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Friday, January 17, 2020

The First Step To Healthy Living Is Breaking Down Mental Walls

Psychologists have been wondering for decades, why human beings put up mental walls to avoid doing things they know they should. Why is it that when we know we have to mind our calories in order to lose weight, we think of amazing excuses as to why you can afford to go just a little bit over? Temptation will always be there, but responsibility for giving in to it has to lie with us. Taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle is the most difficult. It's easy to figure out why. We are trying to change the way we live and that means stopping your current routine or habits and replacing them. Naturally, human beings like routine, even if it's a routine that ultimately harms us little by little, we get comfortable with it. But no more, here’s how you can take the first step.

Tackle Your Mental Gymnastics
If mental gymnastics was an Olympic Games sport, many of us would do very well. All joking aside, mental gymnastics is actually a real thing. Of course, the real terms that should be used are narcissism, procrastination, denial and self-delusion. We do anything we can to avoid responsibility and taking ownership of our bad decisions. The only way you can really tackle these tendencies is to square up and have that mental battle. Consciously, engage with your faults, engage with your own hypocrisy and contradictions. The sooner you begin to dislike that side of your personality, the sooner the adult willing to change will rise to the surface. One of the things you can do is to limit your grocery budget. When you’re constrained by money, you force yourself to make tough decisions. There’s no getting around it, which is why it's such an effective self-regulating technique.

Temptation And Shyness
Bad habits don’t develop overnight. Nobody has such as weak personality that they would allow themselves to be led astray by their own temptations so quickly. In fact, it's a gradual decline. Whether it's food, substance abuse, smoking or drinking, the things we become so fond of, only take hold of us after a while. Then before you know it, you’re struck by the horrifying realization that you need help. For those with a concern of their drinking issue, don’t hesitate to contact a detox center that has both intensive and standard outpatient programs. With counselors and therapists, along with being surrounded by supportive people going through the same thing, this could be your way out of a vicious cycle.

The Body Is Willing
There’s an old saying in the fitness world, ‘the mind is weak, the body is willing’. This describes the fact that the mind sometimes feels more pain than the body does. When you think you can’t run another mile, try to get your mind off the pain and what you’re doing. Try to go into a robotic standby mode whereby you physically keep moving without thinking about your cognitive movements. Nine times out of ten, you can push on further because the body has more strength and endurance than you think.

If you’ve been yearning for a healthier lifestyle, rest assured that there’s nothing stopping you except yourself. Get out of your own way and break down your mental walls.

The Benefits of Professional Development

Professional development is something that everyone, regardless of their career, should strive to achieve. It’s always important to learn new skills or build upon existing ones so you can contribute more to the company.

However, some people see many jobs as mere stop-gaps between leaving college and finding their dream job. When they feel this, they wait. But waiting brings the risk of stagnation. Even if you’re not in your dream job right now, it’s still important to consider how professional development can benefit you.

Likewise, if you are in your dream job, there are still benefits that you can find, so whether you’re just starting your career or feel comfortable where you are, professional development is not something you should ignore.

More Knowledge
The obvious and perhaps most immediate benefit of professional development is that you will gain more knowledge, whether it’s related to your current job or not. It’s especially useful to continue building knowledge, as this can make you more appealing to recruiters and also benefits you in both personal and professional life.

With more knowledge comes a broad range of abilities. You can consider situations and understand what to do, even if you’re not entirely sure immediately. The knowledge gained from courses and additional, out-of-work training ensures you learn about parts of the industry that could otherwise take years to become familiar with.

More Responsibility
If you accept opportunities for personal development, you could end up being given more responsibility at work. The development process can involve everything from taking training to achieve a higher accreditation, such as becoming a chartered accountant, to taking a First Aid course, which means you can take on emergency medical duties within your company.

Increased responsibility gives you the chance to explore more senior roles. If you can prove you are capable of handling this increased responsibility, you increase your reputation within your company. You also have proof to show to potential future employers that you are capable of handling more serious projects or tasks.

More Opportunities
Similarly, personal development training also brings with it more opportunities. This is especially true if you feel stuck in your current position or industry and want to find something new.

Completing a course or training demonstrates a willingness to learn and demonstrates a go-getting attitude, which is something recruiters look for. This puts you in an excellent position even if you feel you don’t have the experience necessary for them to seriously consider you for a role.

However, you need to know which skills are most appealing, so make sure to pick your certification course carefully. You can find out which are the most important Things to Look For in a Certification Program and then decide from there whether you think additional training is best for you.

More Money
Talking about money often feels taboo, but the fact of the matter is that with increased skills, you are in a better position to discuss a salary raise with your employer.

If you undertake a course to get certified in a specific skill set, you have more than a few legs to stand on when arguing your case. Even if your boss does not agree to a salary raise, you are also in a better position to find jobs that will pay you more.

While everyone understands that life is not always about the money, having the opportunity to be more comfortable financially is something that very few people would turn down. After all, you’ve put the work in to improve your skills; it’s not preposterous to expect your company will recognize this and offer a salary that reflects your expertise.

More Satisfaction
Career satisfaction is another benefit to personal development, and in a way, it ties into earning more money.

Too many people can feel stuck and lost in their careers. They regret not taking the opportunities available to them. However, by seeking to invest in your personal development, you will be satisfied with your job and yourself as a whole.

With this satisfaction, you’ll be more motivated; you’ll be more productive; you’ll feel like you are doing something that benefits your company and your life as a whole.

Continuous Development
If you ever get the opportunity to embrace personal development, you must take it. For many professionals, it feels like a lot of extra work. However, the training and courses will eventually become worth it. Not only will you be more employable and have the opportunity to make more money, but you will also feel more satisfied with your career. You’ll never be left wondering what if, leaving you happy with your professional choices.

