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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

How Do I Set Up A Small Recording Studio At Home Within Budget?

We live in a time where anyone can practice their passion at home and showcase it to the world. So, to all the music aspirants, you can easily build a home recording studio setup and release your work. Fortunately, it is possible within a budget and will help you continuously improve your skill set.

So, here's a complete guide to setting up a small recording studio at home within budget. Let's have a look!

What Do You Need For A Basic Studio?


First, start by picking the right space that will fit all your essentials. It can be a small space, a corner, or an extra room. Then, de-clutter the room and add the basics for any home recording studio, which are:


A computer, laptop, or tablet is any recording studio's backbone. These days, laptops and tablets come with powerful configurations that can support your home studio. Look for good storage, speed, and capability to process your audio recording.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

A Digital Audio Workstation is a software you require for recording, editing, and performing other tasks on the audio. There are many DAWs like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, and Bitwig. If you're new, you can start with compatible plugins too.


There are many microphone options in the market ranging from affordable to expensive ones. You can go for a microphone made from both large diaphragms and small diaphragms for recording every beat. A microphone suitable for recording your music instrument is advisable.


Like microphones, you can get headphones on all budgets, which minimize external noise and lead to hassle-free recording—always use recording headphones for quality content.

Audio Interface

An audio interface is important to build a successful connection between your computer's microphone, speakers, and headphones. You can start with a budget-friendly USB Audio interface.

Music Instruments

Bring in your favorite musical instruments like guitar, drums, piano, a Singular Sound Looping Pedal etc., and organize and designate a place for each. It will give a complete look at your home recording studio setup.With this, bring compatible cables, stands, etc., to make your recording studio more efficient.

Prepare The Walls To Soundproof Music Studio


A very practical home studio room is soundproof. Not only does it minimize outside noise but inside noises too. The noise from equipment and movement within the recording room should not hinder the audio recording. So, first of all, get good soundproofing tapes for windows and doors.

In addition, you can foam panels, Rockwool, or glass wool at strategic positions to minimize the sounds. These materials absorb sound and cause low or negligible disturbance in audio recording.

Do Not Forget The Design And Decoration For Recording Studio

The design and decoration of a home recording studio are as important as anything else. A perfect ergonomic environment with some character will motivate you to work hard. It will help you to follow your passion. Some of the essentials are:

Decorate Your Studio

Adding something to look upon is essential in a home recording studio. Add art to the wall with something you love, like exceptional and trending guitar wall arts. Wall arts in front of the desk, on a large wall, or grid on any adjacent wall look fantastic. It will make your recording studio more inviting, reflect your personality and introduce happy colors.


Place your desk so you can view the door diagonally, facing the window or any wall with interest. It creates good flow energy. Go for a desk that accommodates computers, monitors, cables, and all other essentials. Adjust its height so that your thighs and arm are parallel and are at rest.


An ergonomic chair that is breathable and supports the lumbar and neck region is crucial. In addition, it will reduce bad posture. Opt for recliners and movable computer chairs.

So, this was a complete guide to setting up a home recording studio. Gradually bring in all essentials and build a perfect recording studio!

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