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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Body Mousse Review

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Not Sponsored: My mom got to pick out a free beauty product ($50 or less) from the Soft Surroundings VIP Event we attended last Thursday. We both agreed on the Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Ageless Body Mousse. Farmhouse Fresh is not new to me :) Several years ago, I reviewed many of their lotions and fell in love with their Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion. It is HEAVENLY! One of my absolute favorites, besides Archipelago Oat Milk Lotion. I haven't purchased any lotions for several years, because I had a multitude of them. I hate waste, so I vowed to use the ones I had and not buy anymore. Well, Farmhouse Fresh has come out with some new ones and Moon Dip is one. When you look at Moon Dip, it just looks like heaven in a jar. The jar is a really nice size (8 oz) and fills the palms of your hand. This cloud-like white creamy mousse fills the jar and beckons you to dip in. It's literally an ooh & aah moment! LOL It looks like a jar filled with marshmallow cream :) It smells like it as well! It smells like marshmallow, sweet cream and jelly beans. Its perfect for Spring & Summer. They give you a spatula to remove the product. Apply it to one hand and you'll immediately see a difference from your other hand. Not only will it look more hydrated, it will also feel softer. I've only been using this for a week, but I love it. Farmhouse Fresh states this body mousse contains vitamin-rich emollient oils and advanced peptides. The goal of this mousse is to smooth wrinkles, combat dull skin, lock in hydration, restore suppleness and firm skin. I haven't been using it long enough to confirm those claims, but I do see minor changes. This formula is very lightweight. That's why I say, it's perfect for Spring & Summer. I have super dry skin and it sucks it up. If you feel you need MORE MOISTURE, I suggest you purchase Sweet Cream. Its PERFECT! The scent is heavenly, it moisturizes my skin completely and makes it feel so good. Moon Dip comes a very close second. I think it would be great for Oily, Normal and Combination Skin Types. I LOVE THE SCENT OF MOON DIP! Its addictive :D Farmhouse Fresh just makes some amazing body lotions. I have my eye on some of their other lotions and skincare products. When I review them, I'll definitely be sure to post my thoughts on here. I love their entire aesthetic. They're so good!

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  Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Body Mousse is Sweet


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Soft Surroundings Grand Opening: Lakeside Shopping Center Metairie, Louisiana

PR Event: Happy First Day Of Spring Everyone! I was invited to Soft Surrounding's Grand Opening in Lakeside Shopping Center last Thursday (3/14/19). I've received their catalog for years, so I was truly excited to hear a store would be nearby. Lakeside Shopping Center has been around since I was a little girl. I remember shopping at Lakeside with my mom. It would be a half-day event :) Like many malls, for a couple of years it went down and people didn't go as much. Well, there's been a revitalization! Top stores are now at Lakeside! They have over 130 shops & eateries. I was so happy to hear that Soft Surroundings was added to the Lakeside family. I attended the private VIP Event Thursday evening. The Grand Opening, which was opened to the public, occurred Friday morning at 10 am. I took my mom.

The store is nestled between Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Soft Surroundings has the perfect spot because the relaxing fountain found in front of the store adds to the stores ambiance and theme. We were immediately greeted with champagne, water and snacks. My eyes lit up when I saw a sign that said, if you spend $200 you get a free beauty product OF YOUR CHOICE that's $50 or less. Free beauty product? That never happens, so I was curious as to the brands they carried. To spend $200 in Soft Surroundings is really easy. I had already picked out a couple of things, I thought my mom would be interested in. This Soft Surroundings is a little smaller than most, but they still carried a lot of things. If you get the catalog, mark what you want and ask a sales associate if they wouldn't mind finding it for you. They can also order anything that is not physically at the store. All the managers and sales associates were very attentive, personable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They were all amazing! I didn't want for anything ;)

From their catalog, Soft Surroundings has always been about relaxation! They have beautiful bedding, loungewear, robes, room sprays and overall just things that will make you RELAX! Don't we all need that in our lives!?! I live for peace & tranquility. I run from anything that causes me stress. I loved the white robe and comforter below. They also have a great BEAUTY section! I recognized brand names of Peter Thomas Roth, Lipstick Queen, Farmhouse Fresh etc.

