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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Judith Leiber Couture

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Not Sponsored: Are you familiar with the brand Judith Leiber? She recently passed in 2018. Her brand was established in 1963 and continues today. She was a Hungarian-American fashion designer and business woman. Various actresses, musicians and first ladies (nearly every First Lady dating back to 1953 has carried custom-made Judith Leiber bags to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration ceremonies have accessorized their outfits with her designs). Her collection is vast. I'm always been taken with her foodie designs. Just look at those popsicles and sundaes! They're so whimsical. Her designs are showcased in The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Los Angeles Museum of Art. I've had a blast browsing the brand's website and YouTube channel. These bags are so much fun to look at :) Enjoy!

1. Strawberry Sprinkle Popsicle 2. Chocolate Dip Popsicle (also here and take a look at this chocolate drip popsicle crystal pave minaudiere) 3. Strawberry Dip Popsicle 4. Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles Clutch Bag (here and here) 5. Creamsicle Popsicle 6. Gumball Machine (here, here and here) 7. Gummy Teddy Bear (here, here, here and here) 8. Vanilla Strawberry Twist Ice Cream Cone Clutch 9. Unicorn Bag (also look at this)

10. Hamburger Clutch (here, here, here and here) 11. Pepperoni Pizza Clutch (here, here and here) 12. Take Out Box (here and here) 13. Popcorn Matinee Minaudiere Clutch 14. Strawberry Candy (here and here) 15. Camera Clutch Bag 16. Seductress Lipstick Clutch (here and here) 17. Maneki Neko Clutch 18. Martini (here, here, here)

What is coworking, and why can it benefit your startup?

Coworking's popularity is on the rise. It is an alternative to working from home or in a private office, with many freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups deciding to choose dedicated coworking office space over other workspace options.

If coworking is a new concept to you, you may be wondering exactly what it is, how it can benefit you, and how much it will cost. In this article, we will attempt to answer all the questions that you may have about it. You can find the answer to any others you may have that we have not covered on the Bond Collective - Coworking And Office Space Blog.

What is coworking?
In a nutshell, coworking happens when a variety of individuals and businesses share the same workspace. In most cases, a dedicated coworking space is made up of a large common area with desks and seating areas, where people can all work on their own projects under the same roof. The spaces also usually provide a range of shared amenities and facilities, such as meeting rooms, kitchen areas, and outdoor spaces. Some even offer private spaces that can be hired out. Business essentials, such as high speed wifi, are usually included within the price. Sometimes, extras such as printing and scanning and beverages are included in the cost as well.

Why is coworking so popular?
Working for yourself has so many benefits, and working wherever you want is one of them. Many people love that they can work from the comfort of their home, in bed if they like, wearing whatever they want. Some people like the hustle and bustle of somewhere like a coffee shop, while some feel the need to be somewhere a little more structured and professional. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to work, but for many people, coworking spaces offer the perfect transition between working for yourself and having colleagues around you. It also provides many benefits that your home or your local coffee shop cannot provide, such as rooms for meeting clients in and superfast internet access. It also provides a barrier between work and home - as many startup business owners know, your professional life can very quickly take over your home life, especially in the early days, and that little bit of physical distance between the two can be helpful. It also allows you to maintain face to face contact with peers and a sense of community with other entrepreneurs, even if they are not in the same industry as you. It can be very lonely sometimes, so having the chance to chat with someone in the same boat as you over a coffee in the communal kitchen can be incredibly important.

You may be wondering what the benefits of hiring a coworking space over leasing your own private space are, and that mostly comes down to cost and flexibility. When you are looking to lease your own office, you are usually tied into a contract of a minimum of a year. As well as paying for the space, you have to pay for all the other bills that come with it - gas, electricity, water, internet, etc., as well as providing the furniture.  If you do want to give up the space, you have to give them a long period of notice and go through the hassle of moving your belongings and canceling everything. With a coworking space, you are not usually tied in for more than a month at a time, and in your monthly payment to them, everything is covered - furniture, utility bills, internet, etc.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Not to mention that the advancement of modern technology has made coworking super easy. With cloud-based software and portable smart devices, crucial tools such as files, programs, emails, and calls can be accessed just about anywhere with an internet connection.

