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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mally Beauty Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush & Highlighter in Pretty Pink & Perfect Peach Review

The color PEACH is super hot right now in makeup for Spring & Summer (2017). Makeup companies are coming out with all types of peachy products. I'm loving it, because peach colors compliment my skin tone. Just look to the right at my profile pic. LOL So I'm riding this peach-filled bandwagon while it's hot. Others are sick of the trend. That is very understandable, because the color may not be complimentary for everyone. When a color is hot (and compliments you), do you buy as much of it as possible? Well Mally Roncal (Mally Beauty), came out with two sets for Spring/Summer. One is called Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter in Pretty Pink and the other is Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush and Highlighter in Perfect Peach. With each set, you get a blush (either Pink or Peach, depending on the set you choose), then you get a highlighter (both sets come with Stardust which is a GOLD highlighter). Each set also comes with a double-ended brush (the dark end is for the blush; the white/lighter end is for the highlighter). I purchased both sets during ULTA's 31 Days Sale, because these are regularly $35 and during the sale they were only $19.  I definitely wanted the peach set, but was unsure about the pink. Me & some shades of pink just don't agree. The PRETTY PINK blush is a purplish pink. Purplish pinks can go very wrong on me, but I think I carried it off pretty well. The PERFECT PEACH blush was a little lighter than what was shown on Ulta's website, but it is pigmented and really looks great on the skin. The STARDUST HIGHLIGHTER is a true gold! I added it atop my blush and on my nose. Both blushes are highly pigmented! A little goes a very long way. The brushes are great for applying, but use a Beautyblender to blend it thoroughly with your other makeup. I love using my Beautyblender with blushes now. I really like both sets. I definitely prefer the PEACH color on me, but the pink was not too shabby. But I still prefer the peachy shade that is in her Shimmer Shape & Glow Palette (Deeper). It just has that OOMPH! But this peach is nice if I want a softer look.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Mally Beauty Effortlessly Airbrushed Blush & Highlighter in Pretty Pink & Perfect Peach are Sweet

Pretty Pink

 Perfect Peach

Pink or Peach? 
I felt the Peach shade blended better with my skin tone.
With the PRETTY PINK set, I'm wearing Mally Must Have Pink on my lips.
With the PERFECT PEACH set, I'm wearing Mally Southern Peach on my lips. 
I'm also wearing Too Faced Foundation in Sand.



  1. great post hun!

  2. I love those peach and gold tones on you, Kim! You wear the pink well, too, but the peach tones suit you perfectly. Peach is a colour that works well for me, too, but that I don't wear very often - I cracked my last peach blush shortly after buying it and haven't had the heart to replace it. But I admit I am tempted to try this set from Mally!

  3. I never knew about this brand. I like the colours. It's so spring. The pink, beige and peach are so pretty on you.

  4. I haven't tried anything from this brand (don't know if they are available in Europe-so I need to google) but both sets are gorgeous & I love those brushes aswell

  5. Beautiful products. I need to get some peach makeup! :)


  6. Don't think this brand is easily available here but you pulled off the pink blush really well, Kim! Peach and coral are very tricky shades for me to pull off, most either disappear on me or just looks muddy.

  7. I also love peachy blushes! These look really nice!

  8. These are both really pretty but I prefer peach too!

  9. Wow these look gorgeous! I am like you though in that Purples can go very wrong on me. But now Peaches I love all day, every day! I don't think I have ever tried anything from Mally other than a Primer. By the way, your profile pic is beautiful! Love the blush and lippie your re wearing in it! Xo

  10. The shades look amazing!

    Vanessa x |

  11. these all look so pretty on you!

  12. You want to know something really cool?! My mom lives in the same building in Brooklyn that one of Mally's artists lives in (she works under her and does makeup on celebs)! I found that to be so cool, but you know, I can't let it show through that I want to be nosey and know all the bts info, haha. Anyway, I love the palettes and the fact that she had the same highlighter in both palettes, so that if you love the highlight but aren't too fond of one of the colors, you have the option of getting the blush of your choice with the highlight, very smart. Since I'm more of a fashion lover than makeup, whenever a color is trending in a color I love, I try to take full advantage b/c it's not too often you'll find pieces and accessories in a specific hue, so I feel you! Peach does indeed look gorgeous on you and I agree, you did carry this pink shade off nicely; you have such a gorgeous complexion, girl! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  13. Both blushes look lovely on you, Kim! That peach shade definitely looks like it was made for you though! The highlight is very pretty too! These sets sound nice, and you got them for such a great price!

  14. Its a peach from me. Love how it compliments your skin.

  15. Both shades look pretty but the peach really stands out on you and gives you more of a natural looking glow Kim!

  16. I'm never sick of peach! It's such a warm colour. I love the peach on you, Kim!

    xo Jo

  17. The peach is so lovely with your skin tone Kim! It is bright, yet warm as well!

  18. I love everything peach because it gives me a healthy glow :-) I think peach suits you more than pink. Well, I think you could try pink but without highlighter, then lemme know :-)

  19. Gosh I wish we had Ulta here and we got those deals...
    My 101 year old great aunt swears by peach tones, she always tells me they compliment almost everyone.
    I certainly do agree on this, its like a "healthy" tone not as "fake" as pink.

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