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Monday, October 8, 2012

Miette Patisserie: It's Ohhh Sooo Sweet!

Happy Monday Everybody! Let me introduce you to Meg Ray, the founder and owner of Miette. Her story really put a SMILE on my face. Her love for baking began when she was really young. She had a severe visual impairment as a child that required glasses. Upon receiving her new glasses, her mom took her to a bakery where she fell in love with the confectionery creations and the craft. She's been baking ever since.

Miette was founded in 2001. It is a cake and patisserie shop that believes in minimal decoration, petite pastries, and the use of local & organic products whenever possible.

What sweet goodies can you find in Miette? It's a delightful list! She sells cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, dessert ware, old-fashioned candy, confections from around the world and treats made by local artisans.

Another thing that impressed me about Meg (besides being an owner of a business - you know I love to support women who own their own businesses), was her involvement in various charities. She donates desserts to local shelters, charities and schools. They also send leftover products to women and children shelters.

Her philosophy is cake = happiness! I truly believe her delightful creations, talent and beautiful heart brings happiness to many. That's why I wanted to feature her on the blog today.

Below are some of her delightful creations and look for a giveaway below. 

All photos copyright unless otherwise noted!
Where can you find her delightful creations? 
If you live in California, you are so lucky! She has several shops in San Francisco, Oakland and Larkspur California. But guess what? Even if you don't live in California, you can still taste some of her cookie creations. She ships! So give her a try!

I just want to mention ONE more thing! When I watched her video below, there was something that caught my eye. Towards the end of the video, she wears a celery green sweater! I was like WOW, that looks familiar! You guys, I had the SAME sweater. I went through my photos on Facebook and found out that I wore it like two years ago while attending Cinco de Mayo. I wore that sweater until I couldn't wear it anymore. HaHaHa (note: that was my hair before my hair catastrophe. lol)  I purchased it from Target! HaHaHa See it goes to show you no matter how much money you have, you can mix low and high priced items. Even our haircuts look the same! I'm getting goosebumps! Is this a sign for me to sign up for patisserie school? HaHaHa

Miette Cookie Giveaway
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2. Click HERE and let me know what cookies you would like! Leave a comment below.
3. A winner will be picked using Random Number Generator and announced in Friday's blog post. 

PS ~ My blog is undergoing a design overhaul, so you may see some changes throughout the week.  Please bare with us while we spruce up! Have a great week!


  1. Your new blog design is fabulous! It's as sweet as this post and all the great baked goods :)

  2. i had a friend who had -14 power..i have other friend has -7..i understand..i will totally walk past you if i don't have my glasses or lenses on...i love her creations..they make me wanna jump into the screen and grab them..i love the new blog design too,it is so you..i need to change mine soon..

  3. I really like the blog make-over - looks great!
    Looks like you found yet another tempting place to visit for a sweet treat. Everything looks delicious! x

  4. The blog is looking wonderful my girl, love it!! And all these gorgeous treats are fantastic today :)) I wouldn't mind sitting there and partaking in a lot of those, haha :) Never say no to cake ;) Have a wonderful Monday doll xx

  5. Goodness, her shop is just delightful. I must admit to a definite partiality for places that use the word "patisserie" haha :)

  6. what a sweet giveaway that is perfect for a gloomy monday! :)
    please enter me, Kim!
    i like peanut butter cookies!

    (oh, and i am already liking the new design of your blog. it looks cleaner and sweeter. love your new profile picture as well! ^-^)

  7. your new layout is SO CUTE kim! I LOVE IT! like seriously, love love love love love it. and these look SOOO yummy. i follow via GFC of course, and I think i'd want peanut butter or chocolate wafer cookies. they all sound yummy though!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. You had me from a glimpse of her very first sweet little cake at the top of this post! I love everything about this story Kim, and how perfect that you both have the same sweater! Wishing there were one of these stores in my neighborhood!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. First, I LOVE the new blog header, it is adorable! I love that Meg gives back to the community and her creations look delicious!

    I'm following with GFC and I'd love the chocolate chip cookies :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Chicnova giveaway!

  10. Kim I love your new blog header :)
    and Miette's goodies look SO YUMMY !
    Have a great start of the week.

  11. YUM is all I can say - what a great story and sweet lady. I adore the new blog design and the picture of you sweets, my blog is also going through a bit of a change, so I'll watch your space if you watch mine :)
    Take care lovely lady, and wish I had a US address for the giveaway :)

  12. Kim, I LOVE her shop! It's adorable and darling AND her philosophy is aces! Seriously, who doesn't need more happiness? Also, are you gals twins or something??? hahaha.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. wow... I think I just gained weight reading this. Soooo sweet!!! I love to bake but not so good at the task. : )

  14. So not surprised that she put a smile on your face, all that amazing yumminess... drool...

    Love your thunbnails pic, the lippy colour looks awesome on you!

  15. I gotta say, I am loving this new design! It really matches the overall idea of being a very sweet blog.

    Also, I am loving these cookies and cupcakes. Sign me up for the gingersnaps! :)

  16. How adorable! This is great! PS-You look great in the green sweater! I'm digging the mini site makeover, too!

  17. OMG I love love love the makeover! Your blog looks fabulous! And I have been loving all your Halloween posts, so festive. Another sweet post Kim!


