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Monday, November 8, 2021

How To Wear Jewellery To Match Your Personality

Everyday when you dress to leave the house for work or a social event, your fashion choices make a statement about who you are, how you’re feeling and what your mood is. Your jewellery is no exception to this rule, so it’s important to explore pieces that make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. When it comes to wearing your jewellery with style, it’s easy to seamlessly slot beautiful new items into your everyday wardrobe and mix them up for a sophisticated evening look too. Consider some of the following ideas below and you will soon start wearing jewellery that matches your personality perfectly.

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Wear Your Birthstone

One of the best ways to showcase your true personality through your jewellery is by wearing your birthstone. Whether you’re a November baby and drawn to the beauty of topaz or you’re a sapphire wearing September girl, there are so many stunning gemstones to choose from. Brilliant Earth creates ethically sourced, high-quality rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets which contain stunning gemstones in an array of charming cuts. Birthstone gifts also make the perfect gift for someone you love, so you could even treat your friend or family member to a matching piece!

Be Bold With Colour

Wearing your favourite colours as you accessorise with jewellery can allow your personality to shine through beautifully. Whether you want to show off your fiery and fierce side with red jewellery, or you love sharing your affinity with nature by wearing emerald green pieces, there are so many ways to match your jewellery to your personality.

Compliment Your Attire

From smart casual to evening wear, your attire can impact the type of jewellery you wear. Choosing statement pieces that compliment your overall look can help to paint an accurate picture of your true personality. From chic rose gold hoop earrings with a little black dress, to a statement tribal necklace with high-waisted jeans and smart shirt, there are infinite ways to enhance your attire using jewellery and accessories.

Lift Your Mood

The clothing and accessories you wear can truly affect your mood, so why not wear jewellery to create the mood you want to feel? If you have ever put on a pair of heels and felt like a million dollars, then the same feeling can be achieved using jewellery. A sleek pair of earrings or a jaw-droppingly gorgeous necklace can instantly enhance your mood and transform you from down in the dumps to dazzling!

Match the Occasion

Whether you’re attending a work event or a wedding, your jewellery should always match the occasion. Choosing jewellery is such a fun process, and your collection should be varied enough to suit every different occasion in your social calendar.

Your jewellery choices can make or break your overall outfit, so that’s why it’s important to carefully consider your pieces before you invest in them. Whether you’re looking for ethically sourced birthstones or you’re seeking jewellery to make you feel more confident, there are so many ways to match your sparkles to your individual personality!

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