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Monday, April 22, 2024

Dos and Don'ts for Hiring the Perfect Wedding DJ

The wedding industry constantly changes, with musical entertainment playing key roles in the celebrations' success. A wedding DJ doesn't just play music; they create an atmosphere, intertwine moods, and ensure that key moments are underscored by the perfect soundtracks. Hiring a skilled DJ thus becomes essential—not just a choice but a significant investment in the day’s overall tone and guests' experience.

Through a thorough examination of prevalent slip-ups made during this key hiring process, we will clarify strategies that can prevent common errors. Each highlighted mistake is coupled with practical advice, from the importance of in-depth research and clear communication to the necessity of verifying credentials and trusting one's instinctive judgments. Each suggestion aims not only to enhance the music on the day but also to enrich the celebratory ambiance, ensuring every beat contributes to lasting memories.

 Image by addve12 from Pixabay

Not Researching Potential DJs Thoroughly

Choosing the right wedding DJ requires more than just a glance at their website or a quick conversation. It is important for couples to deeply explore the backgrounds and reputations of potential DJs. This means perusing online reviews extensively and, importantly, reaching out within one’s network for personal recommendations that could provide real-life insights. 

An in-person meeting with the DJ is not merely beneficial; it’s vital. Such direct interaction allows you to gauge their professionalism and get a sense of whether they can truly align with your wedding’s envisioned ambiance. This thorough vetting process helps ensure that the DJ you select will not only play music but will enhance the overall experience on your special day.

Failing to Clearly Communicate Expectations

Effective communication with your wedding DJ is necessary; it ensures that all parties share the same vision for the event. As you discuss your needs, it’s important to list not only your musical preferences, including genres and specific songs, but also any special requests that might personalize your wedding experience.

Time frames are equally important — specifying when certain tunes should play during key moments, such as your first dance or cake cutting, can prevent timing mishaps. Clear articulation of these elements minimizes the potential for misunderstandings, helping to ensure a smooth celebration where the music perfectly complements the joy of the day.

Choosing a DJ Based Solely on Price

Carefully considering the cost when selecting a wedding DJ is sensible, but a decision driven solely by price tags might pave the way for disappointment. Often, DJs offering significantly lower rates might not possess the breadth of experience, quality equipment, or professional demeanor expected at such vital moments in one's life. DJs vested with less experience might not effectively manage the diverse and dynamic atmospheres of a wedding reception, potentially leading to a lackluster celebration.

More so, limited professionalism might manifest in poor communication or inadequate preparation, which can ripple through your event, subtly undermining its joy and fluidity. While budgets are essential, weighing the cost against potential sacrifices in quality and smooth execution can steer you toward making a choice that enriches the celebration, ensuring the music does touch, and uplift every moment of your special day.

Not Checking for Insurance and Licensing

An oft-overlooked but key aspect to consider before hiring your wedding DJ is checking for their proper insurance and licensing. This step is not just about compliance but serves as a protective measure for you against any potential accidents or damages during the event.

Ensuring that your DJ has the necessary documentation also confirms their adherence to industry standards and local regulations, hinting at their professionalism and seriousness about their work. This careful attention not only prevents possible legal and financial problems but also reassures you that the DJ is fully prepared and legitimate, which can greatly influence the calm and joy you feel on your wedding day.

Ignoring Gut Feelings and Red Flags

When selecting a wedding DJ, paying attention to your instincts is important. Should unease surface, or noticeable red flags arise during initial discussions, it might signal the need to reconsider your options. Ignoring such intuitive responses could result in selecting a DJ who fails to meet your expectations, affecting the overall ambiance of your celebration.

It is often more prudent to extend your search rather than compromise on this aspect of your wedding, as the DJ plays a key role in setting the tone for your event. Recognizing and acting upon these gut feelings can steer you away from potential disappointments and towards a more fulfilling celebration experience.

Understanding and addressing the common pitfalls in hiring a wedding DJ elevates your special day from memorable to unforgettable. The outlined advice—thorough research, explicit communication, focus on quality over cost, verification of legal credentials, and trusting your instincts—combine to form a robust framework for choosing the ideal DJ. Each component plays a massive role: research and communication align expectations, while considering quality over price assures a professional and engaging performance. Ensuring your DJ is insured and licensed safeguards your event, and trusting your feelings can be the deciding factor in making the perfect choice. By integrating these insights, you set the stage for a celebration that resonates joy and harmony, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.


Glowing Through the Years: Secrets to Ageless Glamour

As we journey through life, the desire to maintain a youthful appearance is something many of us share. However, the challenges of aging can sometimes make this goal seem elusive.

From fine lines and wrinkles to changes in skin tone and texture, the signs of aging can also affect our confidence and self-image.

But fear not! There are incredible advancements in science and skincare that offer promising solutions to help us defy the effects of time. Yes, we are talking about cosmetic surgeries. 

These surgeries are popular choices for many, offering a natural-looking solution to turning back the clock. There's a lot to explore when it comes to facial surgery– let’s dive in.

Image by Jerzy Gorecki from Pixabay

Upper Face Surgeries

Brow Lift 

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery in which doctors remove excess skin and tighten the muscles to smooth out wrinkles. As a result, the procedure lifts and reshapes the eyebrows and forehead area.

Moreover, as per the experts of brow lift at Sunder Plastic Surgery, there are multiple ways to perform this surgery. These can range from endoscopic to temporal lift. The chosen technique depends on skin characteristics, bone structure, eyebrow and eyelid appearance, and eyebrow position.

The benefits of a brow lift include:

  • Removes wrinkles and lines on the forehead.
  • Raises drooping eyebrows for a more youthful appearance.
  • Creates a more alert and refreshed look.
  • Enhances overall facial appearance, boosting self-esteem.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping the eyelids to improve their appearance. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids or both.

During this surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions along the natural creases of the eyelids. Excess skin, fat, or muscle is removed to address sagging, puffiness, or wrinkles. The incisions are then closed with fine sutures.

The benefits of eyelid surgery include:

  • It can improve vision.
  • Minimization of bags under the eyes, making you look more rested.
  • Smoothing out wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes.
  • Enhanced satisfaction with your overall appearance.

Mid-Face Surgeries

Lip Lift

 A lip lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the lips.

During the procedure, a small incision is made at the base of the nose. Excess skin is removed from the area between the nose and the upper lip.

