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Monday, February 13, 2012

TOMS: One For One

It saddens me to think, that despite all that we have in this world, there are SO many that go without the basics: food, clothing, proper shelter, clean water and shoes.

Can you imagine, life without shoes? There are people in this world that deal with this problem everyday. Rocks, glass, dirt, and mud are just some of the things they have to contend with. Be thankful for what you have. A lot of what we enjoy are luxuries and not necessities.

Many of you have heard about TOMS shoes. Basically, for every TOMS shoe you buy, a pair is given to another person in need. I think it's a wonderful company. They have come out with a new ballet flat collection. I was excited to hear about this, because I love ballet flats. I've attached a video, that explains the company's mission and purpose. I'm going to try and feature more products that serve a purpose and are for great causes. It's important to bring awareness to problems that are still going on in the world.

{Gisele Brown Suede Ballet Flats} {Gisele Grey Suede Ballet Flats} {Camila Black Leather Ballet Flats}
{Alessandra Burlap Ballet Flats} {Alessandra Black Canvas Ballet Flats} {Isabel Burlap Ballet Flats}
{Eliana Blue Suede Ballet Flats} {Natural Natalia Linen Ballet Flats} {Natalia Rose Linen Ballet Flats}
     {Katia Chambray Ballet Flats}{Lina Woven Ballet Flats}

Click HERE to view all of them 

(I'm leaning towards the Alessandra and Isabel designs)

On a somber note, Whitney Houston passed this weekend. I was truly upset, because I grew up listening to her music and loving her fun sense of style. It was heartbreaking for me to see what drugs did to her and her voice. She had a voice like an angel and sang effortlessly.

We do not know the cause of death, but I do know that she was definitely one of the greatest singers that ever lived. As with Michael Jackson's death, this for me was just as tragic.

Whitney, we will always love you also!

On a happier note...

I truly enjoyed reading each and every story you guys wrote about your dining etiquette experiences. You ladies had me in stitches! HaHa I thank you for sharing yours with me and my readers. I can tell that you all enjoyed reading the stories of others.

The winners of "The Little Book of Etiquette: Tips on Socially Correct Dining" by Sheila M. Long as picked by random number generator are:

Nelah of 52 New Days
Becks of Oomph
Lena of Lenallure
Congratulations! I'll send you ladies an email today. 
Thanks and Enjoy!
My sweet treats will be featured Wednesday of this week :)


  1. Yes. So many are dying from hunger and Love. I am very thankful for life itself and all the fancies which comes with it.

  2. Kim,

    This video made me teary eyed I had been looking for sone flats and I just fell in love with the pink ones going to look at them now.

    I too was upset to learn about Whitney psych a tragic death of a legendary singer.

  3. Kim,

    I just looked for the dark pink ones and couldn't find them :( please let me know if you see them around.

    Happy Monday!

  4. RIP Whitney Houston, sad news and my thoughts are with her family.

    On another note I ddin't realise that TOMS were that ethical. I love the concept and will definitely consider purchasing some when I get paid. I love the look of the leopard print ones! xx

  5. @Shea ~ Here's the link, but the size is extremely limited. Try calling them:

  6. LOVE those burlap black/white Toms ballet flats... so cute!

  7. Thank you for letting me know about the TOM flats. I had no idea that they donated a shoe for each one we purchased. I buy flats for when I get out of work. The next pair will be from this company!

    I was upset about Whitney as well. It's always devasting to hear about someone passing, especcially at such a young age. She was the same age as both my parents. RIP

  8. Hi dear, hope you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for featuring fashion with a purpose. I can see myself getting a few of these great Toms pairs, they have such a classic appeal. I am still in shock over Whitney, indeed very sad!

  9. Oh my gosh. Tom's ballet flats?!? Yes Please. Oh my gosh. I need those!!

  10. It always makes me sad to hear about people that don't have basic human needs :( I think Toms are a great project! I have yet to buy my first pair but I'm really hoping too soon!!

    I CAN'T believe Whitney passed away. When I heard about it I felt really weird. Why are the people with all the talent dying ahh.

  11. i love the toms mission!

  12. i love TOMS concept

  13. The TOMS store really is a lovely idea. And the shoes are so nice and chic!

  14. Shoes that are cute AND do good? I'm listening ;) gotta look into that collection later, I'm in need of a cute pair of ballet flats, so this couldn't be more perfect! Thanks for sharing this, Kim. You are one lovely person, you know that? Have a lovely week! xoxo

  15. i so want a pair of those toms flats, but just can't justify the price at the moment! and the news of whitney houston totally shocked me this weekend.