In practice, this means entrepreneurs no longer need to stay glued to their home computers, and businesses no longer need to run offices kitted out with dedicated equipment. Instead, employees can operate effectively and productively using their own devices in any wifi-connected workspace.

Of course, coworking is not just for new entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Many businesses enjoy coworking so much that they decide to stay in a coworking space, even when they have the means to move to their own office block. In fact, plenty of global firms can be found with their own dedicated rooms – or even entire floors – in coworking spaces. It is a smooth transition when you are expanding. When there are just two or three of you, you may not have the need for an office of your own, but coworking spaces allow you to work together, and to continue to expand until such point you want to get a dedicated office space of your own - or not, as the case may be!

Why do people thrive in coworking spaces?
We have looked at the more practical benefits of coworking, but let us now take a look at why people who work in this sort of space tend to thrive.

They have more job control: Some coworking spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that people can decide whether to put in a long day when they have a deadline or can choose to take a long break in the middle of the day to go to the gym or other necessary appointments. They can choose whether they want to work in a quiet space so they can focus, or in a more collaborative area with shared tables where interaction is encouraged. It also allows them to have some form of structure in their professional lives. Too much autonomy and freedom can actually cripple productivity because people lack routines. Coworkers reported that having a community to work in helps them create structures and discipline that motivates them. The flexibility that coworking spaces can offer is one of the main draws of it.

A greater sense of community: Working in a coworking space can make many people feel like they are part of a community. Connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space, as opposed to working from home for free or renting a nondescript office. Each coworking space has its own ethos and vibe, and the managers of each space go to great lengths to create a unique experience that meets the needs of their respective members. However, it is important to remember that socializing isn’t compulsory. People who work in the space can choose when and how they interact with others. They are more likely to enjoy discussions over coffee in Starbucks because they went to Starbucks or that purpose – and when they want to be left alone elsewhere in the building to focus on their work, they are.

Many businesses are also trying to enable more connections, helping people to interact and build community beyond work meetings. Coworking spaces are one place to look for guidance, as many regularly offer networking events, training programs, and summer events, as well as the chance to bounce ideas off one another and learn from one another ina more informal way.

Increased levels of productivity: We all know how difficult it is sometimes to get yourself motivated and into work mode when you are at home. The TV can be a distraction, the housework and laundry, children, and people often drop in on you, assuming you are able to give up your time because you are at home.  When you are working in a dedicated office space, with little other in the way of distraction, it can mean for much more productivity.

If you want more discipline and structure, an improved work performance, a better network of people, and the opportunity to gain more qualified leads, a coworking space is definitely an excellent option for you.

Take the time to go out and find a coworking space that fits you. If you locate one that does, join it and reap the benefits it provides.

Could Your Business Benefit From Flexible Working Practices?

The way that businesses manage their employees is changing and new working practices are being adopted all of the time. In the past, it was thought that the standard 9 to 5 workday was the most productive way for everybody to work but in the last couple of years, attitudes have started to change. Some people do work very effectively doing a 9 to 5 day, but others don’t. Everybody has their own way of working, which is why flexibility is the new trend in business at the moment. Instead of making all employees work the same hours, more companies are experimenting and letting people have more control over the way that they work. New technology is also making it easier than ever for people to work remotely from home or anywhere outside the office, which is often more productive for them.

If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity in your office and improve employee satisfaction, you should consider moving towards a more flexible work environment. These are some of the best ways to implement flexible working practices in your business.

