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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer and Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Review

As mentioned in yesterday's review of Korres Pomegranate AHAS & Enzymes Resurfacing Mask, 
I also received some deluxe samples of some of their other skincare products. Below are my thoughts on each.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser ($26/full size) - Bittersweet
I've always wanted to try Korres Greek Yoghurt Collection. I love eating yoghurt and I've heard it's really good for your skin. This cleanser is described as soap-free, foaming, with nourishing Greek Yoghurt. It's also suppose to be for ALL SKIN TYPES. This cleanser did a great job in cleaning my face and even removing all of my makeup. But around the 3rd day, I noticed dryness (white patches along the sides of my mouth and nose...nowhere else). The 4th day I noticed some flaking, so I stopped. The key ingredients are Greek Yoghurt Concentrate, Honeysuckle and Amaranth Seed Extract. I wouldn't recommend this cleanser for dry or normal skin. I felt it was too drying. Maybe Combination and Oily Skin Types would like this. It's gotten some AMAZING reviews, but it didn't work for me. There's also a Greek Yoghurt Toner and Makeup Wipes in this collection.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer ($42/full size) - Not Sweet
Korres states you can use this priming moisturizer on the face and neck as the final step in your skincare regimen before applying makeup. You can also apply it at night under any sleep treatment as a hydration booster. Well, I didn't have much luck with this product either. As a primer, it was just ok. But it doesn't provide much hydration for Dry Skin. Again, I think this would work better for Oily and Combination Skin Types. Like all Korres formulations, this is made without petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol, and ethanolamines. It's suppose to plump and strengthen skin for perfect makeup application. I didn't see ANY DIFFERENCE from the side I put this primer on and the other side.

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48/full size jar) - Bittersweet
This night cream promises brighter skin by morning, to even out skin tone, repair fine lines, moisturize, heal and soften skin. Whew! That's a lot of promises! This also has Vitamin C, which is to help minimize the appearance of skin discolorations and black spots. Now my experience. I only had a deluxe size of this, but that was enough to use for about a week. You don't need much of this serum like night cream. I noticed soft skin when I woke up, but not enough moisture that my skin required. I could still see lines and skin discoloration. I would probably need more to see those results. LOL But I wouldn't purchase this on my own because of the strong scent of rose :( I love roses but for some reason I can't get with rose-scented skincare. I know many that don't mind, but I'm just not a fan. Plus this didn't moisturize or hydrate my dry skin enough. Also the fact that Vitamin C is packaged in a jar means its not as effective if contained in a pump. So those were my concerns.

As you can see, overall I wasn't impressed with these products. It seems the Korres Greek Yoghurt, nor the Wild Rose Collections are for me. I was much more impressed with the Korres Pomegranate and will consider trying more of that collection in the future. I'm glad companies are offering these deluxe samples for us to try to see if something works or not. To pay full price is heartbreaking when something doesn't work.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

NEW Korres Pomegranate AHAS & Enzymes Resurfacing Mask: The Superfood Mask For Poreless Glowing Skin Review

Sponsored: I was sent a full-size sample of the NEW Korres Pomegranate AHAs & Enzymes Resurfacing Mask ($34) to review. Korres is a brand that has been on my Sephora wish list for awhile, so I was happy to receive a sample. The first thing I noticed on the package, was that this mask is for Oily-Combination Skin. You guys know I have Dry Skin, but I still wanted to try it. I'm adventurous like that! HaHaHa I also had my mom test it out on her Normal Skin (she use to have Combination Skin). Some background information ... this mask has 27.5% (AHAs/BHAs), Pomegranate grains to exfoliate the skin, glycolic acid and enzymes to peel away dead skin cells, white clay & white willow bark extract, which are rich in salicylic acid to remove excess sebum and refine pores. This mask exfoliates skin 3 ways: mechanical, chemical and enzymatic. The goals of the mask are to balance excess sebum, minimize the appearance of pores and improve skin texture. The mask has a fruit scent. That didn't surprise me, because it is a Pomegranate mask. The mask is dispensed from a tube and is brown in color. Right away, you detect a number of granules. You automatically know the mask's purpose is to exfoliate. When I applied this mask to my face, I found it to spread thin (not as thick as it comes out of the tube). The first time I applied this mask, I experienced a tingle to my skin (it didn't hurt ... I left it on 3-5 minutes as recommended ... this was the only time it tingled ... i've tried it numerous times since and it did not tingle at all); all the times I tried this mask my skin NEVER became irritated ... nor did it turn red. I used this mask for three weeks. Two times each week. This mask washed away cleanly and left my skin soft (shockingly, not dry). I initially expected this mask to be too much for my dry skin, but it wasn't. To me this is a really good exfoliating scrub. If it worked for my dry/sensitive skin, I know other skin types will love it. My favorite products to resurface with are 1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel 2. Murad Skin Smoothing Polish  and 3. Murad Intensive C Radiance Peel Those are some options I've tested, that work really well for dry/sensitive skin types. My mom LOVED this Korres mask! She kept saying how soft her skin felt. She loved the granules in it! She gave it a thumbs up. The Korres Pomegranate Collection also has a Moisturizing & Balancing Cream Gel, Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes, Eye Makeup Removal Lotion, Toner, Mattifying Primer and Lip Butter. I received and tried some deluxe samples of other Korres skincare products, so I will let you guys know my thoughts on those tomorrow.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
Korres Pomegranate AHAs & Enzymes Resurfacing Mask is Sweet


