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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Emile Cordon New York | Classic Lip Balms in Cafe 212, Canele and French Pear

Disclosure: I was sent three (3) Classic Lip Balms (Cafe 212, Canele, and French Pear) for review from Emile Cordon PR. All opinions in this blog post are 100% my own and honest.

PR Sample: If there is one thing I take very seriously when it comes to my beauty routine, it is lip care. I've always been a lipstick girl. Personally, my lips have always been one of my best accessories and where I have received the most compliments. So I use the best products to take care of them. As it relates to skincare, I have reviewed a number of lip scrubs, lip balms and lip treatments. So when I received an email asking if I would like to receive a PR package of Classic Lip Balms by Emile Cordon New York, it really peaked my interest. I had never heard of the brand Emile Cordon New York. Upon reviewing their website, I discovered it is a luxury lip care brand.

Emile Cordon New York sent me a beautiful assortment of their newly released Classic Lip Balms in Canele, Cafe 212 and French Pear. There are 12 scented varieties in total. The other scents are Rose Petal, Lisa, Wedding Party, St. Bart's Soleil, Candied Chestnut, Elderflower, Hamptons Summer, Eden Moon and White Truffle. Let's start with Canele. I had never heard of Canele. What is it? Well, I learned something new! It's a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla. When I applied this lip balm to my lips, I thought I was in a patisserie (bakery) shop. The scent is so warm, comforting and delightful! The notes for this lip balm are Canele, Rum, Vanilla Beans, and Sweet Caramel. Next, I was sent Cafe 212, which is a Limited Edition lip balm! It's a delicious cup of coffee with a touch of sweet. This lip balm will percolate your mornings as soon as it touches your lips. The notes for Cafe 212 are Macarons, Vanilla Absolute, and Coffee. It's the perfect morning treat and after dinner dessert. Last but not least is French Pear. The notes for this lip balm are very interesting! Pear is not the dominant scent. The two notes that stand out for this lip balm is Whipped Cream and Warm Vanilla. It also contains French Pear and White Lily. It's a soft, calming and sweet treat for your lips. 

Now let me tell you why I SUPER LOVE these lip balms and find them ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! As soon as you apply one of these lip balms to your lips, you will IMMEDIATELY feel a difference. I have never experienced such a feeling or such a product. Usually it takes awhile for a product to work (a couple of hours or overnight). That is not the case with these lip balms. The skin on your lips will INSTANTLY feel moisturized, nourished, plump and healed, as soon as you apply this lip balm. You can feel it working! I thought I had tried the best! These lip balms will make you get rid of any other brand you currently have in your beauty stash. That's how strong an impression this brand has made on me. 

So, what's in and not in these lip balms that make them so fabulous? All Emile Cordon New York lip balms are Paraben and Petrolatum Free. These lip balms contain Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Squalane and Vitamin E. The benefits to using these lip balms include having smooth lips, soften lips, reduction of lip lines and anti-aging. All of which I experienced! If you're looking for a lip balm that provides long-lasting moisture and benefits, this is the brand for you.

I'm very particular about the skincare products I use and I like the best. For me, the best is not about price. The best is about what WORKS! I use both inexpensive and expensive skincare products in my beauty routine. What's important to me, is that I get RESULTS! You're going to look at the price of these lip balms, (because trust me, I looked at the price) and probably say WOW! I'm giving you my word, that they're worth it! You only need a dab for your lips! These lip balms will last a long time. The most difficult thing will be picking out a scent. There are so many delectable options! Emile Cordon New York also offers Miracle Lip Balms that will take you on a journey to far away and exotic destinations (and even provide a hint of color to your lips). Use the discount below and order your lip balm treat today.


supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
Emile Cordon New York Classic Lip Balms are Supersweet

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