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Friday, April 30, 2021

Tips for Cultivating a Wellness Space in your Home

If you feel as though your home is not supporting your lifestyle or your mental health very well, then this indicates that something needs to change. We live in a world where we tend to look outwards, but recently, we have been forced to take a more inwards approach. This can be a positive thing, but that being said, you have to make sure that you are supporting yourself as much as possible. This guide will help you to do just that.

Choose your Space

It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 rooms in your home or just a few because you have to find that space where you can extend your body comfortably. You need somewhere you can meditate as well as somewhere you can relax comfortably. Choosing an area that has a good amount of natural light will help you to stay much more connected with the world around you.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Bring Nature Inside

If you are limited when it comes to room or if you don’t have any outdoor space, then this can be frustrating sometimes. That being said, there are endless possibilities that you can utilize if you want to create your own sanctuary. You can easily bring nature inside by simply taking advantage of any available windowsill you have. Put plants on there and try to grow them. When you do this, you will soon find that you can bring your entire space to life with ease. If you are passionate about the environment, why not try and use solar energy to power your home? Sign up here.

Clean your Space

A messy home makes it hard for you to clear your head. If you want to support your mental health at home then you need to try and tidy your space, and you also need to keep it as clutter-free as possible. You don’t need to adopt the minimalist lifestyle and throw everything out, but you need to try and clear anything that doesn’t belong. This could include piles of letters or just clutter that doesn’t add any value to your space. If you can do this, you’ll soon find that everything feels better.

Set your Intention

Setting an intention at the beginning of your day will help you to bring awareness to your life, not to mention that it will also help you to amplify and even cultivate your positive energy. You could even try and do some yoga if you want. When you do get out your yoga mat, try and focus on the positive energy that you are drawing from the space around you and also make sure that you think about all of the things that you are grateful for. If you can do this, then you’ll soon find that everything comes together nicely and that you are able to feel better and more relaxed in your home.

So if you want to make your space as comfortable as possible and if you want to support your mental wellbeing then these tips should certainly help you to make some very positive changes. Why not try some for yourself?


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Live A Longer & Healthier Life By Cutting Out These 3 Things

What's the secret to living a long and healthy life? Filling your life full of healthy habits. If you commit to a handful of healthy habits every day, you will gradually start improving your health & wellbeing. It's not rocket science, there's no magic involved; all it is is the ability to consistently perform healthy habits over and over again.

Speaking of which, you also need to cut down on your unhealthy habits. To live the longest and healthiest life possible, consider cutting these three things out of your life for good:

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License


Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are two of the most damaging things you can do to your body. Drinking alcohol isn't on this list as it is okay in moderation. In fact, drinking some alcohol - like wine - can have positive effects. But, smoking provides nothing but trouble for your body. Primarily, it will shorten your life by leading to lung problems and most likely cancer. Even though the latest cancer treatment options have high success rates, treating lung cancer is extremely challenging. There's just no reason to smoke, and it's a bad habit that will reduce your life expectancy and create all sorts of ongoing health problems.

Lazing around

Get out of the habit of being lazy and doing nothing. Yes, sometimes it's good to have a rest, but you shouldn't spend too much time lazing around. When you do nothing all day, you get into a sedentary lifestyle. So many reports and studies have shown that sedentary people have shorter and unhealthier lives than active ones. As a result, you need to make it your mission to avoid doing this! Don't make the mistake of lazing around all the time - get up, walk around, be active. This doesn't necessarily mean you start working out every single day - it just means you are moving your body and not lying in one spot the entire day.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Not eating

This is a terrible habit that people get into when they want to lose weight. The logic goes like this: the less food you eat, the more weight you can lose. Technically, that makes sense. However, the problem is that you need food for energy. You will lose weight by not eating, but you'll also be incredibly tired, lose muscle mass, and be devoid of essential nutrients and vitamins. It is not a good idea, nor is it a healthy habit to get into. Instead, you should focus on maybe eating less or eating healthier foods that aren't so calorific. Alternatively, you can focus on exercising and being more active, meaning you can afford to eat more food and still lose weight as the added activity burns more calories than you consume. Just don't get into the habit of fasting all the time.

Cut these bad habits out of your life to live longer and healthier. At the same time, adopt a series of simple habits you can do every day that will help you be even healthier.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Banane Review

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Not Sponsored: <Singing> "If You Like Pina Colada's..." I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE THIS STUFF! IT IS PARADISE!!! Oh gosh you guys! This is like a vacation & your favorite tropical drink in a bottle. It smells so good! Ok, I am getting ahead of myself here. The brand is called Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I've never tried any of their products before (that must change). The company has been around since 1974 (wow, I was 2 years old then LOL ... some of you probably weren't even born). This couple Pierre and Josee Fournier took a trip to the Polynesian Islands ... the island left a lasting impression on them ... and that was the beginning of the creation of these fabulous fragrances. Their first store opened in Paris. I've had my eye on their fragrances before, and I finally purchased one at the last Sephora sale. I decided on Vanille Banane. I love it!!! Let me tell you the notes! The Base Notes: Vanilla, White Rum; The Heart Notes: Banana tree leaves, clover; The Top Notes: Orange, Banana, Whipped Cream. If you're a gourmand fan, you are salivating right now. The bottle MISTS the fragrance. You will want to spray this all over your body. The scent is light but effective. I don't see how it could offend anyone. It's delightful. You'll just want to spray and spray it. It makes me HAPPY :) LOL It comes in 3 different sizes, including a travel size. I can see, I will have to create a space in my beauty room just for this brand. I can see myself building a collection. HaHaHa I now see, why they have such a following. SO GOOD! From their website, they seem to have 34 scents to choose from...WOW! I'm already ADDICTED! 