Top Cities To Live In Asia In 2020

The thought of moving abroad can either be daunting or exciting but often both at the same time. If you’re choosing to move abroad as a freelancer, then you possibly have the pick of them all. However if you\re moving with your own business and you’re looking to employ staff and grow your business, you may have to choose cities that are best suited to your needs. There are lots of Asian cities that are brilliant for both, from the bright lights of Tokyo to the immense skyline of Hong Kong, there are cities that would be perfect for someone who is wanting to move away and start a new chapter. There is of course also a perfect food scene, and as we all can appreciate, Asian cuisine is delicious! So let’s explore together what Asian cities are best for 2020!

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a brilliant city for business. It’s thriving, there are plenty of business already exist and the economy is very good. Although its culture is incredibly eastern, you can appreciate that the level of tourism in the city allows a little for foreigners to settle and they are friendly people who will be sure to welcome you to their city and speak of their home with pride. Hong Kong has brilliant food, from noodles to dim sum, some of the most famous dishes are right here in the city and of course it boasts a magnificent futuristic skyline, with bars, great nightlife and a booming economy. Hong Kong’s culture is a mix of traditional Han Cantonese ethnic culture and western colours, but they are too influenced by the Chinese. For property in the city, you can find places to rent or to buy, you could find a home that is looking for a resale hdb and there are so many properties in the city to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice!

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai has recently become the hub for solo travellers and digital nomads. With cafes and areas specially designed for these types of people, if you are a  solo traveller or wanting to work for yourself on the road, then this could be the city of choice. It is a friendly, vibrant and plenty of things to do. It may not be as glamorous as the big cities of Japan but it does certainly have charm and it is cheap which makes it a fabulous pick. The outskirts of the city are beautiful, it’s mountainous and deep within nature. It’s also home to hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples, which make exploring incredibly exciting. You can see the famous 14th-century Wat Phra Singh and 15th-century Wat Chedi Luang, which is perfect for weekend trips. Renting a house in the city doesn’t have to be expensive iethe and often homes in Asia are better equipped it ha shared pool or gym and much cheaper than the cities in Europe, with milder weather, sometimes tropical, but overall a very safe and happy city that is perfect for solo travellers (male or female).

Kuala Lumpur
This magnificent city is the capital of Malaysia and it encapsulates tradition with modern culture and it is incredibly fabulous. With the epic 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers, a pair of glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers, you can look out onto these buildings from almost any point in the city, they dominate the city’s skyline and look incredibly beautiful at night. This city has a great night life and no matter the time of day, you will never feel alone! It can be an expensive city for someone who is travelling solo but as with any country you visit, things can be easily done on a budget. Kuala Lumpur has really been up and coming when it comes to business in the city and its economy is constantly growing. Their business district is booming, and you will find plenty of investors here in Malaysia. These cities are leading the way with modern life, they eat well, work happily and play hard. The Batu caves are magical for someone who wants to see a bit of the city and Bukit Bintang is the famous place in the city to shop, where there are endless malls and markets and you can find just about anything you need. Food and transport in the city is cheaper than other Asian cities but you can easily get around on a bicycle like so many asian countries choose to do.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam may have its struggles with its economy and recent news items highlighting some of the poor working conditions in the city, but there is also another side to Vietnam and it can be an incredibly interesting one. It is incredibly rich in culture and just like other cities mentioned, it is home to some magnificent temples. Some of which include Bach Ma, honoring a legendary horse, plus Đồng Xuân Market which is perfect for delicious street food and produce. Hanoi is a huge city, not dissimilar to the others mentioned and it is constantly growing. It may not have the huge skyscrapers of Hong Kong but it is a much more inexpensive city on the whole and you can easily rent an apartment in the city for way under what you would pay in the west and the amenities are just as good and the views of course, are spectacular. On the whole, Vietnam is overall very safe and there are very few crimes or issues with tourists or travellers. Perhaps travel with a friend to Vietnam if you’re more concerned as it is a little smaller and there may be less to explore on your own as time goes but the surrounding areas are stunning and there are always plenty of hikes and trails to look at doing, see the magical waterfalls, the forests that boast plenty of luscious wildlife and then return for some traditional Vietnamese food.

The options for Asian travel are endless, for its value and what it can offer, it really is priceless.

Dreammoods: Dream Interpretation

Not Sponsored: So you guys know, for 2020 I've been trying products that promote relaxation, sleep and de-stressing. There's nothing like getting a good night's sleep. Remember to Google The Stages of Sleep or Sleep Cycle. Deep Sleep is really important to awake rejuvenated and refreshed. When you get a good night's rest, you most likely will DREAM! The thing with dreams is trying to remember them. At least the key aspects or things you see in your dreams. If I can remember my dream by morning, I try and write down what I remembered from the dream. An online resource that I use to help me decipher or interpret my dreams is called Dreammoods (they also have an app for your phone). I've been using it for years now. It gives me insight as to what my dreams mean. For example: If you dream about a cupcake, the Dreammods website says " To see or eat a cupcake in your dream suggests that you are treating yourself to a little sweet reward. You feel that you are deserving of some sort of gift or prize. Alternatively, a cupcake represents your need to downsize some aspect of your life in order to make it more palatable or manageable. Take it a little bit at a time". Isn't that cool? So again, what do you see in your dream? Write down everything and then look those words up on the website. They also have a dream bank, common dreams and dream information (history of dreams, facts, types of dreams etc). There are other websites that do this, such as dreampedia, dream bible etc. but I've always liked dreammoods. I hope this little post helped. Start deciphering those dreams ;) They do mean something ;)


