangely enough, I'd still buy another jar if I had some spare cash - does it mean, I am a hopeless optimist or plain silly and still believe in impossible dreams? :D


Elle Sees said...

Mud is good for those with oily skin

Sam said...

Ola Kim Thanks for stopping by and leaving your style insight on my post today!

rolala said...

This sounds like an effective product for the treatment of cellulite even if it is quite a process to apply. The results are worth it though. I'm fortunate not have cellulite but I have other issues lol.

If we lived in the same city, Rena, Ian and I would love to picnic with you Kim :D We love those fancy smancy picnic baskets too.

Hope you're having a fab week girl!

Rowena @ rolala loves

oomph. said...

like anything, I think it takes time to see real I'm sure these would be amazing after a few weeks of use. Never heard of the name before...thanks for the introduction!


songbird said...

i really like the result it shows!i have cellulite all over girl and i don't shy away from wearing either sleeveless or ahorts anymore(i used to for a few years)..

Mable Swift said...

I looks like a really nice product. And also it is very easy to use and reduces cellulite effectively!! Thank you !!

endermologie sydney

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... i think you have used photoshop...the photo is exactly the same...

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Nope! No photoshop :)

Palmer Whitey said...

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