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Friday, March 29, 2013

Hippity Hop! Easter Is On It's Way...At Sucre!

Happy Easter Everybody! Today I'm showcasing a fabulous local patisserie, that will make your eyes sparkle, heart flutter and taste buds dance. It's called Sucre: A Sweet Boutique.

Sucre has two locations in Louisiana (Metairie & New Orleans). I visited the adorable New Orleans location before (btw actor Matthew McConaughey also visited that location), so this time I decided to take a trip to Metairie. It didn't disappoint!

Before I begin, I want to give a sweet Easter shout out to fellow blogger Natalia of Fashioned By Love Blog! Several weeks back she sent me a link to the cutest ice cream cone coin purse from ASOS. Well Natalia, you have excellent taste and I ordered it! I wanted to feature it in this post, because I felt it was so befitting. I love it and thank you doll for looking out for me.

What I'm Wearing:
JCrew cardigan
Talbots pants (similar)
Talbots tee (similar)
JCrew Ballet Flats Don't they look like Easter eggs?
ASOS New Look Ice Cream Purse
Coach Legacy Colorblock Plaid Penny (similar; sign up for Coach Factory or check eBay)

A Beautiful Day! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day to visit Sucre of Metairie! The sun was shining and so was Sucre. Inside & outside was sparkly clean and everything was neatly in place. I loved the simplicity of their Easter decorations. They were very classy. Decorated Easter eggs outlined the store windows and Easter baskets peeked from inside. Let's go in!
Sucré on Urbanspoon

Sweet Treats Galore! I really would like to take a moment and praise Sucre's staff! We were greeted upon entering and they were very knowledgeable about every item in the store. Sucre has so much to choose from! They have cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, candy, gelato, macarons, sundaes, coffee and they even serve a light breakfast. You literally want everything there!

Hmmm, What Should I Order? I decided to indulge (and share) in their Americana sundae and french macarons (strawberry, salted caramel and banana ). Everything was awesome and the way Sucre presents their desserts is very sophisticated! All desserts are served plated and brought to your table. This alone makes you feel very VIP.

Look At All The Easter Goodies! Sucre's Easter decorations and treats were equally as cute. Homemade pastel marshmallows, colorful southern pecan eggs, decorated lambs, and Easter gift baskets charmed the store. I didn't take home a gift basket, but I did purchase an awesome macaron umbrella (did you spot it above?). How cute is it! The next time it rains, it won't matter. For I will have sweet macarons dancing above my head! It puts a SMILE on my face everytime I look at it.

Sweet-Bittersweet-Not Sweet
Sucre of Metairie is SUPERSWEET!
Have A Happy, Safe & Sweet Easter Everybody!


  1. You have too many lovely pictures of food, I should only browse your blog after dinner, haha!

    Such a delicious day out - and so many pretty treats to choose from! I think you picked well with the sundae :) really like your coin purse and cute Coach bag too!

    Away From Blue

  2. Oh yum, yum, yum!!! Admittedly it's all very pink and bright and sugary (derrr, obviously) but I love it!!! Looks like you've had a great time ;-) Have a very happy Easter xo

  3. Happy Easter doll!! You look gorgeous!! This place looks amazing...would love to go there :)) Your little purse is so sweet too, that's so kind to receive!! I'd blow a lot of money there, haha. I'd need big boxes, very big boxes, haha!! I hope you have a marvellous Easter time my friend...enjoy with family & friends!! We wish you all love from us here!! <3

  4. Happy Easter, Kim! Looking at these sweet photos has my mouth watering (and my stomach rumbling a little, too - must be almost lunch time! Or maybe I just need a macaron fix?) Here in Paris we have pastry shops on every corner but there are really only a few that set themselves apart and it looks like Sucre would fit right in among them, from the sweet pastel decor to the wide array of treats and beautiful presention of the desserts. I can tell they definitely earned their supersweet rating! And how cute is that ice cream coin purse? Natalia has the best taste!

