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Monday, March 11, 2013

Butter London's Starkers Collection Product Review

If you're looking for a neutral nail lacquer palette, Butter London has a new Starkers Collection that's sure to appease you. I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, so I purchased all three. I must say, I'm happy I did, because I truly love all three shades. Butter London didn't disappoint. It's my favorite nail polish because application is easy, it dries fast, and it's 3 Free! The names of the nail lacquers in this collection are: Shandy, Crumpet, Tea & Toast. Yum! Yum! HaHaHa! For the photos in this post, I decided to mix British beauty with breakfast. I re-created what I had for breakfast this past weekend. Enjoy!
 Sweet-Bittersweet-Not Sweet
Butter London's Starkers Collection is Sweet!

Butter London's SHANDY
Butter London describes Shandy as an opaque, light apricot creme. What in the world is a Shandy? "A refreshing beverage made of half beer and half Sprite. Mostly enjoyed by girls and grannies." Interesting! I kept breakfast light Friday and had strawberries & oranges. Strawberries are in season, very sweet and taste really good right now. Don't worry, I ate more than what you see here. But for the sake of a pretty picture, i didn't want to inundate the plate with fruit. 

Butter London's CRUMPET
Butter London describes Crumpet as an opaque, warm caramel creme. What is a crumpet? I've never had one. I've had a scone! HaHaHa "A tasty bread often toasted for breakfast. Also Brit slang, for a hot chick." This is good to know, because if some dude would've called me a CRUMPET, he would've gotten knocked up side the head. Thinking fat ass or something. LOL Saturday, I had a waffle with strawberries and a dollop of whip cream on top. I usually put a couple of pats of butter and drench it with syrup, but I'm cutting back. HaHaHa So a waffle & fruit is good right? LOL

Butter London's TEA & TOAST
Tea & Toast is an opaque, rich tan creme. What is tea & toast? Well I knew the answer to this one. "A traditional English breakfast." Sunday I had dry toast (no butter, jelly or jam! yay me!), scrambled eggs, tomato and a cup of coffee. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but every now and then I'll have a cup.

So that's the collection you guys! What do you think? 
Do you like neutrals for your nails or do you have to have COLOR?



Stephanie G said...

I'll have some of that crumpet please, what a lovely shade ;)

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Well... said...

Haha, Kim, I LOVE that you totally matched the nail title with the appropriate food - so creative and fun :)
Also, I like me some Shandy!

Trendy Teal

Jacqueline said...

Pretty colors! I think you can get crumpets at Trader Joe's they are basically like English Muffins where you cut them in half but they are smooth, like the outside is super smooth unlike a rough English Muffin. haha idk if that description clears things up!



Cee said...

I know I should be commenting on nailpolish, but I have to start of by saying that I can't believe you've never had a crumpet! In spite of living in Canada for a couple of generations, my family has kept up lots of our British traditions and I ate crumpets almost every day for breakfast as a little girl; they're a bit like an English muffin but with little holes so that the toppings soak all the way through, saturating the pastry - so delicious! Definitely see if you can find some at your local grocery store :)

And moving on to nailpolish, I love all three of these colours! Butter London never disappoints, but I wasn't thrilled by these colours until I saw them on you - now I'm officially convinced!


Janice Lunes said...

Great to see how they all look !

My favorite is Shandy I like the lighter color of it :)

Big kiss !!

Virtual office in Singapore said...

Wow nice simple three colors. I love these colors very much. My favorite is Tea & Toast.

Sophie Taylor said...

The crumpet will be the best for me.

Laia said...

You make me really hungry with the post, I would love that scrambled egg for breakfast now, I don't really use neutral colours for my nails just really bright ones during the summer although this collection looks great.
Have a nice Monday!

Natalia A said...

Absolutely gorgeous shades, especially the first one. Thank you for the swatches, Kim!

Sam said...

Cute titles, I think nude coloured nails are great for office and professional wear, they look more sophisticated, the last shade is lovely.

Heather said...

I love nude nails - they always look so chic - and when they chip it's not as noticeable :)

Pearls & Paws

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those are gorgeous colours!! I like neutral colours when I have something bright on or when I'm inside and just want to use something plainer. These look great on you...yummy colours!! I hope your weekend was bliss doll :)) Have a wonderful week xx

meghan silva said...

I'v been loving nudes for a while now , great post and the food looks amazingly yum.

xo Meg<3

Meghan Silva's Blog

Mica said...

the nail polish is lovely, but I was drooling over your food! haha! Waffles and cream and strawberries....mmm yes please! I sleep in an extra 10 minutes and have toast at my desk as I start my work day and read my emails - would much rather have something yummy like this for brekkie!

Away From The Blue

Style Journey said...

I love color, but neutrals are great too. When the nail polish starts to chip you can't notice it as well :) Heather

Coco said...