Monday, February 26, 2018

Too Faced Pink Cool Not Cruel Bunny Makeup Bag Review, Birthday Gift 2018 Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog Red Envelope, Saje Natural Wellness, Papyrus Birthday Card

New Year's. Mardi Gras. Chinese New Year. My Birthday. I've been celebrating one holiday after another! I want to thank everyone for the lovely Birthday wishes! You made my day. Now shops have Easter stuff out! Too Faced Cosmetics came out with a bunny makeup bag ($26)! It's so cute you guys. It's baby pink in color and the bunny has sparkly gold ears, whiskers and a heart shaped nose. The zipper has TF in script (for Too Faced). When you turn the makeup bag around it has a white cotton tail (it actually comes with a white cotton cover, shaped like a shower cap to protect the tail while not in use). Too Faced is a cruelty-free cosmetic company, so it has Too Faced Be Cool, Not Cruel in gold on the back. Underneath the cotton tail it has #TFCruelty Free. The dimensions for this bag are 8" W X 4" D X 7" H. It's almost the height of a bottle of water. And the material is 100% Vegan. I find it to be very sturdy. Keep in mind, this bag WON'T fit the large Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. It will fit their 9 well eye shadow palettes (ex. Sugarpop, Peanut Butter and Jelly etc). You can fit 2 of those comfortably in the bag, along with some lipsticks. Short handle makeup brushes will fit. My NARS foundation also fit. Also, the material inside looks wipeable! I promised my blog buddy Amy of The AM Beauty Edit when I received this I would share my thoughts on my blog :) I love it Amy!

Birthday Gift from Jo of White Roses and Coffee Blog
Papyrus Champagne & Cupcake Birthday Card / 2018 CNY Year of the Dog Red Envelope / Saje Natural Wellness 

My blog buddy and friend Jo of White Roses and Coffee Blog sent me a beautiful birthday gift! I wanted to share it with you guys. I love Papyrus cards! The chocolate bunny easter basket above is one I got several years ago. She sent me one for my birthday! It's so pretty! It showcases pink bubbly champagne bottles, sparklers and a cupcake with bow. Papyrus cards are always sparkly and/or dimensional. They're definitely keepsakes. The inside of the card reads (Make it a cupcake & bubbly kind of day). How nice and it was! Jo sent me a 2018 Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog Red Envelope. I've never received one. She also explained it. The BIG words on the right mean Hope Your Dreams Will Come True. The SMALL words  mean Hope Things Go Well & Smoothly. I practice a lot of the beliefs that go along with preparation of Chinese New Year. They're just great practices and my life has become a lot more balanced because of them. So this gift meant a lot to me. She also sent me some oils, hand soap and skin lotion from a company called Saje Natural Wellness. I've never heard of them, but from their website they have stores in the US and Canada. They are Canadian owned and operated. They have 100% All Natural Ingredients. So I can't wait to try these products. Jo, thank you so much! You guys, she always sends the nicest birthday gifts. She's very kind and generous. Thank you Jo.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fun Facts About Jet Ski Rental

Over the years, personal watercraft's, alias Jet Ski have gained popularity for numerous reasons. Many times, people especially in Fort Lauderdale have chosen it as the best water vehicle ever in the ocean. Aside from the ocean, use of Jet Ski is also applicable in other adventurous places such as the marshlands and intercoastal waterways. These water vehicles are an excellent source of amusement on water. Earlier on, dolphin lovers had to use the dolphin cruise ships to watch dolphins in the ocean. Currently, since they are considered as old, bulky, and less interesting, Jet Ski rentals have been the best alternative. With it, watching dolphin has been more interesting. This article outlines some of the fun factors about Jet Ski rental.

Recreation on Water
Just as the name suggests, the name Jet Ski is as a result of jet water that propels the vehicle. The water usually shoots up from the tail of the water vehicle whereby it gains momentum. One of the features that make it interesting is the speed and stability of water as you ride. In the past, jet skies were slightly different from the modern crafts. A rider could not sit while driving thus one would stand and hang on the steering wheel. On the contrary, today’s model has been of much comfort for various reasons. For instance, they are easy to control since you can curve sharp turns with just a slight turn of the steering system.

Unlike earlier, there is no any level of athletic capability of the rider is required to use these amazing watercrafts. These jet skies have been modeled more comfortably where the rider can now sit in a similar way to the motorcycle and enjoy fully. The engineering behind the creation of jet skies must be very innovative. These crafts use water power to generate the kind of top speed it portrays while riding. Innovatively, the water pump that draws water from the underwater grate enables the craft to move swiftly on the water surface.