  5. What a cute post! You look so darling - I love those flats! And I'll take one of everything in that store!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. O my gosh!!! You are too cute! And what a store -- so many yummy cellophaned goodies *DROOL*

  7. omgshh kim..I was just thinking about getting French macaroons last night before I go to bed ..then I wake up this morning to check my fave blogs and looked what you post..its like you read my im ready to go shopping for macaroons coz im drooling over your beautiful pics..oo bad we don't have SUCRE in MI..great post kim and beautiful pictures!!!btw..beautiful colors of your outfit and your bag and flats are amazing!

  8. Holy wonderfulness! I would love to take my daughter here some day when she's older.

  9. Kim, I don't even know where to begin! This place is amazing! For a gal like me who has a sweet tooth, this is heaven :) Heather

  10. I am drooling! Everything is displayed so pretty too...almost too pretty to eat! Your ice cream coin purse is adorable. Have a great weekend, Kim!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  11. This post is the triumph of cuteness!! The patisserie is amazing, and you look beautiful! Do you often wear pastels? You should because you look very pretty! The purse is adorable!! I wish you a Happy Easter in case you are going to take a Easter break! Love!!!!

  12. wow...that place looks amazing! so many choices..i want one of each! happy easter, have a great weekend!

  13. YUMMY! Hope you have an awesome weekend and easter!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Such a sweet post, Kim! The little purse looks adorable! I am glad that you like it and it arrived quickly. :) I love the umbrella you picked, too. And the macarons. And the cakes. I now officially have a sweet craving. :D
    Happy Easter to you, darling!

  15. Kim, this post has put me on total sweetness overload! Sucre looks fantastic! You probably would have to pry me out of that place if I ever went there lol. You look pretty and adorable as always! I love your pink & white ensemble and that coin purse is so you :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter sweets!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. Kim,

    I just followed you on bloglovin. I'm so disappointed that the blogger/google follower function is going away.

    Your experience at Sucre looked really sweet! I think I could just melt in delight there. I adore your shoes too!

  17. Kim arent you looking cute !?
    I think your drive there was totally worth the while- its like candy Disney for grown ups!
    I´d love a macaroon, but i will just have to settle for the banana i just had.
    Happy Easter hon.

  18. Omg Kim, you get me all excited!! Sucre!!!!! I read about this place a year ago from another blog and it has been on my wish list ever since (if i will ever make it to New Orleans). Everything looks so pretty and you look just as sweet girlfriend. Great to know those desserts taste as great as they look (unlike Jean Phillipe in my opinion). I WANT!!!!

    Happy Easter Kim

  19. Ooo, all looks s yummy. And Happy Easter. Have a nice day.

  20. That rabbit in the first pic freaked me out, but everything else is lovely! I really adore your outfit and now I want treats!

  21. oh my goodness...these treats are making my mouth water! Happy Easter to you!
    Love your Coach bag too btw!

  22. What a sweet post you have written for us here! Sucré definitely looks like my kind of place - all those gorgeous macarons! Your outfit is lovely and your pretty flats are the perfect pink macaron shade! What a cute purse too. Have a wonderful Easter, Kim.

  23. OMG!!! these are so cool, i wish i could get all of these local, nothing interesting here except for chips chicken and coffee shops. They so lovely and attractive i rather be lost in this shop, am finding it hard to pick, loads and loads of goodies. you look fab.

  24. Kim, Kim, Oh my gosh, I would totally faint in this store. Haha. I'd probably order one of each items. Lol. Your outfit is super sweet and that umbrella looks adorable. Enjoy your Easter dinner! Talk to you soon.

    xo Jo

  25. Why are you doing this to me !! now im craving something super sweet!

    xo Meg<3

  26. Hi Kim! This place for me is Heaven!:D Wow, I'd like to visit it, seems a fantastic patisserie full of yummy treats!^^ You look adorable dear, the pastel tones suit you:) Happy Easter, have fun!:) Kisses! xo

  27. That sundae looks divine! I've never been a fan of macarons but they always look so pretty! And you look so cute! Love the all white with the pink pops. Perfect for Easter!