The incision is then closed with sutures. The procedure is usually done under anesthesia and takes about an hour.

Benefits of a lip lift include:

  • It can improve the shape and contour of the lips.
  • Recovery from a lip lift is usually quick, with minimal downtime compared to other facial surgeries.
  • The procedure aims to fit lips well with the rest of the face.
  • Unlike temporary lip fillers, the results of a lip lift are typically long-lasting.


Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery. It's done to change how your nose looks or works.

The procedure starts with anesthesia. The surgeon makes cuts inside or outside the nose to reshape it by adjusting bone and cartilage. After surgery, swelling and bruising occur, but they usually fade within weeks.

Benefits of rhinoplasty include:

  • It enhances facial harmony
  • Corrects breathing problems
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Fixes issues like a crooked nose or a bump on the bridge
  • Improves overall facial appearance and function

Lower Face Surgeries

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the chin. It involves using implants to increase the size or projection of the chin.

The procedure involves inserting an implant or using fat transfer to increase chin projection. The surgeon creates a small cut either under the chin or inside the mouth to put in the implant or move fat.

Benefits of chin augmentation include:

  • Enhanced facial definition and balance.
  • Improvement in jawline contour.
  • Correction of a weak or receding chin.
  • Helps to harmonize facial features.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the neck area.

The procedure involves making small incisions behind the ears and under the chin. These incisions may remove excess fat and tighten muscles and tissues. The skin is then re-draped, and excess skin is trimmed. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures.

Benefits of neck lift include:

  • Tightens loose skin and muscles in the neck area.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Improves the definition of the jawline and neckline.
  • Address the effects of aging, weight loss, or genetics.


In our quest for timeless beauty, cosmetic surgeries offer remarkable solutions. From brow lifts to neck lifts, these procedures redefine aging gracefully. They target specific areas, enhancing facial harmony and restoring confidence. With advancements in science and skincare, achieving ageless glamour is within reach. So, embrace the journey of self-transformation and discover the secret to glowing through the years.


Friday, April 19, 2024

5 Things to Look For in a Drug Rehab Center

Of all the difficult first steps a recovering drug addict is going to have to take, choosing to seek help from drug addiction is probably the hardest. Just immediately after that is the next most important step of selecting the appropriate drug rehabilitation center that will provide assistance towards the path of sobriety.

It is imperative that people find a center where they feel right and their needs can be taken care of effectively. From this center you may find the level of support you need, both for your immediate needs and those of your longer-term goals in recovery.

Here are five key elements to get you started as you consider how to choose the best possible drug rehab facility.

 Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

1. Comprehensive Treatment Programs 

The most admirable centers have diversified programs of treatment. These may include medical detox, individual counseling, and group therapy, as well as support for mental health issues like depression or anxiety. As much individualization as possible in treatment programs can also be more effective in contributing to a life of sobriety. Looking at the different programs in each center will help you find the kind of a center that can adjust when your recovery needs change with time.

2. Qualified and Compassionate Staff

Recovery can be a deeply personal and sometimes challenging journey. So, it is very necessary for their staff to be supportive and compassionate enough and, of course, qualified. The best rehab centers have professionally certified and experienced doctors, psychologists, and support staff. A team of such nature will definitely make a person feel at ease and ready for the program, as it will display concern and understanding of a genuine nature.

3. Accreditation and Licensing

If the rehab center is an accredited one, then it is a sign that the center meets the required standards of care and quality by the healthcare industry. Make sure the facility is accredited by an accreditation organization that is a reliable body. Also make sure that the drug rehab center has been issued with a license from the state health departments. These can help assure you that the activities at the center meet—and probably exceed—high standards.

4. A Supportive Environment 

The environment inside the rehab center should be safe, clean, and help recovery. This includes living under comfortable conditions, peaceful surroundings, and getting treated with respect. A good environment may build up your ability to focus on recovery without undue stress or distractions.

5. Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Following the completion of any rehabilitation program, aftercare support is critical in the maintenance of sobriety. Find out if the drug rehab center has any continued therapy sessions, support groups, or provision of resources to avoid backsliding. These services can provide you with the tools and support needed to navigate the challenges of life post-rehab. 


Choosing the right drug rehab center is a decision that should be made with careful consideration. Look for programs that offer complete treatment from competent, properly accredited staff who will place your recovery goals first.

Remember, the right centers are out there, and identifying them would be the key toward your successful recovery.


Your Guide To Unforgettable Yacht Charters

Have you ever dreamed about driving along unpolluted waters, enjoying fantastic scenery, and being in your comfort zone? If you are one of those whose answer is yes, it's time to pack your bags for a trip and board a yacht charter that will make your dreams come true. Picture yourself setting out on a trip on clean waters and awe-inspiring sights.

Myst Yacht Charters offers the thrill of yachting and the lure of rest and peace in the open sea waters. If you are looking for yacht charters near me, they have a variety of vessels and travel destinations that meet everybody's demands no matter what they are.

 Image by Domenico Farone from Pixabay

Make A Special Memory with Luxurious Yacht Charter

Every traveler is different and, therefore, has specific tastes and goals. If you find yacht charters near me, they offer a variety of catamarans, power yachts, and even superyachts, all carefully picked to match the client’s standards and budget. From beginner to seasoned, these companies emphasize high-quality and customized support throughout every process.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up to the gentle motion of the waves and step out on your private deck to observe the sunrise over yonder? A yacht charter trip can transform your dream into reality as you sail some of the world's most beautiful places.

Indulge in 5-Star Luxury with Crewed Yacht Charters

One significant advantage of yacht charters near me is the option for Crewed Yacht Charters. Imagine being waited on by experienced crew members who look out for you and your happiness throughout the trip.

It starts with a one-of-a-kind schedule customized to fit your needs and preferences, with gourmet meals featuring the finest cuisine carefully composed to surpass your expectations in every way. You can laze on the sun deck, snorkel colorful reefs, or tour lovely local villages. The crew is always ready to serve you. They allow you to relax completely and enjoy nature's splendor.

Your Gateway to Adventure

With yacht charters, there are many possibilities for adventure. Whether you prefer quiet beaches, fascinating marine life, or a cultural learning experience, there is a place you will enjoy. From the pristine beaches of tropical islands to the historic coastlines of ancient civilizations, every site features its marvel and fascination.

