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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hostess Snack Food Meltdown

Let's talk junk food today! I know my US readers heard about this, but I'm not sure if my international readers did. World War III nearly erupted over here in the States Friday, November 16, 2012. Was it over the recent hurricane in New York City? No! Was it concern over relations between Israel and Palestine? No! The uproar was over TWINKIES!!! HaHaHa

Hostess, the maker of cream-filled snack products such as Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Ho's, Sno-Balls, Wonder Bread, Suzy Q's, Fruit Pies, Zingers and a number of other products since 1930 decided to CLOSE their doors for good.

Why? They claimed it was "financial". They had previously filed for bankruptcy in 2004, filed again this year (2012), and then their workers went on STRIKE! When their workers went on strike, Hostess made a decision to close their doors FOREVER and sell off their assets.

Well this executive decision led to TWINKIE PANDEMONIUM & SNACK FOOD HYSTERIA! When the news hit televisions Friday, Hostess snack foods of every kind flew off store shelves and quickly made their way to eBay where they were being sold at astronomical prices: $25, $50, $100, $500, even 3 million and more dollars! I mean, someone right now is selling a truckload of TWINKIES (1100 boxes to be exact) for $88,000 dollars with a $850 delivery charge! And someone placed a bid on it!!! HaHaHa That's crazy!!! Junkfood MADNESS I say! HaHaHa

Can you believe I bought a package of cupcakes Friday morning? I had no clue any of this was going on and I hadn't bought a store cupcake in over a year! But guess what? It was a package of Little Debbie cupcakes! WTF? Dammit! That's the wrong brand (not Hostess!)! HaHaHa I can't even sell them! My luck is lousy!

But I wouldn't be dismayed. As a lover of vintage I decided to buy SOMETHING representing the beloved Hostess brand and it's cute snack cartoon characters I adored as a little girl! So I went on Etsy and found these cute little stickers for $5. I don't think the owner heard the news yet, because I swear he wouldn't have sold these for such a low price! HaHaHa I also haven't received them in the mail yet, so maybe the joke is on me! HaHaHa He did mark the order "Shipped"! HaHaHa Oh well! :)

NOW, the news media is saying Twinkie the Kid, King Ding Dong and the rest of the gang may ride again! The Judge has ordered Hostess and the striking workers to mediate later today (Tuesday), to see if they can reach some sort of agreement. I know the executives at Little Debbie are praying all negotiations fall through, because then SHE will become queen of processed snack junk food. HaHaHa So you guys, we'll have to wade through the holidays and see how this all works out. Do you think the Twinkie will survive? HaHaHa I think I like the cartoon better than the Twinkie itself. LOL

Can you think of any beverages, food, snacks etc. you love, that if they ended today would send you in a tailspin? What if Laduree closed it's doors? What if your favorite candy store stopped production? What if Starbucks went out of business? HaHaHa I think I would be majorly depressed if McDonalds shut down. I'm not a fast food junkie at all, because I prepare meals all through the week, but sometimes... just sometimes... I want that junk food FIX. HaHaHa Share your opinions and thoughts with me on this topic. I can't wait to read them! This should be interesting!


  1. Bingo! I'd be very annoyed if Ladurée shut down - but everything else...nope, not a problem really. Have a sweet (ha!) day xo

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know that. It must be a sad day indeed though it has some silver lining of course!

    But I'm with you on the vintage aspect of things!

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  3. I loved being educated by this post. I've never understood the fascination with Twinkies til I saw Zombieland and Woody Harrelsons character was obsessed with them with a capital O! lol!

    I'd be really sad if Marks and Spencers closed their food/groceries down - i'm addicted to Yum yums which are a bit like crispy cremes!

  4. This is a national emergency!! We have a hostess store (ie we call it the bread store) and they were selling things in there for 50 cents a box, bag, whatever. There were massive lines but I honestly never thought of putting them on ebay. LOL!!!

  5. It is so sad that Hostess went out of business! My husband had a Ding Dong everyday in his lunch for as long as we have been together. He saved the last four in the box and we are going to each have one in honor of maybe the last Ding Dong on earth, lol! I think I would be sad if coffee also disappeared because I love my coffee :) Heather

  6. oh Kim you are gonna cause an uproar on this blog, it's gonna blow up with comments!!! What a great read, I really enjoyed the details of this craziness. I have not eaten a twinkie in years. I am more of a little debbie girls myself, as noted around halloween when I ate an entire box. If little debbie goes out of business, I will be upset and as ashamed as I am to say this, I do love Mcd french fries too. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  7. Baha - people were really in an uproar - I heard all the grocery stores around here ran out of twinkies! haha!

    Pearls & Paws

  8. I heard about it!! Shame, but I also got sent a thing to say about a lot of behind the scenes bad stuff they were involved in, to be honest if it's true, they should be shut and that goes with every company that does bad stuff. I used to buy like masses of the cupcakes and sit and eat one after the other, loved those things, hahaha. Bit insane though for people to sell on ebay...people are starving in the world and people go crazy like this for some twinkies...hmmm! Hope you have a sweet day doll!! Xxx

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  9. Hahaha, Kyle was so upset, he wanted a king-dong. I used to love the pies as a kid, but I mostly felt sorry for the workers all losing their jobs.

  10. My husband was trying to get some at a grocery store but all were gone when the news broke out. It is fuuny that all of sudden twinkies are worth as much or more than gold! Must be the loyal Twinkies / hardcore fans who are willing to shell out that much $$$. In a way it is sad to know the company had to shut down given that it had survived for a very long time.

  11. If Twinkies go away, it will be a very sad day ...

  12. i don't know what i'd miss that much. good question! i think twinkies will stick around, one way or another!! hmmm, now i'm going to think more about your question!

