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Friday, September 23, 2022

Wedding Ring Styles: 5 Timeless & Elegant Designs

Photo by Yvette LeBaron from Pexels

If you and your fiancée are tying the knot in the coming few months, your thoughts will turn to the wedding ring, which symbolise your union and if there was a time for bespoke solutions, this would be it.

Here are some timeless wedding ring styles that are popular in 2022.

1. Eternity Ring - This is a gold band with small pave diamonds set into the band. The stones encompass the entire band, which is a very popular style. While diamonds are generally used, you could have emeralds, rubies or even sapphires, or a combination, which adds colour. Of course, you might prefer platinum, a precious metal that does not tarnish, which is more practical than gold.

2. Half Eternity Ring - The same as the eternity ring, except the pave diamonds only cover half of the band. When you approach a custom jeweller, you start with your concept and the expert gradually tweaks the design until you are happy. A half eternity ring is ideal for a wedding ring and with your choice of platinum or gold, the jeweller can create the perfect wedding ring that matches your engagement ring. Indeed, some girls have the plan to have both rings made by the same jeweller, which guarantees a perfect match.

3. Matching Gold Wedding Bands - If diamonds aren’t your thing, why not commission a matching pair of gold wedding bands? Many women have a very active lifestyle and prefer not to have diamonds set into their wedding ring; a gold band design is perfect. Thick or thin, shiny or matte, there are many style variations and you can even have your initials inscribed on the inner surfaces. For the best custom male wedding bands, talk to a leading custom jeweller, who has what it takes to create your vision. Why even look at premade rings when you can create a unique pair of wedding bands for about the same budget?

4. Three Diamonds In A Solitaire Setting - A large central stone with a smaller stone on each side is a traditional wedding ring design that is very popular among young couples. This design is probably the most popular for engagement rings, but also wedding rings and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Talk to a custom jeweller about solitaire diamond ring designs and see what the expert can offer.

5. Princess Cut Diamond In A Halo Setting - The ultimate in bling, this has a central diamond with the Princess Cut surrounded by smaller stones in a halo setting. Your choice of platinum or gold and the custom jeweller will take your design concept and turn it into reality. Browse images of previous projects for some inspiration, and you are sure to find the right design for your wedding ring.

Photo by SYNG on Unsplash

If you have your heart set on a pair of matching wedding bands, the custom jeweller has all the solutions and what’s more, he can source loose, uncut diamonds and gemstones at wholesale prices, saving you at least 15%. 

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