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Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Addams Family Marketing

Not Sponsored: I love The Addams Family! They are quintessential Halloween and I LOVE Halloween! I saw the Broadway Musical here in New Orleans, back in 2011. You can see my collection of Playbill, CD and Program below. In 2019, I went crazy ga-ga over the IHOP menu design promoting the movie. So much so, that I bought it off of eBay. It sits perched in my makeup room. I gawk at it everyday. So that brings us to 2021 and the new Addams Family 2 movie & marketing. Kellogg's has gotten in on The Addams Family action (Kellogg's Limited Edition, of course). Cousin IT, Wednesday Addams, Lurch, Morticia and Uncle Fester appear on various Kellogg cereal, Rice Krispies Treats, Pop Tarts Bites and Snax boxes. I had to make a Target run for a couple of more orange & black totes and AA batteries. My Halloween decor seems to keep growing. So I hopped upstairs to see if they had the collection. They did. It was fun seeing everything in person. People really bought out the Rice Krispies Treats with the various characters. I would've purchase a cereal box if Morticia was on it, but marketing seemed to miss the mark on that one. I love Morticia & Gomez. They oooze LOVE! I guess they felt mainly children eat these type of cereals (and they do), but they forget about collectors like me. For example, I purchased this Kellogg's Anya Hindmarch Fashion Flakes Cereal all the way from France years ago! I still have it today (minus the cereal that was inside)! It's in my makeup room. I SMILE at it everyday! Morticia on a cereal box would've been a nice addition to my Halloween collection. Oh well. I love marketing. If I had to go to college all over again, I think I would've gone into it and moved to New York. It's such a fun, imaginative and creative profession. I love details. I'm detail oriented. I look at all aspects of things. Someone had to create a character. Someone had to draw it. Someone had to animate it. There's a lot that goes on in the process of things. Think about it the next time you look at something. I just found these Kellog Cereal Puzzles! So cute! HaHaHa

I loved The Addams Movie IHOP (2019) Campaign. There's something about purple & black!

I purchased the menu on eBay and have it displayed in my makeup room. 

I went to The Addams Family Broadway Musical in 2011. 

I've always loved the opening to the musical and still listen to the soundtrack.

When I went to see the James Bond 007 No Time To Die movie this past weekend, I saw this humongous Addams Family 2 Movie Theater prop on display. So cute. Love the license plate ... Talk 2 The Hand ... Purple car  >.<


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