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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Expert Last Lip Lacquer Review & Swatches

PR Sample - Hey everybody! I received samples of NYC (New York Colors) NEW Expert Last Lip Lacquer ($3.99). Liquid lipsticks are very popular right now and these promise intense rich color, long lasting & high coverage and a lightweight texture. So what are my thoughts? Read below.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Cherry Blossoms - Not Sweet

I've been through enough lipsticks and lip glosses in my lifetime to know MILKY PINKS are hard to pull off! So this isn't the first brand to struggle with them. First, this color will not work for every skin tone (that includes me LOL). Secondly, the formula is patchy. I always use a lip scrub (Sara Happ). I always moisturize my lips (Fresh Lip Balm). This shade settled into my fine lines. After wearing it for a couple of hours, it got gummy. So I wouldn't recommend this shade to anyone.

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Lincoln Square Love Affair - Sweet

The formula for this pink lip lacquer and the one's below applied MUCH better! That makes me conclude the darker colors apply better than the lighter ones. So think about that, if you purchase these. This pink was a little bolder than what I expected. The color is ok on me, but I think it would look better on another skin tone. This laid beautifully on my lips. It felt good on my lips. It was very lightweight. Long lasting? If you start eating and drinking, expect to reapply.

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Tribeca Mocha - Sweet

Tribeca Mocha applied very well to my lips. The color applied evenly. What I liked about the last three, was how moisturizing all of them were! Excellent color pay off and coverage. They also have a fabulous shine to them. Again, I wasn't particularly fond of this color on me. Some browns (muddy browns) bring me down (like this one) and others lift me up (example Bobbi Brown HERE). Do you see the difference?

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Turtle Bay Toffee - Supersweet

Loved this one! Turtle Bay Toffee is a brown, but with a hint of red in it. I really liked it and thought it complimented me. Like the two before, great even coverage...bold color...moisturizing and amazing shine.
In summary, the formula for most of these were really good! I would stick with the darker colors or darker pinks. The lighter colors seem to settle into fine lines and can be patchy on the lips. Colors may also be an issue! So take that into account when selecting a shade. Some shades will only work on some skin tones. The packaging is really nice! The doe foot applicator is soft and I love the sturdy clear casing this lip laquer is in.  Let me know your thoughts! The WINNER of the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is Karen Tsang (Canada). Congratulations Karen! I've sent you an email. Enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2015

I Love Fall Tag

I was tagged by beauty bloggers Ashley of Ashley Sue Makeup and Margo of PrettyPandaMakeup 
to do a 'I Love Fall Tag'. I usually don't do tags, but I SUPER LOVE FALL. So here it goes...

1. What is your Favorite Fall Month?
October. I love the cooler temperatures, food, decor and all the FUN it brings. Plus I love Halloween.

2. What did you dress as for Halloween last year?
I haven't dressed up in the past 2 years. I was out of town last year. I might do something easy this year, but I can't promise anything because my home is being remodeled. But before that I was Cleopatra, a doll, pink lady (Grease) and flapper. I definitely plan on dressing up next year. I already have a theme I want to do.
3. What is your favorite Fall food?
That's a loaded question (for me). HaHaHa I love homemade soups, seafood gumbo (Blog Post Here), steaks, pies, candy apples (Mrs. Prindables) and EVERYthing Thanksgiving. HaHaHa But I also love fruits of the season such as harvest apples, pumpkins, and gourds.

4. Do you have any Fall traditions?
Yes. I love decorating my home (inside and outside) with a Fall door wreath, real pumpkins, pine bark mulch and candles. Blog Post HERE. I also love various scents of the season!

5. What music do you like to listen to during Fall?
Every year I listen to my favorites, such as Michael Jackson's Thriller, The musical Wicked, The Addams Family Musical and Nightmare Before Christmas.

6. What is your favorite Fall outfit? 
I like to wear simple dresses and skirts with tights. It's practically my uniform. HaHaHa But I also like blazers, trouser pants and dark denim. I keep things really minimal.

7. Favorite scary movie? 
I can't do gory movies! LOL The Exorcist still gets to me (and don't even talk about the newer movies (LOL). I love vintage classics (on Turner Classic Movies) such as Dracula (Bela Lugosi), The Mummy (Boris Karloff), House Of Wax (Vincent Price), The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Friday The 13th, Creature From The Black Lagoon and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. LOL

8. S'mores or Pumpkin Pie? 
In New Orleans, many people eat Sweet Potato Pie. It's so good. A lady by the name of Tee Eva makes them upon order and they are DELICIOUS. Blog post HERE.

9. Hot Chocolate or Warm Apple Cider?
I'm a hot chocolate girl! With marshmallows! Lots of them. It doesn't matter the size! Blog post HERE.

10. Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes? 
They're a little sweet for me. I did a blog post about them two years ago HERE.

11. What is the best thing about your town during Fall? 
New Orleans has a lot of fun Fall Food Festivals this time of year, but I love seeing how people decorate their homes each year. The creativity is amazing. Blog posts HERE and HERE.
12. Tea or Coffee? 
I'm a tea girl and was currently introduced to loose teas by fellow blogger Jo of White Roses and Coffee. No going back for me and I love the flavor 'Birthday Cake'. You can read about it HERE.

13. Cats or Bats? In real life, neither really. HaHaHa I'm a dog girl. But if we're talking about Halloween, I always enjoyed cutting out paper black cats & bats as a child and decorating. I also feel black cats are GOOD LUCK (the opposite what people think).
14. Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanters? I did it once, when I was really young. The pumpkin was HUGE and from a farm. I swore, I would never do it again. LOL I think if it was smaller it wouldn't have been so challenging.
15. Do you enjoy visiting graveyards? Ummm, not the run down ones. LOL Many well kept cemeteries are pretty. Speaking of graveyards, I wrote a blog post about THE BLOG GRAVEYARD.

16. What is your favorite Fall memory? 
The beautiful Trick or Tea at The Windsor Court Hotel. Visiting a pumpkin patch in Hammond, Louisiana. Shopping for Fall things on a beautiful day :)

17. Gloves or Mittens? Cute gloves, like these Kate Spade's.
18. Do you enjoy the other seasons? Yes, I like Spring :)
19. How do you plan to spend this Halloween? At home, with snacks and watching movies.
20. In ONE sentence...WHY do you love Fall so much? The temps are cool and it's FUN!
21. What is your favorite Fall makeup look? Berry/Wine colored lips & nails

22. What is your favorite Fall candle scent? 
I love foodie scents :) So Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works usually satisfy my candle cravings. Here are a few I currently have and loving.

23. Do you enjoy cold weather? I like COLD WEATHER. I dislike FRIGID, ICY WEATHER.
24. What is your least favorite thing about Fall? When it changes into WINTER. LOL

25. What is your favorite Halloween candy? 
Snickers! Honestly I don't eat a lot of candy. I always like to visit Godiva and pick up one of their specialty themed boxes and I love cookies. So I usually stop by the Great American Cookie Company and pick up a few cookies. Blog posts HERE and HERE.

26. What is one thing you'd love to try during Fall, but haven't? 
I want to visit The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Literally a chocolate town with chocolate themed everything. Chocolate Spa. Candy and More. It's on my To-Go-To-List!

I tag anyone that loves Fall and would like to answer these fun questions.
You can do a video or written blog post.
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