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OPI Rapidry Nail Polish Dryer Review

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Not Sponsored: For the past couple of years, I've been polishing only my toenails (sandals) and not my fingernails. I've just been keeping the nails on my hands short. Well, sometimes (many times ... often) I change the color on my toenails RIGHT BEFORE slipping on my sandals. Yeah, I know! LOL Sometimes you make it. Sometimes you don't. Which leads to a smudge. So that brings me to today's review, OPI's Rapidry Nail Polish Dryer. This is WONDERFUL in a little bottle (small enough to transport anywhere). Right after your last coat (top coat ... something else I should be doing), you mist this on your nails and wait 2 minutes. Really, it's a little less than that. No accidents. No smudges. No bubbles. No dullness. I love that you still have SHINE from your nail color after applying this dryer. Some dull the color and shine, which I hate. I love this stuff. I have all brands of nail polish. Of course this stuff works with OPI, but I also tried it on Zoya and Chanel. It did great on both. OPI also has a Drip Dry that takes only 60 seconds to dry, but it didn't get as great a review as the Rapidry. So I purchased this instead. A long time ago in a galaxy far away ... I use to have one of those nail dryer machines, but I like this much better. Just wanted to share my experience and thoughts with you. Don't be afraid to run your fingers through your hair or put your toenails in the sand. 

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The Better Way To Enjoy Cocktails & Mocktails

Whether you like to have the occasional one after a stressful day, or you are planning for a big event with all of your friends, cocktails can be a very fun way to have a good time and unwind, alone or with others. But if you are wondering how you can make the most of a cocktail, there are actually a number of things that you might want to consider, and in this article we are going to take a look at just a few of them. As long as you have considered the following, you will find it a lot easier to enjoy cocktails in your life - the right way.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Make Them Yourself

One of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process is actually in the making of the cocktail itself, and if you can do this yourself you are going to find that it is a lot more enjoyable overall. For a lot of people, learning to make new cocktails is enough fun, and you might even find that you can have a great time just making them for your friends. There are endless amounts of cocktails out there, so you might want to think about learning a new one every month, or even time you have an event with friends.

Get The Right Equipment

If you are wondering how you can lift your cocktail and mocktail enjoyment to the next level, one of the things that will make a huge difference is if you get some of the proper equipment that you can buy for better cocktails. An essential is probably going to be the cocktail shaker, of course, so you should ensure that you have one of those. But then there are those items which help with the flavour of a cocktail as you are drinking, such as moscow mule copper mugs or an espresso martini glass. Be sure to stock up on those too, to really complete the effect.

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Add In A Little Class

For many people, cocktails are all about the classy side of living, and if you want to make the most of this aspect of them then there are many ways in which you can do so. You might want to include them as part of a classy event, get dressed up when you are drinking them with friends, or wait for a night out to really make them come alive. However you do it, this is going to add a lot to the experience of drinking cocktails, so that’s something to remember.

Remember: It’s Not About Alcohol

Mocktails are just as enjoyable as cocktails, so you should make sure that you are occasionally switching one out for the other. In fact, you can still have a great night just by drinking mocktails, as it is very much the theatre of the drink that makes a difference here. As long as you approach it in this way, you should find that you are going to be able to get a lot more out of it.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

5 Tips To Preparing For Move From An Apartment To A House

Making the jump from apartment dwelling to living in a house is an exciting period of change. While some aspects of moving are intriguing, the extra space and added privacy do not cancel out the need to determine exactly what you plan on bringing with you. In this article, we discuss five tips on how to prepare for the big move and offer simple solutions that dial down the hassle of the moving process.

1. Follow “Spark Joy” Rules

Marie Kondo was right when she told you to ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”. Consciously considering the items that you own and deciding if they’re worth keeping will prevent you from lugging extra junk to your new house. For many of us, apartment living comes with an interest in curbside finds like furniture in questionable conditions and other frugal-minded collections. Eventually we realize that you get what you pay for. So, what do you do with all the junk? Let go of anything you don’t cherish. Organize your donations in one pile and your keepsakes in another. Box everything up and send you giveaways to Goodwill.