The White Company Natural Sleep Nourishing Body Cream

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: I LOVE The White Company's Sleep Relax Mist. Since purchasing it, I've been getting a much better night's rest. Another product I purchased, was The White Company's Natural Sleep Nourishing Body Cream (here and here). This is RELAXATION in a jar. I didn't know you could bottle it up ;) Just like the sleep mist, this body cream contains chamomile, clary sage and lavender. It also contains shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E. I love that this body cream is fluffy and light. It absorbs really well into the skin. There's nothing heavy, sticky or greasy about it. AT NIGHT, I take my evening shower and put this on. This stuff really RELAXES you and your body. It's definitely a de-stress-er. I found myself sleepy about 2 hours later. Which is good, because I was afraid I was going to be knocked out once I applied this. LOL I use this body cream in conjunction with the sleep mist. If you want to go to sleep right away, use the sleep mist. Aesthetically, I'm loving the frosted packaging each one of these products is housed in. I'm very impressed with both products :) The White Company has an entire collection of SLEEP products (diffusers, candles, soaks, oils etc.) I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the one's I purchased. I'm pleasantly pleased :)

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The White Company Sleep Relax Mist Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: Towards the end of last year, I had a hard time falling asleep and getting a good night's rest. For one, being on my cell phone constantly at night didn't help. Twitter is a great place to catch up on the latest and greatest, but honestly there's a lot of negative news on there. Just reading all of that can really affect you. Also, I noticed I was getting darker under my eyes (lack of sleep) and using my Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector just a little too much. HaHaHa So I decided to make some changes. To counteract the blue light emitted from my cell phone, I began using Coola Sun Silk Drops. I didn't want to take sleeping pills to get a better night's sleep, because stuff like that knocks me out and makes me groggy the next day. So I thought I would give a sleep mist a try. I purchased The White Company's Sleep Relax Mist (here and here). It's the best thing I could've ever done. You can spritz it on your pillows, sheets, pajamas and even yourself. I'm always skeptical about things like this and kept asking myself would this really work. Well you guys, it really does. Be ready to go to sleep as soon as your spray it. I was knocked out. LOL In your spare time, read about the various stages of sleep. This sleeping mist really puts you in a Deep Sleep and you also Dream. Sleeping is so important to the body, because that is when the body repairs itself. I've been using this product since the end of last year and I've really been getting a good night's rest since. The scent is chamomile, clary sage and lavender. This sleeping mist is also Paraben-free, phthalate-free and SLS-free. One of my goals this year, is to try products that help you relax and de-stress. I've found a winner with this product. It's made a world of difference.

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What Do You Need To Do To Grow At Work?

It’s safe to say that you probably want to do well at work and progress in your career. Yet, it’s not always easy to know how you’ll do that. Let’s take a look at three ideas that’ll help you.

Be More Proactive
To start with, you may find that it really helps you if you can be more proactive. If you want to grow, you have to do more than the bare minimum. You need to be able to excel at your responsibilities but also show that you are ready to progress and that you can contribute a lot more.

Be More Creative
A way that will help you to do the above, and just help your career in general, is if you can be a lot more creative. Can you think of ideas that are a bit different? Can you contribute something different to the team? If you can, this is going to help you stand out and allow you to grow.

Be More Assertive
One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you progress in your career, is to be more assertive at work. It’s important to be able to speak up in meetings or with clients and share your opinion. Even if you’re not that confident right now, you can certainly learn to do this.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how you can be more assertive at work, then just take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By STL Training

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Make Better Choices Today For a Healthier Tomorrow

The way you live today and the choices you make can have a huge impact on your life in the future. Want to stay as happy and healthy as possible? Here are three things to consider.

Look after yourself from a young age
When you’re young and carefree, you can get away with a lot without it seemingly having any impact on your health. You can drink a ton of alcohol and hardly have a hangover the next day, you can stay up late and get up early for work, and you can eat junk food and barely gain a pound. The joys of being young! However, this won’t last, not only will your poor lifestyle start affecting how you feel later on, but it could be doing all kinds of hidden damage in the here and now. Don’t wait until you feel the effects of poor health before you make a change, start young, and look after yourself right now. Make a healthy lifestyle fun- travel, do lots of fun activities and sports, get in the kitchen and learn to cook delicious, healthy meals. Build up your reserves of vitamins and minerals, things like calcium need to be added to over the course of your life to store in your bones and prevent weakness and osteoporosis later on. With all of this being said, whatever age you are, make positive changes today. You don't need to miss out on having fun, enjoy the wine with friends at a party or the occasional slice of chocolate cake, life's for living and doesn't need to be perfect. Just aim to live and eat healthily, the majority of the time.

Attend your health appointments
You don’t need to wait until you feel unwell to seek help, being proactive about your health means catching many problems before they start. It’s why regular eye tests, dental checkups and an annual doctors visit are advised. A quick check over can tell you a lot, and catch any issues at the earliest stage. Take cancer for example, it can affect anyone at any time in their life and doesn’t discriminate by race, religion or gender. Research shows that one in two people will develop it at some time in their lives so for this reason, it’s so important to attend all of the cancer screenings you’re invited to. If you are a woman, your screenings will usually be cervical screening up until age sixty-five, and breast screenings from your mid-forties to seventy. For men, it's prostate screening and sometimes colorectal screenings starting at around age fifty. There are great cancer treatments these days, whether it involves going to a proton center, having chemo or radiotherapy, many people do beat it. But it’s still incredibly scary and serious, catching it at the earliest possible stage is crucial.

