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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Hipdot x Girl Scouts Makeup Collection Review & Swatches

Not Sponsored: Hipdot is a makeup brand that has been on my radar to try for awhile. They captured my attention, because nearly all of their makeup collections have a theme (specifically a foodie or nostalgic theme). I love that! Another reason, is that they are a clean and vegan brand (so that is always good). Their packaging is always eye-catching and their prices are very affordable. My question has always been, about the quality of their makeup. How is it? Will I be able to really use the makeup? Or will I be stuck with just really cute packaging? So, I decided to find out.

Hipdot recently came out with a Girl Scouts Makeup Collection that contains two eye shadow palettes, eye makeup brushes and a lipstick set. The collection is vegan, cruelty free, talc free, mineral oil free, and paraben free. I never made it to Girl Scout status, but you can read about my "fun" adventures as a Brownie (I've lost a lot of weight since writing that blog post in 2013) and also my 4H Club Experience. I always support the Girl Scouts when they have their cookie sale each year. Those cookies are addictive. The Girl Scout organization provides some wonderful learning experiences for young women. I purchased two (2) items from this collection and will talk about each separately below.

Let me first start with the Girl Scout Thin Mints Pigment Eye Shadow Palette. Everyone knows about Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. They are a staple. I never eat them, because I don't like chocolate and mint together, but I couldn't pass up this eye shadow palette. It contains some lovely beige, brown and chocolatey neutrals. There are also a couple of green shades in this palette, befitting of the cookie theme. This palette surprisingly has a magnetic closure, functional mirror and slip case. I think that is exceptional for the price tag. You'll love the design! The cute Thin Mint cookies and Girl Scout insignia are displayed on both the cover and palette itself. I love details. So are you concerned about the quality of the shadows? I know I was! Well, all of the shades swatched beautifully on the back of my hand. I planned on being safe and just creating a NEUTRAL brown look; but decided to look up some GREEN eye looks online. I came across a beautiful picture of Indian actress Deepika Padukone in Cannes (2017). I said, WOW! Green eye shadow can be beautiful. So my inspiration began there. In my look below, I used all eye shadows in the palette. From lid to lash, I used LEADER. I then worked FRIEND in my crease. I covered my entire lid and bottom lashes with SISTER. In the corner of my eyes, I used MINT. I sprinkled CHANGEMAKER in the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my eyes with CHOCOLATE. It created a really striking look, that really made my brown eyes POP! I'm ready to be the character Poison Ivy for Halloween or wear this look with a full-length black evening dress. This palette can easily be used for daytime looks as well. The assortment of browns are beautiful. I was truly impressed with the quality of this palette.

Next, the Girl Scout Lipstick Set! You get three (3) lipsticks for a great price! The three shades are LEMON (light pink), COCONUT CARAMEL (peach) and THIN MINTS (taupe). The packaging for these are the CUTEST! Each displays the Girl Scout Cookie they represent. You'll want to take a bite! HaHaHa ALSO YOU GUYS! THEY ARE SCENTED! YES!!! The lemon lipstick smells like the actual lemon cookie. The thin mint lipstick smells like the thin mint cookie. I didn't pick up a distinct scent for the coconut caramel lipstick, so ... oh well. With this set, there is ONE DUD! It's the lemon (light pink) lipstick. I'm sorry to say, but it is so dry and drags across the lips. You guys know I take care of my lips, so this shouldn't happen! So the Lemon one, just enjoy the scent. The other two, are good! Coconut Caramel is a very pretty peach/coral color that will work great for Summer. My favorite is the Thin Mint shade on me. That taupe shade will transition perfectly into the Fall and Winter months. 

Overall, I was very impressed with Hipdot and their Girl Scout Makeup Collection. I will definitely be purchasing more from them and buying some of their older collections (even if I have to resort to eBay). This collection is still available. 

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Hipdot x Girl Scouts Makeup Collection is Sweet

Hipdot Girl Scout Thin Mints Pigment Eye Shadow Palette

Hipdot Girl Scout Lipstick Set 


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  1. Oh wow! This collection looks awesome, Kim! This is the first time I've heard of this brand so thanks for the heads up. Even though one of the lipsticks did not work out, I think this is such a great deal and you look fab in all the looks!
    Have a great week ahead. XOXO


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