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Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Sample Sunday will return next week :) Last night was all about the SAG Awards! The million dollar fashion question IS...Did you like the Louis Vuitton dress Alicia Vikander wore (see picture below)? I kept going back & forth with it! At one angle it looked great. Another angle, not so much. It's definitely a hard dress to pull off with it's 70's sequins, block-style vibe. In the end I think she pulled it off. Let me know YOUR thoughts! My FAVORITE was Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. Gorgeous details. (Picture Credits: E Online 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet Arrivals and US Magazine). Truly happy for Viola Davis, Idris Elba, The Downton Abbey Cast and Leonardo DiCaprio. Whenever they show the actors who have passed, I'm like OH NO, HE/SHE DIED? Despite all the social media, I always miss some.

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab, Kathryn Hahn in Giorgio Armani, Jessica Pare in Kaufman Franco , 
Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Monique Lhuillier, Sophie Turner in House Of Herrera

Tina Fey in Prabal Gurung, Laverne Cox in Prabal Gurung, Ana Faris in Naeem Khan, 
Sarah Silverman in Vivienne Westwood, Helen Mirren In Jenny Packham

Sarah Hyland in J. Mendel, Diane Lane in Angel Sanchez, Viola Davis in Zac Posen, 
Claire Danes in Stella McCartney, Maise Williams in Ermanno Scervino

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang, Priyanka Chopra in Monique Lhuillier, Marissa Tomei in Zuhair Murad, 
Ellie Kemper in Peter Pilotto, Kate Winslet in Armani

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

Friday, January 29, 2016

When Fashion Meets Sport

We've looked ahead to red carpet trends and even trends in the kitchen, but we often neglect to talk about certain elements of fashion which extend into sport. The 2016 sports calendar looks packed as ever with Premier League football, marathons, and racing galore. There are even big deal events such as the summer Olympics in Rio, along with the Paralympics and women's baseball World Cup. It's a bit odd to think of clothing when it comes to all things typically associated with getting down and dirty; but as there will be plenty of opportunities to be a spectator, there are no reasons why you can't be a stylish one whilst you're at it!
Perhaps the most typical event to go and watch is the footie. Whether you're with your man at home or your girls down at the pub, why not take a leaf out of the WAGs book and look absolutely stunning? Of course, if all you're planning on doing is lazing around online to do a spot of international football betting, you can basically wear whatever you like! These days, it's possible to enjoy participation from the comfort of your pajamas, especially if you actually like the game enough to not be setting out to impress!
A day at the races is often a highly coveted day in the social calendar for everyone. But for women, it can be especially so. This year's award ceremonies so far, have seen a massive trend emerging. That trend is of metallic – and it's going to filter down to everything else as well. Of course, if you've not been to the races before, you'll want to be practical because it's a long day. The dress should be light and airy but attention grabbing (not enough to get you negative comments though!) Shoes, whilst of course complementing the dress, should be practical enough for long periods of standing. You should also ensure to bring a light, (and imperatively) matching jacket to keep warm as the day goes on. Don't ruin a good outfit with the wrong choice!

The Olympic & Paralympic Games

Okay, so it's unlikely that you're going to be jetting off to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (and if you are - super jealous!), but that doesn't mean you can't join in on the summery festivities right from home. It's likely to be a day down at the beer garden (look out of the window and try not to cry that you're not there now...) and so there are an abundance of fashion options. Of course, the fail-safe is the classic skinnies and heels combination. It's an easy way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, and a floaty top (or even a crop, if you are brave enough) wouldn't go amiss. Of course, if you're more adventurous, the cute hot-pant dungarees trend shouldn't be going anywhere this year, and bonus points for checks and stripes!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mardi Gras World

Hey guys! I just got back from my stay-cation and have a treat for you today! I visited Mardi Gras World! This is where they make many of the beautiful floats you see in Mardi Gras parades. I saw so many artists sculpt, paint and put together these spectacular floats. The process is tedious, but the results take your breath away. There are a number of Mardi Gras krewes (organizations/group of people) that order floats to be made each year. Themes are decided upon (funny, historical, etc), designs are drafted and then The Kern Family (they own Mardi Gras World) execute those ideas! One parade can have 25+ floats! So the designing process is year-round! The people on the floats, dress up in costumes and throw beads & other trinkets to the crowd along the parade route. What's really cool about Mardi Gras World is they have kept some figures from past Mardi Gras parades (just as you would in a museum). So while you see NEW things being built there, you also see some older treasures.

Many of you were interested in knowing more about Mardi Gras traditions, from my previous post. To answer your questions about King Cake, there are different styles of King Cake depending on where you live. In New Orleans, ours is a cinnamon-filled dough with a glazed topping and colored sprinkled sugar on top (Traditional King Cake). There are now flavored King Cakes! You can get them filled with apple, cream cheese, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, praline etc. In my opinion, the best comes from Manny Randazzo King Cakes. King Cake is associated with the festival of the Epiphany (at the end of Christmas season) & Pre-Lenten Festivities! The plastic baby inside the King Cake represents Baby Jesus (that's why it's so lucky to get). But usually the one that get's the baby, has to buy the next king cake for the group (office, party etc). Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday) is a series of CARNIVAL CELEBRATIONS leading up Ash Wednesday (start of the Lenten season). During this time, you drink & eat what you! When Ash Wednesday arrives all of that ceases, because you're preparing for Easter. Usually Catholics give up something they love and pray during this time. I hope this helps explain things :) I could get real technical, but I feel this is long enough. LOL Enjoy!

Which Way Mr. Jester? ;)

We're Off To See The Wizard! 

Familiar Faces

Kings, Crowns And Court



Just Jestering And Joking Around



Ahoy Mates! Ho Ho Ho ... And A Bottle Of Rum!


He's A Genie In A Bottle ... Three Wishes!

Mystical Creatures

Going Ape, Butterflies and Bananas...And Other Critters ;)

Around The World

Blues ... And All That Jazz

We've Got Sunshine

Birds Of A Feather, Crocodile, Alligators And Lions! Oh My!

Characters For The Halloween Parade

 My Snapchat video of a section of Mardi Gras World. It's a LONG warehouse located on The Mississippi River (Downtown New Orleans). Sound is intermittent (off/on) because there were a lot of school children attending that day. Join me on Snapchat at averysweetblog
I'll be visiting your blogs later today ;)

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