2. Wrap Your Fragile Items

It is tempting to prepare your apartment for move-out as quickly as possible. Ignore the urge to place your fragile items in moving boxes carelessly. Take time to wrap anything that might break during traveling with newsprint boat sheets to protect your items. Wrap everything from your  collection of mismatched mugs to your pet’s ceramic food bowls. Assuming you’ve followed step one, then you know that these items have value, so don’t treat them with indifference just because it’s faster to pack this way. Make a plan to take care of your items and pack them with sincere consideration.

3. Take Damage Recordings

To add more credibility to your time as a tenant, take recordings of damages noted that you are not responsible for. Ideally, the day you move in, you should take and date recordings so that there is more proof that damages were not your fault. In either case, you want to make a statement denying damages that you are not responsible for. Your landlord will feel more comfortable handing back your security deposit after seeing these recordings and reviewing your unit’s good standing. You will make the moving process less stressful having documented your efforts.

4. Invest in Moving Tools

Even if you own a pickup truck, you might not be able to fit all your belongings in one trip. Get the assistance of moving containers from 1800-PACK-RAT for anything you don’t want to carry using your vehicle. You might also be able to track down a professional driver open to helping you move. You’ll save money and time sticking to these moving solutions and won’t need to hire an entire moving crew to get everything to your new home.

5. Hire a Cleaning Team

Once you’ve emptied your apartment, hire a cleaning team to have your apartment looking move-in-ready. Your landlord will appreciate the efforts, and you will be on the right track to getting your security deposit back. Do your part to patch up any scuffs or holes in the walls and consider adding a fresh coat of paint if your rental agreement allows for such changes. It’s not just a cleaning crew that you’re going to need, but there’s a very high chance you’re also going to need a dumpster rental, such as CFL Dumpsters, for old broken furniture or items that are simply too large to it in a trash can. You want your apartment to look as presentable as possible for the sake of your deposit return.

The Bottom Line

Going from an apartment to a house requires mindful decluttering and simple and effective moving plans. Using moving tools and recordings to guide the transition will make the moving experience much less of a headache for you.


5 Tips To Show Someone You're Thinking Of Them

While things are starting to get better, many people had a tough time last year. If you have some special people in your life, you may be thinking about how you can make life easier for them. Whether they’ve lost their job, faced the loss of a loved one to Covid-19, or simply need a pick-me-up, there are various things you can do to show someone you’re thinking of them.


If you need a little help planning a gift or gesture for a friend or loved one, consider these 5 tips below to get you started:

1. Order them something sweet. 

If you want to do something thoughtful and sweet for your friend or loved one, a gift of pastries or candy can be the perfect way to put a smile on their face. Whether you schedule a chocolate covered strawberries delivery, send them some freshly baked cookies, or simply give them a box of chocolates, surprise them with something that will help to make their day brighter—and dare we say sweeter?

2. Send them a care package.

If you live far away but wish you could be closer to your friend to show them how much you care, you could invest in a care package. Shop around for the little things you know they’ll love, from books to socks to cards and more. There are so many things you can get for an affordable price to fill up a box that will put a smile on their face. After all, everyone wants to know there’s someone thinking of them.

3. Help them find a therapist.

This is not something you want to do unless you know the person wants therapy. Often, when life feels overwhelming, it can be difficult to do the basic things like look up a local therapist who can provide them with what they are looking for. If you’ve discussed the idea with them, you can help them go about finding one that is within their budget and who has good reviews.

4. Spend time with them.

If your friend is having a tough time, they might enjoy getting out and about and doing something that distracts them from their troubles. If you both feel comfortable enough to hang out in-person, offer to spend time with them doing an activity you know they’ll enjoy, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or something else.

When you offer to spend time with them, they know someone is there and enjoys hanging out with them. It can help get their mind off whatever they may be going through and shows them they matter to you. Sometimes, that’s all someone needs.

5. Surprise them with some cash through a money-sending app.

Because 2020 was financially difficult on a lot of people, some people are just now getting back on their feet. If this is the case for your friend or family member, surprise them with a little cash love by sending them a little something via Venmo or Cash App.

When times are tough, it can help people feel more relaxed when unexpected money comes through. Whether they’ve been cutting out their favorite foods because of high prices or they’d like to do something fun but don’t have the money for it, this could be a great way to show them how much you care.

Put a Smile on Their Face

Showing people you are thinking about them can be as easy as picking up the phone to call them or sending them their favorite snack. Think about their preferences or what they may need at this time and share a little love—it goes a long way!


How To Wear Your Jewellery With Style

Image Source: Freepik

When you have a large selection of jewellery from which to choose to wear, you will need to be creative with how you wear it to get the most from it and ensure you get a chance to wear it all. You can do many things to style the jewellery you wear and ensure it matches your outfit, but you will have to be careful not to go overboard. Below are some jewellery styling tips to help you pick the best jewellery for the clothing you wear and the occasion that will have you look and feel like a million dollars.

Layer Your Jewellery

When you have beautiful jewellery, you will want to take any opportunity you can to show it off. Layering your jewellery is an excellent way to do this and allows you to wear multiple necklaces, bracelets, and rings simultaneously. However, you must not have too many layers, or else you may end up looking like Mr T from the A-Team. When layering is done correctly, it can show off your distinctive style and flair.

