Tarte Cosmetics Stunner & Sparkler Highlighters Review and Swatches

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Saturday! Two more highlighter reviews (this weekend) you guys! I purchased stunner (opalescent) and sparkler (rose gold) by Tarte Cosmetics, because I loved their exposed highlighter which is an antique gold. Stunner and Sparkler are beautiful swatched, but there's definitely something you should know. Stunner is SUPER, FROSTY THE SNOWMAN! ICE ICE BABY! I can only see myself wearing this in the winter as a blush topper and maybe a little down the nose. It will look better on lighter skin tones. Sparkler is a rose gold. You may remember Becca's Rose Gold on me! I'm finding that rose gold has a tendency to blend into my skin tone. The Sparkler shade below has a bit of glimmer n' shimmer, so that is the only reason why it stands out on my skin. I'll have to pair it with some blushes, that I have in my collection. I give these a bittersweet rating, because they're limited to the type of skin tone you have...but I also feel you can do better with color choices from other brands in these shades. Highlighters can really be tricky! One does not fit all. One more highlighter review tomorrow. You can see all the highlighters and illuminators in my collection by clicking on the link.

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  Tarte Cosmetics Stunner & Sparkler Highlighters are Bittersweet 

Stunner Highlight

Sparkler Highlight

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Golden Duo 2 Review And Swatches

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Yep! This is a blast from the past! I promise new stuff to come peeps ;) Make Up For Ever came out with two Pro Sculpting Duo's ($39) in '15. One, a pink/beige duo (1) and the other, a golden duo (2) you see below. These are still available on both Make Up For Ever's website and also Amazon. Mine has been packed away (as you guys know). When this first came out, I was just enamored with how pretty the brown & gold was together! HaHaHa That's the truth! I didn't pay attention if the brown would work for me or not! Well guess what doesn't work? THE BROWN! It's muddy on me. I'm yellow toned and it just doesn't compliment me (maybe it's too warm). The gold is gorgeous! You can see how stunning it is from my swatches. I was able to give this to my mom! She's more of a reddish-brown and can really pull this off. I looked at the pink/beige duo and know that won't work for me. The quality of these are excellent, but I think both are limited depending on your hue.

Emmy, from Scarberian Fashion Lover blog asked me a really good question in yesterday's comments, what do I do with skincare/makeup that doesn't work for me? I usually give skincare that doesn't work for me, to my mom. She doesn't have sensitive skin like me. I swear everything works great on her skin! LOL Makeup is a little different. We're totally different hues. Something that is too dark like this, she can wear. But anything else that doesn't work for me, I usually just throw away :( If a company sends me makeup that I know won't work for me, I usually do a giveaway. I've been back & forth on whether to give lightly swatched makeup that doesn't work for me away to other beauty bloggers I know (that may want it). Let me know in the comments how you feel about that and I may do that. If anyone is interested in OFRA's blissful & rodeo drive (from yesterday's post) leave a comment below. I'll just randomly pick someone to receive those. I have 2 more brands of highlighters to review. I'll post those this weekend for you. I'm a little behind this week, because we had a Tropical Storm Cindy to deal with and my iphone is on life support LOL The insurance company is sending me another one to get me by, because the iPhone 8 will be out in September. I didn't want to buy an iPhone 7 when the new one is coming out :S So I'll be around to catch up on your blogs & happenings tomorrow :)

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  Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Golden Duo 2 is Sweet (depending on your hue - very warm)

OFRA Cosmetics Blissful & Rodeo Drive Highlighters Review and Swatches

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

OFRA Cosmetic's Blissful & Rodeo Drive Highlighters ($35) didn't work for me :( Waaagh! It's not the formula! They're super pigmented & pretty. They apply REALLY WELL on the skin. So what's the problem? They don't work with MY skin tone unfortunately! OFRA describes Blissful as a golden bronze highlighter with rose undertones. On me, it just looks DEAD. Now, I've seen Blissful on dark skin tones and it is gorgeous, but my medium skin tone is not loving it. Rodeo Drive is considered to be a "light golden hue". The picture of Rodeo Drive on OFRA's website, shows a light golden color, but when received ... it doesn't look like the color on the website at all. It swatched gold, but I would consider it 10K gold compared to MAC's Oh Darling and Anastasia Beverly Hill's So Hollywood. Plus on my skin-tone, it gives off a white gold casting. Unfortunately, I don't think I can work with either of these :( Thank God I caught a half-price sale! These are very popular and look great on many people, but my medium skin-tone is not liking them. I can't give these a Bittersweet rating just because they don't work for my skin-tone, because I've seen SO MANY others where it looks beautiful on. OFRA is now at ULTA. I would go to the store and swatch these before purchasing, to see how they look on you.

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  OFRA Cosmetics Blissful & Rodeo Drive Highlighters are Sweet (for light & dark skin-tones)

OFRA Cosmetics Blissful Highlighter

OFRA Cosmetics Rodeo Drive Highlighter

Blissful vs Rodeo Drive

Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator Review and Swatches

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I knew you guys would love MAC's Oh Darling! It's a 24K stunner. Today, let's talk about Anastasia Beverly Hill's So Hollywood! I purchased it around the same time as MAC's Oh Darling (hint: Anastasia Beverly Hills always has a HUGE SALE around Thanksgiving). Well unbeknownst to me at the time ('15), Oh Darling was a HIGHLIGHTER ... So Hollywood an ILLUMINATOR! There is a difference you guys! One will be very intense (highlighter) and the other not so much (illuminator). Well, So Hollywood is an exception to the rule. It's the most intense illuminator I've ever tried or seen. I mean, look at Laura Geller's Gilded Honey on my face (which is an illuminator) and now look at So Hollywood. See the difference? :D Where MAC Oh Darling is 24K gold, I would say So Hollywood is just a notch down in the gold category. Maybe 14K or Antique Gold. It's softer. It applies a lot "thinner" than Oh Darling, but there is still MUCH BLING. The pigmentation is awesome. I applied it to my cheeks, nose and lips so you could compare and contrast it to the other gold highlighters I'll be reviewing this week. I love So Hollywood. When you really get into and study makeup, you find out not everything is the same. There are variances in texture, tone, the way it applies and color. I've really started paying attention to these things. It helps to know, what to reach for when you need something.

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  Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator is Supersweet