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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Your Home Business Can Still Pack A Punch With These Top Tips To Keep You On Track

A home business is one of those things that not all of us can think about setting up or persuading, but for some people it is the reality and being their own boss can bring them so much job and amazing flexibility for their lifestyle and family. However, the impression people can have on the home business is that it is small, that you can’t really expand, and this is where those people are narrow minded. Some of the greatest businesses started from home, just remember Apple started in a garage. So if you want your home business to pack a punch, then here are some of the tips to help you stay on track.

Workout when you are most productive
One of the first things that you need to do when it comes to your home business is to ensure that you work at the optimal times that you are most productive. Working from home means that you have distractions, but it can also mean that you have the flexibility to work when you want. Some people are better first thing in the morning, some people are productive at night. This gives you the chance to work in a routine for your business that makes the most of the time you have as well as giving you the lifestyle that you wanted.

Make sure you are using all the tools to your advantage
If you work from home, then you do need to think outside of the box in terms of getting your business and your skills made aware of. This can be done through an online website and also your social media platforms. However,if you don’t take into account search engine optimization, then you could be missing a trick. A great tip is to work on keywords and the content that you put out there to ensure that you can get your business seen and heard.

Outsourcing when needed
A great thing to thing to consider would be the power of outsourcing certain elements of your business. As it grows there is no denying that you as one person can do everything to the best of your ability. This is when outsourcing factors like accounting, IT, website management etc can free up your time to focus on the areas of the business where you can make the most difference.

Getting outside of the home when possible
Working from home can be restrictive, so a great tip would be to to try and work outside of the home as well if you can. This may be shared office spaces that you can hire, or even working in local cafes and bars to help break up the time. A change of scenery can also help you to be more productive.

Humanising your business
Finally, make sure that you take advantage of you as a person and your business is a passion that you have. Humanising your business on social media platforms and giving an insight into the person behind the person can help to increase engagement. People buy from people.

Let’s hope these tips help you to improve your home business.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Keeping Ahead Of The Tech Curve As A Firm

A business, by its nature, makes the passive statement that it is able to keep on top of everything. For example, a restaurant is not just a simple means of putting certain ingredients together to sell them to you, added skill in the chef is required to make this a value-added proposition. It’s easy for new firms to forget this, but as a company, you need to continually become industry standard if you are unequipped to become industry-leading.

This is further evidenced in the technological activity utilized by our firms. If we fail to stay ahead of the curve and functional in the modern space, then we will fall behind, and this can cause a range of issues as time moves on. Anything that could harm your productivity and competitiveness should be looked at with a raised eyebrow, and so for our purposes, we are going to help you achieve something similar to this. With the following advice, we believe we can help you come to the most satisfactory result possible.

Please, consider the following:

Understand Tech Issues
Tech issues can strike any firm, and can be partly spawned from staff confusion or bad training, all the way up to hostile tech issues or even cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Researching the top 10 IT support issues, you will find that something you have experienced is likely quite closely related to another issue, is caused by your bad practice, or is perhaps more universal than you once thought. When you are able to understand tech issues, you can begin to move forward and past them, potentially allowing you a healthier solution to present itself more quickly.

Upgrade Your Systems
You should never look to cost-cut when setting up your IT network, outside of the normal wish to gain a discount for bulk-buying items for your office. Solid monitors, worthwhile computer chairs, a fast server network, SSD’s that load files and terminal operating systems quickly, if it saves you time and energy, it’s worth investing in. If your computers are loading thirty seconds slower than the competition, you may see how this time can add up over the years to put you at a distinct disadvantage. You needn’t have a NASA-like setup to enjoy the best results, but you can see how a little care might help you stay on the same playing field.

Cybersecurity Threats
Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. It’s important to know what could affect your firm and how something may achieve that, because it can help you adhere to the best cybersecurity practice in the long run. It’s this understanding that can help you enact the best policies, use the best VPN software, work with the best managed IT services, and ensure that you know about the potential downtime you may face when upgrading your systems.

With this in mind, you’re sure to keep ahead of the tech curve as a modern firm.

Starting A Business On A Budget

Starting a business is difficult enough, but when you’re on a tight budget it can seem impossible. How are you supposed to get off to a good start without the right funds? However, you don’t necessarily need to have a large sum behind you to be successful, and there are many ways that you can build your business up from very little. Here are some things that you can do if you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to making your big break, without the big bucks.

Don’t expect to start big
Almost every business will start out small, unless the founders have won the lottery or received a nice hefty sum from a past business endeavour. Whilst you will probably want to get out there and buy all of the equipment and stock that you need, you really should start off small, even if you’ve got a lot of cash behind you. This will allow you to see whether you’re actually making the right business choices, too.

For example, if you want to get a business fleet, then it’s a good idea to look into semi truck leasing bad credit companies, so that you can pay for these things over time, instead of going headfirst into it and buying everything upfront. As you begin to turn a profit, you’ll see that it’s pretty easy to pay them off on a monthly basis.

Be frugal
One of the best things that you can do as a new business owner is to remain frugal, until you know for sure that you’ve got enough profit to reinvest. Before you start going out for fancy meals with the business credit card, make sure that all of the important things are definitely covered.

Whilst it’s not a good idea to cut staff members that are important to your business and there are some costs that are just necessary, it’s important to always reassess your spending to make sure that you’re not going beyond what you need to be doing. This will help your business bank account in the long-run!

Practice DIY
When you’re one of the overheads in a large and successful business, you don’t need to be answering phone calls and doing admin work. However, when you first start out you need to be a jack of all trades, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money if you’re in control of numerous tasks at once.