Why Customers Love Yacht Charters

Hundreds of travelers have experienced the wonder of yacht charters and created memories to last a lifetime—their commitment to perfection and unmatched service guarantee that every cruise is spectacular. The crew gladly accompany you from the moment you inquire about a charter until you safely leave your yacht to ensure a smooth and memorable journey.

Are you ready to take on the journey of your life? Contact a yacht charter company to start planning your dream holiday. Whether you want to celebrate a particular event or just search for an escape from everyday life, yacht charters near me are here to materialize your maritime fantasies.


Chartering a yacht is a luxurious and adventurous experience, allowing clients to explore new horizons beyond the normal. From a Crewed Yacht Charter with indulgence to the freedom of exploring less-known harbors, every moment is designed to outperform. With a dedication to high standards, this fleet merges the beauty of the ocean with the comforts of 5-star living, offering unforgettable travel for every passenger.


Can You Run A YouTube Channel While On A Skilled Worker Visa In The UK?

Photo by on Pexels

Key Compliance Aspects for Skilled Worker Visa Holders

Understanding Immigration Rules

Holding a mandates strict adherence to immigration rules. Key considerations include:

  • Relevant Employment Categories: Any supplementary activity, like running a YouTube channel, must align with your primary job as outlined in your Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Working Hours Limit: Time dedicated to your YouTube channel should not surpass 20 hours weekly and must be outside your main job hours.

Contractual and Tax Obligations

  • Review Employment Contracts: Check your employment contract to ensure no terms are violated by starting a YouTube channel.
  • Tax Implications: Understand the tax responsibilities of monetising your YouTube channel. Hit up a tax pro to get the lowdown on your YouTube channel's dough.

Different Forms of YouTube Engagement

  • Hobbyist Content Creation: Casual, non-monetised content creation generally falls within permissible activities.
  • Professional and Monetised Channels: These require meticulous compliance checks, which may constitute self-employment.

Seeking Professional Legal Advice

To stay compliant with both immigration and employment laws in the UK, it's advisable to consult with legal experts prior to initiating any form of digital content creation on platforms like YouTube.

Additional Considerations for Skilled Worker Visa Holders Running a YouTube Channel

Intellectual Property and Branding

  • Understanding Intellectual Property Rights: In the UK, intellectual property (IP) rights are crucial, especially for content creators. Ensure that the content on your YouTube channel, including music, graphics, and videos, respects IP laws. Utilising royalty-free or original content is key to avoiding legal complications.
  • Effective Branding Strategies: Establishing a strong brand for your channel is vital. In addition to crafting a standout logo and sticking to visual themes, understanding global SEO dynamics is essential. Content creators in the UK can gain valuable insights from international perspectives, like those offered by Australia's leading SEO experts at Utilizing these techniques, along with language that resonates with your audience, is key to building a robust brand. A well-optimized channel doesn’t just improve visibility; it also fosters opportunities for new viewers, collaborations, and sponsor deals.

Cultural Sensitivity and Localisation

  • Cultural Sensitivity: As a content creator in the UK, it's essential to be culturally sensitive. This means understanding and respecting the diverse cultural landscape of the UK audience. Content that is inclusive and considerate of different backgrounds tends to have a broader appeal and fosters a positive community.
  • Localisation of Content: Tailoring your content to suit the UK audience can enhance engagement. While keeping your distinct point of view, weaving in local UK trends, discussions, and a dash of British wit can make your content hit closer to home for viewers there.

Networking and Collaboration

  • Working Together with Fellow Creators: Joining forces with other YouTubers can seriously ramp up your audience, attracting fresh eyes to your content like bees to honey. Seek opportunities to team up with other YouTubers, particularly those based in the UK; this lets you tap into their audience and inject some diversity into your content.
  • Networking Events: Attend industry events and YouTube creator meetups in the UK. These meetups are ace spots to rub elbows, pick up tips from top creators, and keep your finger on the pulse of fresh trends in content creation.

Long-term Strategy and Sustainability

  • Developing a Content Calendar: Planning your content in advance with a content calendar helps maintain a consistent posting schedule. Holding onto your audience and growing on YouTube hinges majorly on this strategy.
  • Diversifying Content: While it's important to have a niche, diversifying your content can help in reaching a wider audience and keeping your existing viewers engaged. Experiment with different types of videos to see what resonates with your audience.
  • Sustainability Practices: Consider the long-term sustainability of your channel. This includes balancing your time between your primary job and your YouTube channel, ensuring you don't burn out. Also, brainstorm ways to make money from your channel in a steady way that doesn't sacrifice the high-quality content or ruin the viewer's enjoyment.

Legal Compliance and Future Planning

  • Regular Legal Check-Ins: Regularly review your status with respect to Skilled Worker visa regulations and UK employment law. When your venture really starts to soar, pulling in hefty profits, that's when you've got to be extra sharp about the legal side of things.
  • Future Planning: If your channel becomes highly successful, you may need to reconsider your visa status or look into other legal structures for your content creation activities. Knowing how to pivot as your channel takes off and getting savvy about the legal options can lead you to smarter choices in your content creation journey.

Wrapping Up

Running a YouTube channel as a Skilled Worker visa holder in the UK is a venture that requires careful planning and adherence to regulations. By keeping an eye on everything from IP laws and personal branding to cultural awareness and your long-term game plan, you can build a YouTube channel that's both successful and law-abiding while still captivating.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mindful Drinking: How to Adopt This Beneficial Lifestyle Change

Many social and professional settings often revolve around the consumption of alcohol. However, the concept of mindful drinking is gaining traction as a refreshing path to healthier living. Mindful drinking is not about abstaining from alcohol entirely, nor is it about counting every sip in anxiety. Rather, it is the practice of being consciously aware and in control of your drinking habits, enabling you to enjoy alcohol with intention and moderation.

It’s all too easy to let your drinking get out of control and when this happens it raises the prospect of using Tricare addiction treatment facilities to get the professional help needed to address your problem.

It is the prospect of this scenario that is fueling interest in mindful drinking. Here’s what you need to know about this beneficial lifestyle change.

 Image by bridgesward from Pixabay

Understanding Mindful Drinking

Mindful drinking centers on the idea of presence and awareness in your consumption habits. It involves recognizing why, when, and how much you drink. It’s centered on making deliberate choices about alcohol based on this awareness.