Choose Contrasting Styles

Rather than wearing jewellery that all matches perfectly with each other, you may wish to try wearing contrasting styles that complement the other jewellery items you are wearing. You can mix gold or silver jewellery and also wear jewellery that has different gemstones such as those sapphire jewellery London stores offer. Mixing and matching your jewellery until you find combinations that work is an excellent way to ensure you do not wear the same items all the time.

Image Source: Unsplash

Create A Focal Point

You can use your jewellery to create a focal point that catches the observer's eye, and when done correctly, it can let you get away with wearing other items that do not match. You can wear an item of jewellery that stands out and eclipses anything else you wear, which can also let you get away with much more. Wear a stunning necklace with a low-cut top, and most people will not be looking at the bracelet or earrings you are wearing.

Create Your Own Trend

Trends are like fashion, and they come and go, so rather than following the current trend or styles that people are wearing, be bold and create your own. You evolve your style and fashion by experimenting with what you like and what you think works. Ignore what other people think. You never know, you may end up starting a new jewellery fashion trend which will see people copying your look and replicating it in their unique way.

Ignore The Rules

Image Source: Freepik

The best piece of advice is to ignore the rules and current trends for fashion that people are wearing and be unique and stand out from the crowd. If you are happy with what you are wearing then it is of no concern to anyone else, so you should not pay them a second thought. Wear what you like and are comfortable in and you will feel fabulous no matter what you wear. When you have the confidence to be unique, it will help you to get noticed and people may start to replicate you. Mix and match your jewellery till your heart is content and ignore the haters.


Monday, April 26, 2021

REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift Review

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Not Sponsored: I hate this product. I know...harsh. But its the truth. AND SIDE NOTE ... I AM A HUGE FAN OF REN! I use their skincare everyday. But this is the reason, I started a blog. I would constantly try beauty products. If something was great I said, OOH! I WISH I COULD TELL EVERYBODY! If something was bad I said, OOH! I WISH I COULD LET EVERYONE KNOW NOT TO BUY THIS STUFF ... DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This is why blogging is a really great outlet. Some people don't like giving bad reviews, NOT ME! So here's the deal you guys. REN's Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift (SpaceNK, Sephora, Strawberrynet, Revolve) is for dark circles (lately, I've been experiencing a little darkness under my eyes), fine lines, crow's feet and puffiness. It's a gel serum, that promises to LIFT and TIGHTEN INSTANTLY. The product is cruelty free and vegan. You're suppose to apply very little product to the eyelid area without rubbing (but massage it into the area ... okkkk). I tried this several times and a white residue always appeared. It starts off little and then you see a lot ... and then it flakes. This product didn't help my eyes at all. I didn't see any lifting ... tightening ... plumpness etc. When you initially apply the product, it feels very moisturizing and cool on the skin. It perplexes me, that you're to apply this only on the lid and not under eye area. Dark circles appear all around the eye. There's something amiss. I had high hopes! But after testing it ... NOTHING! Don't waste your money on this one. What's really been helping my eyes is Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Cream and Vitamin Enriched Eye Base. You can read all of my REN reviews here.

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How It Started
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Coola Refreshing Water Mist Sunscreen Review

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Not Sponsored: I was on a weekend getaway. I used my skincare. I applied my makeup. But as I looked into the mirror ... I said Kim, you forgot to apply sunscreen. I always apply Coola's Sun Silk Drops Organic Face Sunscreen SPF 30 to my face (it blocks out UVA, UVB, Blue Light, IR and Pollution) before applying my makeup. Sunscreen is a necessity for me, because I have a facial allergy to the sun. My eyelids, top and bottom will swell up without the use of sunscreen. In my makeup bag, I packed Coola's Refreshing Water Mist Sunscreen (Sephora, Nordstrom, SpaceNK, ULTA, Macys, Free People, Revolve). I purchased it, to test it out. I had planned on testing it, but not this way! Now was the best time to test it out! LOL I applied it atop my makeup and ventured out. Well you guys, I'm really impressed. I experienced no adverse reactions. This sunscreen has an SPF of 18. It's 70% Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Gluten Free. It protects you from the sun, blue light, IR and pollution. It's alcohol free. It affords you protection, which is what you want. But what I love, is that it is SO REFRESHING! Coola picked the perfect packaging for this product. It MISTS your face. It doesn't wet your face. I'm sure you've tried many water mists that "hose" your face down. You won't experience that with this product. My makeup stayed in place. My skin felt refreshed! This product contains organic aloe and coconut water. It comes in two sizes, 1.7 oz and .85 oz (as shown below here). I love this smaller size, because its easy to travel with (purse, on trips, in desk etc). I don't pick up a scent, it's clean. It's lightweight. It's effective. I don't have any complaints and highly recommend this product. I was first introduced to Coola in 2016. They make a number of products to protect you from the sun and they're very good at it. Well, this is another winner in my book! You can read all of my Coola reviews here

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Friday, April 23, 2021

How To Find The Right Loan For Your Needs

When looking for a loan, it can be easy to get lost in the mountains of information, options, and paperwork. Where should you start? With a little research, you can definitely find a loan that works for your specific needs. Here are three questions to ask yourself when looking for the right loan.

