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Friday, June 9, 2023

How To Finish An Eco-Friendly Office Renovation

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It can be tricky to pull off an eco-friendly office renovation. But with some foresight, planning, and some expert help, you will get there. Some things to consider are quality of life for your staff, energy reduction, and even airflow. So, here are some handy tips to help get you started.

Include Recycled Materials in the Design

You can take the opportunity to use recycled building materials in your overall design. So much plastic, metal, and other materials are wasted, but they can make office features such as aluminum commercial handrails, fabric space dividers, and even upcycled office furniture. There are specialist services that provide custom fittings for such a project. So Google is your friend here. Look for top-rated fitters and suppliers, and always read the reviews and testimonials.

Find Ways to Reduce Energy Usage

 Renovation isn’t only about changing the way a room or space looks. It’s also about taking the chance to redesign the space in terms of function and usage. And this includes how you use energy. For example, you can have LEDs installed after you rip out the old and unhealthy fluorescent lights. LEDs alone use up to 85% less electricity than standard lights. You can also install smart devices that can control lighting, power flow, and even the overhead HVAC system.

An Eco-Friendly Office Renovation Needs Input

Of course, any decisions that impact multiple people shouldn’t be taken unilaterally. It is always best to consult with your employees when renovating the office. They will often suggest useful ways to improve a space. And they may even be able to source materials and contractors. However, this also serves to inform your workers that there will be some disruption as the work goes on. But they will appreciate it if they know your efforts are working towards a green policy.

Add a Touch of Nature

Speaking of green, there’s never a bad time to introduce some plants into the office. Plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and improve oxygen. This means healthier workers with more motivation and energy. You can also boost this with more natural light. So take the chance to have larger windows installed and position desks near sources of nature. Finally, think about how you can improve airflow by opening the office for more comfy space.

Be Mindful of your Waste

It’s not just about where you source your materials from, it’s about what you do with the materials that you’re no longer using, as well. For furniture and other materials that cannot be resold or repurposed, you want to ensure they don’t end up in some landfill. By working with services like Corridor Recycling, you can make sure that everything you throw away is being disposed of in the most responsible way possible. It’s your responsibility to keep the whole project green, not just your new office.

Hire Sustainability Experts

When you renovate an office to be more eco-friendly, typical goals include reducing carbon and energy usage. But, of course, you aren’t an expert. So it helps to hire some contractors who know what they are doing. There are many contractors that specialize in eco-building these days. And this includes the materials they use, where they come from, and how they are shipped. This will further add to your own sustainability goals in line with any company policies.


Eco-friendly office renovation isn’t as easy as it sounds. But you can use recycled materials for new features such as handrails. But make sure you always keep your employees informed and hire specialist designers that know how to get the job done in a more sustainable way.

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