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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Summer In Italy Collection Review And Swatches

Dolce & Gabbana came out with a beautiful Summer In Italy Collection for 2016. I love D&G!!! It was the artwork on the bronzer that captivated me. When I looked at the colors in the collection (blue, yellow, orange) I was like oh gawd ... I've been down that road before ... my first year of blogging. I experimented with lots of COLOR! Over the years, I've found out that I'm not very fond of blue or yellow makeup, but I do love ORANGE. The only thing orange in my makeup collection is Dior Panama & Sunnies, Chanel Mirabella, Treat Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, MAC Brooke Shields Dignity, Etude House Candy Stick and Benefit Majorette. Ok, so I have a LOT of orange in my makeup collection. But they're not all the same shade of orange! LOL I wore orange & white to a concert and this was my makeup. One day, I'll have to take pictures with the outfit & makeup together. Maybe that will be one of my goals for next year! But here are my thoughts, the swatches and I quickly did a makeup change to show you how everything looked. This is my first D&G ANYthing? Have you tried their makeup?

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Dolce & Gabbana The Sicilian Bronzer Sunshine 30 - Supersweet

I love the artwork on the packaging of this bronzer! It's on the outer packaging and the compact itself. It's so beautiful. At the time I had to pre-order this from Saks Fifth Avenue, but it's now available on their website. Honestly I think the price is really good. The artwork is fab and this has to be the smoothest bronzer I own. LOL It's light in color. Nothing harsh. It's a little darker than my skin tone. Very pretty. The palette comes in a velvet pouch and there is a brush to apply the bronzer. The brush is super soft and you literally sweep this bronzer on your skin. It applies really well. You only need one sweep across each area of your face, if you choose to bronze your entire face. Love this.

Dolce & Gabbana The Blush Orange 17 - Supersweet

When I opened the compact for the blush, I had a mini heart attack! The orange was SO ORANGE! I said, I'm gonna look like Kimmy The Clown! HAHAHA But first, as you can see it's a gold compact. It has a mirror. This blush comes with a brush! You ONLY NEED one swipe for both cheeks! Did y'all get that? Just ONE SWIPE! It's that pigmented! So this blush will last for AGES! Also, either tap or blow off the excess (off the brush). It's beautiful on, you guys! Very soft! After I applied the blush, I used a stippling brush to buff the blush in.

Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick Orange 440 - Supersweet

The lipstick was fab also! Very pigmented! Very rich! Very creamy! Moisturizing! It's a beautiful burnt orange that can be worn year round. It has a nice shine to it and gives you excellent coverage.

Dolce & Gabbana The Nail Lacquer Orange 608 - Sweet

The orange nail lacquer for this collection is VERY PRETTY! I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the brush. It has a wide, paddle shape ... like a broom! It applies so well. I only have one coat on my nails below. Two swipes for each nail and they were covered. This nail polish also dries super fast! So that's good. The reason why I didn't give it a Supersweet rating, was that I started to see tip wear around the third day. But I didn't use a top coat, so that would probably help. But this is some excellent nail lacquer otherwise.

And here is everything together (bronzer, blush, lipstick)...



Monday, August 29, 2016

Dose Of Colors EyesCream Palette Review & Swatches

When Dose Of Colors announced the beginning of the year, that they were coming out with an ice cream themed eye-shadow palette for Summer, I knew I had to have it! I'm a makeup lover & collector! How cute is an ice cream theme? Well Summer moved along and there was no sign of this palette, until a couple of weeks ago. I guess better late than never :S Dose Of Colors even provided swatches of their EyesCream palette on their instagram page. The colors looked lovely! So I ordered and received it. What are my thoughts? It's SUPER CUTE! What's not to love? The palette has a cute ice cream parlor theme! Polka dots & colorful ice cream cones grace the cover. The box that the palette came in was gorgeous! It was pink & green (definitely a keepsake) and upon opening the box, it said "Treat Yourself, You Deserve It". The palette was wrapped in Dose of Colors tissue paper and the cutest ice cream cone w/sprinkles sticker topped it off. So, how did the eye-shadows perform? When I first swatched the palette, two of the shades (see my pictures below) were not very pigmented and chalky (Berries N Cream and Lavender Honey). I was a little underwhelmed. Even using MAC Fix + I couldn't get Lavender Honey to be more pigmented like in the Dose of Colors instagram picture. But the other eight shades were GORGEOUS! They were beautifully pigmented and the metallics definitely razzled & dazzled me! I looked at a couple of YouTube reviews and a couple mentioned that the mattes (particularly the one's I had trouble with) performed better on the eyes than swatched on the hand. So I tried it and they were right! Berries N Cream & Lavender Honey looked way better on the eyes! So I'm glad that issue was resolved! The only other products I've tried from Dose Of Colors were their Dare to Dazzle lip collection. I LOVED THEM! For me, I'm happy! I love all 10 shades. This will be a nice addition to any makeup collectors collection! This palette is still available.