Quality Over Quantity
Quality over quantity is at the heart of the new trend in flexible working practices. Just because somebody works a 60 hour week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re productive and they get more work done than somebody that works 30 hours. In fact, when people are overworked, they’re far less productive. People also have other commitments outside of work and if they’re trying to juggle it all, they’re likely to be stressed and that will have a big impact on productivity as well. That’s why it’s best to focus on quality of work rather than quantity of hours.

Some companies are already introducing a 4 day work week and the results look promising. Having an extra day off means that people aren’t as stressed, and they tend to actually be more productive than they were when they were working 5 days a week. This doesn’t work for every business but it just goes to show the value of quality over quantity. You shouldn’t think in terms of paying your employees for the hours they work, think of it as paying them for the work they produce. You can still give guidelines about how many hours people should be working but if they want to come in a bit later or leave a little early, it doesn’t matter as long as they get everything done.

Set Clear Expectations
Giving your employees more flexibility with their hours is fine, but it’s important that you set clear expectations. If you simply tell people that they can work whatever hours they like and they’re not required to be in the office for 40 hours a week, it’s likely that some people will slack off. That’s why you need to set very clear expectations about the output that you expect from people. As long as they recognize that they still need to complete the same amount of work, regardless of their hours, and meet deadlines on projects, you shouldn’t have an issue with productivity.

Bring Your Own Device Policy
It’s becoming a lot more common for businesses to introduce a bring your own device (BYOD) policy and allow employees to use their own phones and laptops in the office. It’s a simple way to introduce flexibility into the office and it has a big positive effect on productivity because people tend to work better on a device that is set up just the way that they like it. The only issue is that you’re giving up some control over the devices and that can be a problem, especially if people are using them to access company documents because it’s a security risk. But you can get around that by using mobile device management software and ensuring that it is installed on any device that an employee brings in from outside of the office. Mobile device management is essential for providing the mobility every small business needs without any of the security risks that are normally associated with a BYOD policy. It’s also important that you set clear guidelines about how people can use their devices so they’re not distracted by things like social media, otherwise, productivity will take a big hit.

Create A Culture Of Trust
This is the most important thing to remember if you’re trying to be more flexible. You’re trusting your employees to work effectively when left to decide how many hours to work and when to come into the office. If that culture of trust isn’t there, employees are more likely to take advantage of the situation, but if they feel that they have your trust, they will work productively.

Introducing flexible working practices in your business could make such a huge difference, so it’s worth a try.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Top Reasons You Need Identity And Access Protection

When working online in any capacity, whether it be for yourself or as part of a business, there are some rules and guidelines you need to live by to keep yourself safe.
  • Create good passwords - always spend extra effort coming up with a strong password (or smash your keyboard and use the random letters that appear like this: eh]0w3nfdkjlgha904)
  • Avoid spam emails - we all know by now of the Nigerian Princes who want to pay us money, but what about more sophisticated scams? Always double check the sender’s email address and if it is something like this: steer clear.
  • Protect your data - lock up your data tight and use a security service
Today we want to talk about that last point a little more in depth, and outline the real reasons why you should use these tools in your own business or for yourself this year.

1. Attracting more users
For a business, your main aim is to build a solid database of customers who you can resell to over time and gain loyalty to the brand. You likely use many different methods to attract customers to your business such as analytics testing and trends, and identity services and access can help you with this.

For this point we are not talking about the testing of an identity, we are actually talking about the way you allow access to your business from the outside. If you have a system where people can login to your website and have their own account, there is a big impact which can be created by allowing social login options as well as email. This would allow people to login with their social media accounts which provides you with data for advertising but also allows them to keep their email address secure.

2. Securing your data
One of the main benefits of access and identity checking as a business is the security it will bring to your business. As a brand it is important for you to keep all of your data safe and secure online, and depending on the type of business you have, you could be an easy target for hackers who want to get a hold of your customer data. One of the ways which a hacker might try to infiltrate your business is by signing up with an account and worming their way into your system. This is why it is important for you to run a robot or identity check on all customers when they sign up for your business.