Kim, you manage to make a nail polish review a funny story to read from cover to cover. And I also added to my vocabulary two words I might never use , especially Shandy (I don't like to mix Sprite to beer. In Italy they call this drink "Panache"). I love neutrals, especially when a hectic schedule makes it unthinkable to change my nail polish to match my outfit. I love this colour palette, and I think Shandy is the most flattering on you crumpet ;-) have a great week!

miss b said...

I like all these neutrals! I'm a fan of nude shades as they are really useful if you don't want to keep changing the polish colour for different outfits (for that reason I often have a French Manicure) Your breakfasts look very appetising too! I think I need to go and buy some strawberries!

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Haha Kim, gitta love the yummy food in the background as much as the polishes. Great backdrops you had. I love nude/neutral shades of these babies and have heard great things about this brand but i rarely paint my nails due to cooking and stuff, and they chip in no time so i often admire on other ladies.

Megan said...

Love their polishes! Those colors are gorgeous - so timeless and would go with everything :)

TheTinyHeart said...

I've never used the Butter London polishes before but I love the neutral shades!

The Tiny Heart

Emmy said...

I love this collection! My fave is the Tea and Toast one.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

These are scrumptious colors. The kind I love doing me toe nails in.

Fiona Terry said...

Really sweet blog :D
Great post,
I'm following

Diva In Me said...

Why do you have to make all of it sound so yummy? Now I need to raid my fridge! =D
I actually like the Tea & Toast the most. I think it looks really good. As for the food, I think all 3 looks darn good! =D

Always Maylee said...

I've actually never tried the Butter brand nail polish. I definitely need to get some. Love the nude shades.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Anonymous said...

i love neutrals!!! because they are not loud colors :) Hey so how was Oz????? I hope you liked it, I didn't get a chance to go this weekend! Write us a review! xoxoxo

jo said...

Hi Kim, I'm a huge fan of nude nails. They seem to elongate my fingers. I love this post, so cute!

xo Jo


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

All three shades are gorgeous Kim! I can see why you had a hard time choosing one. Good call to go with all 3 as they all wear beautifully on you and pretty neutrals go with everything. I love how you presented this review with some tasty breakfast dishes too :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Sara Gerard said...

I would like all three of these shades please! As well as your breakfast, because now I am hungry! lol :P

Sarah Hartley said...

I love the shandy shade!

shayla. said...

loving that polish :)

Sheila said...

Love this post Kim! And those colors are perfect for an everyday use! I've seen Butter polishes around but never got the chance to go buy it. I should though!

xo – Sheila

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Love how you paired them with food. The first two colors look super similar to me, but I do love tea and toast!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

great photos!
I like the colors in concept but I don't think on me they would wear well. I'm quite pale and my yellowish undertones wouldn't make these flattering on me. =(
BUT I like how they look on a ton of other people! haha

two birds said...

while i love super bright and fun nail colors, every once in a while, i love to throw some neutrals on, too. i love these colors!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I've never worn beige or brown toned nail polish before believe it or not, but I really like how it looks! I'll have to try it sometime :)


oomph. said...

i've been wanting a great nude for a long time, so i i scooped up tea and toast when i saw it!! but i couldn't leave the other two out, so i got them all as well! i was wondering what shandy would look like on, so thanks for this! cant wait to get mine. evvrything takes forever to get to hawaii :(


Jessica said...

very pretty colors i have yet to try them

Jen ♥ said...

I still haven't tried a Butter polish - how are they? I've been on the hunt for a neutral color. I've had my eye on a couple essie hues. I'm typically a sucker for color but I'd kinda like to attempt the nuetral thing!

Rebecca Miriam said...

i love the chic look of the nailpolish bottles!

xx, rebecca

Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Very cool! I never thought to paint my nails in foundation-like colors but I have got to admit that they look REALLY cool. What a neat idea! I would probably try the two lighter colors, I think the fact that they are almost skin toned looks really interesting!


LyddieGal said...

Hehe, good to know about the crumpet, and not a bad color either!

Chic on the Cheap

Emily Anderst said...

Seriously gorgeous photos!!! Love how you showcased the different colors with different plates! I really like how the neutral nailpolishes look too, great post!


Emily Smith said...

These colours are gorgeous! Love the way you photographed your review! p.s it's been way too long since I've been here xo

Anonymous said...

I love all 3 shades and you always do the best job with your photos!!

The Fashion Student said...

Love neutral nail polishes, so cute of you to take these pics with food!



Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I love how you did this post - how cute to make litle breakfasts with them! The colors are very pretty - would be great for work!

Dawn (Sassy) said...

Heyyy Kim..

I love neutral colors. I actually purchased a really color not to long ago. I love the Tea and Toast color.



Rocker Chic said...


I remembered when you did a review on them last year and I have loved them every since. My favorite is the waffles it's such a beautiful color!! Thanks again for a great review!!

Nico Saich said...

I love love your new polishes! Im digging the idea of nude pale nails for summer and yours look fab! Gosh I always loving visiting your blog. I really enjoyed the candyland post as well as the pineapple orange body wash... I think I need that for an appropriate morning cocktail in the shower, lol.



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