Sure, if you’re not an accountancy whizz then don’t try to spend hours doing a task that would take a real accountant a few minutes. Know what you can do and what you can teach yourself, and accept that there are areas that just aren’t your forte. But if you can do a bit of DIY, then it will really help to keep your funds under control!

If you want to start a business on a budget, then keep these things in mind. You don’t need to have millions behind you, just the ambition to make it work and the right knowledge to get started!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Happy Haunting Wreath

Not Sponsored: I showed you my outdoor Halloween wreath and decorations in this post. This year, I've decided to also decorate for Halloween indoors. I love the holiday and its fun being surrounded by it while watching Halloween movies and entertaining. Later this month, I plan on putting a video together to show you all of my indoor Halloween decor. Today I want to show you this cute Happy Haunting wreath I purchased from Grandin Road. Its a cute skeleton head holding a Happy Haunting sign. His face is surrounded by orange & black ribbon. His head is topped with a black velvet top hat and adorned with a beetle brooch. He's surrounded by black feathers, orange foliage & berries. I never thought about having a wreath inside my home, but many people include them in their decor. Its really given me inspiration to decorate for every holiday. It brings the spirit of the holiday inside your home. Its very uplifting. I really enjoy my home. I didn't see this wreath on their website the last I checked. Grandin Road seems to have moved on to Christmas. But they're known to bring things back the following year. I love their holiday decorations and home decor.


Halloween Haunted House Wreath

Not Sponsored: I keep a wreath on my door year-round. I change them as the holidays and seasons change. I consider my home to be the "outfit" and the wreath its "accessory". So today, I would like to show you the Halloween wreath I chose for my front door this year. I've had witches and skeletons to adorn my door in the past. But I'm always looking for something different and unique. I found this wreath online this Summer. There was only one (which is why I didn't link it) and it immediately captured my attention. A haunted house! I love haunted houses, but you don't see many as door decorations. Well, this haunted house looks like a hand-crafted piece of art. It has cute little decorated pumpkins nestled all around. With a flick-of-a-switch, its orange windows light up at night. A skeleton head and moss add to its spooky look. And then underneath, orange foliage, black twisted wicked branches and the cutest bow adorn it. It's truly charming. You guys know I love details and this wreath is filled with them. Check out my Instagram page for a video of this wreath. It's more beautiful in person. It works well with my black door. I added pumpkins and an orange mum to complete my outdoor Halloween decor. It puts a smile on my face to see people pass by point & SMILE.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

4 Ways to Discover a New Side to Toronto

When you think of Canada and Toronto, you think of Niagara Falls, of course. Once you’ve seen that, what else is there for you to see? Plenty of wild and wacky things, as it turns out.

Toronto is a stunning city just waiting for you to explore it; from breath-taking skyscrapers to gorgeous greenery, you’ll want to take in every secret part of it.

1. Try Something New
If you’re in the market to explore and see new things around Toronto, why not do something new as well? Pay a visit to the Backyard Axe Throwing League and take part in an activity you’ve certainly never had the chance to do before. It says it on the tin: you’ll be throwing axes. Whether it’s for a crazy birthday party or something to do in the afternoon, you’ll have tons of fun practicing your accuracy and, well, throwing axes.

2. Drive Your Own Way
When you land at the Toronto Airport, take advantage of the discount international car rental and take a car out for a ride around the suburbs of the city to explore and experience the beautiful green surroundings. It’ll be a breath of fresh air compared to the Toronto you already know or are expecting. A car ride is a great way to relax in the evening as the day winds down.

3. Attempt an Escape Room
Escape rooms are becoming more popular than ever; they’re popping up in cities all around the globe. Put your brain to the test and see if you can solve the mindboggling puzzles and make your way out of the escape room. If you aren’t too good at puzzles, then you can still appreciate the amazing storytelling that goes into each of these rooms and let your travel partners do the rest.

4. See a Comedy Show
Head on down to the Comedy Bar and be prepared for a night full of belly laughs and jokes to share with your friends and family. The bar has multiple rooms often showcasing different shows, so if you go by, they will surely have a show that tickles your fancy and your sense of humor.

Have a few drinks, laugh the night away, and your day of experiencing the best of what Toronto has to offer won’t end until the curtain falls.

From the classic attractions to the ones slightly off the beaten track, Toronto is full of life and personality, and there is definitely something among its waterfalls and unusual activities that’ll make you want to come back to do it all again.

Toronto is a magnificent city with so much to offer; it’ll get you to try something completely new and different and then welcome you back into your comfort zone with its traditional tourist attractions as well. It’s well worth a trip to experience it all, whether you stay for a day or, when you inevitably end up loving it so much, for a lifetime.

Reviving Your Spa Business

Spas are all about retreats. However, running a spa business can be a lot less relaxing than the industry would, at first, suggest. Indeed, while spa holidays were hugely popular in Agatha Christie’s Britain for health reasons – people would be prescribed extended stays in spa retreats to cure anything from a cold to severe depression – they don’t enjoy the same popularity today. At best, spa centres welcome weekend go-ers who are looking for a unique celebration for birthdays or even bachelorette parties. Reviving your spa business is all about tackling the needs of the modern generation of customers by offering services that are meaningful in the 21st century.

The truth is that spas can’t afford to make their income through long-stay retreats, as more and more people choose to book short-term holidays. While relaxation needs to remain your top priority, you need to get creative about services. Here are some ideas that spa owners could use to inject new life into the business.

Offer A Beauty Service
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who wears the best natural makeup of them all?

The abundance of makeup tutorials and social media beauty influencers points in one clear direction: the beauty industry is booming. It would be meaningful for spa businesses to consider a beauty workshop service in which they can build a personal relationship with clients. Many women and some men too use makeup in their everyday life as a confidence booster. People who are struggling with skin conditions or illnesses can find it challenging to choose the right product. Your makeup service could promote cruelty-free products and dermatologically-approved products for medical patients. Feeling beautiful when you are fighting off an illness can give you an extraordinary mental boost.