This approach can help you reduce your alcohol intake. Allowing you to enjoy drinks without excess, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Why Adopt Mindful Drinking?

The benefits of mindful drinking are extensive. Physically, reducing alcohol consumption can lead to improved sleep, better digestion, and a stronger immune system.

Mentally, it helps in reducing anxiety and depression risks often exacerbated by heavy drinking. From a social perspective, mindful drinking can foster deeper, more genuine connections with others, as interactions aren’t overshadowed by the effects of excess alcohol.

How to Start Mindful Drinking

Reflect on Your Drinking Habits

Begin by assessing your current drinking patterns. Keep a diary or use an app to track how much you drink.This reflection helps you understand your triggers and decide where changes might be needed.

Set Clear Intentions

Define what mindful drinking means for you. It could be deciding to have only one drink per night, choosing only certain days to drink, or setting a monthly limit. The key is that these limits are thoughtfully set and aimed at fostering a healthier lifestyle.

Savor Each Drink

Mindful drinking involves engaging all your senses. Take the time to really taste your drink and appreciate its flavor. Drinking slowly helps you enjoy the experience more deeply and often means you drink less.

Check in With Yourself

Regularly assess your state of mind and body while drinking. Are you still enjoying your drink? Do you really want another, or are you reaching for it out of habit? Being attuned to your feelings can help you make conscious decisions about continuing to drink.

Find Alternatives

If you find yourself drinking out of boredom or out of habit, look for alternatives. This might mean stocking non-alcoholic beverages you enjoy, finding a new hobby, or practicing stress-relief techniques like meditation or yoga.

Educate Yourself

Understanding the effects of alcohol on your body and mind can motivate you to stick to your mindful drinking goals. Improved knowledge about the impact of drinking can also help you deal with social pressures and provide you with responses to offer when you’re opting not to drink or to drink less.

Mindful drinking is not just a trend, it's a sustainable approach to enjoying alcohol in moderation while prioritizing your health and wellbeing. By adopting this lifestyle change, you not only enhance your physical and mental health but also improve the quality of your social interactions.

If, despite good intentions, you are struggling to control your alcohol intake, seek professional guidance as soon as possible.


According to Science: High Pressure Oxygen Resolves Covid-Related Breathing Difficulties

Many people today are still struggling with the after-effects of having contracted COVID. They struggle to breathe on a daily basis, leaving them more winded and tired so that they’re not able to get back to their usual daily routine pre-pandemic. However, new research in the science field is proving a new effective method of helping people breathe more easily again.

Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

The Promises Of Hyperbaric Chambers

Instead of attending standard therapy for severe breathing difficulties related to COVID-19, you might want to consider trying a hyperbaric chamber in Denver, CO. Hyperbaric chambers have been shown to resolve these difficulties in as little as three days.

This method of oxygen delivery is quite safe and has even been developed into portable hyperbaric chambers so that patients can treat themselves at home instead of constantly making appointments.

How Do Hyperbaric Chambers Work

Patients are placed inside a chamber where the pressure inside is higher than the atmospheric pressure at sea level. With this method, air is brought into the lungs more easily as it is somewhat forced into the lungs.

However, there are some potentially harmful effects, especially in patients dealing with COVID-19. For those experiencing lung inflammation or fluid buildup from pulmonary edema, then these conditions could be worsened inside a hyperbaric chamber.

 The Potential To Decrease Recovery Time

Studies were conducted that included forty adults admitted to 3 different hospitals in Buenos Aires. They all had severe breathing difficulties and had oxygen saturation less than 90%.

They were divided into two groups: using standard therapy plus hyperbaric treatment, and hyperbaric treatment alone. At the end of the study, there was no significant effect on respiratory distress. However, there was a dramatic difference in oxygen saturation before and after treatment, and patients doing hyperbaric treatment alone returned to normal breathing within 3 days; those doing standard therapy alone took 9 days to return to normal breathing.

Other Uses For Hyperbaric Therapy

The tissues of the body require oxygen in order to properly function and heal. By increasing the amount of oxygen present in the blood, it’s natural to assume that this healing process could be shortened. Hyperbaric therapy has been around for several years and has been used to treat several medical conditions, such as:

● severe anemia

● carbon monoxide poisoning

● nonhealing wounds caused by diabetes

● radiation injury

● skin grafts

● gangrene

Are There Other Risks of Hyperbaric Therapy?

Because of the increase in pressure on the body, there are some complications that can arise. These include:

● seizures, as a result of too much oxygen

● lowered blood sugar in those who have diabetes treated with insulin

● lung collapse, due to air pressure changes

● middle ear injuries

● temporary nearsightedness

That’s why it’s important to discuss your options with your doctor first to ensure that this treatment might be right for you.

If you think that hyperbaric therapy might be right for you, consult your doctor as soon as possible. It might be the right treatment when you’ve tried everything else and none of it has worked.


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Cornhole Rules

Woo hoo! If you’re reading this article then you’re interested in my favorite game, cornhole!

I’ve been playing this game since the late 90s, and truly feel it’s one of the best for being social with friends and family.

Knowing the game cornhole rules is really important to make sure everyone playing has a good time. Simple enough, read this article once and you’re sure to remember how to play.

 Image by cfarnsworth from Pixabay

An Easy to Understand Breakdown of Cornhole Rules

Check out these easy sets of rules to start your game! If you get into the game even more, there are game set ups for teams you can look into.

1) How Your Score Points in Cornhole

In cornhole, the point of the game is to toss a small weighted bag across a playing field over to an angled board with a hole towards the top. The ultimate goal is to get your bag to fall into the hole in the board.

Here’s how it scores: if your bag lands onto the board you get one point and if your bag falls in the hole you get three points.No points are scored if your bag doesn’t land on the board or in the hole.

After each inning, whichever side has the most points will have the lower points deducted from it. That will be the points scored for that inning for the winning side. Once a side reaches 21 points you have a winner.

2) There’s a Certain Way You Have to Toss

In cornhole tossing the bag is called “pitching”. A coin toss at the beginning of the game can decide on who pitches first. You must toss the bag in an underhand release. It has to be done from within a “pitcher’s box”, which is lined up exactly with the playing board.

When waiting for the other side to pitch their bag, you need to wait at least two seconds after their bag comes to a complete stop before you can toss yours. In serious games you can also include substitutes for each side should someone need to step out.