Think about your safety
Accidents happen, sometimes it’s just an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, sometimes dangerous incidents could have been avoided completely with just a little common sense. Many people seriously injure themselves doing silly things like falling off chairs they shouldn't be standing on, with power tools or equipment they don't properly know how to use.  Always take your safety seriously, and stay alert and aware when it comes to any dangerous situations.

Why The Anti-Wrinkle War Is Never Over

As soon as you hit your mid-twenties, you are going to have a new bunch of worries about your skin. Acne outbreaks are finally history – yay for that –, but you suddenly become aware that your skin is developing thin lines if you don’t moisturize properly. For most people, wrinkles don’t get visible for another decade or more, but it doesn’t mean that your battle can’t start early. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that the pinnacle of the beauty industry revolves around anti-aging products. There is no sign that the anti-wrinkle war is ever going to end, and that’s why pharmaceutical companies and the beauty industry need to get smart about their offering.

There are plenty of high-quality products around
Do an experiment. Open your bathroom cabinet and count how many skin creams, lotions, and serums you own to moisturize, smooth, and firm your face. The quest for the perfect skincare product is a never-ending journey. We all have packed our shelves with vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acid, and retinol products for a daily, youthful glow. Innovative technology and research bring new skincare products every day, and we are easily tempted to buy the next generation anti-aging cream! Even if there are already plenty of products, it’s fair to say that we still believe that the next one will be “the one”.

But our lifestyles need more support
With more and more people dealing with a variety of health conditions and lifestyle restrictions, the skincare industry needs to adjust to the growing demand for safe alternatives. Retinol products, for instance, can cause inflammation, which has forced many people to give up on a long-term cure. Additionally, high stress can aggravate skin reactions, which forces companies to develop gentle and allergy-free solutions. Finally, more and more beauty enthusiasts have expressed concerns about the lack of inclusiveness in the anti-aging industry. People who suffer from harsh skin conditions or who need to under long-term treatment such as chemotherapy need to stay away from abrasive products that would otherwise be effective. In other words, there is still a lot of testing and improvements ahead!

We are ready to undergo complex treatments
Ultimately, skincare products are only one of the solutions for a youthful appearance. More and more beauty salons and specialist skincare professionals offer alternative therapies that can activate your skin from within. The cryotherapy, for instance, is a popular approach that consists of sitting in a chamber that is cooled by cryogenic gas. Unfortunately, these chambers are not always easy to access depending on your mobility conditions, which means it’s time the beauty industry engineers inclusive chambers that fit all body types and use non invasive flow meters to control the volume of cryogenic gas safely. The idea is not to make treatment better, but to make them available to everybody.

Our health system is too good
Unfortunately, the main concern about our war against wrinkles is our health system. People are living older. And because they remain in good health, they stay active. Looking old becomes an issue when you remain energetic and healthy.

As we know, there isn’t a real fountain of youth. However, people are not done searching for it. The war against wrinkles is never going to end because, no matter how much care we take of our skin, it’s not looking old that is a problem. It’s getting older altogether. Perhaps all we need is some therapy to help us to feel happy in our aging skin!

How To Plan The Perfect Family Event With Ease

When it comes to making the most out of celebrations, you want to make sure you have got all of your bases covered, especially for significant events such as family birthdays, anniversaries, or Thanksgiving. Of course, every family is different, and you want to celebrate in a way that is special to you and not just because other people are doing it. After all, it's about being together and making memories over how much you have spent.

These days a lot of families communicate via family chat groups on messaging platforms so everyone can keep up to date at the same time. It is an excellent way for everyone to find details of family events easily and be kept in the loop.

By sharing as much information as possible with everyone, you can get them all on the same page when it comes to arranging times, dates, themes, locations, activities, food, or anything else you need to discuss.

This is the perfect time to discuss contributions if you aren't footing the bill yourself.

Create A Budget And Stick To It!
Firstly, make sure everyone is in agreement on how much will be spent and how much they are contributing before you part with your own cash if this is a collaborative effort.

Don't be tempted to go overboard if you can't afford it. Look for ways to keep costs down if you have a limited budget, such as making your own decorations for party favors if you are having any.

Write a list of everything you will need so you have enough then, create a budget for each item. Shopping for bargains out of season is a great way to some extra bucks.

If you are hiring people to take care of certain aspects such as food for you or venue decorating - then make sure you have these funds separate and ready to pay when the time comes.

Choose A Theme.
Do you have a specific theme you want to be carried out through your celebration? If it is a seasonal one such as Easter, then you can look at buying matching family Easter t shirts to add some fun to your egg hunt!

The same goes for party themes - do you want a fancy dress party or a particular style? Arranging this beforehand and in plenty of time will make it easier when it comes to buying decorations and accessories, and also for people to get an appropriate outfit too, of course!

Make It Personal
Add those little finishing touches to the event. Disposable cameras always go down well, especially if you aren't hiring a photographer, as does placing memory books in the venue for people to leave their thoughts.

When it comes to personal decor, how about placing pictures on tables - for example, - if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, put copies of wedding photos in small frames on people tables with little handwritten anecdotes about the couple. This could be from themselves or from others.

Details such as adding initials or birthday age to icing on cupcakes, balloons, confetti on tables can all help pull your event together with those little extra finishing touches.

How to Boost Security At Your Company's HQ

Your business’s security will dictate how safe your business and its assets are. If you’re currently not doing enough to ensure the safety of your business, it’s time to change that. Luckily, there are lots of steps that can be taken and things that can be done to make your business more secure and you can find out about them below, so read on now.

Improve Your CCTV System
Every business should have some kind of CCTV system in place. It’s essential for dealing with the aftermath of crime and finding the people responsible for committing them. But it’s about more than that; it’s also about protecting the business and preventing those crimes from happening in the first place. CCTV cameras can act as wonderful deterrents because as soon as potential criminals spot them, they’ll think twice about committing the crime.