Tackle Modern Issues Such As Stress Relief And Gym Pains
Fitness is a trend among Millennials and Gen Z. Gym memberships are exploding all over the country. Unfortunately, having access to an equipped gym studio is not a guarantee of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Fitness accidents are on the rise. Too many gym-goers experience injuries as a result of excessive pressure – both from overtraining and lack of proper posture. Offering dedicated recovery services that provide physiologic treatment and strength buildup tips can address the issue. However, be sure to find an experienced medical spa industry attorney before opening your new health services. Indeed, you need to check your compliance with the regulations in practice to avoid damaging complaints.

Make It A Mindful Experience
Stress, stress, stress! Life is full of stressful situations that put pressure on people. Sports activities are a popular response coping strategy to relieve stress. But more and more people find that relaxing isn’t all about sweating it off. Addressing worries and understanding your weaknesses through talk therapy can prove effective in complementing relief strategies. Additionally, set in a context of relaxation with massages and soothing baths, therapy can help to confront feelings and get rid of negative ideas.

It’s time for spa businesses to offer a dedicated relaxation-focused set of services to reach out to new audience groups. From helping your clients to feel more confident about their looks to encouraging young generations to tackle their anxieties, a change of priorities can give the sector a much-needed boost.

The Three Things You Can Do To Protect Your Ears

Ear health is something that is not talked about often enough, despite around one in six people in the UK suffering from hearing loss. Some - not all, of course - of these issues are caused by poor ear care. We often take our ears for granted, despite them being a vital and susceptible organ. It is easy to forget to take good care of them when you are not having any issues with them. In fact, most people only take notice of them when a problem does arise, and sometimes, at that point, it is too late.

Here, we look at some of the measures that you can take to prevent hearing problems from arising and to help you to have optimal hearing health for as long as possible.

Get them checked regularly
If you are experiencing unexplained deafness and nothing like temporary congestion caused by the common cold, then you should book yourself in with a hearing specialist as soon as possible to find out what is wrong and start any treatment, if necessary. If you do need hearing aids, you can learn more here. Not getting any problems sorted quickly can lead to further, and often irreversible damage to your ears and hearing, so as soon as you notice anything that is not normal for you, book yourself in and get it checked.

There are other things that you can do in the meantime to take good care of your ears and protect your hearing:

Do not put objects in your ears
We know this one sounds very obvious and patronizing, but you would be surprised at what people put into their ears to clean them if there is a build-up of wax. Audiologists and doctors have a saying: 'never stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ears,' and this is very true and very helpful. Putting small objects, such as Q-Tips, into your ear canal can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

Use wax softeners
Wax does sometimes build up in the ear, and it is actually good for your ears, despite it having a bit of reputation for being dirty and unacceptable. Wax has an important job - it provides lubrication for your ear canal and stops water and infections from getting into the ear. When you remove the wax, it puts you more at risk of catching an ear infection because your ear is more exposed.

Try not to mistake congestion with a cold with a build-up of wax and instead, protect your ears by using a wax softener.

Clean your ears safely
While it is important not to remove wax, you should also take steps to keep your ears clean. Not cleaning your ears can lead to infections. Do this by putting a warm and damp cloth over your ear - the heat will soften and bring out any dirt, and then using the cloth, gently wipe the outside of the ear clean. If you are worried about excess wax building up, visit your doctor or hearing specialist who will advise you on the best course of action to take.

The Top 5 European City Breaks this Autumn

Summer may be over – but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the holiday season. In fact, autumn can be excellent time to travel, particularly in Europe. With fewer tourists around and cheaper deals available, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a European city break. Can’t decide on where to go?

Look no further than our guide to the top five destinations…

1. Paris
As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” And it’s just a joy to visit at this time of year. Just imagine the Tuileries Garden on a sunny autumn’s day! Ask almost anyone who’s experienced it, and they’ll tell you how glorious it is. Sunsets over the Seine on autumn evenings are also worth mentioning. Oh, and let’s not forget how spectacular the Arc de Triomphe looks when illuminated at night.

2. Budapest
Budapest is famed for its beauty – visit it any day of the year, and you’ll no doubt be mesmerised. It’s particularly splendid in autumn, though. After all, this is the season where golden leaves blanket the Hungarian capital, further enhancing its aesthetic charm. For the ultimate view, head to the top of Gellert Hill. Here, you’ll be able to see the city in all its autumnal glory.

3. Barcelona
Ah, Barcelona. Many of us long to visit the Catalonian city – and it’s easy to see why. It brims with both history and visual appeal, from its iconic cathedral to its beaches. But autumn is when this destination truly comes into its own. Visit any time before mid-November, and you’re practically guaranteed warm temperatures. Better still, it’s easy to secure flights and Barcelona airport transfers at any time of year.

4. Zagreb, Croatia
Though you may associate it with summer holidays, Croatian cities are perfect for autumnal trips. Take the capital Zagreb, for example. Awash with seasonal colours, the city is a joy to explore in autumn. Stroll through its park to see for yourself! After a day of exploration, you could always treat yourself to hearty ─ćevapi, which is widely considered to be the national dish of Croatia.

5. Bruges, Belgium
Are you after an idyllic autumnal scene? If so, Bruges could be the place for you! Its canals and medieval design give it a fairy-tale aesthetic, which autumn magnifies. Enjoy the season by boat, on a tour, and learn all about the city’s rich trading heritage. Or spend your time exploring treasures in its wealth of museums and galleries.