  28. gosh those sweets look delicious! too bad i dont live nearby! you make me wanna eat stuff! you bad! :D

  29. Seems like a very 'sweet' place!:))
    Oh my, that ice cream is making me crave for some dessert! Luckily, I had a cup of delicious frozen yogurt this evening and I still have some left over!
    BTW, you look lovely Kim! That ice-cream purse is the sweetest thing ever!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  30. This reminds me of the Chocolate Bomb!

  31. Your posts always make me crave some sugar! Haha, this is one sweet-filled post too...mmmm, it all looks so adorably delicious ^^

    Enter my StyleGodis jewelry giveaway here!
    Trendy Teal

  32. Oh my god, I LOVE Sucre! I only just moved back to New Orleans and I haven't been back yet! But I had no idea they have a place in Metairie too... argh I want some macarons.

  33. Absolutely love your outfit. It screams springtime and Easter!
    Happy Easter, Kim! This looks incredible. My sweet tooth is aching just looking at these delicious treats.

    Thanks for posting! Enjoy your Easter! + Btw, thanks for the heads up on GFC, I now follow you on bloglovin too :)


  34. This place looks amazing, Kim! Loved what you ordered - drool worthy! The colors are so pretty and bright too :) Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter! xx

  35. wow Kim everything looks so delicious, the place is very nice, Happy Easter Kim!

  36. OMG, all of this looks so orgasmic!! I feel the sudden urge to eat Macaroons now. But I would go crazy in NOLA in general... IMO, the best (and the greatest variety) of food in AMerica.

    And Kim I love your pink cardigan. You look super adorable!


  37. Now we're talking, this is my kind of post, just wish we had something like Sucre over here, all that food is me hungry...
    You look terrific Kim-such pretty candy colours!
    Happy Easter doll.

  38. Loving htis sucre fantasia.
    ♥ Happy Easter dearest Kim, hope you have a lovely one,

  39. Lovely pictures. Love your ballerina flats. Happy Easter!

    See you in my blog, maybe.

  40. Very sweet post. I would enjoy visiting Sucré. The pastries and chocolates look all so delicious. It will be difficult to choose. Your ice cream purse is so cute. Very nice outfit. Perfect for Spring. Happy Easter.

  41. Cute Post! You look gorgeous :)

    Happy Easter! kisses

  42. kim the shops looks cute and colorful. i cant keep myself from staring at those colorful treats youve found. such a sweet easter getaway you had!

  43. these look delicious!

    happy easter!

  44. oh my god, Kim. EVERYTHING IS SUPER SWEEEEEEEEETTT! I love the way they plate their ice cream-- it's even more delish with a macaron! And that purse you got is so cute and matches the whole aesthetic!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  45. hope you a wonderful easter sweetie!!!!

    those yummies are so irristible!!!

    take care. xoxo,Meg
    Sweet Gala's

  46. I may have already commented on this but Kim, your flats are so adorable and that place looks amazing--love the sparkly macarons! Hoping you had a wonderful Easter!

    xo Mary Jo

  47. You are killing me!! This place looks so fabulous. I want one of everyone. You picked the perfect sundae (I love fruity desserts).

  48. You look so lovely in pink!
    Mmm and I want to eat this - yum!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  49. I'm playing catchup on my blog reading, can you tell Kim. LOL
    I've been having some issues with my vision so in order to avoid these nasty headaches I'm using (finally) some glasses.

    Hope you had a fabulous Easter sweets! Speaking of sweets, the treats here are mouth watering. I'm a sucker for french macaroons. :)


  50. such yummy and pretty treats! i need to find a place here that has good macarons! love your's the perfect complement to your outfit!

  51. I love how your shoes go together with everything else in this post.

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