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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kim's Diner (Waitress Costume): Halloween 2017

I love dressing up for Halloween! Last year I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The year before that Princess Leia from Star Wars. This year, I decided to be a waitress! I wouldn't be a good REAL waitress (I'm so clumsy), but I've always wanted to do a blog post dressed as one. I also love when fashion & beauty mixes with "FOOD" (it's a fun & sweet mix)! That's why my blog is called A Very Sweet Blog. I also wanted to do this post, because it shows some items that you will see in my makeup room. It's a menagerie of things I've collected over the years. Look for a video in January. My contractor is building me more shelves! HaHaHa This post will take you from Breakfast to Dessert! Enjoy! If you missed my blog posts featuring Halloween decorated homes in New Orleans, please click here :).


Monday, October 30, 2017

The Skeleton House: Halloween 2017

New Orleans has appropriately nicknamed this mansion The Skeleton House (its located on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and State Street)! If you visit New Orleans during the month of October, you should definitely stop by and have some fun. Every Halloween, a number of new satirical skeletons pop-up on its lawn. I always look forward to seeing the themes that arise each year. Since I've covered this for several years now, I was interested in knowing the story behind this home. I did a little research and a woman by the name of Louellen Berger (she's a baby boomer) started this display. This fun Halloween project of hers started when her parents began to age, but she's always loved Halloween. She wanted to bring the festivities to them. Isn't that awesome? She's a college graduate, that retired from fashion & marketing and is married to real estate developer Darryl Berger (he graduated from Isidore Newman, Vanderbilt University and Tulane University Law School). They purchased this home in 1978. She often consults with her adult children on ideas. (source) I took pictures of the new themes, but if you would like to see ones from past years, please click here & here.

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