3. More marketing opportunities
When running a small business, you want to build an audience of people who trust you and who will follow you and your brand. To do this you need to build a trusted presence online and one of the effective ways that you can do this is to use social media. When it comes to marketing, social media is a real powerhouse and it is a tool you need to utilise to your advantage. One of the ways you can use your marketing as a result of login details is by collecting social media accounts. When you have access to social media accounts, you can target your online marketing to these people and this will increase your likelihood of finding success as a brand.

4. Stay relevant
As you may have noticed in the past, there are so many things which are ever changing in the world of technology and as a result of this, many businesses and brands need to change constantly to keep up. By changing your login preferences and processes will allow you to stay relevant to your audience and it will prove to them that you are at the forefront of your industry. This is something which you can do to attract more customers and it means that they will be much more likely to work with you than anyone else.

5. Making life easier
As a company, you always want to do anything you can to make things easier for yourself. By changing the process and ensuring the security of anyone who registers for an account with you, you will safeguard your business and this will ensure that it stays safe and secure all the time. This will make a difference to your working lives because you won’t need to tackle any big issues and struggle with problems.

Keep Your Employees Happy To Keep Your Startup Successful

If you have recently started hiring staff due to your business expanding, the chances are that you are a little wary of ensuring that you get the maximum bang for your buck. If you cast your mind back to when you were an employee, you probably had those days where you coasted along and didn’t really put maximum effort into your work. You don’t want this happening with the team you have hired. Wages aren’t cheap and being a young startup means that money is always a little tighter than you’d like. No matter how successful your business appears at the moment, any sort of expansion comes with an element of risk.

With new employees, there will be a novelty factor. They will initially bounce into the office bright eyed and bushy tailed, but you can’t rely on this to last. You need to be proactive in ensuring that you can facilitate an environment and an atmosphere that will keep your employees happy, enthused and willing to be productive for the good of your business. Take a look at these ways you can keep your employees content to keep your startup successful.

All too often offices are full of old hat pieces of kit that could probably do with a refresh. Ancient desk top computers, photocopiers and printers that constantly break down, are slow, and unreliable and do nothing but frustrate even the most productive of employees. You need to ensure that you provide your team with technology that is fit for purpose.

If you are heading out to pitch to a client, you will want to keep your audience engaged with this presentation software. AI powered slide shows are so much more engaging than Powerpoint. If you are using the software, give your staff access to the same gadgetry. This shows that you value your team and your willing to spread the wealth. Ensure that they have decent laptops, that are speedy and fit for purpose. Your WiFi servers should also be top notch with limited downtime.

Even furniture can make a difference to the productivity of a staff member. If you have an incredible ergonomically designed chair, make sure that your staff has access to the same. You don't want to create a them and us mentality, so ensure that you create a more even playing field. Anything within your control that you can make better, more efficient or require less effort needs to be honed to make your team happier and far more productive for the good of your business.

Those beige and stained carpet tiles alongside chipped paint and drafty window seals simply won’t do. In the twenty first century offices need to be slick, modern and fashionable. They need to inspire your team, and help focus your staff on their work. The office needs to be an environment that promotes dynamism and makes your team want to work their hardest. Working for a company that has a swanky white walled office with splashes of greenery and achingly cool collaborative working pods brings kudos. You want your employees to be proud of where they work.

As well as promoting positive well being, your workplace needs to be a productive environment. Ensure that you foster those water cooler moments and promote the gentle hum of ideas bouncing across the office. You need people to offer up their ideas freely. By creating an open plan forum-like space for your office, you are encouraging the sharing and development of business ideas.

As an employer you need to lead by example and master the art of communication. Don’t be one of those bosses that holes themselves inside their office never to emerge. Instead, get out there and talk to your team. Set up a Monday morning briefing where your staff can voice their ideas and share their concerns. Send out a weekly email every Friday detailing the week’s successes and things that could have gone better. Always namecheck individuals who have worked particularly hard that week and give praise where it is due. This shows your staff that you appreciate their efforts and value their hard work. This makes your staff care about your startup and buy into your business vision. They’ll be happier and be more productive.

