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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Second Act: In Theaters December 21

PR Event: I was invited to see an advance screening of the movie Second Act at The Prytania Theatre this past Wednesday. I was excited to go, because it stars Jennifer Lopez. I've followed Jennifer's career since she was a fly girl on the show In Living Color. Some of my favorite films featuring her are Selena, Anaconda, The Wedding Planner, Enough, and Maid In Manhattan. My new favorite movie from her is Second Act which comes out December 21st.

I can't divulge much about the movie! But if you love beauty, fashion, dancing, being in LOVE, Christmas music, comedy, friendship, family, and a good rags-to-riches story ... this movie is for you. I took my mom and she literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD (along with so many others) throughout the movie. It's really good from beginning to end. It exceeded my expectations and it had a lot of really good life lessons in the movie. It definitely has substance. I could watch this movie again and again! This movie will put you in the holiday spirit. I'm not telling you this, because they invited me to the movie. I was not paid. This is not sponsored. Nor did they ask me to promote or write this post. I'm doing this, because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I feel you will as well. I love romantic comedies.

Let me show you around The Prytania Theatre! Isn't it cute! It's a boutique movie theater (one screen). It's over 100 years old. It's operated by the Brunet Family. Three generations of the Brunet Family currently work at the theatre. They do an amazing job! Rene Brunet (former operator of The Prytania) recently passed (2017). I remember meeting him (he would greet moviegoers). Lovely man. A beautiful portrait of him is displayed in the lobby (shown below). I go to this movie theatre all the time & no matter how many times I go my eyes light up. Everyone falls in love with the concession area, classic movie posters (don't you love that Frankenstein & Harry Potter poster), chandeliers, lighted cinema signs, vintage movie books, pictures of actors & actress from the past & overall charming decor. It's a splendid mix of both past & present. The theatre even has their own cats! Meow! There are two! One is pictured in the red chair below. He literally took a cat nap. I was bundled up that night, because it's the coldest it's been in New Orleans in a very long time. But The Prytania's coffee bar did a great job heating everyone up. What I love about The Prytania Theatre, is they make you feel like you're at home (part of the family). It's charming, comfortable & cozy!

How cute is The Prytania's concession area! I wish I could pack it up and take it home with me! LOL I just may use this as inspiration to make a small theater in my house! HaHaHa I love the snack characters on the wall: soda, popcorn, candy and chocolate bar. It just makes me want to buy everything! LOL They sell all of that plus nachos, bottled drinks, icees and artisan cookies. Everyone that works there is really nice and personable. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the PR Team that invited me to see Second Act. They put me on the VIP List and I felt extra special. You guys, I can't tell you enough how much I loved this movie. It was time well spent and I encourage you to see it! I tweeted my enthusiasm for the movie (see below) and as you can see from the likes & retweets others felt the same way. They seem to be doing advance screenings throughout the US, so look for announcements at your local movie theater. You can follow Second Act via the Social Media icons below :)


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