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Friday, November 27, 2015

Celebrate Your Love With An Antique Engagement Ring

Recreate a love as old as time itself with a beautiful antique engagement ring. It’s the perfect expression of your love and devotion to someone. If you are in the process of buying an engagement ring, you are beginning to see just how tricky it is. It’s estimated that 65% of brides are part of the ring buying process. So if you are part of that 65%, you understand just how important this symbol is to representing your love. 

That’s why considering antique engagement rings add another dimension to the decision process. If you are seriously considering getting a vintage ring, there are some important things to think about. 
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What to consider when buying an antique engagement ring

➢ Examine the quality of the diamond 

There should be four things to consider when thinking about purchasing a ring which has a diamond in it. Seeing as the vast majority of ring purchases do possess a diamond of some sort, this may well apply to you. Think about the clarity, colour, cut and carat of the stone. The bigger the carat, the more value. The fewer the flaws, the better the buy. The purer the white colour, the purer the diamond. The deeper its dimensions, the brighter it will shine.

➢ Consider the era you’re in love with 

Think about your favourite time period in history. Was it Edwardian? Maybe you love the Georgian Period? Either way, knowing what time frame you love will help you search for designers that created pieces reflecting the nuances of that era.

If you choose the Georgian period (From 1714-1837) for instance, you will get a beautifully handcrafted ring. It will be genuine and carry a rich history. Because there were no methods of mass production during this time frame, you will also get the designers individual touch. This will add great meaning and treasure to your engagement ring. 

Maybe you will go for the Victorian period which began in 1836 and ended in 1901? Queen Victoria was known for expressing strong love towards her family which was reflected in the jewellery of this time. You will commonly see flowers, birds, hearts, and other symbols of love.  If you love the classically romantic look plus a hint of Georgian design, this era is for you. 
Maybe you are swaying more towards the modern Art Nouveau period (1890-1919) which oozes intricate designs and spectacular artistry. You will also discover a range of materials and gems were used too. 

Or do you love the retro ring design? This particular style was popular from 1935 to 1945 and was inspired by the whirlwind of World War II. If you like edgier styles, this era may be for you as the jewellery design clearly mirrored the turbulenttimes of war. Whatever era you choose, you are guaranteed to find one that you will like if you shop now at

When you make the purchase, always check the following: 
➢ The rough date the jewellery came from. 
➢ An estimated grade of the diamond and information about the genuine authenticity of the stones. Quality antiques and trusted dealers get to their estimations from analysis carried out by professional gemologists
➢ If the ring comes with a thirty day return policy. This means you get extra time to get the ring checked over by a certified jeweller. Moreover, you will get further peace of mind that you are buying a genuine antique engagement ring. 
➢ The return policy also gives you the chance to return if it doesn’t fit. This is important because more often than not, vintage rings cannot be resized. 
                  ➢ If you want to bump up the price of your antique jewellery, make sure you search for
                  rings with documented paperwork. This greatly increases the value as written documents                      are proof the ring comes from a rich history.

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