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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic To Go and Overnight Glow Serum Review

SPONSORED: Glycolic Acid (exfoliation) is very popular in skincare right now! Nearly every beauty company has incorporated it into their skincare products & collections. Pixi Beauty kindly sent me some products from their collection: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic To-Go and Overnight Glow Serum. I've had a chance to test them out now for 2 months! I would like to say when I first received these, I used the products individually (with other brands of skincare). I had so-so results. But after reading Pixi's information card (shown below) and following their recommended steps, I found these products to be very impressive when used COLLECTIVELY! Below are my thoughts on each.

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STEP 1 - Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser $18 - Sweet

Pixi's Glow Mud Cleanser looks like mud, but feels like a creamy cleanser.  You just apply & massage the cleanser into your skin and then rinse (it rinses cleanly). I thought it did an excellent job cleaning my face! My face felt clean & refreshed. It didn't feel stripped (I have dry/sensitive skin). This is definitely safe to use AM/PM. I never had any adverse reactions while using this product. This cleanser is considered a deep pore cleansing mud with 5% glycolic and soothing botanicals. This cleanser gave my skin a nice glow. My skin felt soft. I was impressed. The only thing it didn't do was ward off any future acne breakouts on my chin. I had 3 pop-ups. But it was not a reaction to the cleanser. That's where I usually break-out. My REN & Tatcha cleanser always keeps them at bay.

STEP 2 - Pixi Glow Tonic To Go $18 - Sweet

I reviewed Pixi's popular Glow Tonic last year. It's a cult favorite. Well now Pixi has incorporated their popular Glow Tonic formula into a travel friendly pad form (Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go). These pre-soaked pads have 5% glycolic acid that promise to tone, brighten, hydrate, and gently exfoliate. One of these circular pads is enough for your entire face. I have a pretty big face/head, so they should be fine for everyone else HaHaHa! I think the biggest difference I see after using them is brighter & exfoliated skin. Your skin just glows afterwards! It does have a STRONG medicine/chemical scent! But my skin never experienced any adverse reaction while using these. It is advised to use sunscreen while using glycolic acid products.

STEP 3 - Pixi Overnight Glow Serum $24 - Sweet

This serum is formulated with 10% glycolic acid & arginine. It's suppose to exfoliate & soothe skin while you sleep. It helps reduce fine lines & fade sun spots, and has Vitamins A, C and E to nourish the skin. This serum applies as a liquid and then gets a little sticky. After about 15 minutes, it dries down and the stickiness goes away. In the morning (after washing my face), my skin definitely had a glow to it! My skin also felt soft. I didn't notice any difference in fine lines or fading of dark spots. I did use sunscreen as suggested while using this product. If you want your skin to have a beautiful natural glow in the morning! This product is definitely for you.

My overall thoughts! With these product's it's all about a NATURAL GLOW (as the end result)! These products when used collectively made my skin GLOW (but it looked NATURAL)! I LOVED THE RESULTS. You don't witness their magic (because there are no bells or whistles with any of these), until the next morning. But they really work! You guys know how hard I can be on brands when reviewing products. LOL So I'm shocked myself! LOL For me personally, the only thing is this cleanser doesn't help me ward off breakouts on my chin like my REN or Tatcha Cleanser. So I will be sticking to those. Pixi's Glow Tonic (as I mentioned in last years post) has been incorporated into my skincare regimen. I don't use it everyday, because my dry/sensitive skin doesn't need that much exfoliation. So right now I'm using them about 2 times a week. But you guys know I just recently became smitten with Dr. Dennis Gross's peels! I've been testing different serums. You guys know I loved the Mad Hippie one (no stickiness & glow +Vitamin A), but the Pixi overnight glow serum gives me glow as well (stickiness, but dries down + Vitamin A, C, E)! Mad Hippie also has a Vitamin C serum (but that would mean applying 2 serums). Hmmm! And then there is Drunk Elephant's TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, when used together creates super soft, glowing skin! So I will have some decisions to make to soon! All are so good! LOL At least I have options. Pixi came out with a really good glycolic skincare collection. I have to give them that :)

A Note On Peels For My Readers - I've been talking about peels a lot these past couple of weeks and (just like I was) many of you are scared of the word PEEL. I can't blame you! It took a leap of faith for me to try many of these with my dry/sensitive skin. Peel in the old sense, was actually peeling a product from your face that would turn you red or cause you to breakout. Well now peels are done pretty much un-noticeably via liquids, serums & pads. You still have to be cautious! Some are stronger than others. That's why I do reviews on anything I purchase or is given to me! I have DRY/SENSITIVE SKIN, and anyway I can help you guys feel more comfortable about a product or tell you stay away from it, I will do so. The purpose of my blog is to inform :) And you guys know I don't care what end (high cost or low cost) of the spectrum a brand falls in, if it's good it's good ... if it's bad I call it ... I'll call it how it is via my experience :) Getting back, you do want to EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN! When you're young, you won't feel the need ... but trust me, as you get older (i'm older), you will want to remove those dead skin layers (exfoliation is important) because other skincare products will absorb better and your makeup will lay better. I know from experience! My skin is totally different from when I first started blogging! I have learned so much. That is why I continue today.


