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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Birthday Girl

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Not Sponsored: Today is my birthday! It's also Wednesday. I thought it would be befitting to wear pink ;) I purchased this cute pink-ribbed hoodie & jogger pants set from Nordstrom. It's so soft & comfortable. I love the ruffled detail around the wrist & waist. It comes in pink, grey & black. Do you like my makeup? Find out what it is Friday. I'm finally finding pink makeup that compliments my skin-tone. It only took 7 years, but I'm finally getting it! LOL BTW, I'm 47 years young (like that reversal) When I first started blogging, I never wanted to reveal my age because everyone was so much younger than me. But for whatever reason, I now feel comfortable saying it. Maybe I'm more comfortable with myself then I was years ago. I've changed a lot. I remember a time when I wouldn't walk out the door without makeup. Now I'm comfortable bare-faced or made up. I remember a time when I would wait for a holiday to celebrate. Now I celebrate everyday. I treat myself & do something for myself everyday. Don't wait. Never wait. Take care of yourself. You have a purpose. Keep that sparkle in your eyes. You're a light, that needs to shine. Shine bright!


Monday, February 18, 2019

Pixi Beauty Reflex Light and Natural Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes Review, Swatches, Demo and YouTube Video

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! Pixi Beauty sent me a PR package that contained two eye shadow palettes and a set of eye shadow makeup brushes. The two eye shadow palettes that I received are part of a three eye shadow palette collection called Eye Reflections Shadow Palette. They are called Mixed Metals (not shown or reviewed here), Reflex Light (shown below) and Natural Beauty (shown below). I've tested everything. My thoughts on each are below.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Eye Shadow Brushes - Sweet
This PR package contained a set of eye shadow brushes. There was one smudger brush and two blending brushes. I used all three in my tutorial. All were soft and did a great job applying the eye shadow. I love short handle makeup brushes (especially for eye makeup), because I feel you have better control when applying the eye shadow. I would love to see a fourth brush included in this set, with a slightly longer brush head to apply the eye shadows. When I looked under the "tools" column on Pixi's website, I didn't see these brushes for sale. So I don't know if these were just for PR or if they will be coming out with this brush set. They worked really well and are well made. I would purchase them.

Reflex Light Eye Reflection Shadow Palette - Sweet
The Reflex Light Eye Reflection Shadow Palette contains twelve (12) shimmer shades. It's composed of earthy colors such as browns, oranges and golds. I finger swatched all 12 shades on the back of my hand. With only ONE swipe, you can see the awesome pigmentation. I experienced very little kick up or fall out. I was very impressed with the quality of these shadows. You can create some beautiful sunset looks. There are some beautiful greens in this palette. It leans more towards darker looks, but you can use this palette year round. It's a very beautiful eye shadow palette.

Natural Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette - Sweet
The palette that immediately caught my eye when I opened the pr package, was the Natural Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette. This palette contains an assortment of grown-up pinks, mauves, beiges and chocolate browns. This palette can be used year round as well. In my tutorial, I created a Springtime, soft, natural daytime look. I was really pleased how the shadows laid and also blended on the eyes. In the video I also use one of the shades as a highlighter. It worked out beautifully. This palette is a winner in my book. I'll be using it a lot. I loved it.

This is the look I created using the Natural Beauty Eye Reflection Shadow Palette. 
To see how I created this look, check out my YouTube tutorial below.

Watch My YouTube Tutorial, By Clicking Here Or On The Picture Below

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Black History Month: Three Documentaries On Netflix You Should Watch That Celebrate Black Excellence

February is Black History Month. I watched three documentaries on Netflix and wanted to share them with you. 

Floyd Norman: An Animated Life
Have you ever watched Disney's Sleeping Beauty, The Sword In the Stone, The Jungle Book (1967), Robin Hood, Scooby Doo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. I'll just stop there. This is the man (storyboard animator-artist) that drew those amazing characters. He was the first african-american animator to be hired by Disney. He actually knew and worked for Walt Disney. He's worked for Pixar. He's worked on Sesame Street. He's had all kinds of accolades, awards and honors. But it hasn't been without struggles, ups and downs. You must see!