  18. wow this is a wonderful post! the pictures look so yummi:) and yeeii for the same sweater!:) have a great day Kim xx

  19. Ah, it all looks amazing!!

    Xo, Rachel

  20. Oh my gosh, those pictures make me RAVENOUS! :) All that colorful candy looks delicious!

  21. AMAZING!!! I eat them all in one day lol!
    Thanks for stopping by:)

  22. What a fabulous story and all of her goodies look just scrumptious! :)

    I follow you on GFC and I love the shortbreads...lemon or walnut sound amazing!

    Happy Monday! xoxo

  23. I want to eat EVERYTHING. This looks delicious!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. Wow, delcious treats! Stomach is growlin'!
    LOVE your new layout, Kim - it looks fabulous <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  25. You have such a cute blog! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring and delicious story. ;) Also, glad you found my blog.
    Good luck with your blog revamp. xo

  26. Goodness! Everything here look so sweet and I want each and everyone of them!! =D
    Looks like you had a fun time there too =D

  27. Everything is SO pretty! Wish I could reach through the screen and touch it all!

    I love that you both have the same sweater.. that's hilarious! PS LOVE the new layout Kim! So clean and love the colours you picked out!

  28. Oh my Kim what amazing cakes!! Great post:)

  29. Sweet post!
    All those baked treats look delicious :)
    x Irene

  30. Those pictures look so yumm! Sucks I don't live in the USA :(


  31. Love it!

    (enter my giveaway - iphone case)


  32. Hi Kim, love your new profile pic, its so pretty and sweet! This is a really inspiring story, her creations look divine delicious! How I wish I could try them out!

  33. Ive heard the best things about Miette. Looks amazing!

  34. All of these look so good! Ha, this makes me want to have a lot of sweet things all at once!

  35. Wow! Her treats are so beautiful! If I win, I'd love gingersnaps or rosettes! How funny you had the same sweater and haircut!! Destiny!

  36. OMG! sounds so yammy! My hubby would've live here

    Inside and Outside Blog

  37. in love with your blog design <3 happy mother's day to you too dear. the sweet delights are truly a sweet companion

  38. in love with your blog design <3 happy mother's day to you too dear. the sweet delights are truly a sweet companion

  39. Kim, OMG, I can't believe I've never been here. I was already drooling and then when I saw the locations are right next to me, I'm going asap. That's so cute and such a connection you both have the same sweater and I'm so glad you wrote about this because candy is one of my favorite things, so I'm going to have to find her shops in SF very soon. Thanks again for sharing!


  40. I love you have the same sweater! And seriously in reading this post I'm pretty sure I died and went to heaven :)


  41. Firstly, Kim your new blog design is wonderful! I enjoyed the video - Meg seems like a lovely lady who loves what she does and you know from my blog how I'm a massive cake fan. How I would love to visit one of these cute shops and sample some of these creations.

  42. Kim, I am totally addicted to sweets. I just ate another one of those cheap little debbie snacks. I respect women in business too. I admire their courage, strength and confidence. I can't believe the sweater and hair similarity!! Is it a sign? It could be. I am entering this giveaway. Gingerbread or peanut butter would be my pick. Her style is so simple and beautiful. thanks for hosting...hope I am not too late. dawn suitcase vignetttes xo

  43. How funny that you have the same top!

    Love all of the cakes and cupcakes, they look delicious!

  44. Kimmy if you now know me well, you can imagine how these pics make my pink preppy dolly heart giggle! Thumbs up for successful sensitive women. And that sweater looks great on you both! I think it's a sign you should visit that patisserie more often ;-) Some day may I ask you why you talk about hair disaster? Hope nothing worse than a wrong haircut...lots of love dear!

  45. OMG I'm totally drooling at these yummy baked goods and I just ate lunch. That is so cute that you and Meg Ray have the same sweater. You both wear it so well :) She sounds very inspirational and her creations look amazing. I'd love to win the Walnut Shortbread cookies. Thanks for yet another generous giveaway Kim!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  46. The blog makeover is G-R-E-A-T!!! And you're totally right, both of you have the same lovely sweater, I love it. I really want to try her pastries!!

  47. mmm. even though i love a good chocolate chip cookie, i'd be interested in trying the lavendar shortbread!


    Enter to Win a Complete Anti-Aging System

  48. what a lovely story behind meg's career :) everything looks incredibly perfect and omg please send me some <3

    ps - love the new makeover! x

    steph /

  49. Love the new blog design AND the new picture of you! You look adorable :D I've heard about Miette before but never with this much detail. You always put together such fun and informative pieces Kim!

  50. I have been lucky enough to visit one of her locations! The offerings are delightful and I love the rose geranium macrons!


  51. yum!! I LOVE their chocolate chip cookies. new fan :)

  52. hahaha Kim you are too cute! Her store is all sorts of fabulous, hoping I will get to visit it one day. I am trying to convince my sister to start up her own baking business, she has a knack for it so this post came at the perfect timing. Off to forward this to her now.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  53. I just stumbled across this post when reading up on travelling. I love the section where you can jump to a country or state for tips/ideas. I know this is an old 2012 post, so hopefully there are newer ones to come!



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