  1. Thanks for the comment at the end of the post :). I remember many years ago, my dermatologist would tell me to not exfoliate at all because of my acne. These days he says the same and has actually recommended a cream that exfoliates, so I mostly use that but I love to experiment and change from time to time. Totally agree, the older yo get the more you need to exfoliate and I'd love to be more diligent with exfoliation. The products from Pixi sound so good. I haven't tried much from the brand but I'm going to have a look soon and already eyeing the serum xx

    PS- I love your blog too! It covers less well known products sometimes which is so interesting and your writing style is great. Also, who wouldn't like that much sweetness and cupcakes during commentary? ;)

  2. thanks for sharing! I'm think of getting PIXI for myself finally. Your review helps a lot

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. I agree about the Glow Mud Cleanser and I am surprised at how much I love it. I thought it would dry out my skin but on the contrary, it's really good. I only use it 3-4 times a week though, I don't want to push the limit with my skin.

  4. I haven´t tried the serum or the pads, but I really enjoy the original Glow Tonic and the Glow Mud Cleanser. The cleanser is unique at this price range, I have not found anything similar so far. The only one I could compare it to is the way more expensive Ceramic Slip by Sunday Riley, but that would be more drying.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. I really need to try this brand. Everyone seem to like their products :)

    Pink Frenzy

  6. I wish they sold this brand at Ulta so that we could get them at a discounted price during sales. Target never has sales. All three of these products really interest me! The Glow Mud Cleanser interests me the most though.

  7. I had an opportunity to try Pixi shortly before we left for Europe but because of the tight timeline, I had to decline - and reading your review, I'm sorry I did! Of course I have my skincare products that I'm very loyal to, but it's always fun to try something new and such a wonderful surprise when it really lives up to what it promises, which it sounds like all of these products do.

  8. I have these but I've been scared to test them out because I always push off trying new skincare because of my acne prone skin due to hormonal stuff. I might have to give them a try now!

  9. i love this brand, all products are very excellent
    new outfit on my blog Miasuite materassi
    have an happy day, kisses

  10. I would love to try all of these! The mud cleanser sounds nice, too bad it doesn't ward off blemishes though! I think I need a new cleanser so I might keep that one in mind. I've heard so much great things about the glow tonics, I want to try it! I love the idea of the to go ones! And the serum definitely sounds nice. And your right Kim, I totally get scared when I hear about skin peels lol!

  11. Due to exam season I've been stressing out and my skin isn't in the best position. Will defo try this out! Thanks!

    Khadija x

  12. The overnight glow serum is definitely something I would love to try

    Beauty Candy Loves

  13. Kim, I tried the Glow Tonic toner and it broke me out....waaaaaah! So sad coz I thought this might be a good addition to my skin care routine, but alas....Thanks for the review on these products though. Fingers crossed one of them might be ok for me as I really wanna add glycolic acid on my skin care step. The serum will probably be the one I'll try first.
    Anyhoo, have a fab weekend.:) XOXO

  14. Kim, it's so true that exfoliation is a crucial step in the skincare process since it encourages renewal and enhances the effectiveness of your products. It's really just a matter of finding the type of routine that works for you. Physical exfoliation worked better for my skin when I was younger but I find that my skin responds better to chemical exfoliation these days. I totally want to try that serum out now!

  15. I kind of did the same thing with some of the Pix products i had purchased awhile back. (Didn't use them properly) so I wasn't overly impressed. But once I incorporated them correctly, they wowed me! I have yet to try that mud cleanser though so I am looking forward to trying that one.

    And about the peeps who are scared of peels... That is deff me so I am faithfully reading your blog now lady!

    And PS- It's AMAZING!!!! XO

  16. These products look promising. It's worth a try considering they are affordable.

  17. Thanks for sharing a great review! I've always wanted to try these, now will definitely get them!

    Deepti xx |

  18. I appreciate that you do keep blogging Kim as I always learn so much from your blog!

    It's interesting that the products work well together, it was only through reading blogs I realised that you could actually mix and match brands in skincare, haha! I had a range I liked but even all together wasn't perfect so over time I've been changing it up a little and now none of the things I use are from the same brand but they all work nicely together! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  19. I love the overnight glow! I always wake up with super plump skin in the morning :)

  20. Glow serum sounds like my cup of tea! I'm going to buy it

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