If you want your business to be successful, you need to ensure that your staff team are happy. These are the cogs of your well oiled machine, so you need to ensure that they are working without drama, efficiently and productively.

Aquatalia Faria Weatherproof Bootie Review: Nordstrom #nsale

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: One of my Nordstrom #nsale purchases were these Aquatalia Faria Weatherproof Booties. The brand Aquatalia has been on my radar for about two years. They usually have an assortment of boots, booties and other footwear to select from during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Aquatalia is an Italian brand. Their footwear is weatherproof, water & stain resistant. They are expensive. I would always salivate, whenever I saw their boots online. I was never quick to purchase them, because I live in a very WARM ... no, lets make that HOT climate location. I have sandals! I have ballet flats! But true WINTER SHOES, I very much lack. It gets "cold" maybe a couple of weeks out of the year. My winter coats, jackets and clothes are always screaming WEAR ME ... WEAR ME! Well, it got downright cold the beginning of this year. I did not have the proper footwear and I knew things had to change. I needed to invest in boots, booties, rain boots and other cold weather footwear. So I started with these cute sassy booties! I don't like a lot of fuss, so I love the sleekness of these boots. I love the low heel (my high heel days are over with). They have a sturdy zipper on the side and I love the sass of the buckle. These are black suede (you know I love black, but they come in two other shades) and they are absolutely awesome you guys. I read the reviews, and everyone said to size up. So I did. I'm glad I did, or else I would've had to return them. But usually in Italian footwear, I have to size up. What I like about this boot, is that I have a long foot (I'm 6' tall) and these don't make me look like I have super long feet. They wrap around my foot like a glove. They look stylish & sleek. My feet feel happy in them :) They don't feel hard or uncomfortable. Its like walking on air. My mom said, Kim they even make those leggings you're wearing look expensive. HaHaHa :P They do have a narrow toe (anyone with a wide foot, I would be leery), but mine felt super comfortable and I wear a B width. One girl mentioned in her review that she purchased them because she knows its a good investment. I feel the same and it has proven true. If you purchase quality items and take care of them, they will take care of you! Now that I know how the brand fits etc. I will definitely take advantage of Aquatalia's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prices in the future :)


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Anthropologie Shopping Guide: Transition from Summer to Fall

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: As I was looking through my Fall wardrobe, I noticed there were a couple of pieces I've never paired with anything. I needed some ideas and found some inspiration on Anthropologie's website. I love olive green and I'm so happy to see a lot of it offered in both clothes and accessories. I have a pair of olive green jeans that literally went unworn last year. As I mentioned in my closet clean-out post, pair colors with other neutrals (when in doubt). I really like olive green & black together, so I'm going to pair them with a black top. A lightweight v-neck top (as shown below), black sun glasses (I have some Chanel one's similar to #3) and black bag would make for a great outfit. Leopard is going to be huge for Fall. I'm loving this cute leopard bag on Anthropologie's website. I don't like a lot of leopard, but this darling little bag would be a really nice touch for my outfit. I also need to invest in a good black leather tote. I'm leaning towards #9. I found some other cute little finds, so I put together some inspiration boards to inspire you.


