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Thursday, October 14, 2021

No Time To Die | James Bond 007 Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Not Sponsored: I went to see No Time To Die this past weekend. I've followed Daniel Craig since his beginnings as agent 007. As this movie was to be his last, playing the character, I wanted to see it on the big screen. From beginning to end, you will experience a multitude of emotions. There are a plethora of mental elements involved, which will leave you shaken, not stirred in the end. Be prepared to feel love, betrayal, hurt, scared, wonderment, hatred, fun, sadness and overall bewilderment. You're taken on a psychological roller-coaster that will leave you sitting still in your movie chair, with the possibility of tears streaming down your face at the end. As I was walking out of the movie theater, I overheard a man in his late 60s say "I must admit, Craig has been the best James Bond". There's something about Daniel Craig and how he paired so well as agent 007. He's gritty, fierce, cold, rough, with no frills. He has villain's characteristics in a character that is for good. No Time To Die contains a bevy of strong actors and actresses, each of which fully portrayed their characters. When you can view someone as an actual person and no longer a character, they have done their job. I also liked the fact, the cast is a compilation of races. It felt inclusive, which we very much need to see today. As with the movie Joker, expect this movie to reach into the depth of your feelings. Listen to the music. Let the music and movie encompass you. Both will take you over. You will leave different. You will be silent... left to think.


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