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Friday, March 16, 2018

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation In Soft Beige Review

This year, I'm on a primer & foundation exploration! NYX Total Control Drop Foundation wasn't on my list to try, but I've heard so many good things about this foundation. It's only $14, so why not? I used NYX's Need Help Picking Your Shade? Selector (this foundation is offered in 30 shades ... YAAAAY!) to find my shade. I looked at the head shots and I felt Soft Beige would be a good match. It was a perfect match (I really lucked up). This is a liquid foundation that is build-able and can take you from sheer to full coverage depending on how many drops/layers you apply. The foundation is housed in a bottle and has a dropper. I used one drop per area of my face (forehead, cheeks, chin etc.). The formula is liquidity (I was a little worried at first), but as you can see from my hand swatches below it thickens & covers. I applied two layers to achieve the final look below. It did a great job blurring out my freckles, acne spots (chin) and evening my skin tone. I did NOT use concealer. I wanted to show you the effect of the foundation on it's own. I did use NYX's new Hydra Touch Primer Oil, which I will have a review of next. This foundation really held up well throughout the day, plus it never looked powdery or cakey. I think it's a great everyday foundation, when you don't want to use your more expensive one. It's a nice option. I was impressed.

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   NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is Sweet



  1. I've heard great things about NYX recently and haven't managed to get anything from the brand but after seeing this - it really is definitely worth looking into as it looks like a lovely affordable product which is great for day-to-day use.

    Love how natural it looks on your skin and great to hear that it lasted throughout the day too - without looking caked or powdery as some brands tend to look a bit eww after a while.

    Hope you're well lovely! Can't wait to see your next review! :)

    Layla x

  2. I've heard some really good things about this foundation however for the price you nearly don't get enough product.

    Candice |

  3. Wow, Kim - to get these results with just foundation and no other product is really impressive, especially when that product is only $14! I'm loyal to a couple of high end foundations, one from Estee Lauder and one from Lancome, but it just might be time for me to try something in a more budget-friendly price range if these are the kind of results they can give!

  4. It'a really impressive to see a drugstore foundation with such a expansive shade range. Good on NYX! And the coverage and wear sound pretty impressive as well. It looks great Kim!

  5. I'm curious how long the bottle will last! I've heard you need more than they suggest for medium-full coverage.

  6. This is a best seller where I work, Kim and the coverage is impressive for something so liquidy!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. Amazing coverage! 30 shade options is awesome too.

  8. I saw this at CVS the other day. I wasn't sure if it would work with combo/oily skin or if it was better for dry or normal skin. I like the coverage it gives you for everyday wear.

  9. Oh it looks lovely! I'll have to check it out. The foundation I have now is good, but pricey so I've been thinking about other options, and I have 2 NYX lipsticks, never thought to try foundation from the range too!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :) We are having a quiet one to recover from our busy week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. So I really want to try this foundation I've heard a lot of amazing things about it, and it looks very natural on you! You've sold it to me girl!!! <3

    Serene xoxo

  11. Thirty shades? A total yay! You definitely picked the right shade. Great coverage!

  12. I've never tried a foundation by this brand. I usually buy their lipsticks!
    Look lovely on!

  13. I saw this foundation in store and always wanted to give it a try but never got around to it. I love that it looks so natural on you Kim. 💗💗💗

  14. You skin looks so nice with this foundation Kim! I’ve heard good things about this one. I tried one nyx foundation a few years ago and I swear it was the worst thing I ever put on my face. So I’ve been skeptical about their foundations now, but I’m glad to hear this is good!! I might have to try it!

  15. I'd be open to trying this out - how cool that it's a liquid with good coverage!

  16. This sounds like a great liquid foundation, especially since it delivers great results even without the concealer. It does seem to offer a great coverage.

    Still, I have to say you look very cute without make up. I like your freckles...they are adorable!

  17. Wow. I'm not a fan of NYX (bad experience with a matte gloss) so I never come into these reviews with much hope. Even if someone tells me it's good lol. But you're photos are proof here. No denying it. I actually feel a little tempted to try this out. I'm looking for a cheaper foundation to use here and there. I'll need to look into this some more now. Thanks Kim



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