Recreation for All Ages
Jet ski rentals in cities such as Fort Lauderdale can be ridden for various purposes and in different occasions. Most people ride it for fun, but to those who love speed, they ride it for the race in competition. Either way, however, and regardless of age, most people claim that it is all done for leisure. Jet skis can be rented for a day or a week depending on a rider’s preference. There are also numerous optional varieties you can choose from such as size, color, and a lot more. This is regardless of age as long as an individual is 16 years old and above

Offers Protection Cover
Today, numerous Jet Ski centers are willing to provide physical coverage in case of damages encountered during the rental. In addition, a rider has nothing to worry about regarding injuries. Jet Ski rentals also provide liability coverage for free to all age group thus you do not need to purchase any insurance for your safety. The most interesting fact about the Jet Ski rental facilities such as jet ski rental fort lauderdale is that as long as you have a home and highway policy, you automatically have coverage under homeowners portion on rental. Your policy limits are, however, what will determine your level of coverage. For instance, if you happen to carry a $90,000 personal liabilities, your physical damage also adds up to that amount.

Jet skiing rentals have gained massive popularity amongst the community. As a fun thing to do, this activity is good to bring together family and friends in numerous ways. You can enjoy the sound of waves and view the beautiful features of the sea as you get together.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Whatever Sprinkles Your Donut

Today is my birthday you guys! Today is your un-birthday! I've learned over the years to treat EVERYDAY as a celebration. Don't wait for a holiday or special occasion to buy or do what you want, celebrate love, have fun or spend time with family. Every day is precious! Always do whatever sprinkles your donut. Enter my ULTA Giveaway below!

treat yo self card / peri home bedding here and here


Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 BAFTA Red Carpet Favorites

The 71st British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) was this past Sunday. Just as with the Golden Globes, many actresses wore black in solidarity of #TimesUp. I really love all of these dresses, but Angelina, Salma, Lupita, Naomi and Gugu were my favorites. The floral design on Salma Hayek's dress was simply stunning. There was some controversy about Kate's green Jenny Packham dress. It was said that royalty cannot take a stance on political or controversial matters. That made me think! Can you imagine a life where you can't vocalize your opinion? I wouldn't make it in the royal family! HaHaHa I hope Meghan makes it, because she's very opinionated! HaHaHa To me it's like being in a marriage where you have no say :S Oh well! I thought Kate looked pretty as well.

Angelina Jolie (Ralph & Russo), Jennifer Lawrence (Christian Dior Couture), Salma Hayek (Gucci) 
Margot Robbie (Givenchy), and Greta Gerwig (Jonathan Cohen)

Naomi Harris (Zuhair Murad Couture), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Cardinali), Lupita Nyong'o (Elie Saab), 
Letitia Wright (Gucci), Rungano Nyoni (?)

Laura Bailey (Emilia Wickstead), Octavia Spencer (Sachin & Babi), Andrea Riseborough (Elie Saab) 
Haley Bennett (Chloe), Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge (Jenny Packham)

What Should You Look for When Buying Your First Home?

A home is not just a building where you happen to live. It is a place where a family lives together. Memories are made in homes, so it is important to make sure that you and your family are in a house that best suits you, while not costing too much money. When buying a first home, there are several important things to keep in mind.

There are many costs that are associated with purchasing a home. Having a budget and sticking to it is a crucial step. There are programs that can help you outline the costs that will be part of your purchase. These costs range from the solicitor’s fee and survey costs to insurance, setting up a mortgage, and decorating. These are all things that must be considered, on top of the cost of the house itself. The government has sponsored some programs to help people become property owners.

When it comes time to take out a mortgage, most prospective homeowners will have to have one. A mortgage is a loan that is taken out against a home to buy the home, paid back with interest. It is important to do plenty of research, as well as speak to an expert about the best options available to you.

While it is possible to take care of the legal aspects of your purchase on your own, hiring a conveyancer or a property solicitor is the norm. These experts will assist you in creating the contract and managing other legal aspects that you will encounter, like Stamp Duty and other connections with the Land Registry. You may be tempted to only reach out to conveyancers in your area, but there are many firms that work all over the United Kingdom. Conveyancing solicitors in Bristol offer assistance to those moving to and around Bristol but can offer guidance through their other offices all over the UK. Finding a good solicitor is important.

Structurally Sound?
It is important to consider the house itself before purchasing it. Not only should you visit the house, if you have concerns about any portion of the house, do not ignore it. It can be advantageous to have a surveyor come out and examine the property. They will check it for you and let you know if there is serious structural damage. An electrician can also examine the wiring. Faulty wiring can be very expensive to repair and can be dangerous to have in the home. Another thing to examine is the walls; check to make sure that there are no damp, mould, or leaks.

Repairing a leaky roof can be an expensive job. The fabric of the house is critical, but it is also important to consider the area around it. Is the area noisy? Are there shops nearby, or do you need to drive for every little thing? Can you easily access public transportation? These are all things that you will need to consider.

When looking to purchase a home for the first time, there are many things to consider, from the legal and financial aspects, to the house itself. Knowing what you need from your home, research, and assistance from experts can make this process less daunting.
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