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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

3 Tips To Keep Yourself From Becoming Jaded In Life

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Life can be deeply magical, exciting, and enriching in all sorts of different ways. Just think of the kinds of things that we all find so fascinating as children, for example – ranging from the way the clouds move, to the intricate roles and uniforms associated with different career paths.

Although there’s so much out there to find fascinating and engaging in the world, however, many of us end up experiencing the unpleasant sensation of feeling more and more jaded as we get older.

If you find that life seems to be less exciting, meaningful, magical, or engaging than it once was, here are a few tips that might help you to keep yourself from becoming jaded – or to reverse the feeling of being jaded and to restore balance, if you've already noticed it creeping in.

Minimise overstimulation and overindulgence

In her recent book, “Dopamine Nation,” the psychiatrist Anna Lembke outlines many of the ways in which the highly stimulating nature of modern media and consumer goods (among other things) can lead to addiction and a sense of burnout.

Other authors and commentators have made the same point in recent years, noting the detrimental effects of overstimulation and overconsumption. In his book “Irresistible," the writer Adam Alter describes many cases of people who have ceased to find joy or enthusiasm in life due to being so overstimulated by various forms of digital media, such as video games.

The simple fact of the matter is that overstimulation and overindulgence of various pleasurable substances and pastimes can cause you to become desensitised to many of the more subtle and enduring joys of everyday life.

Look for ways to streamline complex tasks, rather than making things more difficult for yourself

From time to time, we all have to deal with various complex and potentially stressful tasks, whether in a personal or in a professional context.

Unfortunately, many of us end up overcomplicating these things further, and therefore feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and unmotivated as a result.

Looking for ways to simplify and streamline various aspects of your life, including by making complex tasks feel more manageable, can be highly beneficial. If you run a small business and are trying to have some branded materials manufactured, for example, a service like Universal Engraving could streamline things substantially and remove a lot of the associated stress.

Nurture meaningful relationships and look for ways to be helpful – instead of being overly egocentric

Feeling jaded often goes hand in hand with a cynical outlook – and both of these state of mind can be fuelled significantly by an overly egocentric approach to life, where you are primarily fixated on things like personal status.

If, on the other hand, you emphasise the importance of nurturing meaningful relationships in your life, and remain on the lookout for ways to be helpful and of service, a lot more of the beauty and meaning of life is likely to reveal itself to you.

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