  16. Love the flats! I do like what they do with this program (One for One).

  17. I love those flats... and i love their mission most of all!

  18. I´d love to get one pair of TOMS.I liked Whitney too, it is very sad the way she died.Kisses from

  19. The world is so in need of love it's frightening!! We place value in material possessions more than people. I love beautiful things, I just think everyone regardless should be able to experience them too. This is a wonderful idea and I love ballet shoes, so pretty and if it means helping someone, that makes it even better. People are dying all over, we lack love for others and's really sad. I hope they find the cause and pray it isn't what everyone has been saying it is (drugs) such a waste of a talent to go like that if it was that, but I just pray for the daughter without her mother now (she's in hospital now). I hope you have a great week dollface xox

  20. Hi sweet Kim! Love these Toms ballet flats ... I have heard of the cause behind Toms before, but have as yet to buy a pair .. thanks for bringing it to our attention and reminding us .. I'll be going to the site. Love the ballet flats, so pretty. I think I'd take the leopard print ;)

    We were all so stunned by the sad news of Whitney ... almost doesn't feel real. I hope her daughter has the healthy support that she needs to get through such a difficult time.

    Congratulations to Nelah, Becks and Lena! We expect perfect manners now (LOL)! ;)

    Have a wonderful week, Kim ... there's a very special giveaway on Ooh La Frou Frou this week for Valentine's Day ... (just a teaser) ;) ~xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  21. I've always been a fan of Toms' ethical initiatives but haven't always cared for their styles. I was so excited about their ballet flats cause they're cute and I can support them now.

    The news about Whitney Houston was both sad and shocking. Her phenomenal talent will truly be missed.

  22. I have heard about the great cause behind this company and wish more companies would follow suit. These shoes are lovely, i dont own a pair yet but will when i am in a market for some flats with oh so good feeling.

    Thanks again Kim for a giveaway, cant wait to read abd share my findings.

  23. I'm really impressed with their new styles! The leopard ones are way cute.

    I was so sad to hear about Whitney also. So tragic to lose such a talented soul.

  24. I'm not big on flats, as I am always in heels, but some those TOMS ballet's are actually really cute. And it's a worthy cause!

    I grew up listening to Whitney too. She was a true musical legend.

    GM x

  25. I've been meaning to buy a pair of Toms for awhile, and these new styles make it so much more tempting. Love the Eliana style and that Alessandra in burlap!

  26. i absolutely heart the Tom's concept!! and i think these new flats from him are fabulous!!

  27. I'm inspired by the founder of Toms. What an enterprising guy with a heart for people. I'm pleased that they've finally ventured into flats. Yay!

  28. I love the idea that buying shoes actually does good for someone else in the world, such an awesome thing! I especially love their new flats! I am a flats girl all the way:)
    & Whitney's death totally came as a shock to me I could not believe she passed away when I heard it! Insane & so tragic :(
    xx Corinne

  29. I am a huge fan of TOMS shoes! I sell them at my boutique and cannot wait to get the ballet flats.
    I was so shocked to hear about Whitney Houston. :(

  30. I have some TOMS and I really love them! So glad they are coming out with ballet flats! YAY! Both of your choices look fun and like a good match flats to go with anything!

    And I was really sad about Whitney Houston. She did have a voice like an angel. It's such a tragedy. :(

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! *hugs*

    xo, sam

  31. Kim,
    As always, you're so sweet and kindhearted. I really like that you are trying to feature more products that serve a purpose in your blog. Spreading the love and awareness around when it doesn't cost an arm or a leg is one of the simplest yet meaningful things we could so in our lives.

    You go girl!

  32. oh you really have the sweetest blog!! lovely post this is and with a great message to send to the world. thank you for sharing this with us.
    i am following you via google friend connect and bloglovin since who knows what's going to happen to gfc?
    you can come by my blog if u want
    and follow me back. if you want. if not. its not a big deal really.
    lots of love.

  33. I love TOMS, bought a pair after reading about all of this in the teen vogue handbook :)

  34. i put you on my favorite blogs to read blogroll!!!! love your blog

  35. love those toms flats, I tried on a pair a few days ago and they are soo comfy!

  36. something tells me that you really like a nice pair of ballet flats! :)

    can you believe i actually just bought my first pair of Toms 2 days ago? i went with the regular canvas flats, but i'm sure one of the ballet flats like the Gisele's could be my next pick.

  37. Aww, this is such a great post. I love what Toms does. I'm sad to say I STILL don't have a pair though. And Whitney Houston's death is really so sad. I was honestly shocked by it. :(

  38. TOMS are just one of those shoes that doesn't look appealing but are quite comfy BUT now that they have ventured into ballet flats I am sure business will pick up for sure!

  39. The TOMS flats are soo cute and I love what they stand for!

    The Tiny Heart

  40. Thank you so much for such a sweet i know why your blog is so sweet...cuz you are! I love this collection by the way and am so excited about it. Thanks for sharing!

  41. you are inspiring you know!
    this is such a dreadfully beautiful cause..
    r.i.p whitney..i read it at 6 in the morning that while i was preparing for a test i was to take on was just coming out then and i thought it was a hoax at first!