  13. I can't remember the last time I actually ate a Hostess product so I'm not really too upset over the whole thing!

    The Tiny Heart

  14. P.S. I think it's a shame they are that way...this is a childhood memory for so many people & they sold out on that!! No dedication & honour to it! It will be interesting to see how it goes :) x

  15. Oh the nostalgia! Kim I grew up in the era of Twinkies and had a few as a kid. It would be so sad to lose Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy creme and Auntie Anne's..Oh migosh now the cravings are kicking in. LOL

    Thanks for the sweet post today. Save the Twinkies! hahahaha

    Love ya girl,

  16. Ohhh, all that sweet talk is making me crave for some sweet treats!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving, dear!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  17. OHH I never even heard of the company - let alone the treats. Hope you get the stickers though:)
    Have a sweet day - he he:))

  18. I found it fascinating that most of the people were causing such a ruckus over the loss of Twinkies were people who literally have not had a Twinkie in YEARS. Wtf.

    I mean, I'm sad that a junk food icon of my childhood is gone (or, until another company buys it out, but it won't be the same) but it really doesn't affect me. I haven't had a Twinkie in 10 years, and that was from a gas station in the middle of an Illinois interstate and there was nothing else for me to buy for lunch. Yeah. Not really a good memory haha.

    I, personally, have always felt like Little Debbie was much better, which is probably one of the main reasons Hostess went under.

    I would be depressed if Cheez Its went out of business. Hahaha! Those things are ADDICTIVE.

  19. i cannot believe this!! but hmm i think id b a good thing if half the bad stuff we have out there shut down than maybe i can shed a few lbs haha.. i prefer to cook my meals so i dont think it'd bother me much

  20. I still can't believe this is true. I haven't been able to eat any of these for about 6 months (stupid gluten allergy) but I'm still going to miss them

    xo Jackie

  21. Haha, great post! Even though I never eat Hostess snacks/foods, I was still sad to hear about their company closing! Just the names themselves remind me of my childhood.


  22. ok THAT is insane. $88,000? I guess I'm glad I don't really like Hostess cakes at all. But I was really surprised that they decided to close up shop.
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  23. This craze was definitely interesting to say the least. I haven't bought one of the Hostess treats in ages! haha...but, given how much people are now looking at their diets differently, I'm not surprised there was financial issues with the company! Regardless, it's a novelty item that has been associated with so many people's I totally understand it.
    Gee...I don't know what would make me "go crazy" if something stopped being manufactured...I often get that feeling already since I buy "limited edition" makeup...haha


    Have a happy holiday!

  24. I had no idea about the Twinkies craze and that someone would pay that much for them! we don't get them here...we're lucky that Safricans are major junk food lovers and not too many of our local brands have went out of business.

  25. haha we were just talking about Twinkies today! and reminiscing our childhood with ho-hos and ding-dongs! :( I'm going to miss those even though I hardly eat them anymore! It's just that childhood memory!

    xo - Sheila

  26. I'd be upset if they stopped making reese's peanut butter cups... that's my one guilty secret!!

    steph /

  27. wow, what an interesting read!
    i did not grow up here, so i think i've had two twinkies in my whole life. ;D

  28. this has been a very hot topic on the news and a sad one, i know that hostess did try to file bankruptcy however the judge told the company no and to go back and try to figure a way to come up with an agreement between the workers, union and company. I work for a company that handles benefits for the employees and its really sad what hostess has done by locking them out of a job and we end up dealing with those calls because of course these employees are worried about their benefits. i really hope they work something out not for the sake of the twinkies but for the sake of these ppl that have families to support.

  29. I'm not much of a twinkie person, in fact they literally make me sick (weird I know), but it is sad for a classic to be gone. I'd be so sad if certain chocolate makers went out of biz.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  30. poor twinkies... but I have to say that I wasn't a fan. I would flip out in sugar babies, hersheys chocolate bars, and skittles were discontinued :(

  31. Oh I still haven't tried a twinkie - guess I never will now, haha!

    I'd be majorly upset if anything ever happened to the world's chocolate supplies...I love chocolate!

  32. We do not have this brand here though I know what it is. It is hard to imagine them closing down due to financial reasons when there are so many fans of their products.

    I always love reading your comment but I could not help but spent quite some time disregarding all the rest of the content and ponder over your line “i always view you as a millionaire :)”
    Lol... What do you mean? Kim oh Kim, please tell me.

    Reply me on my blog ok?

  33. we don't have it in india i least ever since i watched zombieland i wanted to have a i can't!
    i can't think of anything apart from "dominoes" which is a pizza franchise here that would break my heart if it shuts down..

  34. i know, people were going crazy buying them up! i actually haven't bought a twinkie in YEARS, but did have one this year when my co-worker brought some to the office. your quick thinking in buying those stickers was a good idea!


  35. Kimmy this post made me roll over from laughing!!!!!! At the same time these episodes are preoccupying,don't you think? I'd love to see the face of the crazy head who spent 88.000usd on a junk food stack which might go again on the market.O_o

  36. the world!!?? I had no idea so much craziness was going on in the twinkie world!! O.o lol

    Well, super interesting post as always, Kim! I do hope they make some sort of reconciliation, though! :)

    p.s. I'm commenting from our new blog, "Parasol Dreams" since "Musings in Red" is being split into two. Just letting all the blogs I comment know, just in case. hehe


  37. I keep hoping that Little Debbie grabs the Twinkie rights. I can't imagine a world without Twinkie.

  38. Is it bad that I actually don't like these? I'm not a fan of the creamy filling...


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