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Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Attraction Factor in Advertising Your Blog or Brand

These days, having a blog is not just about having a blog, it’s about marketing that blog as well and maybe even making it a brand. Once, your dream might have been very 90s oriented, blogging to record daily thoughts to share with a worldwide readership in semblance of opinions columns in your own favored newspapers and magazines (or in emulation of SJP in SITC). That desire was quaint, admirable even – everyone has an ambition – and perhaps you started adding the occasional photograph too, or included the odd little bit extra (and occasional outré piece), and before you knew what was happening your readership and follower numbers now actually seem to be accruing substantially and you’re probably wondering how to increase them even further (not that you’re greedy). This is the point where social media sharing over singular or multiple platforms (dependent on your blog or brand) comes in, and what becomes most important on these platforms is the visual.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All - Finding What’s Best

Not every social media platform will suit every type of blog or brand. Nonetheless, Facebook is still the biggest and longest running, undergoing many updates per year to stay at the top of the game (and is also one of the easiest platforms for keeping on top of analysis as to the outreach of your “page” – a big “like” for that, at least). However, that being said, Instagram is the platform with the most Influencers per se, but that again is dependent on your brand or blog.

In general, if you have something to sell (even a lifestyle), go with Instagram (but become au fait with Smart technology camera usage); if, however, you’re selling your voice and opinions for the most part, Facebook and LinkedIn are the way to go.

A Question of Audience and Pictorial Attraction

Nevertheless, age is a further consideration. Anyone under 18 who knows anything about social media popularity will not deign to look at Facebook, as that’s the domain of their parents. Therefore, if that’s your target audience, go with Instagram every time (setting aside reports this year that it’s the most detrimental platform for young minds).

Images as a focus are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to Instagram (which is owned by Zuckerberg anyway), nonetheless, similar to LinkedIn there’s just something amiss when a Facebook cover page is blank or empty. However, if mention of software like Photoshop or Paint sets you off with palpitations, then perhaps utilize a Facebook cover photo maker instead. Its finished product inclusion is an absolute must in making any page you manage on this platform attractive to the widest audience.

Remember, indeed, that although you may have once begun your blog from a foundation of words, 2017 is by contrast very much a visually stimulated world, where actual writing has been shortened to Twitter-length bites and selfies have transferred to Snapchat for the most part. It’s a competitive online world out there and only the fittest and the fiercest gain success. Being visually pleasing is only the beginning.


  1. I am not very active on Facebook, but I feel like I should as images and lifestyle are not my focus yet opinions are.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. I think I probably wouldn't even be on social media if I didn't have a blog. I'm terrible when it comes to self promotion.

  3. Such an informative post. I agree that blogging is way more visual now than lengthy written words. I still struggle with turning my blog into a brand though.

  4. My blog is a hobby and there are so many marvellous blogs out there that I would not even dare to compete !
    I am happy with the relationship I have with the bloggers I follow, like you :)

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