What kind of borrower am I?

As you think about what to look for in a loan, it is worth spending time to figure out the kind of borrower that you are. This means examining your unique situation and examining your finances in order to see what you are qualified for.

Consider your situation

People from all walks of life have to take out loans. Depending on factors unique to you, you may be able to take advantage of programs designed to help borrowers in your specific situation. Many lenders have specific rates for first-time home buyers, or people that own their own business, so in these cases you would want to research support relevant to you. If you’re a veteran, you qualify for an array of benefits that civilians do not qualify for, so be sure to check out VA loan rates in your area. Also, some states have local assistance programs for individuals or families at a certain income level, so look into local benefits too. Understanding the options and exceptions available for your situation will help you tailor your loan to your needs.

Examine your finances

When you apply for a loan, a lender will dig into your finances as part of their due diligence. You can avoid a lot of stress during this process by taking the time to examine your own money so that you’re aware of what they’ll find. Most credit card companies will let you pull a credit report for free once a year, which can help you better understand your credit score. Also, working to pay down debt so that less of your income goes towards debt payments will make you more attractive as a borrower.

What kind of loan do I need?

After doing a preliminary assessment of yourself as a borrower, it’s time to think about what type of loan would best meet your needs. There are several different kinds of loans which can be used to pay for different financial situations. For example, if you’re looking to buy a home, you want to look into getting a mortgage. Alternatively, if you’re looking to grow the small business that you run out of that home, you might want to look at small business loans, which can help to cover office supplies and other necessary expenses. There are also loans for buying cars, covering high-interest debt, and going back to school, so the important thing is to apply for the loan that does what you want it to.

What kind of lender am I looking for?

Just like there are specific loans for every need, there are also many different kinds of lenders. Each lender will have different pros and cons, so you want to find the one that best aligns with your priorities. Maybe you need money quickly, but you’re confident that you can pay it back, in which case you might want to go with a major commercial bank or an online finance company. If time isn’t as much of an issue, but you’re looking for more of a personal relationship with your lender, smaller, more local lenders may be a better fit for you.

When looking at loans, don’t settle for a fit that’s just “ok”. Just like you take care of your physical health, finding the right loan is key to taking care of your financial health. Consider these questions and you should be able to find a partnership that’s right for you!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Take Your Career Up A Gear With These Driving Jobs

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Looking for a new career? If you can drive, why not take up a driving job? Some driving jobs can be very well paid and could offer the chance to travel all around the country. Below are just a few driving jobs to consider.

Delivery driver

Delivery driving is the most popular driving career. There are lots of different types of roles within this industry including takeaway drivers, parcel/mail delivery drivers and heavy load delivery drivers.

Heavy load delivery drivers tend to be the most well paid - you’ll likely need a HGV license to get a job in this field. If you enjoy your alone time and don’t mind travelling long distances, it could be a rewarding career to get into. You could work for an employer or you could work freelancer picking up shipping bids. The latter could require you to own a van or truck.

Bus/coach driver

Driving a bus or a coach could be another option. You’ll need to apply for a special license to drive one of these vehicles.

Bus drivers tend to drive a familiar circuit, while coach drivers get to go on much more varied journeys. Some coach driving jobs can be very well paid and could even provide the chance to drive abroad. Like a truck driver, you’ll be having to steer a much larger vehicle, however with a bus or a coach you’re likely to be dealing more regularly with people.

Taxi driver

Driving a taxi could be another option. To get involved in this career, you’ll need to apply for a taxi license.

Taxi driving can be a much more social job and while you’ll mainly stay local, every day will be varied. You could get a job working for a firm or you could become an independent taxi driver. Apps like Uber have it easier to pick up work as a freelancer.


A chauffeur is in charge of driving, cleaning and maintaining a car for a private employer or a firm. You can become a chauffeur with a regular driving license, although having many years of driving experience could help you to secure a position.

Chauffeurs can be very well paid, and the work can be glamorous and quite varied. Unfortunately, such work isn’t as easy to find as with many other driving jobs. You can become a self-employed chauffeur - this could include offering limousine hire for parties or wedding car hire. Such work may offer more flexibility and could be easier to break into.

Driving instructor

Feel that you’re a competent enough driver that you could pass on your skills to others? A job as a driving instructor could be worth considering. This will require you to apply for an instructor’s license.

Driving instructors tend to work on a self-employed basis. You’ll need to be good with people and very patient. It’s possible to make good money as a driving instructor, but you need to be willing to work flexibly to meet others’ availability.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Sky Is The Limit With Email Marketing

Image Source: Pixabay CC0 License

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to develop an effective marketing strategy in order to survive. Of course, any business needs to employ marketing methods, and they need to constantly employ them and update them. However, when one considers the terrible effect the pandemic has had on businesses and the current economic climate at present it is evident that marketing effectively is more important than ever as it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive let alone make a profit.