I Am Bolt
Everyone knows Usain Bolt. I always praised his amazing talent, but initially didn't care for (what I saw was) his cocky attitude. LOL Those were my first impressions. Over the years, I've learned you can't always judge a book by its cover. Sometimes it is what it is, but other times there's more to the story. After watching this documentary, I confused cockiness with extreme confidence and loyalty. In my eyes, Bolt has a lot of love for his family, Jamaica and himself. It's a super-size love! He's a gifted athlete. He's naturally fast. But this documentary shows the WORK, DAYS, HOURS, MONTHS, YEARS and OVERALL EFFORT he had to put in to win. It was a compilation of a lot of things that made his wins look effortless. This documentary also discusses his THOUGHTS, FEELINGS (mental aspect) along with INJURIES, PAIN (physical aspect) he endured. He's suffered from scoliosis. He's given to countless charities. He's encouraged other athletes. His story is inspiring. When you feel you can't go on, watch this and it will give you new life.

I first learned about Quincy Jones through Michael Jackson. He was the producer of MJ's Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad album. But to go back (his career spans six decades), Quincy Jones studied at the (now known as) Berklee College of Music, went to Paris to study under Nadia Boulanger whose students also included Igor Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein, worked with Frank Sinatra, wrote arrangements for numerous jazz musicians (Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn etc), has written countless television show tunes. He's worked with Bono of U2 on a number of philanthropic endeavors. The things he's done in his life, seem to make up 1000 lives. His words are very raw. He doesn't bite his tongue. You may even be taken aback. But his talents are pure GENIUS.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Half Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrub in Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy and Chocolate Cupcake: Review and YouTube Video

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! I mentioned in my 2019 goals blog post that I had a list of indie makeup and skincare brands that I wanted to try. One company that has been on my list is Half Caked. You can read about them here, but Half Caked is operated by two sisters that live in Tampa, Florida. I thought it was really cute that their company opened on Valentine's Day. It's a coincidence that I'm doing this review now. LOL They sell liquid lipsticks, eye pigments and lip scrubs. You guys know I'm a lip scrub fanatic and their packaging really caught my eye. I learned about them on social media (Instagram). This company is 100% cruelty free and their products do not contain animal derivatives (Vegan). I purchased three of their lip scrubs (Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Cupcake) and have tried all three. Below are my thoughts. I made a YouTube video if you would like to see a closer look at the lip scrubs.

I love the packaging the Half Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrubs come in. The box is black & pink. The words Suga Suga are in a pink bubblegum script. There's a half-eaten, pink-iced with sprinkles doughnut shaped like a C on the top of the box. On the side, they tell you "Our sweet sugar lip scrub will have your lips feeling lifted and gifted by exfoliating and hydrating your pout." "Apply in curcular motions and wipe (or lick) away residual sugar. People will def be asking, how you get so fly?" Ok Half Caked! This lip scrub is good for 12 months after opening it. And these come in 8 flavors. Each lip scrub is SEALED! I've tried so many lip scrubs and I have never seen them sealed. So I thought that was GREAT!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 

Half Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrub in Birthday Cake ($12) - Supersweet
This lip scrub is bubblegum pink in color. Mixed within the scrub are purple, yellow, orange and green sprinkles. Those were the colors I saw in mine. Very festive! I also noticed the lip scrub was moist (which is a great sign). It has a sweet scent and it tastes like birthday cake with pink yummy icing. Half-caked describes it as a "slice of funfetti cake with vanilla frosting". It has the right consistency of granules for exfoliation. It moisturizes the lips. It's really good. You get 1oz of product in this jar. This would be great as a birthday gift. I would definitely purchase this lip scrub again. 

Half Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrub in Cotton Candy ($12) - Supersweet
Cotton Candy is my absolute FAVORITE out of this bunch! It is SO AUTHENTIC you guys! You really feel you're biting into a big wallop of cotton candy on a stick. It's AUTHENTIC! Tastes so good. This would be great for parties, bridesmaid's gifts etc. Very impressed. Excellent exfoliation and moisturizing. Really good lip scrub.

Half Caked Suga Suga Lip Scrub in Chocolate Cupcake ($12) - Bittersweet
Chocolate Cupcake didn't have a scent. Beautiful brown color. It had both a tart/bitter and sweet taste to it. I never picked up on any type of chocolate or cupcake taste. It's more like a brown sugar. I haven't found a company as of yet, that can get a chocolate lip scrub exactly right. Some come close like LUSH's Chocolate Lip Scrub and Good Earth Beauty's Chocolate Ice Cream Lip Scrub. But it's still not that CHOCOLATE I'm looking for :P

Overall, I'm REALLY IMPRESSED with Half Caked's Suga Suga Lip Scrubs! I will be ordering again. Their lip scrubs come in Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Juicy Watermelon, Dreamsicle, Orange Cocoa Puff, Peppermint, Chocolate Cupcake, and Gumball. Give them a twirl! If you would like to see these up close, check out my YouTube video below.

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