Friday, July 26, 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Superstar Lips Glossy Lipstick

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: A makeup purchase that I've really been enjoying this Summer, has been the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Collection. I purchased it in February (2019) and I literally reach for it every single day. The colors are so soft & beautiful. I've been loving it for Summer, but this collection will also easily take you into Fall & Winter. This collection contains year-round wearable colors. Charlotte Tilbury recently came out with a Pillow Talk Superstar Lips Glossy Lipstick. I purchased mine from Nordstrom, but it's also available at Bloomingdales and Sephora. Its truly the best of both worlds. Its a lipstick & gloss in one tube. What's even better is that its NOT STICKY like a gloss. It has excellent pigmentation and a beautiful shine. This lipstick gloss adheres to the lips. Its creamy. Again, NO STICK! I know you're looking at my lips and saying, yeah right Kim! Go test it out! I also swatched the original Pillow Talk Lipstick vs the Pillow Talk Glossy Lipstick for you below on the back of my hand. The original is more like a matte (creamy & non-drying) dusty pink (you can watch my Pillow Talk YouTube tutorial here). The Pillow Talk Glossy Lipstick is darker in color. Pillow Talk started out as a limited edition collection. It became so popular that it is now a permanent collection. If you haven't tried it, I encourage you to do so! I think it compliments so many skintones.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Superstar Lips Glossy Lipstick is Supersweet

Makeup: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation in 320 Bisque W, IT Cosmetics Brow Power, Becca Undereye Brightening Corrector Medium to Deep, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Medium, Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Collection Image: Porter Magazine Summer Escape 2019 Bag: Crossbody


What's New @JCrew: Pre-Fall Shopping Guide

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: Fall clothing is beginning to peek-out at various stores. I'm currently evaluating my closet to see what new additions will enhance my wardrobe. I love these classic staples from JCrew. I have displayed a neutral palette below, but many of these are also offered in various colors. Basics always pair well with each other. They can be mixed & matched very easily. Polka dots & Stripes (practically any print) always add an element of fun. Happy Friday!

1. Going Out Blazer (here and here) 2. Polka Dot Pants 3. Vintage Khaki Trench Coat 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Do's and Don'ts of Visiting New York

Visiting NYC certainly involves a lot of planning. After all, it’s a huge place and there’s so much to do and see. If you’re concerned about looking like a tourist on your trip, then here are some of the top do’s and don’ts.

Do- Explore Other Parts of NYC
When you travel to NYC, it’s important that you explore the neighbouring areas. This could include lower Manhattan or even the Bronx. A lot of people also choose to browse some of the famous antique markets that are in Chelsea. Remember that you don’t need to stay in one place and that sometimes you can have a much better trip by going beyond the boundary.

Don’t- Eat in Little Italy
Little Italy used to be bustling with great restaurants. Now, it’s more of a tourist trap, with overpriced food and cheap souvenirs. You’ll probably get more bang for your buck by dining at some of the more luxurious restaurants in NYC.

Do- Visit Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street can be found in Greenwich Village. There, you’ll taste delicious food, rice balls, pizza and even cannelloni too. There are also plenty of Italian shops too, so make room in your schedule to visit this area.

Don’t- Block the Turnstiles
The NY subway is probably the fastest way for you to get across the city. For this reason, you need to make sure that you keep up with the pace of the crowd and that you also avoid blocking the turnstiles too. The train entrance needs to be kept clear because most people are in a rush, so always stay aware of your position and make sure that you’re not causing any kind of obstruction.

Do- Get a Metro Card
It’s one thing having a Metro card, it’s another to know how to use it. If you’re not sure how to use the card that you have then step back and watch people do it for a little while. This will save you the embarrassment of being confused at the turnstile and it will also help you to appear way more like an experienced New Yorker.

Don’t- Cause a Sidewalk Traffic Jam
If you’re seeing some shows in NYC then there’s a high chance that you’ll end up walking between some of the theatres. This is fine, but make sure that you’re not the cause of a sidewalk traffic jam. Whatever you do, don’t stop suddenly and also make sure that you don’t walk with your entire family in a huge line. This will stop people from being able to pass you and it will also frustrate those who are in a rush. It also helps to follow the crowd when you are walking too.

Do- Relax!
NYC is a fantastic place and even though it can get busy, it’s able to provide a cultural experience which is unlike anything else. So, take your time, relax and go with the flow. You’ll feel better for it and you may even find that you have way more fun too.

