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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Summer In Italy Collection Review And Swatches

Dolce & Gabbana came out with a beautiful Summer In Italy Collection for 2016. I love D&G!!! It was the artwork on the bronzer that captivated me. When I looked at the colors in the collection (blue, yellow, orange) I was like oh gawd ... I've been down that road before ... my first year of blogging. I experimented with lots of COLOR! Over the years, I've found out that I'm not very fond of blue or yellow makeup, but I do love ORANGE. The only thing orange in my makeup collection is Dior Panama & Sunnies, Chanel Mirabella, Treat Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, MAC Brooke Shields Dignity, Etude House Candy Stick and Benefit Majorette. Ok, so I have a LOT of orange in my makeup collection. But they're not all the same shade of orange! LOL I wore orange & white to a concert and this was my makeup. One day, I'll have to take pictures with the outfit & makeup together. Maybe that will be one of my goals for next year! But here are my thoughts, the swatches and I quickly did a makeup change to show you how everything looked. This is my first D&G ANYthing? Have you tried their makeup?

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 

Dolce & Gabbana The Sicilian Bronzer Sunshine 30 - Supersweet

I love the artwork on the packaging of this bronzer! It's on the outer packaging and the compact itself. It's so beautiful. At the time I had to pre-order this from Saks Fifth Avenue, but it's now available on their website. Honestly I think the price is really good. The artwork is fab and this has to be the smoothest bronzer I own. LOL It's light in color. Nothing harsh. It's a little darker than my skin tone. Very pretty. The palette comes in a velvet pouch and there is a brush to apply the bronzer. The brush is super soft and you literally sweep this bronzer on your skin. It applies really well. You only need one sweep across each area of your face, if you choose to bronze your entire face. Love this.

Dolce & Gabbana The Blush Orange 17 - Supersweet

When I opened the compact for the blush, I had a mini heart attack! The orange was SO ORANGE! I said, I'm gonna look like Kimmy The Clown! HAHAHA But first, as you can see it's a gold compact. It has a mirror. This blush comes with a brush! You ONLY NEED one swipe for both cheeks! Did y'all get that? Just ONE SWIPE! It's that pigmented! So this blush will last for AGES! Also, either tap or blow off the excess (off the brush). It's beautiful on, you guys! Very soft! After I applied the blush, I used a stippling brush to buff the blush in.

Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick Orange 440 - Supersweet

The lipstick was fab also! Very pigmented! Very rich! Very creamy! Moisturizing! It's a beautiful burnt orange that can be worn year round. It has a nice shine to it and gives you excellent coverage.

Dolce & Gabbana The Nail Lacquer Orange 608 - Sweet

The orange nail lacquer for this collection is VERY PRETTY! I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the brush. It has a wide, paddle shape ... like a broom! It applies so well. I only have one coat on my nails below. Two swipes for each nail and they were covered. This nail polish also dries super fast! So that's good. The reason why I didn't give it a Supersweet rating, was that I started to see tip wear around the third day. But I didn't use a top coat, so that would probably help. But this is some excellent nail lacquer otherwise.

And here is everything together (bronzer, blush, lipstick)...




  1. All products looks good:)

  2. All the products together look great on you Kim! :) I really like that orange polish! I should hunt out my orange one, haven't worn it in've inspired me! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I was always very skeptical about orange make-up, but once I tried it, I fell in love. My favourite summer lipstick used to be Le Orange from Yves Saint Laurent, and you have me thinking I need to get another tube! You've worn all of these shades beautifully. I always love the intricate details in D&G products, even if I don't really feel like they're my style, they have a style all their own and it's wonderful :)

  4. The packaging is gorgeous! I would be hesitant of the orange too but all the items look so pigmented and look great on you!

  5. Oh I love these on you Kim! I don't believe I have ever tried any orange cosmetics on my skin. The happy color is a favorite of mine so maybe it is time to try!

  6. Beautiful collection Kim. My fave was the bronzer, the presentation is so very elegant and has a vintage vibe I love.

  7. OMG! Look at the packaging, isn't that just the cutest. I need it in my life. Kim love the look on you, the lips are fab!!

  8. Wow, such a gorgeous collection! I, too, love the packaging and the oranges are so beautiful and vibrant and the bronzer does seem like the perfect shade. I've never tried any D&G makeup products myself, but after this post, I'm so curious to swatch their products in person. I'm such a huge fan of their clothing designs, always so artistic and I love how it's been translated into their makeup! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far!



  9. Everything looks beautiful on you, Kim! The packaging to everything is stunning!! I've never tried D&C makeup before! It looks like great quality. That bronzer looks amazing, and the blush is so pretty!! I cannot pull of oranges, but they look amazing on you!

  10. Orange is not one of those colors that looks good on everyone (like me!) but you really rock it out Kim! Both the blush and the nail lacquer shades are beautiful on you. And wow does D&G have some gorgeous packaging! You're making me want to check out their blush range. The formula sounds like it wears like a dream.

  11. The packaging alone for all these products makes these such a score, Kim! And the fact that they're all awesome....dayum! I'm so in love with that blush. I'm a sucker for anything orange, and love that this blush is so pigmented.

  12. The packaging is so beautiful!! I love orange tones and all the shades look very flattering for most skin types.
    That blush is such a perfect shade :D


    The Hidden Thimble

  13. wow, this is a super cool collection!! love the packaging, totally my thing <3

  14. This is a perfect summer collection! I absolutely love the packaging of the bronzer! Love these orange shades!

  15. I agree with you. The artwork is splendid! And these colors are to die for.

  16. Ooh I LOVE the lipstick and blush shade on you! They always have such gorgeous packaging too!

  17. Love the packaging ♥ and the blush color is summery and pretty! I am excited for summer.


  18. lol, i don't have any D&G. i like the orange lipstick on you, tho!! i just bought a colourpop blush similar to this one. i had the same "heart attack" reaction when i saw it, but it's not as pigmented and applies a nice wash of color.

  19. This whole post is seriously what dreams are made of! I am drooling over the packaging. You look beautiful Kim. xoxo

  20. Kim I had missed this review! Oh I love the coral hues and orange compliments you!! The packaging is fabulous too. Great idea to style a white and orange outfit! Much love dear, thank you for everything :-)

  21. I love your scientific approach to make up reviews! I'm so happy I discovered this blog! Currently scrolling through the super sweet section :)

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