You’ll most likely want to make the most of the season. Select from any one of our suggested cities, and you could do just that.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Throwing The Coolest Kids Parties

When it comes to children’s parties, you can feel a little stressed out. But often the planning and their faces on the day is totally worth it. There are a few thoughts like what food to serve, are there any allergies that you need to be aware of, who to invite, do the parents stay… and on it goes.

But here are some easy tips to make your next kid’s party go as smoothly as possible.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

It is tempting to throw a lot of money at the party and hope for the best. But actually setting a budget is much more beneficial. It can be surprising just how much those small bits and pieces add up. Think about it in a per person way rather than the other all price. So what would you be comfortable spending per child?

Children’s parties are better pushed to the weekend after or before the birthday. Fitting in a party after school can be hard work, and you might find the best friends can’t make it due to extracurricular activities or early bedtimes. If you need help from family members, make sure that you have checked the dates with them in advance.

Make a to-do list that covers everything from putting the paper on the table to putting up the balloons. Check off each item as you purchase it or do it in the run-up to the big day.

Home or Away
The joy of having the party at home is you can sling on some lounge pants or leggings and tidy up at your own pace. But you will have to be mindful of how much children you invite due to space restrictions. If you decide to have it at a venue, you might be able to hire things like balloon machines, bubble machines and have a bigger disco. So those are things to think about when you are making a choice.

As well as it being a birthday party, you can add a theme on. If it is in the run-up to Christmas, you can hire Santa, easter time? Easter egg hunt. Of perhaps your child has a favourite Disney character. Themes can be a lot of fun for children - it gives them a chance to really indulge their imagination in something that they love.

Work with your child with this. There might be people you have to invite, but where possible, try to let your child have the people that they like and play with there. Although it is always prudent not to leave only 1 or 2 children out of a party if you invite the rest of the class.

All-day parties are exhausting for everyone. So try to keep it to around 2 hours. Enough time to play, dance, be entertained and have some cake. This also helps other parents out with things like nap times and getting their usual weekend errands done in good time.

Always send the invites a few weeks in advance too, this means you will have a firm headcount long before you start buying the food and gift bags.

5 Reasons Why Diamonds Make for Great Gifts

Image Source: Unsplash

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend, at least since DeBeers launched their marketing campaign in the 1950s, and that doesn’t look like it is changing anytime soon. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t love diamonds as a gift, and if you are thinking about what to buy your partner for her birthday or anniversary, here are just a few reasons why diamonds are the ideal choice.

1. Guaranteed to Please – Diamonds are the one gift that is certain to receive the right response, and these amazing sparkling stones can be fashioned into any jewellery item, which means you can always find the ideal gift. Buying her such a high value gift is another way of showing how much you care for her, and she will always receive diamonds warmly, as they will always have a special place in her jewellery box.

2. Diamonds Are Eternal – We live in a universe that is constantly changing, yet diamonds are the result of millions of years of incredible pressure, hundreds of kilometres below the ground, and they will remain as they are forever. If you are looking for argyle pink diamonds in Brisbane, for example, there are wholesalers who offer a massive saving on retail jewellery prices. When you buy loose stones, you can have them crafted into a unique item of jewellery that will truly be a one-off.

3. Diamonds Are An Investment – Precious stones never depreciate, and while you are not looking to sell them, it is nice to have assets that could be used in the event you needed some emergency funding. Not only can you sell your diamonds, you can also borrow from a pawn shop, with the stones as collateral.

Image Source: Pixabay

4. Diamonds Are Interchangeable – She might have a pair of earrings that she no longer wears, and by removing the stones, they can be used to make another jewellery item. You could, of course, sell the stones as they are within the jewellery piece, but if she would rather have something new created, this is easy. If, for example, an item of diamond jewellery is damaged, then simply have the stones removed and design something new for her. As you already have the stones, the cost will be negligible.

5. Authenticity – When you buy diamonds loose, or in a jewellery piece, the stones will have a GIA certificate that has all the grading details of the diamond. The 4 Cs, cut, colour, clarity, and, of course, carat defines the stone, and its value. The more you research diamonds, the wiser you will be when it comes to acquiring stones.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a better way to say how much you love your partner than investing in a stunning diamond ring, bracelet or necklace. With prices to suit every budget, you can be sure that when you present her with your gift, her eyes will definitely light up the room!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

3 Ways Every Business Can Keep Information Confidential

Without saying anything or having discussions with other business owners, you will already know that some details are best kept hidden from view. Some information must be kept confidential and out of the wrong hands. Every business harbors sensitive data and information that will see them achieve their goals and onto a brighter future. You need the cooperation of your employees to be able to do this. They must be trusted by you to uphold standards of information protection. It's not just about trust but standards. Incorporating your data security standards into the usual working day is essential to creating a responsible company culture. But small businesses might not know exactly what information must they keep confidential.

In The Works
Products in the making are always a hot topic of discussion in the office. Brand new models and systems that are under development take a lot of time to create and a lot of money to fund. However, they are also things that will boost your business profile, increase your customer base and increase your notoriety in the industry. Usually, it's the research and development department that will be in charge of making sure the data of your new product is kept within the office walls. However, you must take every employee that one way or another come into contact with the data and information of a product under development to practice good codes of conduct. They must always check the status of your anti-virus and anti-malware systems before they open files containing the new product. This way hackers and spies won’t get a glimpse of what you’re constructing.

The Inner Workings
As the CEO, you will be working closely with your legal and financial departments. They are the departments that hold your most inner workings. Their information on your accounting, investments, contracts and partnerships is none of anyone else’s business. Before any files containing such valuable information can be opened, they should have an authentication process that authorises the user. Take a look at an IAM managed service that is created by an identity authentication and security specialist. They provide international coverage and have support offices in the UK and in the US. By having access to industry experts, they can solve any problem or identify any threat that may arise in your system. With their balance multi-factor authentication technology, someone logging in to access extremely sensitive files will need to jump through hoops to prove who they are.