Therefore, individuals and businesses need to find unique ways to target people in order to make them spend their money as people are being more and more cautious when doing so. The same applies to new businesses. If you have hired a business formation attorney and you’re getting your company rolling, having a solid marketing strategy is imperative.

There are a whole host of different marketing campaigns that are available to individuals and businesses. Some of the strategies which are popular at present include social networking methods and promotional item distribution strategies. The one in which a company opts to go for obviously depends on the size of the business in question and the industry in which it is placed in. What works for one company may not work for another. However, there are a couple of strategies that had positive feedback across all sorts of businesses and one of these strategies is email marketing. Email marketing obviously consists of advertising by sending emails to customers or future potential clients.

There are a whole host of benefits that are associated with utilizing email marketing. However, before these advantages are revealed, it is important to acknowledge the importance of using an email marketing agency to take care of this side of things. The bad state of the economy at present was mentioned earlier in the article. Keeping this in mind, it is evident that there is no room for error when implementing such strategies, as if something goes wrong there could be a damning effect on the business in question. Therefore, be sensible and seek the aid of people who have years of experience in this field of marketing.

So, what are the benefits associated with utilizing email marketing? First and foremost, there are quite frankly no limits regarding the number of people that can be reached through this form of advertising. Through using emails to communicate with individuals companies have access to people all over the world and thus the scope of people who could potentially hear about the business in question is massive.

In addition to this, email marketing is an affordable strategy. No money is required to actually implement the strategy and there is no need to buy any specialized equipment or excess goods. This is especially important when considering the fact that they need to save money is more important than ever at present.

One of the most important benefits of internet marketing is that it can be used to develop a relationship with customers and potential clients. It is an easy and effective way of maintaining constant communication and it ensures that if individuals require a way in which to speak to a company they have it.


How To Rebuild After A Major Setback

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Life can be unpredictable at times and isn’t always easy. You may have already or might yet experience a major setback and be unsure of how to handle and deal with it. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about how to cope and take steps that will alter your future for the better.

The upside to a challenging situation is that there are steps you can take that will help you get your life back on track after a major setback. It may be a long and demanding road ahead but you’ll look back and be glad you put in the hard work when you’re living your best life and feeling a lot better overall.

Take Time to Regroup

You can get your life back on track after a major setback by taking some time to regroup. Give yourself the time you need to reflect and think about the circumstances and how you might want to proceed. Give yourself a momentary break to let yourself process what occurred and think through the details so you can digest it all and eventually move forward. You want to avoid jumping into a different situation right away because you may not be ready for it and then have to start over again.

Rediscover Your Passions

It’s also important that you take time to rediscover your passions and think through what you want for yourself in the future. Think about your talents and what you’re good at and put a smile on your face. Now might be the perfect time to start your own business or find a new job that better utilizes your skills. It may also be your opportunity to travel the world for a while as you reconsider how you want to spend your days and career down the road. Try new hobbies and take on new interests that help you feel alive again and get your mind off your past.

Accept the Past

If you want to rebuild and get your life back on track after a setback then you must accept the past and soon distance yourself from it. It’s best to face it head-on then it is to bury it and pretend like it didn’t happen. There may be valuable lessons you can learn and take away from the experience that you’ll want to recognize and uncover. Acceptance is the first step in you being able to heal and create a better future for yourself. Overcome the victim mentality and focus on all you do have to offer the world even though you had a setback or hiccup in your journey. Experience your emotions and then shift into a new and more positive perspective.

Set New Goals & Stabilize

Get your life together and back on track after a major setback by setting new goals for yourself. It may be that you’re working through an addiction to alcohol and are now ready to find somewhere to live and be on your own. In this case, check out tips for living a sober life after rehab and housing options that may be the right option and solution for you. Now is the time to figure out a game plan for getting back on your feet and starting over with a new and fresh attitude and outlook. Getting sober is a significant accomplishment and now that you are you want to focus on maintaining and rebuilding so you can live a happy and fulfilling life free from addiction.

Learn from Your Mistakes

It’s also wise to seek out what this setback may have taught you and what you can change as you push forward. Learn from your mistakes and figure out what you don’t want to repeat or do again in the future. Let these life lessons create a new path for you that has you excited about the days ahead instead of living in fear. Remind yourself that you are not your mistakes and it’s a situation that occurred and that you have the power to change your life for the better. Use your mistakes as an opportunity and chance to learn, grow, and develop as a person.

Confide in Friends & Family

You don’t have to continue on your journey all alone. There are people in your life that you can lean on and that will be there to support you if you ask for it. Confide in friends and family and be vulnerable and open up about your past situation. Let them in and share what’s on your mind so you can heal and find some peace. Contact and connect with people you trust and that have been there for you before and let them in on what’s going through your mind. Speak up and let them know how they can help and what you need.

