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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Must-Have Essentials For Your Bedroom

Have you ever stopped and wondered just how much time you spend in your bedroom? According to The Daily Mail, the average 31-year-old has already spent 12 years sleeping, the equivalent of 627 weeks or 105,362 hours.

If we’re going to spend years of our lives in our bedroom, we might as well enjoy it. But first, we need to stock up on must-haves to keep us stylish, comfortable and ready for a luxurious night's sleep. Here are five ways to make that happen.

Himalayan salt lamps

There's something about the warm glow of candles and soft lighting that brings out the romance in our bedrooms. But you don't have to go all candles and votives to achieve the look. Infuse some exotic personality into your room with some Himalayan salt lamps for that warm and glowing light along with a sensuous energy. And as an added bonus, they also help purify the air. This is an ideal choice if you're looking to bring more feng shui into your bedroom. When the heat of the lamp warms the salt, it releases negative ions into the air that helps create healing and good energy.

Luxurious bedding

Why waste precious time asleep on uninspired, flat bedding that keeps you feeling restless and itchy? Pile up colorful and bold throw pillows that represent your signature style, or use this year’s trend-setting matte black or soft pastels like periwinkle.

You should also consider how to optimize your sleep. Start with a mattress that matches the level of comfort you need. Next, pair it with a mattress topper made from down alternatives, polyester or gel memory foam to enhance your sleep quality.

Expressive, personalized artwork

Think of your bedroom as a place to show off your style. Even if it leans toward minimalism, you can still add expressive or bold artwork that speaks to your signature aesthetic.

If you’re not sure where to start, you could purchase colorful, antique frames to hold your favorite photographs or travel postcards. You can also collect pieces from local art galleries, farmer’s markets and consignment shops, and build out a collection of paintings, photographs and sculptures that speak to your soul.

Belkin Wemo Switch

Let’s get practical for a minute. Your bedroom should be a place of comfort, style and convenience. Take a look around at how many outlets you have and what’s plugged in. From hairdryers to devices, there's a good chance you have a lot of things plugged in.

Belkin Switch can take the hassle out of remembering what you need to turn off and unplug. Unlike many smart outlets, Belkin's WeMo switch doesn't need other products or hubs to get it up and running. Just connect it to your home WiFi and Alexa or Google Home and turn off everything in your bedroom from the fan to your curling iron without getting up.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a luxurious way to unwind after a long day. Spraying down your linens or using a diffuser with lavender can bring calm to your evening. Meanwhile, adding eucalyptus to the cardboard ring in your toilet paper roll releases the scent when the roll turns. It can also be used as a spray to freshen up your room and get it feeling sparkling clean without getting out the harsh cleaners, says Aromatherapy Naturals.

Your bedroom should be a tranquil refuge to envelop you in comfort and luxury after a long day. Take the time to refresh it with these must-have items, and add your own to make it a place you’ll love to curl up to.


  1. I need to invest into some art for the bedroom. I moved a year ago, but there is still so much to do to get it the way I want x


  2. I love my bedroom. I do everything there except eating. Lol

    xo Jo

  3. Great tips Kim. I'm thinking of re doing my bedroom and I' already getting very excited at the prospect.

  4. These are some great ideas! I wish someone would decorate my bedroom for me. I think I would like to try the essential oils.

  5. I just got a himalayaian salt lamp! It’s definitely nice having in for the bedroom. And yes to essential oils too

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