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Friday, October 2, 2015

TREATS International Snack Subscription Box Review

PR Sample - Wouldn't it be cool (also delicious) to try snacks from other countries each month? I've always enjoyed tasting goodies from around the world, thanks to really nice blog buddies. Treats is a subscription box service that sends their subscribers a box of snacks from a different country every month! How cool is that!?! No traveling necessary! HaHaHa They will send you snacks from different continents such as ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, and AUSTRALIA. Let me show you what was inside the box they sent me! I received TEN snacks from JAPAN! Not only did I get to try some great tasting snacks, but now I know the names of some Japanese snack companies! I also got to admire some very pretty packaging! Look below for a special COUPON CODE just for A Very Sweet Blog Readers!

 Morinaga - Milk Caramel Candy

These are AWESOME! Boxed and individually wrapped, these rich tasting caramels taste delicious. They're fresh, chewy and dare I say better than Brach's!?! Yes, they are!

Uha - Cola Puccho

Another candy that was in my box, was Cola Puccho. They taste like gummies, but have a center of liquid cola that bursts in your mouth! These tasted really good! Chewy, sweet & sour all mixed together. 

Glico - Pocky Tsubu Tsubu

I call them Pocky sticks! LOL I've tried these before, but in a different flavor. These crunchy strawberry flavored snacks are really tasty. They kind of remind me of a yogurt coated cookie. 

Glico - Giant Caplico Strawberry

It seems like Glico makes a lot of cute Asian snacks :) Who can resist a strawberry ice cream cone? It's strawberry with a chocolate center. All of it is crunchy. Tasty, but I can't compare it to anything. LOL It's not overly sweet, but I prefer Pocky :)

Meiji - Watapachi Cotton Candy

I didn't read the Treats "What's Inside Your Treats Box?" card before diving into these treats! I kind of wanted to be SURPRISED by the different tastes. I could not tell by the packaging, what was inside! I was kind of scared because there were monsters all over it and various things coming out of all of their mouths! HaHaHa I reached my hand inside and still felt spooked! Is this seaweed? LOL Then when I pulled it out, I said well it looks like cotton candy (candy floss). It tasted really good! It has a watermelon taste to it!

Jagabee - Soy Sauce Potato Crisps

This was another favorite for me! If you're familiar with Andy Capp Fries, these are similar but BETTER. They don't have as much seasoning. It says soy sauce etc. but you can't taste it. It just tastes like really good baked potato fries. Do these come in a BIG BAG? Because they are absolutely yummy!

 Calbee - Baked Shrimp Chips

Okay, so there was ONE snack I didn't like at all! This one! I love shrimp, but not these! I tried shrimp crackers a couple of months ago and didn't like those either, so I must not like Asian shrimp snacks in general. They look like puffed crunchy sticks! I just don't like the smell or taste. :(

Amanoya - Himemaru

Rice crackers are usually very bland. Well not these! They have a light seasoning on them that gives them a tasty kick! Great crunchy snacks.

Uegaki - Kaki-no-tane

I've had these before, thanks to Little Luxury List (see here)! But what I didn't know about, were the different varieties. These are the rice crackers, but she sent me the ones with rice crackers & peanuts. Really tasty snacks!

Kasugai - Fruit Gummy Assortment

And finally GUMMY'S! FRUIT GUMMY'S! Throw everything you ever thought a gummy candy was OUT OF YOUR HEAD! These will have you dancing! Want to know why? THEY TASTE LIKE REAL FRUIT! I never ate gummy candies before because many taste so artificial and are rubbery. NOT THESE! I'm glad this is a big bag. Three flavors in these lychee, mango and strawberry. They're also GLUTEN FREE...LOVE!

$12.95/Month Receive 4-5 International Snacks
$24.95/Month Receive 8-10 International Snacks

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!


  1. Oh this sounds like such a great box! I'm a fan of sweet treats too! :)

    Definitely the kind of box I would sign up for :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. OHHHH my girls would die for these :-) Have a lovely weekend sweets


  3. Awesome review :) Lovely post. Keep in touch dear. Hugs
    Ramp diary / Bridal Blog

  4. Hiya doll...this looks so brilliant!! I would try a box like this. I've seen some of these snacks before, but never tried them, they look great! Am glad you enjoyed your box. Shrimp flavours don't usually go well with me either, it always has a weird taste to me. Happy weekend doll xx

  5. Really?! Oh lol this is the coolest thing ever, always wish for a service like this, glad to know of it! And no wonder is from u lol!:) Happy weekend! xo

  6. Laughing so hard in your description about the cotton candy one I love cotton candy great review doll.

  7. Good morning, Kim!
    I wonder if they also have snacks from ANTARCTICA. Lol. Just a joke, people! When I was in grade school, back in Haiti, there only were five continents, but now they have 7. The reason is because America was not divided between North and South. It was just America. I cannot even remember when Antarctica was added. Haha!
    Okay, back to the snacks! They look delicious. I love each package. And I think it is a great concept. I love the cultural aspect of it. And who does not like a good snack?