  42. cool blog! let's follow each other~

  43. what a great post.. my bf recently purchased a pair of the desert botas which are quite stylish and look great on him. and so sad about whitney passing, i think everyone is in shock over it, she was a great performer

  44. Wonderful cause - thanks for reminding us we can still buy our frivolous things and still contribute to a good cause :)


  45. I just love the philosophy behind the Toms brand - although their shoes aren't of the highest quality, the spirit of giving that they inspire makes them a worthwhile purchase any day of the week. And the new ballet flat collection is just adorable!

    So sad to hear about Whitney's passing. She truly had the voice of an angel.


  46. thank you so much, Kim! :D

    to be honest, i never like toms. first of all, i didn't know about their mission and secondly, i think i have seen too many pairs of dirty red toms. lol
    they are like uggs to me. (*ducks*)
    now i look at them with different eyes. now i wouldn't mind have a pair of ballet flats.

    i wish we weren't so forgetful of our blessings.
    thanks for the beautiful post. :)

  47. I'm interested to see what TOMS ballet flats look like, and TOMS has really done a lot to make people aware of socially conscious shopping... but I've always been puzzled about them because most of the shoes are made in China.

  48. This is such a nice post Kim because at first I didn't like how Toms first design looked and then I bought a pair and they are SOO comfy and the new flats are gorgeous, especially the black and tan. So sad about Whitney,

    Thanks for stopping by :)


  49. Love the "one for one" campaign by TOMS. We do take a lot of things for granted. Great cause!! Congrats to the winners!! I grew up listening to Whitney and Michael too and it reminds me of my school years. Very sad!!

    Heel in Mint

  50. I think this is a lovely message to share. Thanks for that! I know, I've visited a 3rd world country and seen first hand just how spoiled we can be.

  51. Hey sweetpea, sorry I've been running around like a maniac with Fashion Week and have to play catch up. A bittersweet post for me. Love Tom's and their shoes and Whitney, well one of my favorite artists ever! Such a tremendous loss.

    Great post! Sending you big hugs this week. Gotta run...aaaah! xoxo

  52. thanks for sharing about TOMS. it's great that they're coming out w new styles to motivate more ppl to buy them. it is quite shocking how little some ppl hv. often i forget since it seems like such a basic necessity. it's great to be reminded how lucky we are from time to time.

  53. I was saddened by the news of Whitney's death too. :(

    TOMS is such a great company! I can't wait to check out these flats. Have you checked out their sunglasses? They are pretty nice.

  54. Love that Toms is making a ballet flat! I am partial to high heels (I just never feel tall enough I guess!) but I may have to get one pair if not just to support their great cause!
    And Whitney's passing is so tragic...I can't stop hearing her voice on the radio and thinking how sad it is that she is gone....
    XO - Marion

  55. I am starting to love Tom's! I am a new customer now that they are making flats!


  56. I LOVE Toms... and i especially like the fact that buying them contributes to such a good cause. Win, win.

  57. I've heard about the original TOMS shoes but had no idea they had brought out a range of gorgeous ballet flats - I especially love the two-tone ones and the One for One is such a brilliant idea.
    I've always enjoyed Whitney's music and it's so sad that she has died so young.

  58. Wonderful flats you have posted!

    Your blog is adorable, so I was thinking: wanna follow each other???


  59. Congratulations to the winners! Love the flats and yeah I am quite sad about Whitney. Have a great Valentines day! <3<3

  60. Hey Kim, I had no idea Toms gave away a pair to people in need - how amazing (we can't buy them here:) And yes it was truly tragic with the death of Whitney - such a star and such a loss.
    Happy Valentines day sweets,

  61. So sad to read about Whitney Houston :(

    On a happier note - love those ballet flats, and the Toms brand are doing great things :)

  62. I love ballet flats! I want to have all these :)))) Congrats to the lucky winners!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I am glad I inspired you :)


  63. this is great post dear.
    the video is so touching. sometimes we have to remember how lucky we are and that there are many people in hunger and in pain.
    those ballerina are all worth to buy.. thanks for letting me know about it.
    and sad for whitney :(
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  64. I love TOMS!! So glad you posted about them!!

  65. very nice Toms
    sad for Whitney
    congrats to the winners!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  66. Tom's really has a great mission and their flats are pretty cute too! I'll definitely look into getting a pair or two!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  67. so glad to see you're equally excited about the toms as i am. hah
    Check out my new giveaway
    Happy Valentines Day

  68. Toms was such a simple but cool idea. The kids ones are so adorable too!

  69. I'm so excited about these Toms flats! They look so cozy!

    See Me Rwar

  70. i hears about their ballet flats line. cute, but i'm still a fan of the originals! they are on my wish list. great cause, too!

    yes, whitney's death was tragic...another 80s great. she was so talented.

    Share the Love - Giveaway

  71. Tom's is such a great company, they do so much to help one person at a time!

    xo gillie

  72. This is so thoughtful and generous of TOMS! I like purchases with a reason, that's why I thrift shop because many thrift stores are operated by charity companies...
    And I was devastated by Whitney's passing as well... so tragic...
    Good luck!

  73. i do love Toms. i have the regular ones and they are super comfy. these ballet flats look so cute. will need to check them out.


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