Good General Practice
Employees should never leave their machines unattended. They must always logout before they leave their desk and log back in when they return. Just good general practice and treating the computers correctly can save you a lot of hassle. Managers should keep a good eye open for employees that aren’t following this rule and discipline the offending employee if necessary. Even normal everyday tasks are never something to treat lightly in terms of security.

Every business has to be wary of data and information theft. One simple way to stop this from happening is applying authentication software on all your systems, especially for extremely sensitive files and computers.

Trade Show Booth Design Tips To Stand Out For The Right Reasons

If you’re taking your business to a trade show for the first time, it’s important to stand out for the right reasons. At a trade show, you’ll be exhibiting your business, and promoting your company, products and services. They can be useful for attracting new customers, meeting new contacts and networking with other businesses. As they’re so useful, it’s important to get it right. First impressions count, so it’s essential your trade show booth stands out from your competitors and sells your business to it’s best advantage.

Stay On Brand
At a large event, you want to make sure that anyone walking by can tell exactly which company you are. Whether you have a 10x20 trade show booth or a smaller space, make sure your branding is consistent throughout. Everything should match your brand, from the walls of the booth, to banners, imagery and the freebies you give away. Design with your brand colors in mind, and make sure your logo is prominently visible as anyone approaches the booth.

Tell People What You Do
Unless your company is a household name, most show visitors probably won’t already know who you are and what your business does. If you’re a small business or a start-up, this is especially true. Don’t wait for someone to approach you and ask either. Your booth needs to tell them. Your banners should have some concise information about your key services or products, whether you sell organic dog food or offer IT services to tech companies. If anyone walking by can see what you do, it saves you answering the same question 100 times, and also means that you can be sure that anyone who comes into the booth is already interested in learning more about you.

Stand Out From The Crowd
Most trade show booths are designed in a simple palette of blue, grey and white. If you have a brighter, more interesting color in your brand colors or logo, use it on your booth. The color will stand out, and look far more interesting and inviting.

If you don’t have these bright colors to play with, there are other ways to make you booth pop and stand out more. Have demonstrations going on all day, so there’s a reason for people to stop as they walk by, gather at your booth and watch something. Interactive displays work well too, as does a display a physical display of your products to be picked up and viewed.

Have Fun With The Stand
A trade show talking to industry people all day can quickly become repetitive and dull. If you’re seeing glazed eyes on the people walking the show floor, then make sure your stand has a little fun about it to stand out and cut through the boredom. Find something fun that it's your business, whether it’s your demonstrations, somewhere to take selfies or some music. Make sure it fits your brand; don’t go fun just for fun’s sake.

Put Your Name On Everything
You want people to remember exactly who you are. Put your name on everything. Put it on your booth, on your products and definitely on any freebies that you hand out. After speaking to a lot of brands, they can soon blur into one, but if they’ve gone away with a pocketful of giveaways with your name on then, they’re more likely to remember you.

Give Away Something People Will Keep
All the brands will be giving away something on their stands, and so should you. Pick the right kind of giveaway though. A lot of trade show freebies just end being thrown straight in the bin when you get home, or chucked into a desk drawer never to be seen again. Instead, offer something people might actually want or find yourself. Brand up water bottles and keep a cooler full on your stand. Snacks can work well too, like energy bars, bags of popcorn or chocolate, as trade shows can be hungry work.

Stationery items can work well too, such as pens, post-it notes or pots of paperclips. Pen drives are always useful, but avoid things like stress balls, which tend to get left behind.

To make people keep your giveaways with them, you could connect a prize to them. Someone wearing a trinket from you, or who shares a picture on their social media of a freebie, could win a prize at the end of the trade show.

Make The Most Of Your Booth Space
No matter what size of booth you have, it’s important to make the most of the space you do have. Maximise every square foot to your advantage. If you have a small space, make use of the height, and hang banners of or even balloons, so you can be seen from a distance. Don’t be tempted to overcrowd a booth either; just show off your very best products.

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger booth, be sure not to go the other way and leave it too empty. Show off your product range or services with a range of displays and banners.

Leave plenty of space for people to walk around your booth and gather to talk to your staff, without feeling crowded. If you are giving away something edible or to drink, then leave room for people gather near that too.

Keep The Booth Busy
Imagine you’re a tourist looking for somewhere to buy a slice of pizza. If one stand has a longer queue, you’ll assume that it’s the best one. Social proof generates trust. Keep your stand busy, so as people walk by it looks popular and draws them in. Draw people in and give them a reason to stay and talk, so the stand remains busy.

If you’re worried about the stand ending up looking empty, you could ask some of your staff not working the show to come along not in uniform and act as your first customers until you attract some real ones.

Reach Out To Contacts Before The Show
Don’t wait for the trade show to start to start building contacts. Is there anyone at the show that you know you want to meet? Reach out to them a few weeks before the show and arrange to have a meeting with them at your booth before the doors to the show opening to the public. This a great way to get in some networking, without being interrupted by other people arriving at the booth.

Partner Up
Chances are, there will be a company also attending the show who will have the same target market as you. Why not arrange to trade leads and contacts with them? This is a great way to double the amount of contacts you get from a show, as long as you get permission to share data. Don’t pair up with the competition though. Instead, pair up with someone who sells something different to you, but has the same target audience that you do.