3) Here’s How Someone Can Foul

You can foul during a game of cornhole crossing the “foul line” when you’re pitching your bags. The foul line is right at the end of your board. Stepping outside of the pitcher’s box is also not allowed.

There’s also a 20 second time limit on throwing. If you don’t release during this time that’s counted as a foul. Dropping the bag while you’re in turn to throw is also counted as a foul.

No one can change or move any pieces during play. That means you can’t touch the bags on the board during the game or after the game until all players have agreed upon the score of the inning.

Time to Play Now that You Know How!

From tailgates to backyard barbeques, cornhole is the best game that brings everyone together. Cornhole rules are easy to understand and follow. Making it a fun game for everyone to enjoy. So grab your friends and family and get to playing! 


Shopping For The Best Two Way Radios: What To Look For

Two way radios are very useful instant communication tools. It applies to all scenarios, from outdoor activity to professional business operations. Event staff might even hold a two way radio, making sure that communication is established without necessarily relying on phone coverage.

There is a lot that you may want to look for when you purchase a two way radio. 

This guide takes you through some of the important things that you have to consider, ensuring that you can make an informed decision, or you can learn more at Rapid Radios.

 Image by sasanqua camellia from Pixabay

Essential Features of Top Two Way Radios

A number of features should always be in your mind when looking for the best two way radios. The very first of them will be the range that the radio can be able to support. The maximum distance will be the highest coverage between the radios in its transmission of messages. This is very important in communication in open places or when parties are not close to each other.

Another factor is an area of much concern: battery life. Look for radios that can last a full day of use, so you don’t have to worry about mid-day recharges.

The number of channels will also be a very important factor. It means that there will be more alternatives to have communication, which is very much needed in times when the radio traffic is high.

Finally, there is a requirement for toughness when outdoors. A design that can be both rugged and cope with the possibility of dropping and bad weather will be most helpful to you.

Understanding Two Way Radio Specifications

It would also be an added advantage to consider the particular technical specifications of your two way radios. Radios operate through bands like Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF). In most cases, UHF radios are best in an urban environment because the range can penetrate through buildings and steel structures. On the other hand, VHF radios have a long range, but less penetration ability, so are better in fields and roads—open spaces.

Power output, normally rated in watts, also influences the transmission range of a radio. Although it may also cause the battery to run out more often.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Needs

Analyze the features available with your needs to find the best two way radios for you. Basic models may be enough when you're just looking for a radio for some casual outings, but when it comes to serious professional use in security or event management, look for advanced features that include more battery life, wider coverages, and emergency alerts.


Choosing the best two way radios would need some consideration. You also need to look around—possibly online—at a place like Rapid Radios. Knowing what to look for—features, specifications, and personal needs—will be helpful in arriving at a decision that would be suitable for your communication needs.

Remember, the key to finding the perfect radio is knowing what you need and understanding the options available.


Renewing Your Wedding Vows: What You Need To Know

Image by freepik

Renewing your wedding vows can be a meaningful way to strengthen and celebrate your bond with your other half. Sure, this ceremony may not have as significant legal implications as your wedding or civil partnership did - but it is a crucial milestone in your life nonetheless! That is why it is important to know how to plan celebrations that are truly memorable and speak volumes about your love story. Get started with the tips and strategies below.

Choose A Meaningful Date

According to American Express, almost a fifth of Brits plan to or have already renewed their vows. But when is the best time to plan these celebrations? While a significant anniversary like the 10th, 25th, or 50th is a popular choice, there's no strict rule! The beauty of renewing your vows lies in the flexibility to choose any date that holds special significance for you and your partner - such as the anniversary of your first date or simply a day that feels right!

Partner With A Specialized Photographer

To ensure the memories of your vow renewal last a lifetime, partnering with a specialized photographer is key. Consider using Professional Photography Services, NCM, Capture Your Moments.

A photographer expert in capturing the essence of these intimate moments can make all the difference in helping you build a photo album that compliments the memories of your wedding days, life milestones, and past anniversaries.

Create A Theme That Resonates With Your Love Story

When renewing your vows, choosing a theme that speaks volumes about your love story adds a personal touch to the celebration! For example, you could revisit your wedding theme or the songs and style that was in vogue during those days. Or, you can plan a romantic getaway and revisit the same spot you’ve eloped to when you got married. Alternatively, you can craft a brand new theme around a shared passion or interest that has bonded you and your partner over the years. 

Pro tip: Remember, one of the secrets of event planning is the strategic use of props and decor - like balloons, arches, flowers, and fabrics - to create an ongoing theme!

Make It Intimate - But Know How To Throw A Party!

Renewing your vows is a celebration that can be planned at a certain anniversary - but it can also mark the moment a couple has overcome obstacles such as illness or personal challenges. In this case, an intimate, micro-party can help you share your love with the people who are closer to you.

Alternatively, you may use this occasion to throw the party or honeymoon you’ve always wanted, which was elusive due to financial constraints when you first got married. In this case, be sure to work with an event planner to throw the party of the century!

Don’t Worry Too Much About The Legalities

Here's the best part about vow renewals: they come without the significant legal implications of traditional weddings! This means that this celebration doesn’t require certified officiants or legal paperwork.

So, instead of worrying about legal documents, make the whole thing about you two: celebrate anywhere that holds meaning, whether that's a backyard garden or a beach at sunset!

Choose To Exchange A Token Of Love

Renewing your vows is also an excellent occasion to renew your tokens of love! Consider exchanging upgraded wedding bands or other meaningful tokens, from bracelets, to pendants, or watches!


Planning Your Wedding in France: A Complete Guide to Getting Organized

France is known for its romantic ambiance, rich culture, and picturesque landscapes, making it one of the most desired locations for destination weddings. This guide aims to provide useful insights into planning a French wedding, which starts with finding the perfect France Wedding Photographer. Through detailed sections, you will gain valuable knowledge on essential steps to make your dream wedding a reality.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

When considering a venue for your wedding in France, there are an abundance of charming locations throughout the gorgeous country. To ensure capturing enchanting photos on your special day, be sure to found a wedding photographer in France who understands your vision and complements your chosen venue's aesthetics. Here are some popular types of venues that couples can choose from:

  • Chateau weddings: These luxurious French castles offer an unforgettable experience, often enhanced by their spacious gardens.
  • Vineyard weddings: The beauty of vineyards adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any celebration, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your France Wedding Photographer to capture.
  • Beachfront weddings: Coastal regions such as Normandy, Brittany, and the French Riviera boast incredible beach settings for dreamy seaside nuptials.
  • Historic city weddings: Take advantage of the rich history and architecture of cities like Paris, Lyon, or Bordeaux for an intimate urban affair.

