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Thursday, December 11, 2014

AVEENO #WinterSkin Skin Relief Lotion and Ointment Review + PayPal Giveaway + Thank You AVEENO

Brrr...winter skin. Cold weather, heaters and such can do a doozy on your skin! It's even extra hard if you already have DRY SKIN (like me). I was VERY happy when AVEENO sent me pretty much a Winter Skin Survival Kit! I was unaware that they had an entire SKIN RELIEF COLLECTION! Well, it's maybe that's the reason why! LOL They sent me their Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion and Skin Relief Healing Ointment. They also included Lubriderm's Men's Body, Face & Post Shave Lotion (I'm gifting it to a neighbor). My reviews on each are below. If you would like to know more about #WinterSkin, log onto Twitter (today) December 11th from 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST @Crowdtappers Dr. Jacob will be talking about #WinterSkin and sharing some tips like the one's below.

I'm hosting my own personal giveaway in helping YOU combat #WinterSkin. A $25 Giveaway via PayPal to purchase whatever AVEENO products to keep your skin moisturized. Aveeno has been kind to me (check my instagram page! they sent me a clutch, products and a $100 American Express gift card) and I believe in passing that onto others. I would like to THANK the entire AVEENO Team for selecting me to be an AVEENO Ambassador for 2014. I got the chance to try products that worked for my skin type and incorporate healthy lifestyle changes (both inside and out) into my life. I look better. I feel better. Beauty truly is both INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Thank You AVEENO for this opportunity, for both me and my readers.
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Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

This is NEW! It's a triple oat formula, with shea butter extract that relieves itchy, extra dry skin and moisturizes for 24 hours. It's also fragrance free and dermatologist recommended.

What I like about this lotion is that it's creamy, moisturizing, non-sticky, non-greasy, non-oily, has Aveeno's signature scent (fragrance free and won't compete with your fragrance). It felt really good and nourishing to my skin. I disagree with the 24 hour part. I did have to reapply a couple of times within that time frame, but I didn't mind. I rather re-apply, than be greasy/oily, because it's too heavy.

I really liked this lotion and encourage everyone to try it.

Aveeno Skin Relief Healing Ointment
This is also NEW! It's a petrolatum skin protectant for irritated, cracked dry skin. It soothes skin with 24 hour moisture. It's lanolin, fragrance and dye free. It's also dermatologist recommended.

This is like petroleum jelly. Remember, a skin protectant acts like a second skin or shield for your skin. It's to be placed on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, chapped skin and lips. Individuals that work outside, who participate in outside "cold" sports and activities would love this. I tried this on the heels of my feet (put on socks), before buffering them and my heels are so smooth! I had a small scissor cut on my finger (opening too many packages LOL) and I put this on the cut before washing dishes. It did great. I didn't like it on my lips (petroleum feel), but it worked. I prefer my Fresh lip balm. For BODY, I love it. Also keep in mind, this is not first-aid cream or antibacterial like Neosporin.

Lubriderm Men's Body, Face & Post Shave Lotion
This is for men, so I couldn't test it. I've tried Lubriderm Lotion for women and it's very good. I'll just give you the description for this lotion. This triple action formula moisturizes, improves and soothes skin. It's aloe enriched formula helps soothe skin after shaving. It has a light, fast absorbing formula. This is specifically formulated for a man's skin and dermatologist tested. It was designed to improve the skin's moisture barrier for healthy looking skin. It's aloe-enriched formula also helps soothe skin after shaving. Fast absorbing. Non-greasy.

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  1. This kit would be ideal for my skin as well since soon reacts to the cold. The ointment in particular inspires me a lot. Hugs Kim! xo

  2. You were a great ambassador Kim - I'd never given much thought to Aveeno before and now I want to try everything you've written about!

  3. You've done brilliantly Kim & I couldn't think of a better person to have been picked for the task!! This looks super...well done you :) xx

  4. Aveeno did good picking you, Kim:) You're an awesome ambassador for the line.
    PS Will look for that healing ointment. It sounds great!

  5. Well done dear. I am so happy for you.....xoxoxo....:)

  6. Congrats doll you represent the their products excellent.

  7. I was introduced by my bf to Aveeno and I love their body lotion. I don't think he knows about this Post-Shave Lotion yet so I should share with him now. For support, I had joined your giveaway and many people should know about Aveeno. They're a great product =)

  8. Great winter giveaway! I am obsessed with lotion in the winter months. I cover my skin head to toe when I get out of the shower.

  9. That was so kind of Aveeno to send you these products! They have great skin care products! You represent their company well Kim!

  10. You've done a great job as their ambassador! I used to use their products all the time, but then I started trying different brands and forgot about them. Thanks for reminding what wonderful products they are.

  11. Wow that's awesome of Aveeno to hook you up like this Kim and you're so sweet to share with us. The Aveeno Skin Relief Healing Ointment sounds like something I could use about now as my skin gets so much drier when it's cold.

  12. Sound good and helpful!

    kisses :)

  13. These products sound amazing. My skin needs all the moisture it can get during the harsh winter months.

    Do you wanna follow each other? Let me know on my blog! Xo


  14. You've been such a great brand ambassador for Aveeno this year, Kim - the job was a very well-deserved!

  15. How exciting tor have been an ambassador for Aveeno for 2014! You did a great job and i love all their products. Have a nice weekend Kim.4428

  16. Ah, winter is back! Skin relief from this winter harshness is very important. Aveeno is a very good Brand. This is a nice giveaway.

  17. I believe I've mentioned we love Aveeno here at Bradley Manor. :) I need to get Mark the 3 in 1 for men! T.

  18. This is the first time I've heard of post shave lotions. I'll definitely look for them here. And thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  19. Aveeno has some great skin products! I haven't tried any of these new ones yet, but the healing ointment sounds so amazing Kim!

  20. Wow Kim! It was very generous of you to offer the gift card! I'd love to try that ointment!

  21. My husband uses that lubriderm! It's nice cause it's not overly scented.

  22. i've been using lubriderm lotion for many years. it's the only one i found that is not greasy. LOVE. nice to see they have one for will make great gifts as i tend to gift "practical" beauty products to the men in my family since i know they won't buy it for themselves.

  23. Since the regular one works great for you, I might have to pick up the men's one for Kyle. He can be weird about lotion, so this might be right up his alley!

  24. Not entering the giveaway Just stopped by to say Hello and Aveeno is a great line So nice that you work with them so closely. Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the season!


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