Advance Your Career Like This In 2019

If you want to advance your career this year, there are no shortage of ways that you can do it. Whether you want to land one of the top roles in your company or you’d prefer to be able to start up on your own after a while, the ideas below can help you!

Have A Long Term Plan
The first most important thing is to have a long term plan. Plans don’t always go the way you envisioned, but by creating one, you can stay focused and pinpoint whatever it is you want to achieve. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? Think about the answer to this question carefully and come up with a plan.

Take On Additional Responsibilities
See if there are additional responsibilities you can take on within the workplace. This will show your boss that you are more than capable of taking on a higher role. This doesn’t just mean taking responsibility for the positive stuff, either - being a leader means being able to take responsibility when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Stay Up To Date With Industry News
Sign up to letters, papers, emails, and magazines that help you to stay up to date with the news in your industry. Keeping your skills and knowledge fresh is imperative to your growth.

Figure Out What Training You Need To Get To Where You Want To Be
You might come to the conclusion that you need more training to get to where you want to be. There are online courses, night courses, workshops, and other options to help you develop the skills and qualifications that you need. You might even decide that you need to go back to the University of Southern California to develop the skills that you need. You won’t always need to go and earn further qualifications, as there are often many routes you can take to get to where you want to be. However, working your way up may take longer if you don’t want to go back into education.

Add Value To The Company In Any Way You Can
We already discussed taking responsibility, but you also need to try to add value to the company in any way you can. What is unique about you and your skills in particular? How can you provide value to the company and clients every day? Simply providing a great service every day is a way to do this. Genuinely wanting to help people really does make a big difference.

Network Wherever Possible
Don’t be afraid to give out your business card wherever you are, even in the queue waiting for coffee! Speak to people and ask questions. You never know who you might meet or who your services might be of use to. Attend networking events and conferences and prepared to make some awesome connections. Everyday is an opportunity to expand your network.

Work On Improving Your Focus
Are there ways you can improve your focus? Eliminating procrastination can be tough, but it’s possible if you stay mindful and self aware. Avoiding emails and social media at the start of the day can help, as well as using the pomodoro technique. This is a technique where you set a timer and work for around half an hour before taking a short break of 5-10 minutes. You do this maybe three-five times until you take a longer break. This helps you to get more done and stay focused for longer.

Keep Up Your Health
If you don’t look after your health, your focus, mindset, and wellbeing overall can suffer. Exercise, nutrition, and sleeping well can help you to be a better employee, and a business owner if that’s where you want to be eventually. You’ll avoid burn out and make sure you’re always in the best condition to handle whatever work throws at you.

Develop Conflict Management Skills
Conflict is inevitable. Conflict resolution techniques are something anybody can learn, and having them as one of your special skills can help you to develop an even better reputation at work. Nobody likes confrontation, and it’s important to end up with a solution that suits everybody. Knowing why the conflict started and how to prevent it in the future is key. This is a wonderful skill to have and one you’ll probably use more than you realise.

Advancing your career this year is entirely possible with the above advice. Start now and by the end of the year, you never know where you might be!

Structuring An Office Move In The Easiest Way

Office moves happen for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you’re finally transferring your home business into something more resolute, or perhaps you need to grow in order to add extra departments and labor to your output. Maybe you can justify it, and you want to be situated in a nicer area. There are all kinds of reasons for this, and provided you can justify doing so financially - your reason is usually valid.

Structuring an office move in the easiest way is something that any business owner can appreciate, no matter if they’re making that first humble move out, or if they’re spending plenty of money on the most luxurious environment possible. Of course, just like a house move, this will take planning, care and a tight schedule. However, thankfully, there are methods you can apply to ensure this goes ahead at the pace you might require, allowing you to ignore the difficulties you’re facing and instead better your output.