Send Your A Team
A lot of companies staff a trade show stand with the marketing team and some interns, but this is a mistake. You should send your best and your most knowledgeable staff. Throughout the trade show, the staff manning the booth are you brand ambassadors. They should be charismatic, good at chatting to a lot of people and able to answer almost any unexpected questions about the company and your services or products. Send the people who will show off the company at its very best.

Quick Trip Ideas Outside Of London

London is a spectacular city and whilst it might have most things, it doesn’t have every thing. That’s why we’ve decided to collect a few of our favourite potential day trip destinations located just a short train journey from the centre of the UK capital. So, whether you’re at a loss for things to do this upcoming October half term with your kids or are struggling for weekend date ideas - read on and prepare to escape the city!

Hot Air Ballooning in Biggleswade
Hot air balloon trips are often listed amongst the top rung on people’s bucket lists, but you don’t need to travel halfway across the world to live that dream. Take a quick train from St. Pancras to Biggleswade (the idyllic Bedfordshire market town with a name you can’t help but love) and you’ll find several hot air balloon packages being run out of the Mansion House.

Fish and Chips on the Southend Pier
Boasting the longest pier in the world, a theme park and some of the most stunningly old-fashioned seaside imagery this side of Blackpool, Southend has been a popular getaway for Londoners for decades. And with good reason.

Tea and Scones at Windsor Castle
The weekend retreat of Her Majesty the Queen herself, this 13-acre castle is the largest of its kind in the world and has remained a royal residence for almost a thousand years. Whether you’re a royalist or not, the sheer jaw-dropping beauty of this fairytale castle cannot possibly be denied.

Shop Till You Drop at Bicester village
Giving Oxford Street a good run for its money, this charming little hamlet isn’t just a quaint London suburb - it’s also home to over 100 boutique shops and designer outlets. The discounts you’ll find here will truly astound you and there are regular bus trips that run between London and Bicester every day.

Channel The Druids at Stonehenge
Arguably the most famous rocks on the planet, you might have seen it on TV and read about it in history books, but nothing will be able to prepare you for the sheer majesty of Stonehenge. Beyond the rocks themselves, a visitor centre and museum reveal another side to the monument and whilst you’re in the area, you might as well pop in to Salisbury Cathedral too and have a peek at the Magna Carta and the world’s oldest working clock.

Soak Up The History at St Albans
Just a 20-minute train journey from St. Pancras, this heritage site has been a part of England’s complex tapestry for as long as London itself. Originally a Roman settlement, this ancient site also boasts one of the country’s most famous cathedrals and is also something of a pilgrimage point for beer drinkers, as it boasts more pubs per capita than anywhere else in the country. We’ll drink to that!

Streaming Is About To Get Expensive: Here's How To Save

We are about to enter the age of the streaming wars. Before we address what this means, let’s explore what it actually is. In the past, there were three main streaming platforms. These were Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Each lived quite comfortably with one another because they all had separate USPs and options for customers. But times are changing and now other businesses are joining in. This includes Disney, Apple and Warner Bros. What does this mean? Well, first, a lot of the content that you used to love on Netflix and other platforms is going to disappear. This will happen as brands buy back the rights to stream their content to build up the library on their streaming platform.

So, Netflix could look a little scarce in the future when it comes to different options. That’s why they are currently making a big push for original programming. At the same time, Disney is taking steps to hit out at the streaming giant, cancelling options for them to advertise on channels that they own. Don’t forget, Disney now also owns a massive share in Hulu after buying out Fox. So the mouse actually has two.

It’s also apparent that not all the streaming platforms are going to survive this war. Smaller options like DCUniverse have already suffered massive setbacks and have been forced to cancel shows due to the cost.

The Fallout

But what does this mean for you? Well, first, rather than subscribing to one service, to get all the content, you would have to apply to several. Whether this is financially possible is going to depend on your budget.

It also means that you are going to see changes in price over the next couple of years. This is sure to be a key battle tactic. Prices will rise to compensate for falling subscribers and prices will fall to remain competitive. You might also expect to see bundles where you will be able to sign up for multiple platforms on one subscription.

What Can You Do?

Well, the first thing you should consider is finding out all about the type of content that is going to be available on different platforms. That way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the right option for you. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about issues with signing up for a platform that you’re probably not going to use.

You can also look for alternatives and if you access resources like Troypoint, you’ll find that there is a massive selection of possibilities available, including APKTV options. This allows you to access live TV digital online rather than paying for cable. So, essentially, you can gain the benefits of cable, without the high price tag and avoid the streaming war altogether.

We hope this helps you understand the issue with the streaming wars, what to expect and how to ensure you benefit. Remember, while it might be tempting to sign up to as many streaming platforms as possible, this could quickly cut into your monthly budget.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bite Beauty Agave+ Weekly Lip Scrub, Daytime Lip Balm and Nighttime Lip Therapy Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: I love Bite Beauty lipsticks! They are really good! So when Bite Beauty came out with a lip care collection, I knew I wanted to try it. I've had a chance to try everything and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Bite Beauty | Agave+ Weekly Lip Scrub - Not Sweet
 (can be purchased at Sephora)
Weekly Lip Scrub? This isn't even a good DAILY lip scrub. I'm sorry, but I have to be harsh with this review. The only thing I like about this lip scrub is the beautiful packaging. Very modern. Sleek. It's gorgeous! It even has a lip applicator to apply the lip scrub. But the lip scrub, I do not like. It has really large granules. You would think with these large granules it would easily slough away any dry skin, but it doesn't. I would apply 2-3 times and still have to use my washcloth to remove any dead skin. The taste is bitter. You don't want to ingest it. I'm use to lip scrubs tasting good. It doesn't moisturize your lips! Well now :( I threw mine away. Do yourself a favor and get a jar of Sara Happ. Clean, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Bite Beauty | Agave+ Daytime Lip Balm - Bittersweet
 (can be purchased at Sephora)
This lip balm starts off great! It's creamy. The stick melts into your lips. I have two problems with this lip balm. One, its very shiny and heavy on the lips. I don't mind some shine, but you can see my lips a block away! Two, the moisture only lasts a couple of hours. I'm use to the Fresh Advanced Therapy Lip Balm, where it lasts pretty much all day or all night. This is a clean, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free moisturizing lip balm.

