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Monday, December 6, 2021

Beauty Bakerie Anything For The Cookies | Cookie Jar Vegan Eyelash Collection Review

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Not Sponsored: When I saw the packaging for Beauty Bakerie's Anything For The Cookies, I didn't care what was inside. HaHaHa I LOVED THE PACKAGING! Since I was a little girl, I've always been a fan of cookies. Cookie Monster of Sesame Street was my favorite childhood character. He was suppose to teach you to count using cookies, but ended up eating them all. It was always so funny to see him go berserk. I LOVE COOKIES! So I had to purchase this creative collection. This set consists of a really cute cookie jar and four (4) compacts decorated as cookies with a pair of eyelashes inside each. I love the brown outer box. It reminds me of a box you would get from a bakery shop. The "label" around it has the cutest pictures of chocolate chip cookies both whole and slightly eaten. On the back of the box within the circle are really cute drawings of the four cookie compacts and eyelashes housed inside the compact. Beauty Bakerie always gets an A+ for details and packaging. The cookie jar is so cute. I've placed mine in my makeup room. You're going to want to put it in a special place. Within the cookie jar, you receive a Chocolate Chip Cookie, M'Oreo Cookie, Sugar Cookie and Peanut Butter Cookie compact with eyelashes. 

  • The Chocolate Chip Cookie compact is brown with a scattered assortment of chocolate chips atop and Beauty Bakerie's insignia. It has a working mirror. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Eyelashes are full volume and flared with wispy and staggering lengths. They're soft to the touch. 
  • The M'Oreo Cookie compact has a dark chocolate brown and white side. It mimics and Oreo Cookie (the cookie and delicious white stuffing inside). This compact has a working mirror and the lashes for this one are denser, thicker and heavier. Beauty Bakerie describes them as having dramatic volume and round lash style. 
  • You then have Sugar Cookie (which is my favorite, if I wore lashes). This compact is "iced" with a simple layer of white icing. It has a working mirror. Beauty Bakerie describes these lashes as having natural volume and round lash style with wispy and staggering lengths. 
  • The last compact is called Peanut Butter Cookie. This compact has a working mirror and the lashes are described as full volume and flared. I love how the compact mimics an actual peanut butter cookie with lines and all.

Except for the M'Oreo Cookie lashes, I find all of the lashes to be soft. They can easily be trimmed. I don't wear faux eyelashes and honestly I don't plan on starting, so I'm not a connoisseur on the subject. I wear contacts. I have really small eyes and sensitive skin. Whatever a good mascara won't do, my eyelashes will just have to do. HaHaHa 

What I like about this collection, is that there is something for everyone. There's something for all tastes. I plan on using these as makeup compacts for myself. I plan on keeping this collection on my makeup desk. I hope this review helps you in your decision-making. Other products I like from Beauty Bakerie are their Sugar Stick Lip Liners, Butter Primer (reviewed here), Sugar Lip Scrub (reviewed here), Lemon Bar and Cake Pops (reviewed here). 

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Beauty Bakerie Anything For The Cookies Cookie Jar Eyelashes are Sweet

Outer Box

Cookie Jar


Chocolate Chip Cookie Eyelashes

M'Oreo Cookie Eyelashes

Sugar Cookie Eyelashes

Peanut Butter Cookie Eyelashes


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