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Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Best Ways to Explore Australia

Visiting Australia is a dream for many people. But when it's so far away, making it expensive to get to, you can feel like you might only have one shot to experience it. It's a huge country, so seeing everything in one go is pretty much impossible. You might be able to return on another visit in the future, but if you're planning your first trip, you want to make it as memorable as possible. You can't do it all, but you can plan a trip that's going to hit all of your buttons and make sure you have a good time. Start by considering these top ways to explore Australia.

Road Trip Around the Country

When you're faced with such a large country, you can choose to get from A to B as quickly as possible or you can choose to focus on enjoying the journey. Flying is a good way to get around Australia if you're short on time, but a lot of people much prefer the open road. It's a fantastic place for road trips, with some very popular routes to take and some hidden gems too. And with outback campers available to hire or even buy, going off-road and camping are both easy too. Of course, you need to be well-prepared. Make sure you do your research before setting off on a cross-country road trip.

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See Australia By Train

Another option for those who prefer slow travel is to take a train between destinations. You'll find trains within cities, but you can also make use of them to travel long-distance. Not only do you get to see more of Australia, but you also don't have to drive. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride. There are plenty of popular train routes, taking you from east to west or from north to south, and more. Some of the options include the Indian Pacific route, which takes you all the way from Perth on the west coast to Sydney on the east coast, and the Ghan, which goes from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south.

Take to the Trails

Trains too fast for you? If you want to go even slower, walking is an excellent way to see Australia. Of course, you're going to cover less ground compared to a car or train, but you also have the freedom to take everything in at your own pace. Australia has a huge number of walking trails across hundreds of national parks and other locations that are great for exploring on foot. From coastal walks to forest rambles, you can walk through different landscapes and see Australia in a variety of ways. You can choose walks that last just a few hours or spend weeks on a trail.

Hit the Town

Australia might be large, but the majority of its population is found around the coast. Naturally, many people head straight to the cities when they visit for the first time. From Perth and Darwin to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, they all offer their own character. While some people might want to go into the outback or see more of Australia's wilderness, sticking to the cities is a perfectly acceptable way to see the country. There's a lot to see and do, plenty of places to eat and drink, arts, history and culture to explore, and friendly people to meet too.

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Get Out of the City

On the other hand, maybe you don't want to spend all of your time in cities. If you want to ensure you see a bit of the nature that Australia has to offer, it's easy to get out of the city for a short or long period too. In fact, if you're visiting one of Australia's big cities, you only usually need to go an hour or two outside of them before you feel like you're in a completely different world. If you prefer to make a major city your base, you can easily book day trips and short sojourns to slightly wilder locations.

Travel By Water

For an alternative to traveling by plane, train, and automobile, consider getting on the water. Ferries, cruise ships, and other water-going vessels also give you a good way to see the country. They can take you from one place to another or they can just offer a round-trip that gives you an interesting way to take a tour. You might get on a ferry to visit an island, whether a large one like Tasmania or a small one like Rottnest Island or you could go whale watching on a boat. Sailing around Australia on a cruise is a good way to see the country too, stopping at major cities to see the sights.

Take Your Time

How long should you spend in Australia? It's certainly possible to visit for only a week or even just a few days, especially if you're not traveling as far or planning to stay in one place. But if you want to be able to take in more of the country, most people would agree that you should visit for at least two weeks, if not longer. However long you decide to stay, don't feel like you have to rush through your trip. Take time to really experience the places you visit and the things that you see and do.

Travel with Others

Lastly, your experience in Australia can definitely be enhanced by spending time with others. Even if you're traveling solo, meeting new people and perhaps joining a group tour can make your time in Australia more enjoyable. You can make new friends and you'll have people who help you to make memories that you can treasure forever. Of course, you might also plan your trip with family or friends, which means planning a trip that everyone is happy with. Make sure you all get a say in where you go and what you do.

You can explore Australia in any way you like, whether you want to visit as many places as possible or slowly take in one destination.

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