Bite Beauty | Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy - Sweet
(can be purchased at Sephora)
There is a silver lining! The Nighttime Lip Therapy is really good. It also has an applicator to apply the product. It's very heavy, but adheres well to the lips. I kept it on overnight and the next morning my lips felt soft and smooth. This lip therapy is clean, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Infused with our chamomile-bergamot dream scent.

Heading On A Wonderful Vacation With Your Girlfriends

There are all kinds of vacations that suit all kinds of purposes. Some active such as skiing, some to experience the midst of the wildlife and see certain beautiful animals, some to visit family or simply to get away from all the stressors at home. Sometimes, just sometimes, your vacation is geared towards pure fun, and for this you may head abroad with your girlfriends to enjoy some of the most wonderful experiences you can, drink no certain amount of wine and laugh until you cry.

That sounds good to us. It can actually be very cleansing to experience. And yet if you haven’t planned a vacation like this before, it can be hard to see just what you should aim for. What follows is a list of advice geared towards helping you live your best life, to enjoy all of the benefits of vacation, to stay safe while over there, and perhaps to try things you have yet to experience. It’s when you combine all of this that you start crafting one for the record books.

Let us help you do that:

Plan Out A Few Active Experiences
When you think about it, unless a vacation makes you active, it’s almost impossible to stay active. For example, if you do not have a large hike planned, you’re unlikely to walk the most scenic route. Walking around a city can pull you into cafes, shops and many other places that will take much time out of your day, perhaps even keep you in a certain district. Of course, there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, and simply covering ground for its own sake is not the only goal you have on vacation.

But if you wish to enjoy a few large experiences, it’s worth planning them. For example, a city might be known for the best escape room experience themed after a certain movie or video game that you just have to check out. When you plan out a few experiences like this you can move forward and craft a few hilarious experiences together. When you’re with your friends, this is what it’s all about.

A Food Tour
Sometimes, you just need to eat. We couldn’t blame you. If there’s anywhere where it can feel justified eating way over your daily caloric maintenance level, on vacation is where that would be. If anything, you’re paying credence to the culture by taking in their wonderful food. Perhaps you may justify this to yourself by only eating in authentic restaurants run locally rather than only heading to corporate places.

Perhaps you wish to experience the best burger a city can offer, try some beautiful regional food, get the best take on a cultural classic, or enjoy some of the best wines you can with your friends. All of this is valid. Simply booking these kinds of experiences may take a little planning and a little forethought, but hey, that’s what builds excitement, right?

Head To The Casino
We can often think of casinos as the place where dreams are both made and broken, but this overly romanticized image is of course not the reality of today for the most part. Casinos are now more than simple places to gamble, although if you enjoy doing that be sure to plan a budget you are willing to lose if possible, and then enjoy the time playing said games. But many modern casinos, such as the casinos in Atlantic City or Vegas, are much more than this.

They also offer incredible food, great and thriving hotel facilities close to the beating heart of said area, wonderful shows in the theatre districts and much more entertainment than this. In fact, the best casinos often spend time running a blog dedicated to showing you the best events they are hosting, how to experience the best a city has to offer and how to make the most of your vacation in general. As such, spending some of your time here can be great fun.

Partake In A Class
It might seem as though you wish to avoid learning or hard work when on vacation, but of course, these two things aren’t negative, especially if it’s through the stimulus of something you enjoy. Perhaps heading to a wine or whisky tasting session, heading to a pottery class, partaking in scuba diving, heading to a landscape painting group or even a cocktail class can help you enjoy a great time, have a new experience and generally feel appreciative of a new skill you’ve learned.

This can be thoroughly entertaining for most people, and also give you the means to brag when coming home. Of course, the mistakes you make, the friendly banter you have between your friends and the snaps you’ll take during this process - this is where the true value lies.

Craft A Vlog!
We may roll our eyes at how YouTube culture has given everyone a video platform - but what is wrong with this exactly? After all, it’s good-natured fun, and you may even feel like partaking in it while abroad. Bringing along a simple vlogging camera or using the steadycam feature on your phone to record a wonderful experience and update your video diary with your friends can help you edit the footage well when back home.

This is much better than showing your holiday snaps to those you might meet when back home, because it’s active, and it also serves as a wonderful time capsule for you to look upon when you are older. If you purchase a camera that is weather and water-resistant, such as a GoPro, you may come away with a beautiful scuba diving video to show your amazing relatives.

Sometimes, the best vacations are those that are arranged for someone. Perhaps your friend is getting married in two months, and you wish to take her away for an unforgettable adventure in Europe or the other site of the country. Maybe your mother has beaten cancer and you wish to celebrate this incredible news.

A surprise such as a vacation, carefully planned and considered, can truly be a crowning moment in your friendship or relationship with someone close to you. Coming along on a vacation for a friend of a friend (after being invited of course) can help you bond and see each other like never before.

There’s a real sense of companionship and beauty when travelling together and experiencing something new, because it’s a great equalizer and suggests co-operation between people. Don’t be afraid of planning something like this, or even suggesting it. It might be the best experience you have this year.

