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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

5 Tips To Show Someone You're Thinking Of Them

While things are starting to get better, many people had a tough time last year. If you have some special people in your life, you may be thinking about how you can make life easier for them. Whether they’ve lost their job, faced the loss of a loved one to Covid-19, or simply need a pick-me-up, there are various things you can do to show someone you’re thinking of them.


If you need a little help planning a gift or gesture for a friend or loved one, consider these 5 tips below to get you started:

1. Order them something sweet. 

If you want to do something thoughtful and sweet for your friend or loved one, a gift of pastries or candy can be the perfect way to put a smile on their face. Whether you schedule a chocolate covered strawberries delivery, send them some freshly baked cookies, or simply give them a box of chocolates, surprise them with something that will help to make their day brighter—and dare we say sweeter?

2. Send them a care package.

If you live far away but wish you could be closer to your friend to show them how much you care, you could invest in a care package. Shop around for the little things you know they’ll love, from books to socks to cards and more. There are so many things you can get for an affordable price to fill up a box that will put a smile on their face. After all, everyone wants to know there’s someone thinking of them.

3. Help them find a therapist.

This is not something you want to do unless you know the person wants therapy. Often, when life feels overwhelming, it can be difficult to do the basic things like look up a local therapist who can provide them with what they are looking for. If you’ve discussed the idea with them, you can help them go about finding one that is within their budget and who has good reviews.

4. Spend time with them.

If your friend is having a tough time, they might enjoy getting out and about and doing something that distracts them from their troubles. If you both feel comfortable enough to hang out in-person, offer to spend time with them doing an activity you know they’ll enjoy, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or something else.

When you offer to spend time with them, they know someone is there and enjoys hanging out with them. It can help get their mind off whatever they may be going through and shows them they matter to you. Sometimes, that’s all someone needs.

5. Surprise them with some cash through a money-sending app.

Because 2020 was financially difficult on a lot of people, some people are just now getting back on their feet. If this is the case for your friend or family member, surprise them with a little cash love by sending them a little something via Venmo or Cash App.

When times are tough, it can help people feel more relaxed when unexpected money comes through. Whether they’ve been cutting out their favorite foods because of high prices or they’d like to do something fun but don’t have the money for it, this could be a great way to show them how much you care.

Put a Smile on Their Face

Showing people you are thinking about them can be as easy as picking up the phone to call them or sending them their favorite snack. Think about their preferences or what they may need at this time and share a little love—it goes a long way!

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