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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

5 Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Transport

Getting to and from the ceremony and possibly to a separate destination for the reception is one of the frustrating wedding details that you have to organize. There are a lot of guests that you need to transport and while a lot of people will make their own way, you will have to make arrangements for yourself and your wedding party. Booking some taxis is the simple option, but why not do something a bit more interesting instead. These are some of the best ideas for wedding transportation.

Horse And Cart
If you want something that combines tradition, romance, and luxury, a horse and cart is a great choice. It’s perfect for people that have always dreamed of a fairytale wedding and it offers a truly magical experience. However, there are a few downsides. First off, it’s going to be expensive so it’s probably best to reserve it for the bride and groom and make other arrangements for the rest of the wedding party. It’s not suitable for a winter wedding either because everybody will be freezing cold.

Luxury Limos
It’s your wedding day, so you should pull out all the stops and travel in style, even if it’s only a short journey to the ceremony and then on to the reception afterwards. You can hire some amazing luxury limos from sites like that come complete with sound systems, coolers for your drinks and extra comfy seats. If you have a big wedding party, you can all travel along together in comfort and style on your big day and you don’t have to worry about the wedding.

Tandem Bicycle
If you want to think outside the box and save yourself a bit of money at the same time, you could just get yourself a tandem bicycle. It’s not a great choice if it’s a long journey but if you’re only going around the corner and you don’t mind putting the work in, a tandem bike can be a lot of fun. Just make sure that your new spouse isn’t slacking off and they do their fair share of the pedalling.

Vintage Cars
Vintage cars are one of the most popular choices for a wedding car because a lot of people have always wanted to drive one. It’s not the kind of thing that you would just hire out normally, but your wedding is a great opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Check out for a great list of the best classic wedding cars. They can be quite expensive but as long as you factor it into your budget, it’s a great choice for your wedding car.

If you’re having a no expenses spared wedding and you want to make a big exit, there’s no better way to do it than a helicopter. It’s not your typical wedding transport but it’s definitely going to be memorable. However, it will cost you a lot and there will be some logistical issues to deal with because you’ll need somewhere for the helicopter to land at both destinations.

The wedding transport often gets forgotten about but if you plan in advance, it’s a great opportunity to do something fun.
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