Navigating Legal Requirements and Documentation

To officially marry in France, you'll need to comply with local legal requirements. Understanding these regulations and preparing accordingly will help you. Here are some key points to consider:

  • At least one of the couple must be a resident of France for at least 40 days before the ceremony, or have a close family member living in the specific city/town where the wedding takes place.
  • You will need to present valid passports, birth certificates (translated into French), and verification of your marital status.
  • If you choose a civil ceremony, it must be held at the local town hall ('mairie') where one or both spouses reside.
  • Should you opt for a religious ceremony, note that many religious venues require formal proof of faith and pre-marital counseling.

Hiring a Wedding Planner and Local Vendors

Enlisting the help of a skilled wedding planner can greatly simplify your destination wedding planning process. They will not only assist you in finding the perfect venue but also streamline the decision-making for hiring various vendors, including the best France Wedding Photographer for your event. Moreover, wedding planners typically have established relationships with reliable, local suppliers, which can lead to discounts or preferential treatment for your wedding needs.

Preparing Your Guests for a Destination Wedding

Save-the-Dates and Invitations

Since a destination wedding often involves additional travel arrangements and extra costs for guests, consider sending save-the-date cards well in advance, ideally 9-12 months ahead of time. This will allow attendees ample opportunity to arrange their flights and accomodations. Elegant invitations should follow shortly after, providing essential information about the location, date and time, dress code, and any important details on accommodations or transportation. Don't forget to include your wedding website, if applicable, for guests to access more detailed information.

Activities and Tours for Guests

Show appreciation for your guests' commitment to attend your French nuptials by providing them with suggestions or organized group activities that showcase the region's local attractions, such as wine tastings, hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, or guided historical tours. Such thoughtfulness will enhance their experience and create lasting memories of your special celebration.

Incorporating French Wedding Traditions

To make your wedding feel even more authentic and memorable, consider integrating some traditional French customs into your big day. Some popular options include:

  • The "Vin d'Honneur": This traditional pre-dinner drink reception allows the couple to greet all guests, regardless of whether they are invited to the main event or just the ceremony.
  • Croquembouche: Substitute your standard wedding cake with this delightful tower of cream puffs held together by caramel - a classic French wedding dessert.
  • The "Cortège": The bride and groom lead a procession through town after the ceremony, accompanied by musicians, family members, and friends.
  • Dragees: Offer guests these mouthwatering sugar-coated almonds mimicking the form of marzipan balls as favors symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Incorporating these elements into your planning process will ensure a magical wedding experience in France, filled with love, joy, and enchantment. Having a talented France Wedding Photographer capture each beautiful moment is vital to preserve these memories for years to come. Happy planning!


How to Live a Full Life when You're in Pain

Photo by Daniel Xavier from Pexels

Living with pain can lead to a lot of people withdrawing from life and not living to the fullest if you have their abilities, which is really really sad.

Everyone deserves to live their best life, and pain should not be a barrier to that so let’s take a look at a few things you cn do to live well even if you are in pain right now.

1. Say 'Yes' to CBD

This little helper, available from CBDistillery,  comes from the cannabis plant but won't make you see unicorns (that’s THC). Instead, CBD has been shown to help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity. Whether you choose oils, gummies, or creams, it’s like having a chill pill for your nerves. Just imagine telling your pain to take a hike with every dose.

2. Meditation

When pain flares up, it's easy to get caught in a torrent of frustration and negativity. Enter meditation, and mindfulness specifically, your mental lifeboats. By focusing on the present and practicing deep breathing, you can help calm the mind, which might just make pain feel less like a screaming banshee and more like a manageable whisper. It's not magic, but it's pretty close.

3. Get Moving (Gently)

The idea of exercising when you're in pain might sound about as appealing as a root canal, but hear me out. Gentle movement can be incredibly beneficial. Yoga, tai chi, and even light walking can increase mobility, ease pain, and boost your mood. Think of it as coaxing your body back to health, one soothing stretch at a time.

4. Dive Into Hydrotherapy

Speaking of soothing, let's talk water therapy. Swimming or even just floating in a warm pool can be a game-changer for pain sufferers. The buoyancy takes weight off joints, while the water’s resistance helps build muscle. It's like being cradled by a warm, supportive liquid pillow. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to hang out in a pool?

5. Explore Acupuncture

If you're up for trying something a bit more pointy, acupuncture might just stick it to your pain. This ancient practice involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body, which can help alleviate pain and promote healing. It’s a little like resetting your body’s pain thresholds. Just make sure you find a licensed practitioner to avoid becoming a human pincushion.

6. Keep a Pain Diary

No, it's not a diary of despair. Keeping track of when your pain hits, what it feels like, and what you're doing at the time can help identify patterns and triggers. This can be incredibly useful for managing pain and discussing treatment options with your doctor. Think of it as detective work where you're both the sleuth and the mystery.

7. Laugh Often

It might sound trite, but sometimes laughter really is the best medicine and has actually been proven to release endorphins that can relieve your pain for a little while so get out and see those friends who make you laugh the most. It will do you the world of good.

Living with pain doesn't have to dull your sparkle if you have the right tools to help you!


Natural Radiance: Subtle Facial Enhancements for a Fresh, Youthful Look

The quest for a refreshed and youthful appearance has led to the rise of subtle facial enhancement treatments.

These procedures promise to diminish the signs of ageing, refine facial features, and rejuvenate the skin with minimal invasiveness and downtime.

Tear trough filler Leeds is one of the popular choices offering a refreshed look that blends seamlessly with your natural features.

Let’s have a look at some of the subtle facial enhancement treatments to choose from.

 Image by Jean-Francois FAGEOL from Pixabay

The Magic of Minimally Invasive Lifts

Face and neck lifts have revolutionised the approach to combating the signs of ageing. These procedures, known for their subtlety, provide long-lasting results that defy the years, all while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

Surgeons adept in these techniques skillfully minimise scarring, ensuring that the enhancements appear as inherent traits rather than surgical interventions.