For that and more, we would love to advise you regarding the following needs:

Consider Your Transitioning Needs
Transitioning from one address to another can signal great things for the future, and as a result, this can be supremely exciting. However, this is of course never as simple as it may seem. When one department is in flux, all others can suffer. This is why it can be important to port over non-critical services first, and then transition crucial departments over when the setup is complete. However, you might also consider the smaller issues that could post a problem. For example, just when you do you update your contact details? Well, the moment you are fully registered as operating out of that premises is likely when you should consider this. But that means that your physical mail might need forwarding through an expert service like Physical Address, or that you use outsourced support, or simply cut your support queries to only social media for a time.

Clarify To Staff
Staff need to know exactly what is going on, and what is expected of them. When are they to make the transition across? When have you confirmed the location of your move, and what severance packages might you have available to those who can no longer reasonably make that commute? An office move can be a great time of anxiety for some staff, so it’s essential you try and clarify to keep everyone on the same page.

Ensuring Safety
It can be tempting to move into a half-finished office renovation if it’s functional, but remember, you need to absolutely ensure its safety before committing any of your workforce to an office residency. Having the renovation or removal checked through your health and safety department, considering the correct legislation, messaging any changes in behavior that need to take place, and figuring out the new norms is essential. For example, how will you direct and setup your parking utilities, to prevent each morning from becoming a free-for-all between your staff?

With these tips, you’re certain to structure an office move in the easiest manner possible.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Bath and Body Works 2019 Fall Candle Preview

Not Sponsored: I always look forward to seeing what Fall/Autumn candles Bath and Body Works comes out with each year. Especially the foodie ones ... I'm addicted. You guys, Fall begins Monday, September 23, 2019! That's just a little over two months away! Well Bath and Body Works has brought back old favorites and added some NEW SCENTS to their line up. Right now, some are in store and some are only available online. Give it a couple of weeks and all of them will probably be in stores. I always like to go in the store and smell the new scents. I also like to see how they have everything set up. Back in 2016, they had THE CUTEST store set up. It was filled with faux pies and cakes. They need to re-hire whoever did that one. I should've gone into Marketing, instead of Science :P It can be such a creative job.
This is only a preview! So will there be more? I hope so. On my list is Banana Cream Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Blueberry Maple Pancakes, Snickerdoodle, Caramel Apple and Peach Cobbler. I hope they come out with some matching room sprays soon :)

Minimalist Bedroom

Not Sponsored: One of my goals this year was to give you some organization tips. I did an extensive post on how I keep my closet organized. Last year, I gave you a glimpse inside my bedroom and a sample of the bedding I like. Today, I thought I would give you a glimpse inside another bedroom in my home. So far, have you picked up a non-color pattern? I love neutrals. I love keeping things to a minimum. I remodeled my home several years ago. I wanted it to be uniform throughout. So I decided to go with light walls and dark floors throughout the house. It gets pretty warm the majority of the year where I live, so a neutral palette really works for me. The rooms in my home feel cool when its hot outside. They feel warm & cozy, when it turns cold. I like clean lines and non-cluttered spaces. I like to be able to move through a room without any hassle. For this bedroom I went with a simple wood-framed bed, night-stand, tv stand and dresser. Because of their simplicity, these can easily be cleaned and dusted. Also I can use almost any style of bedding, because the color & style are so minimal. Nightstands don't necessarily have to be next to your bed. Spacing was an issue with this room, so I positioned it in-between the bathroom and closet. I added a sleek candlestick lamp and small laptop atop the nightstand. I also went with a sleek ceiling fan. I have central air, but it's always nice to have ceiling fans. Plus, they are a staple in southern states. From following fashion bloggers through the years, I've learned when going neutral you can make things pop by adding texture. This can be done with bedding. I also did this by adding an area rug beneath the bed and full-length mirror to the wall. I recently purchased this Dream Quilt and Shams from Garnet Hill (not sponsored). I buy a lot of my clothes from there, but they also sell bedding as well. These have the perfect name, because they are so soft & dreamy. I hope this post is helpful and gives you some ideas for your home.

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