Christmas Festivities
Of course, the festivities of Christmas are often best spent with family, but there’s no reason to think that you can’t celebrate at sometime in December on a wonderful vacation with your friends. Heading to a skiing resort, to Lapland, to Disneyland at Christmastime (seeing the park decorated in this way can be wonderful) will be an experience you may cherish for some time. We all know that the Christmas feeling can sometimes dilute as you get older and aren’t as excited as you were as a child, but there’s no reason as to why this needs to be the case.

Sometimes, falling in love with the festivities again means heading somewhere beautiful with your friends. For example, ice bars in Poland, the beautiful bar scene in Bulgaria, or heading to a wonderful French town can give you that sense of comfort and winter beauty you would love to experience. It’s getting to that time of year where planning a week vacation could be inspired at this preparatory point, so let this be your loving call to action in this direction. Who knows just how much you may thoroughly enjoy this? We’ll leave that to you to find out.

Chasing The Warm Weather A Little Longer
Chasing the warmer weather a little longer can be a worthwhile adventure to hold, because in the northern hemisphere winter is approaching, and quickly. Heading south to Australia where the beautiful warmer weather is starting to begin and people are becoming accustomed to heading out more could be a worthwhile thing to keep hold of your beach-loving interests. Again, heading to countries like this can help you gain a range of experiences because its proximity to the Asian continent means that varied food, wonderful barbecue options and crystalline waters is going to grant you something truly wonderful to talk about.

Heading into the depths of Autumn with a renewed tan can help you glow, and feel truly confident after your winter getaway. Perhaps it’s not quite the only reason you would wish to travel so far, but it certainly can’t hurt to do this at all.

With this in mind, we hope you can head on a wonderful vacation with your girlfriends. Take inspiration from whatever grabs you, and move forward to something wonderful. We hope the form, format and excitement this post brings allows you to craft your best vacation yet.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Joker Movie Review: No Spoilers

Not Sponsored: I went to see the movie Joker this weekend. When I found out Joaquin Phoenix was going to play the Joker, I knew he would be amazing. He's an excellent actor. I first saw him in the movie Walk The Line, where he played Johnny Cash. He was absolutely awesome. But after watching this movie, Joaquin Phoenix has reached an astronomical GENIUS level of acting. To begin with, he lost 52 (23 kgs) pounds to play this character. His eloquence in movement. The Joker's laugh. He has encompassed the character from head to toe; from inside and out. You FEEL his pain. You FEEL his suffering. You FEEL all emotions. The topics that come out of this movie are bullying, physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, socioeconomic factors and issues, poverty, relationships, desire and dreams. IT'S POWERFUL! IT'S MENTAL! But you guys, its and absolute MASTERPIECE. As soon as the movie starts, the problems begin and they get worse as the movie plays out. There's laughter, but there's a lot of pain. And it shows you how delicate the mind truly is. Some people can deal with problems better than others. Some can recover. Others cannot. And if mental issues are not dealt with they can lead into substance abuse, physical & verbal abuse and violence. Every year mental health programs lose funding. Programs are cut. Social workers have only so much to work with. Its really sad. Its even sadder for the individual going through it. This movie is going to make a lot of money. It should receive critical acclaim. My hope is that it also makes those in a position to increase funding in these areas do so. There is definitely a need. I've always loved Batman and the Joker character. The Joker character has always been so BRILLIANT. Very smart. But those talents were always invested in dark, evil and sadistic ways. This movie explains how the Joker became the man he is known for. It was needed. To understand a person, you must know the person's beginnings and life. What encompasses that person. What have they experienced. It is their makeup. It is who they are.


48+ Vintage and Classic Halloween Movies To Watch In October

Not Sponsored: I LOVE Halloween! I really, really do! During the entire month of October, I watch at least one Halloween movie a day. Its a little tradition of mine. I find it more enjoyable than trying to cram all of this spooky goodness into one week, let alone one night. It was about three years ago, that I realized many channels were not going to play all of my favorites within Halloween week (let alone Halloween night). So I decided to DVR them throughout the year. That way when October rolled around, I could watch them whenever I want. I'm not a gory Halloween movie watcher. So the ones listed below are more classic and vintage Halloween movies. But they're so good. I wanted to share MY FAVORITES with you. You may also see some that you didn't quite consider to be Halloween movies. There are also a number of movie series you can watch! I'll definitely be adding to this list over the years, but I thought this would be a great start. I found these Halloween movies on Turner Classic Movies, AMC Network, Freeform, Disney, TNT Channel, SYFY Channel, Movie Plex, IFC, EPIX and Retroplex. Start your collection of favorites today and Enjoy!

Vintage Halloween Movies
Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Son of Frankenstein (1939)
The Mummy (1932), The Mummy (1959), The Invisible Man (1933), The Wolf Man (1941)
The House of Wax (1953), The House on Haunted Hill (1959), The Blob (1958)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Dracula (1949) , Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Meet The Mummy (1955), Meet The Invisible Man (1951)
Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953), Meet The Mummy (1955)

Classic Halloween Movies
Halloween (1978), Ghostbusters (1984), Clash of the Titans (1981), Poltergeist (1982)
 Scream Series (1996), Nightmare on Elm Street Series (1984), Alien Series (1979), The Mummy (1999)
Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters (2013), Jurassic Park Series (1993), The Dark Knight (2008), Cobra (1986)
Harry Potter Series (2001), Sleepy Hollow (1999), The Addams Family (1991), Star Wars Series (1977)
It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), 
Beetlejuice (1988), The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Disney Halloween Favorites 
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949), Fantasia (1940), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Haunted Mansion (2003)
Beauty and the Beast (1991), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Sleeping Beauty (1959) 
Pirates of the Caribbean Series (2003)

2019 Halloween Favorites
Joker (2019), The Addams Family Halloween (2019)
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