Protect Sensitive Information And Documents Better
If you have information and documents that are sensitive, you should take real and concrete steps to protect that information. The last thing your business wants us to fall victim to a successful cyber attack. Security in the world of business these days is about so much more than physical security these days, and that’s something you’ll need to keep in mind going forwards.

Ensure Everyone Wears ID
Wearing ID and using passed to gain access to your business is essential. It means that only authorised people can get into your offices. And that means your employees will be safer too. Each person should have an ID that they wear using a lanyard ID holder. It’s very simple but it improves security massively. You can only keep your HQ secure when you know who’s coming in and out of the building.

Buy A Reliable Safe
A good safe does a lot for your business. It might not be the most cutting edge piece of equipment but a safe will ensure your most valued and valuable possessions are kept under lock and key at all times. You won’t have to worry about them getting stolen, so make this investment as soon as you can. No business should be without one.

Create Strong Emergency Protocols
An emergency protocol is plan that’s to be used in the event of a serious incident occurring inside your office or workplace. Every business should have one and it’s something that should be taken very seriously indeed. If something goes wrong, you want to know that you’ll be able to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. A good emergency protocol is vital for that.

The security of your business is something that should always be taken seriously. And you should never stop trying to find ways to enhance it. The ideas above will help you take things to the next level and to ensure your business is ready to handle what’s thrown its way, so make the most of them.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Four Tips For Traveling With Kids To El Nido

Ideally, traveling is an exciting thing that most people enjoy doing. Additionally, traveling introduces you to new societies and cultures and make better memories. Unfortunately, if you intend to have kids on your trip, then you probably are not looking forward to this. When you have kids, traveling becomes more complicated and has more planning to do. This is because, with kids, you need to be on the lookout to ensure that there are safe and are not an issuance to other travelers. Luckily, with a few handy tips, it is possible to make the journey fun for all of you. Here are four tips you can use.

Inform The Kids About The Plan And What Is Expected
If your kids are older, it is always important to brief them on the traveling plans early enough. Explain where you are traveling to and why you are doing it. Additionally, fetch facts about the area you are visiting and keep them informed. This will make them more psychologically prepared, which will enable them to behave better during the travel. It is also advisable to brief them on the dos and don’ts of the travel before you start traveling.

Pack Everything Necessary
Ideally, when traveling with kids, this will mean that you have more packing to do. This is especially if your kids are toddlers, thus demanding even more packing to do. Forgetting to pack any of the essential items will make the trip more unmanageable. For this reason, before you leave your house, double-check to make sure that you have all the necessary items with you. Additionally, for kids who are packing on their own, make sure you inspect their bags and confirm that they bring what is essential and not what they think is necessary.

Go For A Health Check-Up With Your Kids
Having ailing kids when traveling from Puerto Princesa to El Nido or falling ill yourself when on a journey is one of the most unfortunate things that you can have. Luckily, it is possible to reduce the possibility of such happenings by going for a medical check-up before venturing out. Your doctor will give vaccinations when necessary or advise on how to remain healthy during the journey. Additionally, in case the doctor realizes any critical condition that could cause havoc, they will advise you on whether or not to postpone the journey.

Avoid Over-packing
Although having kids with you as you travel means that you have a lot of packing to do, overdoing it causes more harm than good. For this reason, when packing, leave behind all those items that you feel are unnecessary. This not only makes it easier for you to move around but also increases safety. Additionally, leave behind all giant prams at home. If you need to bring items such as an umbrella, among others, use the small sized ones. With smaller items, it is easier for you to fit in the limited bus space.

Traveling with your kids creates a channel for you to bond and have fun together. However, for you to enjoy this, you need to make sure that you make all the necessary preparation early enough. Above are tips to make traveling with kids to el Nido more manageable.

Concerns When Starting Your Own Business

A lot of people like the idea of starting their own business, and if it is something that you are thinking about then you will want to make sure that you are going to do it right. Of course, that is something that is going to be much easier said than done, but as long as you are aware of some of the primary concerns then you are going to be much more likely to make it a success. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of those concerns, so that you know what to do to ensure that it all goes smoothly and to plan.

Setting Up Office
One of the first things that tends to trip people up is when they go to set up office, and find that they are not as sure of how to do this as they might have assumed at first. However, it is not the kind of thing that is going to be too much of a difficulty, as long as you make sure that you are going to look into it early on. A major focus should be the construction team that you hire to build the office for you. You need to make sure that they are professionals whom you can trust, and you’ll also find that a law firm that cares who deal in construction will help to keep everything in line too. Then you can have your office built and ready in no time, and start moving your business in.

At some point or another, you are going to need to know how you are going to fund your business, and that is something that can be surprisingly tricky to get right. However, as long as you are happy to spend some time focusing on this, you should find that you can discover streams of funding which are likely to be suitable for you. You could look into some less traditional methods, such as crowdfunding, or you might go for something more traditional like a bank loan or looking for an angel investor. In any case, as long as you are sure where you are getting the money from, that is the main thing, and that is what you should be focused on here.

Do you really have the time that is often necessary in order to start up your own business? The truth is that it does take a great deal of time to be able to start your own business, and to continue running it as best as possible, and that is something that you should be aware of from the start. If you are not quite sure, you will need to first try and plot out how many hours of work a week you think the business will take you. The last thing you want to do is get set up and then not be able to spend the time you need to focus on the business, so make sure of this from the outset.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Here are Some of the Top Signs that you are On the Right Career Path

Choosing the right career path can be a difficult task. There are so many variables that you need to think about and it’s very easy to lose sight of the job you thought you were pursuing. Either way, it doesn’t matter if you are new to the workforce or whether you have been in the same job for a couple of years because here’s how you make sure that the job you have now is right for you.