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  Dose Of Colors EyesCream Eyeshadow Palette is Sweet


Thursday, August 25, 2016

NARS Cosmetics Undercover 2016 Summer Collection Review & Swatches

I'm pretty new to NARS! Say whaaat? Yes! I've had some deluxe samples, but I've never owned anything from the brand. When I saw the NARS Undercover 2016 Summer Collection (STILL AVAILABLE LOL), I knew this collection was for me (or at least I hoped it was for me...HaHaHa). I instantly fell in love with the outer packaging (designed by contemporary artist Konstantin Kakanias). I loved the fact that each product was packaged differently, featured women of different ethnicities and had a colorful & tropical Summer theme. NARS is pretty pricey! So I tried to be very careful when picking colors. I think I did really well with my selections. My thoughts on each and review is below.

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NARS TOPLESS Dual Intensity Eye Shadow - Sweet

NARS Dual Intensity eye shadows are nothing new! There are a bunch of them! The only difference is that FOUR shades were selected for this special 2016 Summer Collection/Collaboration packaging. Plain English Kim! Plain English! You can still get Topless once the Limited Edition packaging sells out. HaHaHa The eye shadow palette is not big at all. It fits in the center of your hand, with plenty of room to spare. It also has a mirror. This eye shadow can be used either dry or wet. I used my MAC Fix + Spray to intensify the color. See my swatches below. Usually very light colors such as Topless are very chalky on me, but it applied nicely to my eyelids (even dry). I love the picture of the girl with her chunky bracelets on, sun hat & scarf underneath, surrounded by luscious leaves. I will be displaying this packaging in my makeup room. I think it's a really good eye shadow. But it is PRICEY! I included the other colors & special packaging they come in below.

NARS LIBERATION Dual Intensity Blush - Supersweet

When I initially swatched LIBERATION, I was like "I don't know about this!" LOL The formula was excellent, but I was worried about the colors! One side was a pinky peach, but more pink. The other side was a muddy, rusty brown. Well, when I show it to you on my face below, you'll see how pretty both turned out. You can even COMBINE them and it gives a pretty color on the cheeks. I want to get a second one! LOL Now, from what I can see on NARS website...LIBERATION is NOT OFFERED except through this Limited Edition Collection. So ummm, YEAH! LOL I love the packaging for this one as well. A black, one shoulder cut out bathing suit and palm trees in the background!?! Yes, please! LOL

NARS Lipcover (Liquid Lipstick) in Get Dirty (Pink) & Overheated (Brown) - Supersweet

Two products that I knew would work (after swatching them), were Get Dirty & Overheated! I love pinkish brown lipsticks. This has to be the richest & prettiest one I own. I've also been dabbling with browns. Some have worked and others haven't. NARS gets it right! This brown is beautiful. These liquid lipsticks give you awesome color and they feel good to the lips. They're so creamy! I didn't mention this about the blush, but it is buildable (color) as well as these liquid lipsticks. So if you want to intensify, just keep adding. Now with the solid black packaging its really hard to tell how much product is left. I don't know why they did this, because their other glosses & liquid lipsticks are offered in a see-through tube. It's also a NARROW tube, so it doesn't give you a whole lot. These shades are ALSO NOT OFFERED in their regular collection. So ummm, YEAH! LOL The other two are in the red family.

So How Does Everything Look? 

Below I am wearing TOPLESS (eye shadow), the pink side of LIBERATION (blush) 
and GET DIRTY (liquid lipstick).

And here I'm wearing TOPLESS (eye shadow), the brown side of LIBERATION (blush)
and Overheated (liquid lipstick).
My Final Thoughts: I'm really impressed with NARS! Their makeup is very soft & appealing. Overall, their makeup creates a beautiful look. Their prices are very high! I took a chance by ordering these online, but if possible try to swatch their makeup before making a purchase. But you should be pleased with the quality. Also...and you probably already know this...their black packaging starts off superb! However, as soon as you take it EASILY collects dust, dirt, smudges etc. I don't think cleaning it will help. LOL So expect it to remain dirty (unless someone can tell me a trick below). But I'm very pleased with this collection and would recommend it. Their Fall Audacious collection is already out! I'll definitely be purchasing more NARS in the future (but slowlyyy HaHaHa).

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