The Precision of Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, targets the delicate areas around the eyes, removing unwanted bags and tightening creases or folds.

This surgical procedure is far from overbearing; instead, it offers a subtle modification that can significantly brighten and open up the eye area.

When combined with a facelift, the results are synergistically enhanced, culminating in a comprehensive facial refresh that remains true to your inherent beauty.

The Anti-Ageing Work of Botox

Botox injections have become synonymous with anti-ageing treatments, known for their ability to erase deep lines and prevent new wrinkles from forming.

This non-surgical treatment is celebrated for its subtle yet transformative effects, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance that can last for months.

The Natural Touch of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer utilises your body's own fat to replenish lost volume in the face.

This natural and effective method not only restores youthful contours but also ensures that the enhancements feel as authentic as they look.

Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers

Anti Wrinkle injections offer a quick and safe solution to relax facial muscles, easing the scrunches and wrinkles that come with age.

These treatments are efficient and discreet. Similarly, dermal fillers use substances that naturally occur in the body to volumise and lift the skin, subtly enhancing its youthfulness with minimal downtime.

Innovative Treatments: Fat Dissolvers and Collagen Stimulators

For those stubborn pockets of fat, fat dissolvers present a synthetic yet natural solution, breaking down fats and delivering permanent results.

Meanwhile, collagen stimulators emerge as an innovative alternative to dermal fillers, encouraging the body to produce its own collagen and thus enhancing skin quality over the long term.

These treatments are ideal for individuals facing severe volume loss or rapid metabolism of fillers, offering natural and enduring results.

The bottom line is that subtle facial enhancement treatments provide a pathway to achieving a naturally youthful look without the need for overt surgical interventions.

These advancements in aesthetic medicine offer tailored solutions that align with individual beauty aspirations, ensuring that the journey to rejuvenation is as personal and unique as the individuals themselves.

With these subtle yet effective treatments, embracing your natural radiance has never been easier.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

What Are the Hidden Costs of Renting a Furnished Apartment in Dubai? Unveiling the Overlooked Expenses

Renting a furnished apartment in Dubai can seem like a convenient option for those in search of an immediate and stylish home without the hassle of buying furniture. However, furnished rentals often come with a variety of hidden costs that can catch tenants off guard. These costs affect the overall budgeting for potential renters and can include fees for amenities, services, and other non-negotiable features of your living space. Tenants need to be aware of these potential extra expenses and factor them into their housing budget to avoid surprises.

To ensure that you are well informed about the financial commitments of renting a furnished apartment, there are specific charges you should consider. Agency fees, for instance, may apply if you are using the services of a real estate agent. Security deposits are also commonplace and can be a significant upfront cost, along with housing fees such as the Dubai Municipality fee which is a percentage of the annual rent. Activation fees for utilities provided by DEWA (the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) are also a standard requirement when moving into a new rental.

For those intrigued by the simplicity of serviced apartments, researching how to find furnished apartments in Dubai can reveal options with flexible terms, catering to different preferences and needs while considering the hidden costs associated with such rentals. Understanding the full spectrum of expenses beyond just the advertised rental rate can make the process of securing a furnished apartment in Dubai a more transparent and manageable endeavor.

 Image by 8268513 from Pixabay

Financial Implications of Furnished Apartments

When considering renting a furnished apartment in Dubai, it's crucial to be aware of the various financial implications. From rental costs to legal expenses, tenants should prepare for the additional fees that may not be immediately apparent.

Understanding Rental Costs

The annual rent for a furnished apartment in Dubai is typically higher than for an unfurnished one. This increased rent takes into account the cost of furniture and fittings provided by the landlord. Monthly rent payments could also include premiums for the convenience and quality of furnishings, impacting your overall budget. Prospective tenants must scrutinize their lease agreements to understand precisely what is included in the quoted rent.

Additional Fees and Deposits

In Dubai, renting an apartment often involves paying a security deposit, which can be equivalent to several weeks to a couple of months’ rent. Additionally, renters may encounter an agency fee, usually around 5% of the annual rent, plus VAT. Agency fees and commissions are paid for the services of real estate agents. Initial payments may also include a DEWA deposit and district cooling deposit for utilities, along with Ejari registration cost, which is mandatory for leasing properties in Dubai.

  • DEWA Deposit: A refundable security deposit for water and electricity connection.
  • District Cooling Deposit: This may be required for the apartment's cooling services.
  • Ejari Registration Cost: A fee for the legal registration of the rental contract.
  • Agency Fee: Often a percentage of the annual rent plus VAT.

Utilities and Services

Renters should also budget for monthly utility bills from DEWA for water and electricity. Chiller fees or district cooling charges—for the air conditioning systems provided by companies other than DEWA—can also add up. These cooling services are essential in Dubai's climate but can be costly depending on usage. Maintenance fees may also apply, covering the upkeep of furnishings and appliances within the property.

Government and Legal Expenses

Tenants are subject to Dubai Municipality housing fees, typically charged at 5% of the annual rent, split into 12 monthly payments, added to the DEWA bill. Renters need to pay for Ejari certification, which formalizes the rental agreement through a government-run program, ensuring all terms and conditions are legally binding. Ejari renewal fees for services from the Dubai Land Department and RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) are additional legal advice expenses that one may incur when renting in Dubai.

Practical Considerations and Hidden Costs

When considering a furnished rental property in Dubai, potential tenants face a range of practical considerations and hidden costs beyond the sticker price of rent. These can affect the total expenditure during the rental journey, from maintenance responsibilities to lease restrictions.

Maintenance and Repairs Responsibilities

In Dubai, tenants of furnished apartments must understand their responsibilities towards maintenance and repairs. While landlords are obliged to handle major maintenance issues, tenants may be required to pay for minor repairs and upkeep. It’s advisable to clarify maintenance costs within the lease agreement to avoid financial surprises.

Amenities and Community Fees

Most residential properties in Dubai charge fees for amenities and community facilities. These may include gym access, swimming pools, and parking spaces. Additionally, the Dubai Municipality Housing Fee is a 5% charge on the annual rent, payable in 12 monthly installments through the utility bill.

Lease Terms and Renewal Factors

The terms of a lease can vary significantly and should be reviewed for clauses regarding rent increases and renewal conditions. Some leases have an upfront one-time fee, while others might include a rental contract renewal fee. Understanding and negotiating these terms with assistance from a real estate agent can be beneficial.

