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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Nextdoor

Not Sponsored: Do you have the Nextdoor app? Nextdoor is an app that keeps you informed about what is going on in your neighborhood. I just downloaded it a couple of months ago and I love it. Nextdoor is not new. From Wikipedia, it started in 2008 and launched in the United States in 2011. It's not just in the United States, but also in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It's been really useful. Let me share why.

1. Crime & Safety - I live in New Orleans. We have great food, festivals and lots of fun times. But we also have crime. Unfortunately, crimes such as car break-ins, stealing packages off porches and robberies have spilled over into neighborhoods (mine included). I haven't been affected, but a couple of my neighbors have been affected. I purchased outdoor cameras about three years ago, they have paid for themselves and have helped in so many ways. You will be surprised at what goes on while inside your home. I have been able to give footage to my local police and insurance companies. I have helped a neighbor find out what happened to a missing package. More and more people are getting cameras, they are posting their footage on Nextdoor and people are grouping their footage to solve crimes. People are posting their crime stories on Nextdoor. Because Nextdoor covers YOUR entire neighborhood AREA, you recognize street names. This makes you aware of what is going on around you. What's nice is that your local police taps into Nextdoor. It keeps them abreast of problems in the area. They even set up community meetings with area residents.

2. Missing Pets - With the Nextdoor app, I have helped a neighbor (using my cameras) locate their dog. One morning I spotted a dog walking past my house (he didn't look familiar) and he found his way to another lady's house blocks & blocks away. I went on Nextdoor and a picture that lady posted matched the dog my cameras captured earlier that morning. Through her and others we located the owner of the dog. People post their LOST PETS on Nextdoor and I'm happy to say 95% of the time it turns into a FOUND PET story. Also, when you fill out your profile you can list your pet as a family member. You can include your pets name and picture.

3. Suggestions, Recommendations and Solutions - I live in a University area. Tulane and Loyola University are just around the corner from me. So many are on Nextdoor looking for babysitting jobs etc.? Parents can find great babysitters with references. Many neighbors recommend lawn care, plumbers, electricians, housekeepers etc. People that have worked for them and that they recommend. Word of mouth is always great. There are also people that log onto Nextdoor that may have a problem at their house. Someone with expertise in that area logs on, reads their problem and is able to solve their problem. It's really cool to read.

4. For Sale, Free Stuff & Garage Sales - Have you ever put something out on the curb on trash day and someone takes it. It's a great feeling. Someone can use it! I put a lamp out one time and the driver of the garbage truck told the hoppers to hand it to her. I was happy because she wanted it and could get it fixed. Well on this app, you can post (along with a picture and the words CURB ALERT) that you're about to put something out on the curb. You can post things you want to sell along with the price. One man's trash is another's treasure! Also, some things are not "trash" by any means. Remember in my post from yesterday "Activities To Beat The Winter Blues", I mentioned attending a broadway show or concert. Well your nearby neighbors may have tickets they can't use and are willing to sell to you! They're nearby! Pay them and pick them up :) People post garage sales, sell baby clothes, plants, couches etc. So Nextdoor is another great resource to find a treasure close to your heart.

5. Interests - You can choose from an assortment of interests on Nextdoor. This may be book clubs, exercise groups, travel, the performing arts etc. The great thing is all of these events are posted by people from your neighborhood and hosted in your area (nearby or city). They will let you know about things going on in your area.

6. Puzzling Events - Have you ever been in your house, hear something and wonder what that was? Just log on to Nextdoor. I bet someone has posted about it. I've learned that the University nearby was shooting fireworks, military airplane practices, a car accident around the corner etc. You no longer have to wonder, because people are now speaking up and posting about it.

7. Lost & Found - Besides pets, neighbors are finding wallets, identification cards, keys, packages left at the wrong address or street, earrings, rings etc. They are posting about them on Nextdoor. Not the picture of them, but just enough that if you're missing the item you will be able to tell them enough as to identify them as yours (only you and the person that found the item would know). In the past, you would've probably lost that item FOREVER! Now there is a possibility you can find it again.

8. Public Announcements - The City of New Orleans Activated A Freeze Plan last night. This was posted on the Nextdoor App. It outlined when rain would be moving in. If there would be sleet. Precautions to take with your home, pipes and animals, shelter for the homeless etc. Other announcements include meetings your local police are having and want you to attend. Fire Departments. Special Events. Traffic Advisories & Street Closures. So if you're going to be impacted in your area or surrounding areas, they will let you know. It's very handy!

9. Holiday Time - This app is so good for the holidays! Do you plan on handing out treats for Halloween? You can note your home as a Trick or Treat stop! The app will put a picture of a Halloween pumpkin on your house (on the app). Not only that, but you can say if you're passing out regular treats and/or allergy friendly treats. Also if you will have decorations. For Christmas, if you plan to have decorations you want all to see, it will let others know.

10. Connect - The great thing about the Nextdoor app (overall goal) is to CONNECT with not only neighbors on your block but with people in your surrounding area. Besides my immediate neighborhood, it keeps me abreast of the other 18 nearby neighborhoods. If you're worried about your safety & security, don't be. You do have to post your real name, but you don't have to use your face as a profile picture. You can block out your address. It will say what street you are on. In my area, people are very vocal and opinionated. I'm happy to see that. It's meant to be a helpful app. Some abuse it by trying to put others down. It's funny because when that happens, someone jumps in and gives that person a piece of their mind. Offer advice. Help those in need. Be courteous. I've learned a lot from others (good & bad) since being on the app. I've also helped others, which feels good. One lady wrote me in private and said Kim, by you posting that link it really helped me. She's not on social media, so that little gesture helped her. So little things can help others. JOIN!
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