1. Product Reviews (are FREE w/supplied Sample Product)

If you would like your product (fashion, accessories, beauty product, food or beverage, stationery, book, home decor, tech item etc.) reviewed on A Very Sweet Blog, please provide a non-returnable sample, so that I may give an honest and accurate review. Please note, samples are to be sent to a United States address and are non-returnable. Any background information on the product would also be beneficial. Your product will be featured on A Very Sweet Blog, Google+, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Supplied or Written Posts ($50 - $100)

You can either give me a pre-written post about your product OR I can write it for you & choose pictures from your website. Your post will be featured on A Very Sweet Blog. I will need to review & approve the post's content prior to posting and agree upon a price. Payment is via PayPal. I usually reserve weekends for these posts. NO GUEST OR FREE POSTS.

3. Invite Me

I love showcasing beauty & fashion events, entertainment, hotels & restaurants etc. on the blog! So send me an invitation.

4. Contact and Payment

For questions or advertising queries, please feel free to email me at Payment is via PayPal (I will give you that address upon communication and approval)

revised: 1/2/17