Ask for Help

Remember that major setbacks happen to a lot of people and that you’re not alone. It’s a sign of strength when you reach out and ask for help instead of acting like you’re fine when you’re not. Don’t be afraid to let others know what assistance or aid you need right now so you can get back on your feet. For instance, it may be you need a place to live, some money to cover your bills or someone to listen and talk to about your problems. Figure out what it is that will help you get through this challenging time and ask for the help you need so you can begin to rebuild.

Keep Yourself Motivated to Succeed

It’s ultimately your job to process the past and keep yourself motivated to move on and upward. Get your life back on track after a major setback by modifying your approach and lifestyle so you can make better decisions and choices ahead. It may be that exercise helps you focus and reduce your stress so you can think clearly. On the other hand, it might be picturing yourself buying a new car or traveling more that keeps you motivated to continue working hard to get to a better place. Let this motivation help you get out of bed each day with a positive mind and attitude and the willingness to put forth an extra effort to get what it is you want.

Make A Plan

You’re not going to get too far without a new plan for how you want to proceed. Write down your goals and how you’re going to go about reaching each one. Get your life back on track after a major setback by having concrete steps and actions you’re taking to help you move forward. Let your plan guide you to making wise decisions and not letting past behaviors or negative thoughts stand in your way. Get excited and inspired by your future plans and let them act as the foundation you need to improve your life so you can find greater success.

Implement Healthy Coping Strategies

You may continue to second guess yourself a bit and may even have minor setbacks as you rebuild. It’s all part of the growth process but you have to be prepared to cope with it and refocus again. Therefore, implement and adopt healthy coping strategies for when you’re feeling frustrated or encounter obstacles that try to stand in your way. It may be that you choose to take breaks and go for walks or hikes when you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you try mediation and journaling as an option for dealing with your emotions. Have strategies handy and in place that you can turn to when you’re feeling lost or confused so you can continue progressing and not let little setbacks create larger problems for you.

Forgive Yourself

Most importantly, you must learn to forgive yourself even after a significant setback. Be kind to yourself and stop reliving what occurred in your head. Move on and look to your future with open arms and enthusiasm. Being able to forgive yourself isn’t always easy but it is a necessary step in the healing and recovery process and will give you the boost you need to start over again. It’s going to take a lot of self-love which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you initially. Be mindful of your self-talk and make sure it’s uplifting and encouraging so you can continue to experience brighter days ahead.


Major setbacks can be frustrating and debilitating. You may feel confused about what the future holds and how to dust yourself off and focus on the possibilities instead of the roadblocks. These tips and guidance will get you through this trying time in your life and help ensure that you remain on a positive path to rediscovering yourself, setting new goals, and overcoming a difficult situation. It may take some time before you’re happy and able to rebuild again so be patient and avoid letting small hiccups hinder your forward progress. Be proud of yourself for getting back up again and not allowing a setback to completely disrupt your future and the plans you have for yourself and your life.


Friday, April 16, 2021

5 Personalized and Customized Gifts Anyone Will Appreciate

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one or friend? Finding the perfect gift can often be challenging. You want to find something the person will love and be happy to receive. While you want to put thought into it, shopping for gifts doesn’t have to be stressful.

If you are too late to order something else, you cannot go wrong with flowers. It is the thought that counts, so order the best, buy flowers online and surprise them. However, if you have time then keep reading!

Unique and one-of-a-kind gifts are becoming easier to find, so if you want to give something extra memorable to a special someone, consider these 5 customizable and personalizable gifts that they’re more than likely going to love.

1. Customized picture plaques

If you know your loved one appreciates photographs and likes hanging them around their home, personalized picture plaques are a great gift for them. You can choose your favorite pictures of them, the two of you together, or perhaps of their family. Replacing photo frames with plaques provides a cleaner and more modern look, which could be perfect for their home décor or office set-up.

2. Personalized cutting boards

If your friend loves their kitchenware, there is nothing more unique than a personalized cutting board. Whether you want to engrave it with a funny saying, meaningful quote, or their name, a gift like this one is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. After all, cutting boards are always a must in any household kitchen, so why not make this necessary item extra special? If you want to take it a step further, you could even include some custom whiskey or wine glasses.

3. Uniquely designed towels

Do you have a friend who just moved into a new place? They could probably benefit from some new towels. I mean, who wouldn’t love to have personalized towels with their name or at least initials embroidered on them? You’d be surprised at how many people would secretly love a gift like this one.

If you know them well enough, you may know what color theme they have going on in their restroom, and you can order the towels in an ideal color you know they’d appreciate. Pro tip: include hand towels as well, as it’s something not everyone has, but everyone wants to use.

4. Individualized beard grooming kit

Although the hipster beard trend may have disappeared in some places, there are still plenty of guys out there maintaining some type of beard length. Whether you have a friend who has a beard that any lumberjack would be jealous of or your significant other has a more “metro” style beard, any guy with facial hair would love a customized beard grooming kit. You can opt for a wooden one with his name engraved on it or some other style of kit. Either way, you’ll be making grooming that much easier for him, and he’s going to feel pretty special with his own personalized kit.