  8. Oh my, I would try any snacks too. I like the shrimp chips, those are addictive.

  9. Hi Kim,
    How fun to belong to that club and get all of those fun snacks from all over the world! I love that idea and thanks for sharing it with us.
    I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend.
    Thanks for the sweet visits.
    Julie xo

  10. This box sounds so cool, Kim - and delicious! I love that the one you got featured Japanese treats, because that was a great way for me to know how varied the selection was. Here in Vancouver we have a much greater access to snacks from Asia than almost any other city in North America and there were still things I had never heard of! I'm usually hesitant to sign up for monthly subscription boxes but I may just give this one a try - I do love snacks ;)

  11. What a fun way to try new snacks Kim! It was fun seeing some of the ones I grew up with like Pocky, shrimp chips and fruit gummies.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. Man....Japan seriously makes the awesomest stuff! Like, seriously....I should just move there:D Kim, your snack reviews just always make me hungry! hehe

  13. This is sooooo freaking cool! I'm not familiar with any of the snacks included in this box but I do want to try them all!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  14. Ah! I had no idea this service even existed! I'm always keen to try sweets from other countries (and in fact often prefer them!), so this would be an ideal subscription service to try out. I often hear/read about bloggers sending other bloggers sweets from their country and so I'd imagine they'd love the idea of this :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  15. How fun! I love all the different packaging. It is neat trying treats from all over the world. :)

  16. Wow! I love this concept... try snacks from other countries! That seems to be delicious.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  17. What a cute idea!!! I love this and would def subscribe!

  18. Wow! This box is such a great value I can't believe how much you got!! I agree though...shrimp snacks just aren't for me!

  19. how awesome Kim!!! Ive heard of makeup and jewelry subscription boxes but not international snacks! How cool! I would love to try this sometime! Ive had chinese and japanese candies before that friends brought back and theyve always been so yummy! so cool!
    hope you have a great weekend! xo

  20. OMG . you've got treats for a month !
    How amazing that this service is available, I am wondering if the products have sanitary registration or if they would be held up at customs or FDA..

  21. it is always nice to try and taste something new...I think it is wonderful how this box with snacks contains so many different snacks. It must be fun trying them all.

  22. I've recently got a few subscriptions boxes that I love and will share later, but have not tried this one. Seems like a great and fun way to try Japanese snacks. I used to love shrimp snacks. :) <3

  23. Now you convinced me in trying them too! XX So guilty af! haha.. But thank you for sharing... I really appreciate it. You are right, no need to travel... I can save up my expenses for airfare...

    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)
    Follow me on MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT too! ☺

  24. Oh my gosh I would love this subscription box Kim! That is such a cool idea too! I love trying out things from different countries. everything in this box looks super yummy but I can see how shrimp flavored snacks wouldn't be good lol!! I love Pocky too, and the strawberry flavored ones are my favorite!

  25. Yum!! This is a delightful idea! I especially adore salty snacks :-) Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  26. This is such a cool idea! The icecream cone candy looks yummy

    Rachel xx

  27. all the good japanese snacks! this is a really cool service!

  28. Love how you broke down each treat here! :)


  29. These treats look so good. I'm not sure I could try these those... I'd most probably get addicted and frustrated I can't just pop to the shop :(
    Great idea though!

  30. Hi Kim, I don't generally eat snacks, but these sound good! I love shrimp chips, maybe that brand isn't good and who doesn't like gummy candies.

    xo Jo

  31. Wow that's a lot of goodies.
    I love it!

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  32. Oh gosh! Great box idea, I am a huge sweets lover; so this sounds so appealing to me!

  33. This is an awesome box subscription. I would love to taste treats from around the world. The milky caramel candies looked yummy :-)

  34. Yeah there are stores in NY that sell snack foods from all over the world, it is a trip, and my friend from Ireland always tells which Irish ones are good.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  35. This is amazing! There were so many items included! I just need less snacks not more, this isn't helping! Thanks for the review


  36. omg Kim, yummy yummy yummy!! :D great review

  37. Japanese snacks are the best! I have recently tried the giant caplico and while it's very messy during the munching, it was first time I came across such cool snack!

  38. Did somebody say SWEETS? Right this way please --->> JOURNAL OF STYLE / BLOGLOVIN

  39. Oh wow, snacks box?? I've reviewed many beauty boxes but they've got snack boxes too? Cool! xoxo

  40. These sound amazing Kim! I need to get my hands on some of those Soy Sauce Potato Crisps.

  41. Why is it I always find the food posts when I'm hungry?
    Lol I haven't heard of Treats although I have heard of this concept! Sooo cool :D

    Also, smart move by you not accepting his friend request (in reference to that comment you left me on my last post lol). Ugh! Men! xD Lol I do hope I one day find "Prince Charming" or someone along those lines, but for now, I'm satisfied with where I'm at and the people that are brought into my life. Albeit it is fun to collect these memories/stories along the way lol

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  42. That snack box has some amazing snacks that I'd love to try. I wish it were here in my country

    New Posts in Beauty and Yoga segments

  43. Wow, how cute, love these lovely packagings, great box idea. Have a nice day Kim <3 Kisses <3

  44. Asian snacks are some of my favorite things to eat! I really wish they would become more available to buy here in the states, there's so many things you got I would love to try. Especially those cola pucchos, they sound so unique :D

  45. oh my gosh...these are some of my favorite japanese snacks!! love the milk caramels and shrimp chips and kakimochi (uegaki)! YUM!

  46. oh my gosh...these are some of my favorite japanese snacks!! love the milk caramels and shrimp chips and kakimochi (uegaki)! YUM!

  47. Wow! How many delish thing! I have never tried Japanese snacks, I wonder to know the taste!

  48. Ooh I want to try those Gummies! I remembered you not liking seaweed or shrimp flavored crackers but will send you more of your favorites soon! I'm also going to Australia hopefully in a few weeks and will send you something Australian too!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  49. I love this concept! So fun! I've only tried Pocky in a cookies and cream flavor, but all of these snacks sound pretty tasty.

  50. yum! My kids and I love Pocky sticks. They used to sell that and some of those snacks in our local Asian supermarket before they closed. I'm hoping another one might pop up soon because we miss our snacks.

  51. This is such a cool idea; I have never heard of snack box subscription before; I bet these all tasted yummy.

  52. Oh this is a kind of subscription box that would be very worth it :)

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