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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Gorgeous Ways To Work Pantone's Color Of The Year Into Your Life

Photo by Bekky Bekks on Unsplash

It’s something that you have been waiting for your entire year, and now Pantone’s color of the year is here! Pantone is a business that gives color a language for designers and producers and also gives them the tools to infuse their business and their life with some amazing colors that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have been straining at the leash to get Pantone’s Color of the year and now you have it, you might wonder exactly what you need to do to work the Viva Magenta color into your entire life. Well, we’ve got a few ideas for that!

What Is Viva Magenta?

Viva Magenta is a color that vibrates with vim and vigor, and it is a signal of brave and fearless strength. It is a red that is powerful and electrifying, and welcomes those that have a rebellious spirit and a true fire inside of them. If you want to surround yourself with this powerful color, then here is how you can do it.

Fill Your Home With Plants That Bloom In Viva Magenta

There are several types of plants that bloom with Viva Magenta, including dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations. Don’t be afraid to pot some of these plants and place them in your home, or fill your flower beds with them. Then every time you look at the roses and of course smell the scents, you can renew yourself with all the energy and inner fire that the color represents.

Design Your Home Around Viva Magenta

From throw pillows, to blankets, to decorations, to entire walls painted in the color, there are plenty of ways to bring Viva Magenta into your home. But don’t just add the color to your home with the intention of throwing it away the second next year's Pantone’s color of the year comes out. Instead, take advantage of what the color means.

Put Viva Magenta around the spots in your home where you do the most work and where you need that reminder that you are burning with an inner fire that can burn down the world if you would like it to. Put the Viva magenta in your home office, or around any area where you need a little bit more bravery in your life, because it couldn’t hurt at all!

Use The Equity Of Your Home To Finance The Renovations

Of course, if you want to go bigger and insert Viva Magenta into every single part of your life, then you might need to make some larger renovations, and that means needing some funding. You can use your home’s equity to finance your renovations, and it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated.

If you need help making this shift in order to truly embrace the color of the year into your life, then you need to figure out how to get the best loan possible, and that means you need to get a Sofi mortgage loan. Then you can start making all the colorful renovations to your home that you want.

Let The Meaning Of The Color In

Whether you need a Viva Magenta colored throw pillow or an entire room filled with the color to remind yourself that you are strong, brave, and have some inner fire inside of you, don’t just fill your house with Viva Magenta until 2024. Instead, remind yourself every single day what the color symbolizes and how it can apply to your life and your situation.

That’s how the color of the year will stay with you even after next year's color is announced! 

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