5. Specific beauty box subscription

Do you know someone who loves wearing makeup and keeps up with a skin routine? There are some great beauty subscriptions out there, so think about one that would work perfectly for what they may need. Whether you think they could benefit from some creams and moisturizers because they love them or they often talk about how much they enjoy mascaras and lip glosses, there are various options like GlossyBox and Birchbox to choose from. A beauty box subscription will make sure you find the perfect option for their unique preferences while saving them money.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the gift you get for your friend or family member will be something you know they enjoy. These ideas can get you thinking, so you can find a present that they will absolutely love. Which gift idea seems like one your loved one would appreciate?


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

How To Increase Deep Sleep

Whether you are having problems with falling asleep or facing issues with staying in bed through the night, a lack of proper rest can take its toll on you. From fatigue to depression, this can cause a world of problems that could affect your personal and professional life alike.

That is why it is incredibly important that you focus on the quality of your sleep and ensure a good night’s rest for your wellbeing. Doing so doesn’t ask you to go above and beyond normal practices either. In fact, a few modifications to your daily routine can often work like a charm.

To help you get the rest you deserve each night, here’s a lowdown on how to increase deep sleep.

1. Look Into Mindfulness Meditation

Mediation has long been considered one of the most popular methods that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness meditation, a technique that focuses on your breathing and anti-stress response, is also known for its positive effects on sleep and stressors that typically cause insomnia.

By looking into this type of meditation, you can ensure to improve the quality of your sleep. This helps you rejuvenate after a long day without frequently waking up in the middle of your slumber. In turn, you can benefit from a more relaxing rest each night.

2. Explore Weighted Sleep Accessories

Sleep accessories such as a weighted blanket are gaining popularity by each passing day. It is for good reason as well. The gentle yet noticeable weight of these blankets not only instills a sense of warmth, but also washes away stressful body responses. This helps you become calmer before bedtime, and lets you stay comfortable through the night.

When you are not moving your limbs so much during your sleep, your chances of waking up abruptly also reduce significantly. As a result, simply covering yourself in such a blanket can work wonders for deeper sleep.

3. Enjoy a Warm Bath Before Bed

No matter your age, a warm bath sounds like a delight right off the bat. When you factor in the use of aromatherapy scents such as a lavender bath bomb, it becomes a mix of fun and relaxation alike.

When you use your favorite yet calming scents in a warm bath before bed, it helps soothe your body and mind to a significant degree. This helps you sleep not long after you hit the bed, and also allows you to retain the same sense of relaxation through the night for a deeper slumber.

4. Adopt Sleep Hygiene Activities

Sleep hygiene sounds like a highly technical term, but it simply refers to cutting back the clutter of activities that may affect our sense of relaxation. In addition to keeping your surroundings free of distractions, this includes reducing the use of social media and blue light devices that may interfere with your sleep.

To ensure proper sleep hygiene, make sure to roll back on your use of blue light-emanating smartphones and turn on their night mode or night shift feature every single night. You can also invest in a sleep-friendly night light to steer clear of disturbing lighting tones.

5. Consider Using CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two most popular marijuana plant compounds that is known for its calming properties. The compound doesn’t induce recreational psychoactive effects, but it still allows you to feel soothed and relaxed after its use.

By using products such as a CBD cream, you can easily make this compound a part of your daily routine for a good night’s sleep. This ensures that you can reap the rewards of this natural ingredient for deeper sleep, but without getting into convoluted mechanisms to consume it.

Keeping these tips in mind helps you adopt healthy sleeping habits and ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted sleep every single night.


Friday, April 9, 2021

VSHRED Weightless Jacket

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! If you're looking for cute, sleek, modern activewear ... look no further! I have to tell you about a company called VSHRED. VSHRED is a fitness, nutrition and supplement brand. They have recently started an activewear apparel collection. PR for VSHRED reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a product from VSHRED's new apparel line. After looking at their website and what they offered, I said SURE! I really loved what I saw. VSHRED sent me their Weightless Jacket. I LOVE IT! Its form-fitting, sleek (nothing bulky about it), smooth, seamless and modern. I love the details. It has a functional hood, pockets (and the zipper is strong and durable; nothing flimsy), thumb holes (what I love about them is if you don't use them you can't tell they're there), feminine ribbon drawstrings, side mesh vents, moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry, and reflective detail on the front and back for nighttime visibility. I LOVE MINE! This jacket is offered in sizes XS - XL. The Weightless Jacket comes in 8 different colors: Black, slate grey, red, royal navy, sky blue, sage green, lilac and maroon. And guess what!?! This jacket doesn't show sweat! I was very impressed with the jacket I received and plan on purchasing more apparel from them. They sell jackets, bras and leggings. And you guys, THEY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! I wanted to share with you how impressed I was with the brand. When wearing something it should make you feel and look good. I love this jacket.

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