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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Business Tips: How You Can Target Fellow Citygoers

Living in the city had many advantages, it's one of the best places to do business and experience business too. There are many businesses in large cities that you won’t find anywhere else. Smaller towns and villages will never get the same kind of options that city slickers do. This also means it's a brilliant place to find new customers, grow your business as a whole and launch products. There’s nothing that can’t be done in large cities. That old adage of only large businesses being able to succeed in such a competitive environment isn’t worth the time it takes to say such nonsense. Entrepreneurs, online businesses and startups are thriving in capital cities around the world. One of the reasons is because they know how to target fellow city residents. For your business to succeed, you must also learn how to target people who live and work in the same city as you do.

Perfect marketing space
Every city has incredible public transport. No, not in the sense that it always runs on time but the networks themselves. Whether it's tunnels for the metro, bus stops, tram lines or even eco-bicycles, you have the perfect marketing space available. In the London tube network, there are long tunnels that have posters of upcoming movies, theater shows and music concerts. They are also used for business marketing. Literally, millions of people will walk through those tunnels in just a couple weeks, therefore getting some prime real estate in the form of via public transport networks is essential for business growth. Some tourists might also respond but your target audience is fellow citygoers.

Not too wide
Online marketing has a tendency to leak out over the edges. It is the internet after all and anyone from anywhere can access popular websites where you ad might be displayed. However, you don’t want to cast the net too wide and miss the majority of the city residents. Using and implementing Google Ads automation scripts, will allow you to cut certain locations out. Therefore any of your keyword SEO marketing, such as blogs and product descriptions don’t have to be directed to those outside of the city. It focuses all efforts onto a local area, meaning your local SEO has to be fantastic. It's also a good idea to use specific keywords that would only be relevant and relatable to the city, such as cultural events.

Good old fashioned
Yes flyers, pamphlets and brochures do still have a tremendous say in the marketing world. Again, millions of people walk the streets of large cities. Create an effective flyer about your business and print of many hundreds of copies. Either hand them out to people on the street or get them distributed by companies that offer such services. You can also work with businesses to have them stick them to their shop windows etc.

The large city is a wonderful place to start a business. Just like a startup in a town, you have to market your business locally first before you move further afield.
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