Besides loungewear and beautiful things for the BOUDOIR, Soft Surroundings is also venturing into clothes. I told my mom, that their newest Spring Catalog had a beautiful green dress in it that I wanted her to try on. When she saw it in the store, she said Kim I also want the black one as well. HaHaHa She purchased both! Another lady turned to her and said get it...NO REGRETS! I love their tunics! Many are asymmetrical and were paired with gorgeous jewelry. They have the cutest straw totes & hats that will take you into Summer. Their clothes selection has definitely expanded.

I didn't realize Soft Surroundings carried such beautiful jewelry! Their jewelry selection is absolutely gorgeous! I usually go for dainty jewelry, but I was salivating over all of this beautiful textured jewelry. Double-layered hammered gold necklaces. Geometric earrings. Layers of colors, such as red, over neutrals. I will definitely go back ;)

I thought it was so cute that they also had holiday decor displayed! It put me into the Easter and Springtime Spirit. This time of year is always so pretty! It makes you want to throw everything you have OUT and bring in NEW STUFF!

The dressing rooms are really nice at Soft Surroundings. Floor to ceiling lighted mirrors. Chic chair. They write your name on the dressing room door. My mom purchased two dresses and two tunics. She received 15% off her purchase. We both agreed, her FREE beauty product would be the Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip. I'll do a review of it for you tomorrow. I can already tell you it's DREAMY! We had a great time! I would like to thank Jessica for inviting my mom & I! I would like to thank everyone that worked that evening for making us feel like princesses. I had a great time.



Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Shea Shea Bakery Yummy Chocolate Hazelnut Bath Whip Review

Not Sponsored: This is the last of my seven-part series on the products I purchased from Shea Shea Bakery. You can read my review of their candles, lip scrub, body creme, body wash, face mask and body scrub here. Today, I am going to review their Yummy Bath Whip Spread in Chocolate Hazelnut. This also comes in Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff. What is it? It's a jar of HAPPINESS! You can use this bath whip as a body wash or shaving cream. First, lets admire the packaging! Doesn't it look like a jar of peanut butter? I thought that was so cool. I also love the picture of the toast and the chocolate hazelnut spread across the toast. It definitely gives me Nutella vibes. The Chocolate Hazelnut scent that I purchased smells exactly like BOTH. Its a delight to the nose. The coloring of the product is more hazelnut in color than chocolate. This whip is pretty dense in texture, as you can see from my pictures when I scooped it out and placed it on the back of my hand. But as you work it into your skin (wet) it smooths out like butter. You will look like an oompa loompa but it's worth it. To use as a BODY WASH (think of this more as a skin softener), wet your hands thoroughly ... scoop some bath whip out of the jar ... rub both hands together and it will lather ... apply it to your skin. Your skin will feel so moisturized & soft. I would first CLEANSE your body with whatever you use! Then I would use the bath whip. I think it should be your last step before stepping out of the shower or bathtub. It rinses away cleanly. To use as a SHAVING CREAM ... again wet your hands thoroughly ... scoop out some bath whip ... rub hands together to lather and apply to ONE AREA (leg, arm etc.) ... then SHAVE that area. It tends to dry fast, so I would do one area at a time. This bath whip is pretty dark in color and can make a mess, so be sure to use towels and not get it on your painted walls (if they are not stain resistant). You can circumvent this issue, by ordering the Marshmallow Fluff which I'm sure is white in color ;) This bath whip gave me a really close shave and left my legs super soft. I loved the way my skin felt afterwards. I'm going to stick with my Pure Silk shaving cream to shave (until I try the Marshmallow Fluff one), but I am loving this Chocolate Hazelnut Bath Whip as a shower treat for my skin. This is REALLY GOOD!

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Shea Shea Bakery Yummy Chocolate Hazelnut Bath Whip is Sweet

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