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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Minimalist Bedroom

Not Sponsored: One of my goals this year was to give you some organization tips. I did an extensive post on how I keep my closet organized. Last year, I gave you a glimpse inside my bedroom and a sample of the bedding I like. Today, I thought I would give you a glimpse inside another bedroom in my home. So far, have you picked up a non-color pattern? I love neutrals. I love keeping things to a minimum. I remodeled my home several years ago. I wanted it to be uniform throughout. So I decided to go with light walls and dark floors throughout the house. It gets pretty warm the majority of the year where I live, so a neutral palette really works for me. The rooms in my home feel cool when its hot outside. They feel warm & cozy, when it turns cold. I like clean lines and non-cluttered spaces. I like to be able to move through a room without any hassle. For this bedroom I went with a simple wood-framed bed, night-stand, tv stand and dresser. Because of their simplicity, these can easily be cleaned and dusted. Also I can use almost any style of bedding, because the color & style are so minimal. Nightstands don't necessarily have to be next to your bed. Spacing was an issue with this room, so I positioned it in-between the bathroom and closet. I added a sleek candlestick lamp and small laptop atop the nightstand. I also went with a sleek ceiling fan. I have central air, but it's always nice to have ceiling fans. Plus, they are a staple in southern states. From following fashion bloggers through the years, I've learned when going neutral you can make things pop by adding texture. This can be done with bedding. I also did this by adding an area rug beneath the bed and full-length mirror to the wall. I recently purchased this Dream Quilt and Shams from Garnet Hill (not sponsored). I buy a lot of my clothes from there, but they also sell bedding as well. These have the perfect name, because they are so soft & dreamy. I hope this post is helpful and gives you some ideas for your home.

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