The outcome of Security Deposits

It's standard practice for landlords in Dubai to require a refundable deposit for furnished apartments. This deposit safeguards against damages, but the definition of 'damage' can lead to disputes. Ensuring the property is well-maintained can optimize chances for a full deposit refund.

Moving and Adjustment Costs

Moving costs in Dubai can be substantial, especially when hiring a professional moving company. Expats should include these expenses in their budgeting. Moreover, transitioning between furnished properties to unfurnished can entail additional costs for rental or purchase of furniture if the choice is made to change housing arrangements.


When considering a furnished apartment in Dubai, tenants should carefully evaluate all potential expenses. These include not just the rent, but also agency fees, DEWA charges, and leasing flexibility. Armed with the right information, such as average monthly costs and hidden fees, renters can make an informed decision that aligns with their financial and housing needs.


What to Expect in a Tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco

Are you going to be in the Northern or Southern California area and want to explore the gorgeous area between Los Angeles and San Francisco? While you can absolutely rent a car (if you don’t have your own) and make the drive yourself, you can enhance the experience by taking a guided tour with a reputable private tour company.

Here’s what you can expect on a tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Image by 12019 from Pixabay

Beautiful Weather

During your two to three day tour—which spreads over about 350 miles—you can expect to enjoy the fantastic year-round weather that defines California. Los Angeles temps rarely dip below 50 or rise above 85 while San Francisco hovers in the 50s to 70s year-round. You can also expect plenty of sunshine as both San Francisco and L.A. average 263-265 sunny days a year.

Knowledgeable Guides

The guide on your tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco will be full of knowledge about the area and will know the best places to stop for pictures including Pebble Beach, the Bixby Bridge, and Point Sand Dune. He or she will also be able to answer questions about the history of landmarks, educate you on the wildlife and other features of the area, and generally ensure you end your tour feeling you gained a wealth of knowledge about Southern and Northern California.

Luxury Transportation

No need to rent a car or use your own vehicle when you take a tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco! You will be driven throughout your tour in a luxury vehicle. Choices include 2022 and 2023 Cadillac Escalades, GMCs, and Chevy Suburbans. This allows you to sit back and take in the scenery in a relaxed manner knowing you will never have to get behind the wheel or navigate.

Scenic Stops

Wondering where you’ll stop on your tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco? Typical day one highlights include Santa Ynez vineyards, Pismo Beach, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Point Sand Dune. On day two you can expect to see Carmel by the Sea, Silicon Valley, Stanford University, and the 17-mile road. Along the way, you’ll see the world largest elephant seal colony as well as experience fine dining and take in some of the most breathtaking sights in the country.

Privacy for Your Group

A tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco would not be as enjoyable if you were packed in a bus or van with strangers. That’s why you’ll be guaranteed a private vehicle with seating for up to six on your tour. Bring along the whole family or limit your tour to a special someone. Either way, you’ll always know the tour is tailored to your specific needs.

Book Your Tour From Los Angeles to San Francisco Today

Ready to experience the drive from Southern to Northern California in style? Reach out to an experienced private tour company today to inquire about availability and cost, learn more about tour highlights and amenities, and to book your unforgettable experience for the next time you’ll be in the area.


Sunday, April 14, 2024

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire Review

Disclosure: I was sent Lancome's La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire for review from Lancome & BOLD PR. All opinions in this blog post are 100% my own and honest. This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases made through the links in this post. 

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! The lovely people at BOLD PR sent me Lancome's NEWest, CHICest, and SEXYiest Fragrance! It's called La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire (Harrods, Selfridges). This extraordinary fragrance has hit stores and online, just in time for Mother's Day (a reminder you guys that Mother's Day is May 12, 2024)! The bottle alone is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL (see my pictures below) and you are going to LOVE this fragrance! Let me share the description PR shared with me and then I'll share my thoughts:

Make Mother’s Day extraordinary with Lancôme’s new La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire, available as a retailer exclusive starting April 8th in the Amazon Premium Beauty store and on This new Eau de Parfum brings an extraordinary vision of Lancôme’s emblematic flower - the rose - from fragrance to the bottle. Capturing the beauty and purity of a rose in glorious bloom, it invites us to flourish in our own extraordinary way, creating our own path to happiness.

La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire reveals the beauty of a one-of-a-kind flower uniting three different rose essences: precious on their own, they bring each of their unique personalities to the composition. This bold floral fragrance is enhanced by a new sculptural bottle design inspired by the idea of a rose blooming inside the iconic crystal smile of the classic La Vie Est Belle bottle.

An opulent floral amber woody fragrance co-created by IFF Master Perfumers Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Caroline Dumur, La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire magnifies the floral signature of the original Eau de Parfum through a synergy of three unique roses: a rose water that is fresh and vegetal; a rose Damascena absolute that is opulent and sensual, and a “Space Rose accord,” which mimics the scent of a rose grown in a zero-gravity environment. This extraordinary note brings new facets to Lancôme’s symbolic flower, revealing its purity and radiance. Bringing together the beauty of nature with the future of innovation via the new accord, these three rose ingredients blend into an extraordinary rose blooming at the heart of the composition.

True to the olfactory identity of the House’s iconic fragrance, La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire opens on a burst of naturality: a green stem accord illuminates the floral heart alongside a zesty bergamot. In the base notes, the gourmand notes that are the signature of La Vie Est Belle are textured by the velvety elegance of moss and underlined by the woody enchantment of ambroxan.

Available in a 50ml bottle for $124 SRP and 100ml bottle for $158 SRP as a retailer exclusive in the Amazon Premium Beauty store and on beginning April 8th.

I love, Love, LOVE this fragrance! It's a blend of three roses: fresh water rose, rose accord, and rose damascena. Its other notes are iris and a woody musk. It's very sexy, sensual and alluring guys! May I also add, hypnotic! This perfume will also last forever, because one spritz is all you need. You HAVE TO TRY this fragrance! Stop somewhere and SPRITZ IT ON! Take a walk. Sniff your wrist. Ooh! La! La! Thank me later! Buy a bottle for yourself and mom! Because if you don't, your mom is going to take your bottle! Have a great day guys!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
 Lancome La Vie Est Belle Rose Extraordinaire is Supersweet

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