You Wake up Feeling Happy
If you wake up feeling happy and energised about the day ahead then this could be a good sign that you are on the right career path. At times you may even be excited about going to work, which is something that a lot of people struggle with.

You’re Excited to Start your To-Do List
If you look at your list of tasks that you need to do and feel somewhat excited to tackle them then this is another sign that you are on the right path. You might feel as though you can’t wait to be productive and that you are ready to take on whatever comes your way as well. If you wake up feeling drained, or if you find that you just can’t get the motivation to do anything then this is a sign that something needs to change.

The Day Flies By
They say that time flies when you are having fun. If you enjoy the time that you spend at work, then you may find that you end up wishing that you had more time in the day to get everything done. In fact, you may even find yourself wanting to stay behind at work so that you can tie up any loose ends. Either way, if the day just whizzes you by, then this is a strong indicator that you are in the right job.

You Feel Appreciated
Your co-workers will value the work that you do if you are in the right job. You may even find that you have their respect as well. If this is the case, then you might find that you are in-line for a promotion very shortly and this can really help you to pursue the job of your dreams.

You’re Happy to Talk
So many people feel as though they can’t stop complaining about work, or that they hate it in general. If this doesn’t sound like you or if you are actually happy to talk about your work in a positive light, then this is a great sign and it shows that you are truly comfortable in your position. It may also be that you are in the right place and that things are working in your favour.

You are Able to See the Future
A lot of people get depressed because they don’t feel as though they can see themselves with a promotion at the company. This is understandably frustrating, and this can be a real sign that you need to jump ship while you can and find a new position. If you associate yourself with your job or if you feel as though your job is part of your identity, then this is a great sign. You’ll be exactly where you should be.

You’re Positive
Your co-workers may like you because you are positive, generous with your help and upbeat. You may also find that your co-workers turn to you whenever any problems arise as well, not to mention that sometimes you may even be asked to help leadership with their dilemmas as well. Either way, all of these signs show you that you are in the best place right now and that people value and appreciate you for who you are. If you are not in the right position, then you may be desperate to prove yourself so that you can maintain your self-esteem.

You Don’t Get Upset on Sundays
If you hate your job, then you may feel depressed on Sundays or you may have a feeling of dread when you feel as though you have to go to work the next day. If you love your job on the other hand, you may not feel this at all, in fact, you might be super excited about what lies ahead, and this can really help you to progress. If you do want to change your position then it may be worth looking into the University of Nevada-Reno so that you can find out if there is another industry that interests you, such as healthcare.

You’re Good at What you Do
Being good at what you do is great. If you are in a position that you are not entirely passionate about then this could reflect your performance. You may find that you’re not a high-achiever, or even that you are not able to achieve the same results as your co-workers. This is not a reflection of your skills or your intelligence, but it can indicate that it is time for you to seek out another position. If this is not the case though, then congratulations! You’re in a position where you can truly excel, and nothing can compare to that.

You’re Happy to Work Extra Hours
Another sign that you are in the right position is if you are more than happy to work extra hours. You might feel as though you want to do everything you can to help the company thrive and that you are also offering to take on other people’s shifts for them. Either way, if you are eager and willing to put yourself forward then this is always a good sign and you may even find that you are able to achieve more as a result.

So, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and make sure that you are content with the position that you are in. If it’s time to make a change then remember that you don’t need to quit the job you have now before you start seeking a new one, and there are always plenty of training resources out there that you can enroll in if you want to expand your skills.

Do You Know The Keys To Your Success?

Do you want to spend your career in the same place? No, I thought not. Everyone has dreams of rising above their current position and achieving something greater. Whether that's rising up in your current employment or striking out on your own and creating something new, everyone should have goals that they strive for. The trouble is, many people simply don't know where to start. They know that they want to push forward, they might even have a specific goal in mind, but they have no idea how to go about achieving that goal. Now, there may not be a secret formula for success, but if you really want to be successful, here are a few things that you definitely need.

The first thing you need to do is to stop making excuses. Whatever "extremely valid" reasons you have for not going after what you want, throw them in the trash. If you have a goal you want to reach, then you can't let anything stand in your way. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dreams. Stop apologising for what you want and go out there and take it! It's your life; you need to take control of it once and for all.

One of the biggest obstacles for a lot of people when it comes to their next career step is that they simply don't have the necessary qualifications. The key to this problem is to think long term. If there's something you really want to do then find the training options available to you and go after them. This could be anything from doing a business analytics masters degree online to night classes to getting trained up by your employer. Finding the right path to the qualifications you need isn't always easy, but it's far from impossible.

In the end, it doesn't matter how skilled or ambitious you are, if you're not willing to do something for yourself, then you're doomed to fail. No one ever got anything done by sitting around and wishing that it would happen. If you want your life to change then, go and make it happen. Push yourself even when you don't feel like it. If people only chased their goals when they felt like it, no one would ever achieve anything. Success is not going to be handed to you. You need to be willing to put in the time and energy into working for it. In the end, the success you achieve through your hard work will feel that much sweeter than if it had just been handed to you. If you work for it, your success belongs to you and no one else. Don't let fear or laziness hold you back. Work towards your goals every day without fail. If that means putting in extra time at work or home, then that's a sacrifice you might just need to be willing to make.

The reality is, if you want to get the most out of your career, you've got to be willing to put everything you can into it. The world is just not going to hand you anything. You've got to put in the work if you want to make the most of your career and your life.

