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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

3 Careers for People Who Enjoy Being Outside

Some people hate the idea of being stuck all day indoors or being sat at a desk for eight hours straight. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting jobs that will allow you to get outdoors, be active, and experience the beauty of nature. Here are three careers for people who enjoy being outside:

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1. Biologist

Biologists study the behaviors of animals and other wildlife to see how they respond to different habitats and ecosystems. Most biologists specialize in a certain area of biological science, such as marine biology or wildlife biology. Biologists play a crucial role in helping to protect and preserve animals and natural habitats. They spend most of their time traveling, observing wildlife in its natural habitat, and gathering environmental data. Biologists can expect to earn a good annual salary of around $80,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). To become a biologist, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related subject. Many graduates then choose to specialize in their chosen field of biology whilst studying for a master’s degree.

2. Landscape designer

Landscape designers create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces in a wide variety of residential and commercial settings. They meet with individuals and businesses and work with them to create a landscape plan that will meet their goals and objectives. Many landscape designers are employed by firms, although they can also work as independent contractors and enjoy greater work flexibility. Freelance landscape designers need to invest in marketing to build a reputable brand and purchase essential landscaping tools like a power saw and surveying equipment. One of the biggest advantages of working as a landscape designer is that you will get to travel and spend a good amount of time outdoors in natural settings.

3. Farmer

Farmers grow crops and are responsible for managing the entire growing process, including the planting, fertilization, and harvesting of crops. Once harvested, crops are transported to facilities to be sold to consumers. Most farmers also produce dairy products and raise livestock to be used in animal food production. Farmers spend most of their time outdoors, and the role would suit anyone who enjoys being outside. Many farmers inherit land and livestock, although it is possible to become a first-generation farmer by purchasing suitable farmland and farming equipment and machinery. You can also enroll in a farmer training program to learn the basic skills and knowledge needed to become a successful farmer.

Final thoughts

You are likely to be working for the majority of your adult life, so you must get enjoyment from your job role. Some people like the comfort and routine of traveling to an office every day and working at a desk. If you’re someone who hates the thought of being stuck inside while working, then don’t worry! There are lots of rewarding job roles that will allow you to travel and spend time in nature. Above are three career paths that would suit someone who enjoys being outside.

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