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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is usually very casual for me, so I decided to wear my Joe's Pie Diner tee that I purchased from the musical Waitress and some leggings. Thanksgiving morning I always love watching the Macy's Day Parade. I want to see the new Grinch Movie. Everyone says it's so good. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself this year. I started preparing the seafood gumbo two days ago. Then I worked on all the trimmings, such as the cornbread stuffing and potato salad. I left the turkey for this morning. Everything tasted really good. I was pleased. For dessert I had sweet potato pie topped with Cool Whip. I love the Cool Whip top. I received a 2018 Thanksgiving catalogue from Whole Foods. I wish I could show you the inside, because it was so pretty. You would literally want to buy all the food showcased in the catalogue. I've never had my Thanksgiving dinner catered. I've either dined out or cooked at home. Shopping? I've done a little. Bath and Body Works had their 2-pack Wallflowers for only $5.75 today. I think they're doing daily deals, so look for them. I also love their room sprays. They were buy 3, get 3 free. Beauty Bakerie currently has 30% off all of their products. I've wanted to try their base makeup for awhile. My Sephora haul came in the other day. I'll be testing and reviewing those items soon. PR for Mally Beauty sent me her entire collection of shadowsticks to review. So I'll be testing those as well.  Nordstrom had a really good sale on shoes. I had these Chocolate Blu Gaia black suede shoes on my wish list, so I purchased them. They feel so good! The padding is amazing. It's like walking on a cloud. I hope you and your family had a fun & tasty Thanksgiving!

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