Diptyque Vanille Scented Candle and Carousel

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: I was sent this beautiful Diptyque Vanille Candle (Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, SpaceNK) and Carousel (SpaceNK, Harrods) from Little Luxury List. I love candles and Diptyque candles are grown-up ... sophisticated candles ;) When you buy one for yourself or someone else, it is definitely a treat. I love how Diptyque candles burn cleanly (no black smoke) for hours. The Vanille candle smells so clean, fresh and light. I also love their Baies candle. If you love candles like I do, definitely invest in a wick trimmer (Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow) and candle snuffer. I have a trimmer, but I need to get a snuffer (tired of blowing the wicks out like birthday candles HaHaHa). What was so fanciful about this gift was the Diptyque Carousel. I didn't even know they made such a beautiful accessory for Diptyque candles. It's truly charming. There are five lucky tassels that create a light display as it moves (by the heat of the candle). I love it! It was a very thoughtful gift. I'm enjoying it.


Monday, January 13, 2020

4 Ways To Dress Designer For Less

There’s something very appealing about dressing in designer clothes, the quality of garments, the prestige of the labels and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re adorned in items at the top of the fashion industry. Sadly, designer items don’t come cheap, pricing many people out of getting that designer feeling but if that sounds like you then you’re in luck because there are still a few ways you can dress designer without breaking the bank.

1. Auction sites
When it comes to buying designer items for less, your best bet is finding good quality second-hand pieces whose owners no longer want them. One of the easiest places to find designer wear is online through auction sites such as eBay, where you’ll find everything from bags to shoes, sunglasses to belts, you name it, it’s probably listed on eBay and as an auction site, there’s a chance that you could get it for a lot less than you may think. Just be aware that when purchasing designer items through auction sites there’s always the chance that the items sold may not be genuine, so keep an eye out for sellers with good ratings and who have the original box or proof of purchase for the item.

2. Charity shops
Another great place to find designer items for significantly less than their original price tag is in charity shops and what’s more your money will be going to a good cause too. Shopping in charity stores can be a bit hit and miss, but half of the fun is in the hunt, and when you do stumble upon a bargain the thrill is exhilarating. Stock turns over relatively quickly in charity stores so be sure to pop in regularly to get a hold of the best quality items or consider volunteering yourself to get first picks.

3. Specialist second-hand retailers
With the market for second-hand designer goods growing there are now more online stores than ever branching out into selling pre-loved items, such as luxury jewelry retailer, Gray and Sons. These stores assess second-hand stock to ensure that it is genuine, restore it to its prime condition then sell it on so that another person can enjoy it just as much as its original owner. Buying from second-hand retailers is a good option for those looking to buy more expensive designer items as there is more assurance that the item you are purchasing is real and many providers also offer a warranty.

4. Rent designer
Finally, there’s a new trend emerging in the fashion scene - the option to rent designer clothing. Renting clothing enables people to enjoy the joys of wearing current season designer clothing to special occasions at very reasonable prices before returning them back to the vendor to be cleaned and worn by someone else. Renting designer clothing is a great option for those who want more to be seen in this season’s styles or for those who want to try lavish and very expensive pieces such as Christian Dior ball gowns which would usually cost tens of thousands to purchase new.

Harry, Meghan and The BRF: Why Did The Cookie Crumble?

Not Sponsored: I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding when I was a little girl. I sat on the floor in front of the television set and watched the royal wedding with little girl's eyes. I saw a princess in a beautiful wedding gown, marrying a prince. I thought they were perfect. As years passed, we found out that fairy-tale was not perfect. Far from it. There was a problem. What was the problem? Charles loved someone else (Camilla); and Camilla loved him. That was FACT. Their love for one another, despite what the BRF (British Royal Family) may have wanted for Charles brought him and Camilla back together again. Let me interject that my degree is in science. I believe in FACTS over SPECULATION. When you have something concrete (factual), you can come up with better solutions. When people speculate, things usually get messy and all over the place. That one problem, created more problems for both Charles and Diana. It created a lot of unnecessary hurt. But that usually happens when you're not honest, hiding, and/or disguising things. It never ends well. I loved Princess Diana! I loved her style. I loved how she nurtured others. I was rooting for her to find love again and enjoy life. I was devastated the night of her demise (as so many others).

When Diana passed, that transfer of hope was poured into her son's William and Harry. People wanted them to grow up happy and healthy. I wasn't really concerned about William, but was more concerned about Harry. He displayed a lot of "acting" out and I hoped he would get beyond those situations. I always rooted for him, because he was always up against William being the "perfect" one and he the "flawed" one. But I loved Harry because he had so much personality! He could dance. He had fun. He connected with people. I started worrying about William, because although very cordial and nice, I couldn't get a true reading of what William was really like. To this day, I see William as serious and that's great but what is his overall essence? I can't figure it out. Well William got married. Harry dated. I loved their brotherly relationship. Both I felt grew up to be fine young men. I felt this was going to be great for the monarchy moving forward. It was something POSITIVE to look forward to. I felt it was needed.

It's funny, but when Harry was traveling the world... my mom said, "Kim, Harry is going to marry a woman of color". I looked at her! I said, "a black woman?" She said, "Not necessarily, but I think she will be a woman of color." I just looked at her and smiled. I couldn't see it. He had given no hint to it from the previous ladies he dated. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him dating Meghan Markle. I knew nothing about her. Who is this Meghan? I thought she was pretty. I loved the way she dressed. I found her very progressive. She was a college graduate. I read some passages from her blog, The Tig and found them delightful. She connected with charitable organizations. A strong actress? NO, but watchable. But she and Harry seemed good for one another. I saw a connection. Personally, I related to her (I even started a Meghan Markle Pinterest Board that followed both her style and engagements). As a black female, I related to her. Just to digress a little, I remember watching actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a short-lived television series called Undercovers. In the show, she and her tv husband (Boris Kodjoe) spoke several languages, were married, had careers and both were respectively handsome & beautiful. The show lasted ONE SEASON! As a black female I was devastated. It was enjoyable and refreshing to see such an accomplished black couple portrayed on tv. It was heartbreaking to see it pulled. I could careless who Harry married. I just wanted him to be HAPPY!

I watched Harry and Meghan's whirlwind engagement, wedding and awaited the birth of Archie! I wrote about them here and here. I received a lot of negative comments about Meghan and the BRF on those posts. I deleted those comments. I thought they were so mean. Everyone has the right to their opinion and there will be people that you don't like, but I found the comments very harsh. People that I knew from blogging stated they didn't like her. Some didn't like the BRF. I can understand how some people dislike the BRF, due to Edward VIII's connection with Hitler. There's rumor the Queen Mother wasn't keen on black people. Etc. I've heard those things as well, but I try to take each member (person) and judge them individually. Just because you have a group (unless its a group like the KKK) not everyone is bad necessarily. Then another blogger I knew, because I always declared my LOVE FOR LONDON on the blog, stated that London was very prejudice. Again, I wouldn't know! I've never been there, but bloggers that I met online were always VERY NICE to me. One sent me a figgy pudding and mince pie all the way from London. Another sent me some Downton Abbey beauty gifts from Marks & Spencer. And even today, nearly all of the sponsored blog posts I post on AVSB come from an agency in England. They are very nice to me. Now, I know I'm not living in a dream world. Of course, there are people there that are prejudice. One time I tweeted I wanted to go there and some man replied that I should stay in the States. HaHaHa So just like anywhere in the world, there are mean people. I felt for Meghan when a paper wrote Straight Outta Compton. Another referred to Archie as a chimpanzee. A distant member of the RF wearing a racial brooch. I could go on, but we've heard about all of them. Harry stood up for her each and every time. Her dad's side of the family, constantly complained. I loved the way Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle. From my eyes, the immediate RF looked like they accepted Meghan. I saw this as WONDERFUL. I truly felt the monarchy would strengthen in the coming years and decades.

So that brings us to today's NEWS! The "step back". The we don't want any "financial assistance". The we don't want to live there all the time. WHAT HAPPENED? There's LOTS OF SPECULATION, but do we truly know? No. None of us do. It's not as clear as Diana's situation, where another woman was involved. Diana was able to get her message out to the public via tapes, interviews, books, pictures etc. WE UNDERSTOOD WHY DIANA WAS UNHAPPY. We only have speculation with Meghan, Harry and the BRF. When the Queen gave her Christmas message and Harry & Meghan's family picture wasn't included I knew there were some major problems ahead. It's funny, everything with the BRF is PUBLIC except when things like this happen which become very PRIVATE. I always give a side-eye to anyone that tries to conceal, cover-up and hide things. WHAT TRULY HAPPENED? Whatever the problem, I think it went on too long (and nothing was properly done when the problem began). If it started with Harry, Meghan and William it should've been dealt with then and there. EVERYONE has been giving fragmented statements about discourse and displeasure, yet nothing defining. You can't resolve anything that way! Now everyone wants to go their separate ways! No matter which way any of them go... the problem will follow them. Because the problem hasn't been properly resolved. Sweep dust & dirt under a rug and the dust & dirt will remain. Something can be very pretty, but also have cracks. And where there are cracks, expect things to eventually crumble. Who will crack and crumble? Time will reveal. The truth will be revealed. The truth rises to the top. Lies fall apart and crumble.


3 Positive Changes to Make This Year

With the new year comes a sense of possibilities and potential. What will 2020 bring? Will this be my year? Whilst we cannot predict the future, we can confidently suggest 3 positive changes to make this year, changes that you will not regret making.

Learn something new
Learning something new can only be a good thing for you. It will give your confidence a boost and help to reignite your creativity, along with acquiring a new skill or hobby.

When was the last time that you learned something new? When was the last time that you prioritised your learning? All too often the answer will be at school or college, or training that you have undertaken at work.

This is one that should be all about you and your dreams and enjoyment. Whether you are looking for an IT focused qualification from the University of Alabama Birmingham or you are keen to learn how to crochet by following a few YouTube tutorials, it really doesn’t matter. Think about what you would really love to learn about and focus on that.

Travel and explore
Travel broadens your horizons and your experiences will broaden your mind, so this is definitely something to add to your plans this year.

Whilst you might have the time, finances and resources to do this one in style, you really do not have to go big to see a difference with this one. If you want to take a trip to Canada and have the means to do so, then absolutely you should go for it. However, we know that this is not always possible, so start small.

Make it your mission to go somewhere that you have never been this month. It can be anywhere. It might just be a park in your town, it might be a short road trip to a tourist attraction in your state that you have always liked the look of, or maybe it will be a local beach that you are keen to explore. If it is new to you, then you are exploring a new place and it will bring with it a sense of enjoyment and wonder.

Spend more time with friends and family
You might only get together with some of your friends every few weeks, or even every few months. You might only manage getting together with family every couple of months. Time goes by so quickly when you are busy with work, home and family life. It is easy to look up a quarter of the way through the year and realise that you have not spent enough time with your loved ones.

Make this the year that you prioritize spending more time with friends and family. Time spent in the company of people that care about you and make you smile is always going to be time well spent.

We know that you probably have the intention of doing this one most years, so to ensure that you manage it this year, book a few catch ups into your diary now and start as you mean to go on.
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